By Rasa Von Werder, October 28th, 2020



          One of the most gruesome dreams I’ve ever had


Man has had a heartbreak so terrible that for some strange reason he wants to inflict himself beyond belief. He wants to feel his pain {strange logic} to the nth degree.

          He’s standing there like in the middle of the street & takes some kind of a tool, opens his chest, & begins to remove his heart bit by bit. It’s hard to watch. I saw pieces of his flesh all over the street around his feet.

zebra-in-meditation Zeng Fanzhi Zorica-Krstic-The-Gaia-Mother-egg-tempera-paste-and-oil-on-canvas50x40cm-1999-800x1015


          *(MAN IN THE STREET: This is my friend, & this dream will explain a trauma that came upon him when he was a boy – that is affecting him even today as a grown man. Something awful happened to his family, a great reversal of success. Let’s call my friend Sargie.


          Sargie was just a little tyke when this happened, but he is an EMPATH, sensitive or medium. He took the pain of his family INTO HIMSELF, in other words, as if it was his responsibility, like Jesus taking up the Cross for sinners. He carries this cross even in life today & it is affecting his success—blocking him from it.

 wingatestudio_walton_ford_bird_etchings-7-1 winghe001 witchesdance_forbidden witch-hunt-shanina-conway

          Here you see the gruesomeness of being an EMPATH. He increases the pain of what happened into his own heart & brain – which work together. He has absorbed the pain in his mind & emotional system.)*


          Later I see pieces of his heart, like strips from liver but pinkish, laying about, blackened on one side.


          *(STRIPS OF HIS HEART LIKE LIVER, BLACKENED: This is Sargie’s emotional system. The blackened slices are where he’s seriously hurting – black or being burned can refer to loss, destruction, death, depression, etc. {it can also mean good things like the unknowingness of God, mysteries.

household-laundry-washing-housewifes-hanging-laundry-on-the-clothesline-DB14JG household-needlework-woman-from-the-vogtland-doing-embroidery-after-DB1473 household-washing-laundresses-engraving-18th-century-18th-century-DB14JT household-washing-woman-washing-the-laundry-in-the-tub-wood-engraving-DB14JE 

The reason LIVER is used as an analogy is saying ‘he’s hurting in a place that is vital.’ You cannot live without your liver – you can live without appendix or gall bladder, but not liver. This is crucial to one’s health, this is serious. He’s hurt in a serious way.)*


          Then he does the same to his brain. I don’t see as much detail in that.


          *{HEART & BRAIN AFFLICTED: Our thoughts & feelings go together, ‘As a man thinketh, so is he.’

 images (12) images (13) images (14) images (15) images (16) images (17) images (18) images (19) images (20)

          Now when this tragedy / trauma happened to his family, he was small & could do nothing about it. He felt HELPLESS, WEAK.


          What I will try to do is the famous hypnotherapy trick: REFRAME HIS THOUGHTS. Indeed, the way his thoughts are phrased, as the situation was presented to him, it was like the ‘end of the world’ for their survival. He could do nothing so this gave him a DEMORALIZED, NEGATIVE FEELING ABOUT HIMSELF. In other words,

main-qimg-4e7e34c6120ec9e0e505bb5fb4db4a93 Major03 Major21 Making Game of the Hunter marcfishmanlabelledamsansmerci market_w Marmots-plate-from-the-Johnsons-Household-book-of-Nature-Containing-Full-and 

          “I am weak, incapable of helping or saving my family.”

          Now to the situation of today, when he harbors the same thoughts & feelings, he feels the same negativity about himself – like he’s a failure rather than a success, he’s weak & can do nothing.


          To remedy the situation we’ve got to go back to the past & instead of MAGNIFYING IT {which his family did & he continues doing} we must MINIMIZE IT down to nothing – like there really WAS NO TRAUMA, his family really did not suffer IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE, it was just the attitude that made it seem so. Nothing was really lost, it was just a BUMP IN THE ROAD, a shakeup that happens in all our lives, nothing that cannot be dealt with, one simply must use WISDOM & VIRTUE to face these things & THEY WILL BE SOLVED.

image image004 image-20150923-2611-tfuhng image-asset (1) image-asset imagegroup images (1) images (2) images (3) 

          He must believe in his families solvency, that not much if anything was lost – what hurt can be corrected & then HE WILL REGAIN HIS CONFIDENCE, SENSE OF BEING STRONG, FAITH IN THE GOOD ESPECIALLY IN THE GOODNESS OF GOD WHO IS ALWAYS WITH US & CAN DO ALL THINGS, ETC.


          FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY, CONFIDENCE, FORTITUDE, PATIENCE & LOVE FOR HIMSELF are the virtues that will see him through. Believe in the good & it will happen. Believe in the power of evil & it will pull you down. Dispel this belief in evil – Resist the devil, his works, his thoughts, his negativity, & he will leave.


          We will work on this. I will discuss this revelation with my friend, we will work it out, he will be healed.)*


          Amazingly, he’s not dead. He continues to live, & another phenomenon I see this same person becomes a female, & this is so strong that I even thought upon first recalling the dream, it happened to a female, but thinking deeper recalled it started with a male.

george-stubbs-bulls-fighting-1 georgia--mfvo99978 giandomenico-tiepolo-minuet-in-villa_u-l-ppbagc0 gift-for-gaia-jayson-green girl girl-in-plaid 

          *(BECOMES A FEMALE: This condition / feelings & thoughts) is TRANSFERRED TO A FEMALE – myself as an empath / medium / sensitive, so I would UNDERSTAND what is going on inside him.


          The STRIPS OF FLESH BLACKENED, are the parts of his feeling system that are BURNED or BADLY HURT are TAKEN OUT or REVEALED – I see what has happened. It is revealed to me as a mind reader or reader of hearts.)*


          The dream goes on to other scenes. Myself & another person are traveling & we need to check into a place for the night.

 Isaac_van_Ostade_Interior_with_children isaac-van-ostade-interieur-met-boerengezelschap---scène-dauberge IsaacVanOstade-TheInteriorofaBarnwithTwoPeasants JA15_Page_096_0003 Jan VAN HUYSUM Still Life with Flowers and Fruit 1715 jan-van-huysum-blumenarrangement-in-einer-skulptierten-steinvase jan-van-ravenswaay-korovy-v-khlevu-kholst-maslo-kartina-zhiv

          We find a reasonably priced place, we check in & it’s for the week. He is fast asleep in the room to the left, surrounded by light grey bedding, he needs rest badly. The only disturbance or noise is down the hall, a group of female college students have checked into a room or rooms. What a hullabaloo. I’m not bothered but just curious about their psychology, why so much noise?


          *(HE IS FAST ASLEEP: He is unaware of how his thoughts & feelings are affecting his entire life including ambitions for success. Being asleep can mean ‘unaware,’ ‘waking up’ can be ‘I now see & realize the truth.’)*


          I look down the hall where they are – for some reason they have mattresses with white sheets, all in a messy pile {they are at the end of the hall} against the wall, stacked up on their sides, the fitted sheets are slipping off.

 e4df2d2068fafe7ec555cb5208b5cecf e4ff9ef2896ce0b44c5f71937b6652c2 e5e78beba9cb8713b2dbc31bdaab3c99 e13aa7d80b0c322402703de09d3c8199 e62c8fad48a141c8782fb0483a83ad80 e64a5a003f8cf7f4c585e7d868561946--owl-pictures-owl-art

          *(COLLEGE STUDENTS, NOISE, MESSY, MATTRESSES & OTHER THINGS: This is a member of his family who transferred pain onto the little boy, he being a sensitive or empath received it into himself.


          This person appears as a college student because they are IMMATURE – She was immature in her reaction to the family trauma, she did not deal in wisdom. The NOISE of the students is female students downtown where I hung out for ten years are ALWAYS SCREAMING. This is their reaction to stimulation – scream – it’s like HYSTERIA, would be emotional reaction without contemplation, reasoning, logic, just FALLING APART.


          As I said before, she transferred her hysteria or negativity to the boy instead of dealing in wisdom – She was unable to rise to the challenge, to conquer the Mountain, the situation crushed her & affected her life & happiness. She has never gotten over the trauma in these many years. He carries this with her.


The MATTRESSES PUSHED INTO THE HALLWAY, with white fitted sheets slipping off, against the wall, messy: Is the situation – a relationship ended.


AGAINST THE WALL is ‘at the end of my rope’ or where the wall is, is where I can go no further, the wall stops me, I am ‘against the wall.’)*

 big-paul-bunyan birds-butterflies-and-a-frog-among-plants-and-fungi-melchior-dhondecoeter Blake_Dante_Hell_XIV_Capaneus 1895.90 Brighid-large brigit brujas2

          Then I decide to clean the floors in our room/s. I take a broom – the floors are quite dirty. I sweep everywhere including under bureaus, stretching my arms to get in there as even with the long broom handle its not easy, but I manage.


          *(THE ROOM HE & I CHECKED INTO: This is the place of where my friend’s mind & heart are. I see inside him, inside his relative’s mind, it has been transferred to me mentally. I am


          SWEEPING THE ROOM: Under bureaus & difficult places to reach, I am STRETCHING & leaning into places that are hidden – this is his mind, where negativity harbors & we must remove it.


          As I said my strategy is to REFRAME HIS TOUGHTS which will realign his feelings, we will minimize, stop maximizing the situation that happened. We will bring hope & love, acceptance & faith where previously there was despair & resentment.)*


          My thought is I’m glad none of the maids are bothering us, letting us be for the week, just allowing us to stay, do our own cleanup, leaving us alone. We need privacy for the time being – recovering from something difficult, both of us.

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                     I see my good husband Rich vaguely. Mostly see the gifts he brings. Why he brings them, for what occasion, I have no idea.


          There is vaguely a bottle of perfume the same as in a previous dream, like half a quart, the best perfume there is.

 f94f12baa25f52370e5c1e378efbd6a3 f179cae808aa0ad42b6546ec2ab98011--victorian-paintings-vintage-paintings f314f275ac485f5b8e751c222f1e0421 f990e987d3dd37290766a6561e3ad6a8 family-life-on-the-frontier

          *(GOOD HUSBAND:      Means the person I love, the Lover I describe under many names – is in a good attitude toward me right now. The gifts will explain what he’s feeling toward me.


The perfume is holiness. {Scent of holiness} He either acknowledges mine or else has acquired his own, so he’s giving me his grace if it’s his own.)*


          The most UNUSUAL gift is a small hat, small enough to fit a toddler. It’s white, all knitted out of pieces, the pieces are designs & flowers, & you can see petals sticking out from it.


          *(TODDLER HAT: He’s now submitting to me in marriage or with a pure heart {white} as if he is my child – which spiritually he is – he is giving himself to me, saying,

 Buster-as-General-Wellington BvZ93J C0aEJbgWQAAHioH c1cb2226bc39046275335ecf83bb294d c2a99b20129da2d7694fce2cc6258f16 c3bb01e3f2b4683e8a25a4ed19843233

          “Here I am, your underling & happy for it. My head is now right; I understand your value & our relationship. My head / thoughts are to be One, I accept it. The


          FLOWERS & PETALS: mean love, romance, the petals are bits of that, the ones ‘sticking out’ are his concern about ‘she loves me, she loves me not’ have turned him around. Absence made his heart grow fonder or another twist I add is ‘Absence makes the cock grow harder.’


          He has, over this time, seen the light, computed that he needs me, misses me, I am important to his life, he gives himself to me in his mind. But why doesn’t he call? Obviously not ready. ‘Be still & know that I am God’ is my mantra here. No anxiety or chasing. Let it be until he’s ready to move.)*


          There were two other items, at this moment I can’t recall.


          He’s joyful as he presents these things to me.

Edward-Frederick-Brewtnall-Visit-to-the-Witch-1882 ee04cc960d6877c8120373fddbbf843b eeaba34e3d3407aaeb6d1b3c92c0657f Een-pelikaan-en-ander-gevogelte-bij-een-waterbassin-bekend-als-8216Het-drijvend-veertje8217-R0073 Eerste_fase_van_de_Zeeslag_in_de_Sont_-_First_phase_of_the_Battle_of_the_Sound_-_November_8_1658_(Jan_Abrahamsz_Beerstraten,_1660) efcedfb761ec37bf1ee588d6642f7b14






               This dream proves my Lover is concerned have I ended it? So he cares…………………………..


          I’m on a long, difficult journey. A tiger is in my way at one point, I am ‘way out’ in a rural area, many miles in all directions & I need to get back to the city. Finally see a bus stop should take me back, a guy is standing by it.

david-versus-goliath db6yhz4-d75bf522-fae2-4232-af59-3096cee57ec5 db39e92f8ec879a0e785862cb0839d24 DBBNsjTWAAElbWh dC4JF64 dc45d41d2168d6a2121211c0ccd9a826 dc61999fe9d7c9badc7b282445ca2875 de9ce8de774097ef5b782492bbf2dc1c death-illustration-Arthur-Mordred-NC-Wyeth-The-1917 

          *(TIGER: Tiger is usually ANGER. I might have been feeling angry due to my computer breaking down – thank Heaven it got fixed. Or it might be re the Lover not calling me. This doesn’t explain why, but it shows me swimming into ‘deep water,’ getting away from the Tiger & getting back on the road – so whatever reason I had it, I conquered it. Then again, it might be someone else had the anger, maybe my Lover as I’m not chasing him.


          Being ‘LOST’ is being lost mentally / emotionally, trying to find direction, a goal, getting somewhere. It might have to do with my Lover as he is the main character here.)*


          I then stop at a tiny restaurant/food stand. There aren’t any places to sit, you get your food to go I think. I stop here not because I’m hungry but just to rest or take a break.

475c37d2056b9b146bf7605d1dbd6139 491-3 Lion Hunt by de Vos, 1603 500_F_116296926_q1NNyVLnPFdMM2X71sen0QWt617BK2r1 500x500 513ae1db29d08ff7f9be97e87ad6c463 517c6ba2cb7ab34d738002e5f07579e9 526ef21f3b62652f5872f032461fd8e8 

          The man who owns this place, I see him to the left as a ‘working class’ type fellow, like a Greek cook I used to know – chunky built, in white colors & a white full body apron – he is cooking a beautiful dish on his grille {the kind of grill that’s solid, thick black, not barbeque style}. The problem is my blue scarf is embedded in the dish & I tell him it is, & I’m pulling with all my might to get it out of there – he doesn’t answer my protests.


          The dish is one made of rolled flour & it’s made into an envelope & inside the envelope is vanilla cheese, it’s sitting there sizzling & looks good. It’s about 8” long & 4” wide, quite thick.


          *(VANILLA DISH WITH CHEESE: This represents SEX. It’s his inviting penis with the sperm inside – the cheese is sperm. ‘On the grille, sizzling’ is the sex we both loved – it’s like food, emotional nourishment. But-

c841808f27c7654e7491fe81b533f0e1 ca8e776d92f9a16cf63f1afbb476b5bf ca1049161e9bce31170614a6db6b0bc2 cad3a676a6e4c968252ad99c849850e9 CAMILLA-B2 cannonsx capsized carl-theodor-von-piloty-und-franz-adam-c-1092502 cat_family_k162129

          MY HEAD SCARF IS INTWINED, I STRUGGLE TO PULL IT OUT: I do not want my sex desire or yearning, longing to have sex with him any more – I wish to remove this desire, to be free, & I do remove it.

          This desire makes me desperate, makes me chase him, but without it I can hold out forever & he has to rethink his relations with me. I’m not his whore any more.)*


          Another item is that my Lover – who seems the same as the owner of the rest. – has asked me to purchase today’s paper, which costs $6. Why do I do as he asks? This is an expensive paper, & I’m going out of my way to please him although he might not deserve it. I reach for my purse or wallet & don’t have it. But my left pocket has a few dollars & change including nickels & pennies. I tell the owner take the money I have, I have no more, it should suffice even if it is not the full $6.


          *(NEWSPAPER: This is news, announcements, information. He wants to know about us. He asks me, at my expense, to get this information. What is my expense? Does he read these dreams on my site? I doubt it.)*


          What Lover / owner wanted to know was what was on the heading of the very large paper. To me it seems like OBITUARY headings in the middle – no big headlines, just announcement in small letters – he just wanted to know if his name was on it. I read it – & tell him his name is not there, he isn’t famous today.

 frans-snyders-umkreis-896216 f-ray-gilronan fussliqueenmab gaia-march-2015-035-1024x833 gaia-mark-lawrence gaia-sacred-system-cristina-mcallister (1) gaia-the-mantle-of-earth-robert-ross-george-patsouras gallery_hero_6849c162-7515-4037-bc64-27a906243404

          *(NEWSPAPER HEADLINES ON TOP IN SMALL LETTERS, OBITUARY: Ha ha, so funny, this simply explains what Lover wants to know. Am I through with him? Is he dead to me? – his name at the top of the obituary? No, we’re not finished I tell him.)*


          Then on my way out I notice two of my other scarves are on a bin in the middle of his place, one white background, smaller, one blue background. Do I demand to take these or do I let it go? Well to prove I own these will be a bother, I just think, let it go, let it be & I leave.


          *(TWO SCARVES I LET GO OR JUST LEAVE: This is my ‘head’ or thoughts, wishes, to be with him, to be married. So what if I have these thoughts, as long as I’m not desperate to be with him as in the past, it doesn’t matter. I am relaxed.)*

vintage-baby-portrait-with-bonnet-and-dog-from-victorian-engraving-FK3PPC Wain4 walton_ford_7424_3634429537_1024x768 Warren+Hastings+on+his+Arabian+Horse,+1796+by+George+Stubbs+Art+Print waterhouse-john-william-echo-and-narcissus-jigsaw-puzzle-1000-pieces.53802-1.fs weird-vintage-holiday-new-year-cards-22 white-raven2 wicca-ladyAvalon wild-cat-rosa-bonheur








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