By Rasa Von Werder, February 8th, 2021


End Chapter 7 – How the Angels Protected Me

2-7-21 What Prevented Uncle from Molesting Me 






I Strip for God Part 3 Continuation of Chapter 7 ‘How the Guardian Angels

Protected Me’


It all started with the beautiful Danny G, who was 19 years old – I was 14. It’s a long story I have to tell you before I get to the ‘molest’ part having to do with Uncle. First, to introduce my Uncle Henry Svoynic, theatrical name:


Henry was not a bad guy, I loved him since I can remember back to the age of 4. Do good people do bad sins? Yes. Does that make them completely bad? No.

The incident around this was really cruel – he did not want a warming up for me & Danny G because he wanted to have sex with me himself. Of course, I didn’t realize that, it never dawned on me, I saw it years later. I think all older men want to have sex with young women, whoever they are – daughters, nieces, granddaughters, & those who have access, opportunity sometimes do it. I think half of all girls got molested & a quarter of all boys. Obviously, not all men are liars, cheaters, & rapists, but all this is more common than we know. The victims are never ready for it – they aren’t told what’s going to happen, it just happens; they are traumatized.

For some reason God did not want me to get sexually molested. She must have spared me for a reason – unless it happened prior to my memory – & what that reason is again, I don’t know. But the guardian angels were on their toes that day.

I was staying with my Aunt & Uncle near Waccabuc, New York when one day I stayed up all night praying to see someone. His name was Peter, I was in love, he was the son of two doctors, the first boy I’d ever made out with, {I was 13, he 16} he told me later I was the first girl whose breasts he touched, & I prayed nine hours straight for this.

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In the morning my Aunt called me for Sunday Church, I got up & when we came back, there, in the driveway, was sitting the most gorgeous blonde boy, 19 years old, whom I’d been friends with when I was 6 & he was 11, back at the Waccabuc mansion.

Why he was there is he needed some consolation. He wasn’t getting along with his stepfather – he’d gotten so mad he put his fist through a glass window, now he wanted to vent. My aunt had practically raised him & his brother, she, my Uncle & Grandma were sponsored here from Germany – A wonderful place to work, a comfortable mansion with eight bedrooms, four baths, a large laundry room with the latest washers/dryers {in 1956 when I first went there} a library with piano & French doors, balconies including one on the third floor where Auntie lived, a hallway decked with original paintings of a wild boar hunt, elegant grounds, a huge barn, rose gardens & fields.

The lady had been a riding coach, my Uncle used to shoe the horses, I saw it. But she sold all of them except one lone male called ‘Pony’ who I took sugar lumps to.

And so, here I visited in the summer & played with Ridee {who was 5} & Danny. Uncle Henry {Paul Bunyan} was commissioned to build a small house for Ridee’s birthday. It contained a tiny stove, bed, a commode with books, a picture window, all painted mint green, & Ridee wanted me to sit there with him while he read to me – boy was I was bored. Paul Bunyan got paid $200 for the house, I guess this would be $2,000 in today’s money. The lady was rich, the boys had it all.


Now when Danny showed up at Aunt & Uncle’s house it was after the lady married a new man & moved to a house he had designed, Aunt & Uncle bought a little house on a hillside in North Salem, NY. The rich lady supplied most of the furniture, so it was in the best of taste. The living room had the thickest padded beautiful sofas & couches & a cozy fireplace. Later on, when Paul Bunyan built a second floor to the house they furnished it on their own & it was NOT in the best of taste – I hated the 1960 stark modern furniture & harsh colors.

Now when Danny appeared by the grace of God, we were both shy, but we were the right age for some romance & I wanted to kiss him. I got a little aggressive & lured him into the house on the pretext of showing him a book, unfortunately my little half sister followed us & interfered. We were sitting on the couch & after he saw the book, I kissed his cheek & he said,

“Henry wouldn’t like that.”

No, Danny, {I think now not then}, Henry wants to fuck me himself, so of course he doesn’t like you kissing me.

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Danny hung with Uncle Henry for the jobs he was doing on the garage & house – he was construction man Jr., Uncle Henry was a second father. It really annoyed me that he was that inhibited, this was my chance. And this rejection did not stop him from later on, we’re in the car, I’m sitting between driver Paul Bunyan & Danny on the right, & Danny feels my thigh. So it wasn’t logical. First, he refuses to kiss me in private, but now he’s feeling my thigh in the car where Henry can see in plain daylight.

{It got way worse when I was seated between Bunyan & the old man next door neighbor. Oldy’s wife & my aunt & baby sister sat behind us. Old guy takes my hand & puts it ON HIS HARDON. I am perplexed what to do. Wouldn’t it have been ducky had I screamed something? But being naïve, afraid & shy, I did nothing. Looking back, why do adults put a girl my age in a spot where an old man can feel her up?}


Alright, after being slightly friendly with Danny but nothing big, my aunt decided to take myself, Danny & baby sister to a local fairground – not sure what it was about, but they had rides, & I was excited. I could go on rides with Danny, we could get cozy & a romance might start! I was beaming with joy. But before we could take off, Danny says that Henry doesn’t want him to go, he needs him for some chores.

I think maybe Auntie had this thing planned so Dan & I could get closer, she was on my side, because she got so angry at my uncle about this, we didn’t go at all – & then – she stopped speaking to him.

Days went by, she said not a word to uncle. One day I’m in the driveway putting around & Paul Bunyan comes by briskly & says,

“Do you want a drive?”

That was a treat, so I said yes without hesitation, maybe he wanted to make up for not letting Danny go to the fairground.

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So we drive & drive, then we come to a more deserted area, & he sees a dirt road, & he slows down, but decides not to go there, & moves on. This happens several times. During the ride he said not a word to me. I kept thinking, poor, innocent naïve me,

“Uncle Henry wants to stop, have a heart to heart talk with me & apologize.”

Finally after this long, unusual ride, he just goes back to the house. That night, I hear him & my aunt talking animatedly. They had made up, she was talking & fucking. They spoke loudly enough for me to hear them for an hour, but I couldn’t hear the words.

It took many years to look back & understand Paul Bunyan did NOT want to chit chat & apologize to me, he wanted to rape me, but he didn’t dare. Every time he felt he found a deserted spot, he changed his mind, or someone changed his mind for him – Maybe my Guardian Angels. But I had no idea, it amazes me I could have been that ignorant – it was because I had never been sexually abused or raped before {unless someone did it before my memory worked}.

Today it’s the first thing I think of when I see a man wants to be with a young girl, even a child, boy or girl. They have no business being alone with them. Women have to get wise. Your husband takes his two daughters out camping? Why? He’s a boy scout? No, he’s a rapist. I know of a case. Or your new husband wants to take your 3 sons to out of state events, some kind of tournaments? And they have to stay in a hotel? It’s not events, he’s fucking them. I know of a case.

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And oh yes, I was told an anecdote about Paul Bunyan. They had this fountain behind the house, like a seashell made of grey plaster open top & bottom, about 3′ wide on bottom & 4′ tall on top, like an open seashell, a few inches of water in it. One day someone finds him on top of the visiting 4 year old girl, on the ground. What was he doing? He told them CPR, he was doing CPR because she had gotten into the 4″ of water & almost drowned, he saved her life. They said HE WAS A HERO.

end Chapter 7 ‘How the Guardian Angels Protected Me’

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