By Rasa Von Werder, July 11th, 2021


Chapter 15      Martin Luther King Jr  on

Women’s Sexual Freedom Will End Patriarchy



          Note re channeling:   Channeling is MIND READING. And I am not merely reading the mind of the other person – our two mental computers are connected, & they can see into my mind as I can see into theirs. How do I do it? It’s a GIFT, in my case; I worked on it since early youth, around age 21, & was given Anointings by one guru at that time, & many years later, another guru. Gifts are sometimes bequeathed just like that, without any prior effort, while others are given after some effort. Now when Marilyn Monroe looked into my mind obviously she saw the content of my knowledge & experience, & the same with St. Martin. He knows what I know, I know some of what he knows, so in some parts, it sounds ‘interchangeable’ – because it is.


Recap Chapter 14


          First, I just want to recap Chapter 14, where St. Martin Luther King Jr. explains where people are deprived of their roots – identity – religion – culture – & have imposed on them the oppressor/tyrants ideology – are brainwashed for control. Their past being wiped out, they have nothing to ‘hold onto’ or go back to physically or mentally. They feel LOST & all people need something to anchor them or focus the ‘who am I’ question.


          STM {St. Martin}   Yes, imagine this. You spoke of your Lithuanian Dad, who, having come to America in middle age, could not adjust as easily as did your Mom, who was 16 years younger than him. He had established a meaningful career in Lithuania as a professor & the founder of the first State Teacher’s College. He, upon arrival, was a leader in the Lithuanian Community & once more established a Saturday Lithuanian school in the Church auditorium……later on, when he visited you in California; he sought out the Lithuanians in the most extreme ways, by looking through the phone books for those type names, even visiting strangers. He followed every clue & lead where Lithuanians were, the Churches especially as gathering points, & found their community, & later visited them even when he did not visit you. {Flying in from New York.}

 NG 1475 samuel-bough-low-tide,-evening 30795e0d86f013a8141d50bc9a62398d N-4250-01-000006 040 f5bdbf95aa94e5_5bdbf95aa9524.thumb-1 1937-The-Island-Of-Rhodes venice_from_the_lagoon_at_sunset Sunset-behind-Santa-Maria-della-Salute-Venice-Edward-William-Cooke-R.A.-Oil-Painting

         What was Dad doing? Seeking his identity, his constituency, his friends, those who gave him meaning to life, who made life worth living. They believed in him, respected him. Whereas to Americans he was just an unknown refugee doing menial jobs, even being a janitor once, who didn’t speak good English. He had little or nothing in common with them. In his old age he did find love with a dark Puerto Rican lady & all her relatives & friends honored him, & life was happy again. You saw how these people gathered around him, they looked up to him so much that when you spoke they even gave you the same sort of reception – they hushed & listened. {You weren’t used to that, your family & their friends had denigrated & ostracized you, you suddenly saw what it felt like to be respected. It was different.}


          In writing your life story you dug back into your roots & spoke of your Grandparents, who they were, what they did. You’re proud of your Cossack Grandmother & Mongolian roots. Your Grandpa was beloved by all around him. You describe the talents of both your parents.


          These are your roots that to some degree, at least as a human, made you what you are. {Indeed, as you underscore, this is your body, your soul no one can claim to have created except God, & no one knows what your previous lifetimes were.}


          Now consider if a tyrant erased for your Dad or yourself your roots, your ancestors, your past culture, your identification. This happens to orphans. They sometimes wonder who they really were; they seek to know their origin. Their present parents did not create them, who made them what they are?


          Again, you’ve seen documentaries of what they did to the Indians, how they stripped them of their heritage. This was traumatizing. They said they were turning ‘savages’ into ‘civilized’ beings, but the tyrants were anything but civilized, they were conquistadors, imperialists who by force, took over peoples, depriving them of their religion, rituals, cultures. They were not allowed to speak the Indian languages, practice their ways, dance as Indians did, etc. They did this to children, when the old folks died out; the children were now old & shared their memories of trauma.


          To be deprived of one’s past is extremely TRAUMATIC & DISEMPOWERS people.


          And then we discussed how WOMEN have been deprived of their MATRIARCHAL ROOTS for thousands of years – on purpose, & in a concerted way, by men. Even to this very day, after Marija Gimbutas presented her monumental works on the Goddess & Matriarchal origins, they’ve tried to trivialize / discredit her works, make them seem less than accurate.

Discover-Sintra-Portuguese-City-Where-Beautiful-Architecture-Perfectly-Coexists-With-Nature-1-5 A3A9090D-E5AB-4FA5-8882-7C83E1331D9B image_processing20191015-4-1ld2mhw Acer_palmatum_Akaji_nishiki_2__60588.1579710534 R (9) shutterstock_639170440Optimized

They always fight back – they never give up, like Satan, who when he attacks & fails, pulls back to retrench himself & seeks an opportune time to appear again. They say ‘Satan never sleeps.’ It is the spirit of those men who are evil – which never sleeps or stops to abuse women in any way they can. For every 3 steps women take forward, they will draw you back two, so it takes a huge effort to get ahead. You have noticed that when the feminist / female empowerment gets really strong, they lash back with HUGE TERRORISM like after Emmeline Pankhurst’s movement, they started World War I, which ended the feminist activities – all was now centered on their terrorism. It’s the same in our day, after Female Empowerment got big, they started the biological warfare to an intensity it’s got ‘stranger & stranger’. {A whole plethora of biological diseases unleashed in particular since 1971 with Aids, then many other unheard of plagues, so now the focus is once again, their terrorism.}

This is the equivalent of when a woman says to an abusive man, ‘I’m leaving you,’ & he starts to yell & scream, rant & rave, throwing furniture around & threatening her. It is EXACTLY the same on a wider scale. When women gain power & the males can’t stop them, they begin to rattle their chains, or else, it’s ‘road rage,’ or else, they’re in a row boat, the man stands up & begins to rock it to intimidate the ‘little woman.’ In the ghetto community, you heard the term, ‘He wants to scare you into fucking him.’


The point is you asked why women don’t gather – you’ve had no luck in gaining a constituency with them – & the answer is their brainwashing & deprivation of identity has been so severe that they can’t manage to get a foothold into ‘themselves.’ Who am I? They can’t break away or out of the Patriarchy the way an animal won’t leave its cage until it knows what it’s getting into. They fear what they will lose – men – family – friends – reprisals – backlash – punishment – ostracism – etc.


You – Rasa – have been trained & prepared by God to take the punishments & also you KNOW your identity – That you are GOD INSIDE. But they don’t, they are unprepared {most of them} & do NOT know they are God inside, they are not ‘realized.’


The Sexuality Issue – The End of Patriarchy!


ME:   OK, thanks for that great recap. Now we move onward. I’ve been asking you about the sexuality issue, & you have said things that opened part of my brain that was not awake before. Let me begin by asking you again: What happens when women become sexually free? I have been working toward that goal, to end the double standard, stop the slut shaming, decriminalize prostitution, stop the prejudice against old women with young men, etc. What happens when women achieve all these liberties & have total sexual freedom?




ME:   That is so startling so ok, explain in detail.


STM:   There are some things you already know, but when you hear it from an expert, it confirms it. So one of those things was how men want to have all the women they can, multiple women, & that hearkens to herd animals, & other animals as well, amassing females into harems. Dr. Bryan Sykes brought this to your attention in his book on male extinction, ‘Adam’s Curse – a Future Without Men.’

Acer.palmatum.Nicholsonii th Kakadu-National-Park-Panorama R (3) R (2) R (1) R Long_Pond_-_St_Regis Rcfd03e2ea20c32bea8c1880129dbdd8b Town of Long Lake, Adirondack Park adirondack-park-600x400 (1) 

He underscored that when men gain power, what do they do? They amass women. He proves that THIS IS THE BASIC INSTINCT OF MEN, WHAT THEY LIVE FOR, WHAT THEY GAIN POWER & RESOURCES FOR – without the women, there is no purpose to power & resources,s these are the MEANS TO AN END. Like the animal fights for TERRITORY as well as the females. He needs the territory for the females, for resources, for food; to graze, to hunt, the water to drink. So the dominant, strongest, biggest, toughest male fights off the others, defeats them, then controls the territory & females. But the territory has no meaning of itself. What will he do with all that? It’s a means to an end.


And so, with human males, they fight for power & dominance so they can do as they will with women – have them all corralled or at his mercy, where he is free to have them all, but they must obey because he has the power & resources. It’s important to note that wealth, resources, power, for a male, are all TO OBTAIN WOMEN.


The dominance, power, influence of the male all lies in the fact of FEMALE COMPLIANCE. In other words, the female stays in his herd, does not have sex with the other males.


The human equivalent of this is PATRIARCHY – the female stays within the RULES OF THE PATRIARCHS which includes faithfulness to a male, not straying, not being free – She does not have sex with any male she wishes – her sexuality is STRICTLY CONTROLLED & this by religion & custom. What male religion says IS A SIN is usually a sin for HER – not him – the double standard. So the male is free, but the female is fettered, enslaved sexually.


This compliance is ENFORCED by SHAMING the woman who has sex outside of marriage or does prostitution, she is called SLUT, WHORE, TRAMP, an immoral, wicked woman who does not deserve the respect & love of society, in other words, she is ostracized or marginalized for being a slut or a prostitute. This carries a lot of baggage, for instance, in a court of law, when a woman was proven these things, it seemed she did not deserve the respect or mercy of the court – she would be found GUILTY AS CHARGED for breaking SEX TABOOS. She is treated badly by the society in general in many ways, she isn’t welcomed by ‘respectable’ people or those women who comply with Patriarchy, she is socially ostracized. That pertains to any woman in the ADULT TRADE, such as yourself, Rasa, & explains why you get a lot of disrespect by people.


Now take away these SEX TABOOS or standards for women. Say women are free to do whatever they wish – prostitute or give it away for free with all the men they wish. What happens? Men no longer have control. Their society is over. Their lives center around control of women, they fight their WARS – believe it or not – not for oil or resources or territory – THESE ARE A MEANS TO AN END – they are fighting FOR WOMEN.


And when these women NO LONGER OBEY MEN & do sex with anyone they wish, there is no point to fighting, having wars, because whatever a man gains, he cannot use it to obtain women, & so war is a moot point – Just as a stag will not fight for a territory if he has no harem.


And so, sexual freedom, in one leap, takes the power from the hands of men & puts it into the hands of women – Women now rule the world. The purpose of war has come to a stop. Because after a bloody war what does a man have? Nothing but carnage with no reward. Even if he takes all the riches from the other country, what will he do with them. It’s like what good is a hundred million dollars when you’re dying of cancer? You can no longer enjoy the money. What good is 100 million dollars when no woman obeys you? She does whatever she wishes, you cannot control her, your millions mean nothing. In the times when women have freedom of sex they will rule the world, they will make their own resources, they don’t depend on men, & so men are powerless.

 painting1 (3) BAL95318 maxresdefault (2) Boucher-Francois-Landscape-Near-Beauvais CTB.1997.4.2 François_Boucher_-_Landscape_with_hermit_(frère_Luce) (1) francois-boucher-landscape-with-water-mill-1743_a-G-10071782-4985950 landscape-with-a-watermill-the-mill-at-charenton-s-221

ME:   I need more clarity on this. But if a man gains a large amount of money, can’t he influence a female/s to be with him, no matter what?


STM:   Something changes. When women are sexually free, they have the ability to gain resources as much as men or even more so. Not saying all women will be wealthier than all men, but many will be. When opportunities spring up, it’s been proven women use them better than men – the experiment of the ‘little loans’ in third world countries, they no longer give these to men, who use them for gambling, substances & prostitutes. The women get the small loans & sure enough they increase the money profitably.


ME:   If you compare the ‘small loan’ example to men in the regular countries, how does it compare? I saw a documentary where in this town in Mexico, men are not allowed to do commerce, the women do it all, because the men MISUSE the money. They showed the women working in the town, buying & selling, while the men lounged around – completely useless & untrustworthy. Saw also another documentary called ‘Tribal Wives’ where in this Mexican village the govt also gave handouts, & they had to go into the hands of women as men, once again misused them.


Comment on what men do with billions & trillions of dollars in the wealthy countries. Is there a parallel?


STM:  Yes indeed. A case in point, the big fete hosted by America’s puppet Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi –The event has been described AS THE MOST EXPENSIVE PARTY EVER HELD IN MODERN HISTORY. Wikipedia: {edited by Rasa, unnecessary info removed}


The 2,500-year celebration of the Persian Empire, consisted of an elaborate set of festivities that took place on 12–16 October 1971 to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the erstwhile Imperial State of Iran and the ancient Achaemenid Empire by Cyrus the Great. The intent of the celebration was to demonstrate Iran’s ancient civilization and history and to showcase its contemporary advances under Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran.

Some later historians came to think that this excessive celebration contributed to events that resulted in the 1979 Iranian Revolution and subsequent replacement of the Persian monarchy with an Islamic republic under the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, {Rasa: A FANATICAL anti woman Muslim Fundamentalist} the leader of the revolution who garnered support from the Iranian people, various leftist and Islamist organizations and student movements to overthrow the Shah and establish the present-day Islamic Republic of Iran. {end Wikipedia}


          ME:   This party was an EXCESS of all EXCESSES, a parallel to the third-world men using resources for egotistical purposes & pleasures, wasting the family funds. The Shah, in an interview, intimated he was CHOSEN BY GOD. He was rather chosen by the West to be our ally against Russia in the Cold War – our eyes were on their oil. Others tried to nationalize the oil resources; they were ousted by Britain & the U.S. so the Shah became the sole power of Iran, whereupon he decided to make this shindig to BUILD HIS EGO.


          He invited the NOBILITY of the entire world, & their Prime Ministers, Presidents, the Pope, Cardinals, every leader & potentate that there was. He built them each pre-fab housing covered by TENTS with gardens, fountains & flowers.

          He then got the MOST EXPENSIVE RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD to feed these people – not the poor – the richest most spoiled humans on earth, this restaurant is called Maxims: Wikipedia:

François_Boucher_-_Landscape_with_a_Water_Mill_-_Google_Art_Project landscape-with-a-watermill-francois-boucher idyllic-landscape-with-woman-fishing-francois-boucher-1761-5337c965 CTB.1997.4.1 h5_1982.60.44 sweet little bridge forest-cabin-nina-fosdick 83ce0b7a8433271104a66573f9d7efef 

           On 14 October, a grand gala dinner took place in the Banqueting Hall in celebration of the birthday of the Shahbanu. Sixty members of royal families and heads of state were assembled at the single large serpentine table in the Banqueting Hall. The official toast was raised with a Dom Perignon Rosé 1959.

The food and the wine for the celebration were provided by the Parisian restaurant Maxim’s. 600 guests dined over five and a half hours, thus making for the longest and most lavish official banquet in modern history as recorded in successive editions of the Guinness Book of World Records.


This fete of the Shah used the funds of THE PEOPLE OF IRAN – THEIR TAX MONEY, which some believe nearly bankrupted the nation for that year.


I will ask St. Martin’s opinion – What do you picture the purpose of all this was & how does it compare to the third world men abusing the funds of their family?


STM:   It was all about his ego, prestige, making himself, wife, family, & heritage, look great. He was not that ancient hero of Persia, Cyrus, he was but a puppet of a large world government. He was a privileged, spoiled brat of a type of aristocracy – He wanted to make himself on an equal level with the greats of the world – & were they impressed? They certainly became aware of his monumental ego, his lavish use of State funds, & the historical greatness of Iran. But did they think he was as great as the other leaders there? It would take more than a party to convince them of that.


How does it compare to the poor men who misused family funds? No difference, it is the same on a larger scale.


ME:   And what about the Patriarchs of the entire world? Is there no parallel?


STM:   You know there is, you want me to say it & say it I will. If you look on the charts of how tax money is spent in this country, for instance – you recall the far largest allocation is military. Indeed, these days most countries need a military. But the amount spent on military as compared to all other uses, say education, health, housing, welfare of the people & other such necessities, is obscenely out of proportion.

0a5851607ce8e6f51dea673d8514fb6f 011_Stair_Hall_2869869_print.0 Hampstead-Luxury-Home_1 interior-classical-mansion-2-3d-model-max 0dd8c822968c6e32d1c426e25a37f1b6 28-Exceptional-Estates-and-Mansions-600x4321 

ME:   Check this:   “One indicator of a nation’s priorities lies in its federal budget. And by that logic, America’s budget makes clear that we prioritize defense over all other expenditures — by a wide margin. In 2015, military expenditures accounted for about 54 percent of our discretionary spending, according to The National Priorities Project. In contrast, education accounted for only six percent of the budget.

But must add this:

It’s true — as Forbes’ Erik Kain points out — that state and local governments generally foot the bill when it comes to education spending in America. If you factor those contributions in, the US spent about $880 billion on education in 2011, compared to $966 billion total on defense. And a 2012 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that America invested about $15,500 per student for primary, secondary and tertiary schooling — one of the highest in the world.


Notice they use the euphemism ‘defense.’ Who’s attacking us? No one I know. Who are we attacking? See the news. So what they mean is not defense, but ‘military spending’ including all that they do, plus the corrupt corporations who charge for services they don’t deliver, or charge obscenely more for services than given. What I’m saying, even if we need a defense, & a military, MUCH OF THIS MONEY IS WASTED.        


And so, to speak plainly, MEN ARE ABUSING THE FUNDS, RESOURCES of the taxpayers & planet, for their Patriarchal agenda. Now the next thing we will get into which segues back into the SEXUALITY ISSUE is WHAT IS THE PATRIARCHAL AGENDA?     We started on this, let’s finish it. {To be continued}


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