By Rasa Von Werder, December 8th, 2020

AJAX the GREAT & Rasa Von Werder





Rasa to Ajax: My vision last night: I saw a person creating a You Tube sort of blog, where it was like a ‘Wikipedia’ for Matriarchy. They were collecting EVERYTHING they could find on Matriarchy–female empowerment, including every item us three have produced.

It makes more sense if it was a blog, as most things are written. But links can be included for movies, videos, etc.

I started thinking it would be a terrific idea if someone actually did create such a blog & it would have thousands of entries. People could then use this as a REFERENCE, research, information, it would be at the tip of their fingers, it would give more recognition to our work & that of others, concerning our Mission.

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Ajax to Rasa: Indeed, that would be an excellent idea, Rasa. There are lots of Wikipedia-like wiki sites for just about everything out there, so why not one specifically about Matriarchy and Female Empowerment as well? I recall there is kinda already one out there called Gynapedia by the Mago Academy run in part by xxx, who I recall you used to be FB friends with when you were on FB, and I currently am FB friends with as well.


Rasa to Ajax: Women like this look down on me, they give me no respect or recognition. They only like – respect academics like themselves, they are not open minded enough to see the entire world filled with different sorts of women empowering women in different ways. They are academic elitists who hold their noses up at anyone that had or has anything to do with the adult trade, nudity, modeling, stripteasing, dancing, even body building. They are one step away from being Pharisees, they don’t realize how much like Patriarchs they are, because Patriarchs are the ones who hold us in contempt, who created the prejudices against sex, nudity, adult trade & women in the work.

So I would not even try befriending them, it has backfired before & hurt much. I have been told by some of these women they will NEVER EVER collaborate with me. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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Ajax to Rasa: And that is truly a shame, and their loss, Rasa. That of course explains the strange rather frosty air I have gotten from them on the few occasions I have shared or attempted to share your work in their FB groups. I got the hint that I should share it in other groups instead.

Pharisaical indeed, and ivory tower academic elitists at best. They inadvertently and ironically end up having a lot in common with the very patriarchy that they claim to dislike so much. Even if they also happen to have some good ideas at the same time.

Thus clearly, Gynapedia is not the way to go, given who is in charge of it, but rather a brand new wiki specifically dedicated to Matriarchy will need to be created. But there are still some good ideas and information to borrow from Gynapedia as well all the same IMHO. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Rasa to Ajax: Wow. I can understand rejection of my dream articles, but not rejection of Matriarchy – female empowerment articles, that would be evil. And I didn’t know you went through that. But thanks for trying.

These same women would probably not recognize or assist William Bond, who has done more for Matriarchy than anyone. And he’s helped women like that over the years by promoting them. They really are despicable.

It hurts the most when the people you count on, hope for, think you have a common mission, when such people basically tell you to fukk off, that hurts more than known enemies. And they are such hypocrites. We live in an evil, delusional, twisted, materialistic, status-seeking world, they are of that mentality, good ideas notwithstanding.

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I have all the good ideas I require, I don’t need them for that. They should come to you, me & William for good ideas – we have more good ones than they do.

And so my idea about the blog / Matriarchal Wiki still stands. Except I have never created a blog – they were all created for me & unfortunately William can no longer add stuff to our blog.

And this project would take I believe about 2-3 years to really pad it up with all the valuable material out there, including ours. Not a minimal task. Not sure who could do it. Not sure I have enough time left in my life to do it as every day I wake up to interpret dreams & upload them. That is my winter work. I can barely keep up with my simple lifestyle / work. Every day I try to catch up but it isn’t easy.

But I sure wish this could be done. Maybe if I get the new webman who works at least two days a week, it could be done. I shall continue to pray on it. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Ajax to Rasa: Good evening, Rasa. So true, unfortunately. I don’t remember exactly which articles they were that got rejected, but they were ones about your new religion if I remember correctly. I was hoping that there would be someone in the Mago group who would be receptive to your ideas, and perhaps there were a tiny few, but the moderators of the group sure were not at all. Very frosty and even patronizing in fact.

And that is truly a shame. So many modern-day Pharisees, just in a different guise. Many would likely be frosty with William as well, that is if they even acknowledged him at all, but there may be a few exceptions here and there.

William, what are your personal experiences with the academic Women in such groups? Are there *any* who you think will be receptive to our ideas? I would really not like to think they are *all* cut from the same cloth.

True, the new Matriarchy wiki is a very big project, but it needs to be done all the same. And you webman may very well be the one to do it. It has to be someone with a LOT of spare time, of course.

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Rasa to Ajax:   Wow, they were frosty toward the NEW RELIGION? That would be ABOMIDABLE. What strange creatures these women are.

Do you recall  seeing the work of Z BUDAPEST – ZSUZSANNA BUDAPEST? I was on her Facebook group many years ago, & put a link to my first book “Can Female Power Save the Planet” …..the women on her group trashed & denounced me. It DID NOT MAKE SENSE. Z was OK, she said she thought my book was a good idea. Every time I posted, the women trashed me & called me names. I could not understand it, still don’t.

When I was on William’s groups, also, a group of women trashed & criticized me mercilessly. You remember I told you a couple years ago – one of those females had a group, you were on it. I told you she had been an enemy to me. Then you saw it when she denied the holocaust & some other strange stuff. We became friends later, she & I, & I asked her why she was so CRUEL to me, her answer was,


In other words, my work they trashed because they wanted the GLORY they thought came with the work – for themselves. Every one of them wanted to be the QUEEN BEE, not a drone. They did not want to be little Indians, they all wanted to be Chiefs. But you have to be a servant / server / disciple before you can be a leader – they did not want the subordinate position. And I NEVER GOT ANY GLORY. Where is my glory, do you see it? Who is glorifying me?  (To be fair, there were a couple women along the way who did help temporarily.  The best, as I said before, was Freyja.  I am so proud of her.)

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Women, in general, fail to support me, sad but true. You would think they’d be the first to do so, but they aren’t. They jump on me. They jumped me regarding stripping for God, for body building, for all that I do. They show little to no support, it’s the opposite. The only one who for years supported me & carried on my work was Freyja Derrickson. Now she won’t answer my letters. Not sure if she doesn’t check that mail box or she’s written me off.

What women do is when I promote a thing, break through the door, like with female body building, they get on the bandwagon to get the privileges, honors, the money – glory or whatever they want, but they give me NO CREDIT. After female body building was established, those in it said I WAS A DISGRACE TO BODY BUILDING & I DID NOT REPRESET THEM. You see like here I have only two friends, you & William. I reached out to all the women I thought were friends, but they did not join the mission, only you guys helped.

If I think about it it is DEPRESSING, so I no longer think about, no longer am I TRYING to get women allied with me. I have given up on people for the most part. I don’t have much time left to live, I’m worn out from the battles, I want to live IN PEACE, tranquility, don’t want to hear the rejections, denouncements, harsh criticisms, unfair accusations & the like. I might ask Mother God, why have women been so un-supportive to me & my work?

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Mother God {some thoughts from my flesh also}: “They are confused, deluded & AFRAID. You represent true female freedom not only as a researcher / thinker, but as an individual who practices SEXUAL FREEDOM. Look at the academics – not a single one, except porn star Annie Sprinkle, represents sexual freedom. It is the LAST IRON DOOR closed on women – a door they fear to open, because if they announce their own sexual freedom they will be PARIAHS in society.

Annie Sprinkle represents freedom to the max – but she is by no means recognized, applauded or supported by the academics – they see her as a JOKE, more or less. She is NOT a joke – but they just PUSH HER ASIDE, act like she doesn’t exist.

{Look at those who supports her – no one in the mainstream. When you check her publicity stunts, who’s there? Transvestites, transgenders, male & female gays, fringe folks – those who are THROWN AWAY, marginalized by Patriarchal society. No one wants them so they flock to Annie, as no one wants Annie, either. That is her / their fate.}

You they do not quite see you as a JOKE but they have the same attitude toward you as do the prudes, elitists, & STATUS SEEKERS. They are ASHAMED to be associated with you, like it would TARNISH THEIR REPUTATION, bring ILL REPUTE to their work. They see themselves as CLEAN, FAULTLESS INTELLECTUALS, proper members of society.

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This POV reflects Patriarchy’s view of women being either madonnas or whores. They are madonnas, without stain of sin, you are a sinner, a bad person, a weirdo. You bring up in them GREAT FEAR – they fear being OSTRACIZED because if they were, their careers would be smeared. They GIVE IN TO THE PATRIARCHY without being AWARE OF IT. They are saying, “SHE IS BAD, I AM GOOD. – I am accepted by society, she isn’t, & I am NOT READY TO FIGHT THE BATTLE ON HER SIDE because if I do, I will be attacked, wounded, hurt in all ways – emotionally, mentally, financially, career wise, reputation wise, all ways. My life as I know it WILL BE OVER. In other words, they allow you to be SACRIFICED BY A SOCIETY THAT IS WRONG, in fact, they TAKE PART IN THAT SACRIFICE.”

Me to Mother God: Don’t they realize they are feeding the Patriarchy in that way?

She & me speak: “On some level, mostly unconscious, they know what they are doing. But nothing FORCES THEM TO CHANGE – nothing bears down on them saying ‘You MUST CHANGE, you must be charitable & loving to those in adult work – You MUST rethink this issue – You must recognize that your thinking feeds wrong-doers, & you are a wrong doer.’ They just stay in their safe, comfortable corner of academia & respectability, without need to rock the boat.

You once had a friend of yours in academia – he had a female researcher who wanted to interview you. But he admitted,

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“She will not look upon you with respect, but as a freak show, she interviews a freak to see what makes her tick – it’s an academic project.”

Me: If the movie of my life comes out during my lifetime, what will these type people’s reaction be?

Mother God: There will not be any major changes in your lifetime – only when Matriarchy comes into power will you be recognized & respected by the mainstream – when the attitudes toward women, nudity, sex, sex work, will be changed. {You are helping make those changes.} Then you will be listed as a hero.

When your movie comes out, if it features your relationship with God properly, some of them will be ashamed, but not many. Most will see it as an opportunity to interview you or write about you to get some recognition for themselves, that is all. Except for one out of a hundred, they will not applaud you, they will sort of say ‘She is a fluke.’

Me: OK, I can’t stand thinking about this any more. I will put our repartee, Ajax’s letters included, as an article. 

Conclusion:  From Rasa to Ajax: 


I have STUDIED the Mago site you gave me  & my opinion is it’s great but lacking in that ONE GREAT IRON DOOR against women:  Sexuality.  It seems to be the LAST FRONTIER.

    This is a women’s ACADEMIC CLUB.  There is no acceptance or inclusion in any female doing SEX WORK – SEX THERAPY – anything to do with sex.  It’s as if they have redlined, penciled out that subject entirely & included only THEIR OWN KIND.

  And so, there NEEDS TO BE AN INCLUSIVE WIKI SITE FOR MATRIARCHY as I explained that includes people like Annie Sprinkle & myself, William Bond & all that he’s done – including his explosion on the Mermaid Myth.

    Sexuality needs to be REDEFINED in Female-Empowerment terms as a part of women’s liberation from men – being free to do whatever they wish with their bodies, not the reproductive, service-giving slaves of men.  If they want to be naked, it’s fine.  If they want to have multiple sex partners, their business.  If they want to be Cougars, go for it.  If they want to be gay, fine, that is the future anyhow.  {Future without men, women will have to be gay.}

    These women do not SEE, DEFINE, EXPLAIN what I just said because it is none of ‘their business’ – it’s not a part of Academia, which is still mostly MALE CONTROLLED PATRIARCHY.  I see one of the founders was directly associated with MARY DALY who was one tough cookie, & she did not hide her sexuality – being lesbian. 

    OK, as usual I will just do ‘what I gotta’ do’.  I will not cry over their non-acceptance of me, which will be long in coming, not in my lifetime.  It is THEIR PROBLEM, their limitation, the jail cell men have put them in within those INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING GOVERNED BY MEN.

    The proper definition for Sex Work is it is THERAPY, the same as given by psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, hospitals, clinics, offices, except the women who give this therapy are usually POOR, UNEDUCATED, so they are used as SACRIFICIAL LAMBS / GOATS & have the people’s sins projected onto them & then THROWN OFF THE CLIFF.  They are easy to pick on because the poor cannot fight back.  The ‘middle class’ – who are not poor but dependent on the Patriarchs to keep them solvent, take part in the sacrifice of these unfortunate people {myself included.} So be it, we work to change things for the future.

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