By Rasa Von Werder, March 28th, 2020
Lemoyne, Francois, 1688-1737; Hercules and Omphale





3-27-20-Breakthrough-Escape-Heavenly Garden



for a friend


I break through his prison window – We escape & hide (2) They try to assassinate me, I escape far away (3) My Dad mows & prepares a HeavenlyGarden on our property


          My Lover Samuel is in prison, & he can be visited & seen through a thick prison window. A lady is there on this side looking at him & speaking to him through the window.


          *(SAMUEL: Is a person you love who is helpless or imprisoned by circumstances he cannot get out of. After reviewing the entire dream it’s his MIND SET, PERCEPTION & FEAR OF PEOPLE AROUND HIM which have imprisoned him.)*


          I go over there & out of my anger {not sure why} begin kicking the window. The female there went away.


          *(WINDOW: Of opportunity. There’s a way you can free him & you use some kind of spiritual power. (Legs are mystical travel.) The lady on this side is your flesh who can do nothing to liberate him, it has to be God Power. He has been waiting for your help, he cannot free himself.

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          MY ANGER, KICKING OUT OF MY ANGER: After figuring out the entire dream my anger is against the people who imprisoned my lover, turning him against me. I am breaking down our separation, making our relationship possible. The hint of HOW is in the waves of the window, how it’s closed in size{opportunity} & the waves {of trouble.} This trouble, not shown here, is the loss of money in his life due to this ‘Pandemic.’)*


          The scene changes so the place seems more off to the side, the window is smaller & prettier – the first one was large & plain. This one is made of leaded glass, like a stained glass window with pieces leaded in horizontal waves of all different sizes, but the glass is transparent, not colored. Before the window was about 4’ X 4’ but now it’s about 2.5’ X 2.5’ & he’s been standing there waiting on the other side.


          *(WINDOW, LEADED GLASS IN PIECES, HORIZONTAL WAVES, TRANSPARENT, SMALLER THAN THE OTHER:       His ‘window of opportunity’ has shut down in size, diminished, which means he has less opportunity now than before. The WAVES are problems {‘don’t make waves’}—His problems are now YOUR OPPORTUNITIES because you can & will BREAK THIS WINDOW or get through to him, you can reach him in this mental / emotional prison & he will get out.

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TRANSPARENT: is obvious or easily seen. His problems are easily seen, this is an opportunity as he is desperate.)*


          I continue kicking hard & to my surprise & his, a small piece of the window falls out. I continue kicking as this small opening reveals the window can be broken. I must kick all of it in as for him to climb through; he mustn’t cut himself by the space being too small with jagged glass edges. I kick until all of it is broke through, he climbs out quickly, we run off together before anyone would notice he is out.


          *(BREAK THROUGH WINDOW, ALL OF IT: This problem/opportunity is used by the Higher or God Self to get him out of his self-imposed confinement. He will come to you now, a situation you have prayed about for years. You knew he had to reach ROCK BOTTOM before he’d give you a proper relationship & THIS IS IT—this predicts what will happen.)*

gettyimages-590130968-1024x1024 gettyimages-596954858-1024x1024 GettyImages-596954858-jpg gioachin-giuseppe-serangeli-orphée-et-eurydice-quittant-les-enfers giphy gipsy-encampment_george-morland__95069.1556882456 girl_on_path girl-holding-a-cat-philippe-mercier girl-in-a-blue-dress-william-verelst Lemoyne, Francois, 1688-1737; Hercules and Omphale

          Now I guide our escape. We must not travel the main roads – they will find us there. I find my woods. The road is to the left, about 50’ on a higher level—they can’t see us from the road. Where we walk is beautiful, many brown leaves on the ground, the trees are big, tall, & straight. I hope we walk this path we don’t come across the INTERLOPERS I have seen before, who encroached upon my property in many dreams, trespassing on it I suspect, taking over some of what I own. We’re on our way on a long journey.


          *(MAIN ROAD: A public place. This warns that do not advertise you two being together, stay off the main road – don’t tell the people who know him as they will put him into ‘imprisonment’ again. This shows he has been imprisoned by public opinion, his friends & family – those who know him, their opinions, have kept him away from you—he feared these people.


          LONG JOURNEY: Predicts once we get together it’s a long journey or our being together will be a long time.

Frederic_Edwin_Church_CHF027 Frederick_Dielman_-_Hetty_Sorrel friar-lawrence-at-capulets-tomb-romeo-and-juliet-act-v-scene-3-james-northcote friedrich-heinrich-füger-orpheus-und-eurydike from-paris-to-new-york-13-638 'Fuel for the Fire'. 1895 

          MY WOODS, BEAUTIFUL BIG, TALL, STRAIGHT TREES, BROWN LEAVES ON THE GROUND: This is ‘my way, my truth, my life’ – like Jesus said, the same path as his, the right one, it is righteousness. We must walk this path together to get away from the ignorant, the confused, those in darkness—who are not for God & her Truth. Don’t advertise to them what we’re doing – stay away from them as they will infiltrate your business, interfere with Samuel, try & take him away again.)*


          Next scene we’re in a ROOMING HOUSE that is plain—everywhere nice brown wood paneling, the halls, the rooms. In our room the door is open to the hall, {we’re on the second or third floor} & Samuel has turned into Tommy, my cat & showing typical male behavior.


          *(TOMMY MY CAT, HE TURNS INTO HIM, TYPICAL MALE BEHAVIOR: His instinct will be to know what’s going on in his own world, to be somewhat involved, possibly with his former crowd.)*

 l-allegro-italian-sunset-thomas-cole-1845-c665ef51 Dell, John Henry, 1836-1888; Cottagers Ländliches_Idyll_England_19c-1024x786 landscape-with-diogenes-nicolas-poussin-1648-bf6de010 landscape-with-man-pursued-by-a-snake-nicolas-poussin large laura-sava-7d62cbe5aa708625c8882dc6c354735015426dc0

          He sits in the hall because we hear sounds in the building – he wants to see whatever action is going on. But I take him, pull him into the room & close the door. I tell him he’ll be found out & they will take him. We must keep a low profile.


          *(DOOR, CLOSED, STAY INSIDE, LOW PROFILE: Keep your relationship secret, keep to yourselves, do not allow him to get involved with his old cronies, friends & family – they are bad for him.)*


          A sort of small female {is it my daughter?} is also here. They are sitting on the floor, maybe playing cards. I tell them to whisper – they must not hear us. Quiet, secrecy is of the utmost importance if he wants to remain free.

OL-1981-32-AB-Aft-small-2 on-the-essex-river_john-leslie-breck__24404__04060.1565910494 Oregon_Waterfall_Elopement_Wedding_Lauryn_Kay_Photography-1-of-1-15 original (2) original (3) original (4) 

          *(REMAIN FREE, STAY QUIET & SECRET: Interference from those who kept him a prisoner before is deadly to your relationship. By all means, stay apart from them – they want to keep you two separate. They want to keep him low minded, drugged up, the same way they are. Most of his friends & family are addicts, lowlifes, it’s their mentality & lifestyle, they don’t want to ‘lose one of their own.’





          Next, there’s a group of men who want to assassinate me, they want to do it officially & publicly. We are in a very large square in the middle of a village. It’s more than 100’ in all directions.


          One of them, who’s carrying a large sword like the ones where I have a pic of like 7-8 guys in India displaying their 5-6’ swords all in a row – tell me to go up on this balcony at the right edge of a building – it’s about 3 floors high, stand there & they’ll shoot me. I say ‘ok’ & go there.


          I see that behind me is the wide-open sky so instead of waiting for them to shoot me, I take off & fly, & I go far, far away, through many areas, completely escaping them, many miles away, possibly to another country.

orpheas-kai-eyridiki orphee-orfeo-dossier-classiquenews-monteverdi-rossi-orphee-a-l-opera-dossier-classiquenews orpheus-and-eurydice-emil-neide Paul_Thumann_-_The_Betrothal_Ring 

          *(ASSASSINS: These are demons & demonics whom I have escaped, they are men. These are the PEERS or associates of Samuel who INFLUENCED him not to be with me. Their desire to KILL or ASSASSINATE me was to kill our relationship.


The fact that they wanted to do this PUBLICLY (on the balcony) rather than privately gives the hint WHY. They did not want me to get the credit or recognition for being LOVED by Samuel, his LOVE for me was a THREAT to them – it went against their beliefs & lifestyle. They are of the world, the flesh & the devil – I am of God. Satan is the enemy of God. They would rather he go to Hell with them than Heaven with me.)*





Paul-Prickett paul-seignac-drying-off-by-the-fire Peder_Balke-Fra_Hammerfest persephone-300x439 pheasant-shooting-george-morland-1763-1804-litz-collection

          I’m at the old farm house, leaving through the kitchen. It’s dusk or twilight – going to be dark soon. I didn’t want my Dad to go outside to work, as it’s late, but he INSISTED.


          *(DAD: In many dreams, Dad is the symbol of the man who gives me away to my husband. It probably has nothing to do with my flesh & blood Dad, he’s just a symbolic personality.


WORK, HE INSISTED ON WORKING: He wants to show me something, a vision or understanding. ‘It’s late’ means it’s almost time for something, a phase is ending for another one to begin.)*


          As I walk outside toward the back fields first I notice it’s gotten CHILLY. I have on short shorts, but also a thick black sweater that zips up in front—I zip it up & soon feel warm. I keep walking.


          *(CHILLY, THICK BLACK SWEATER ZIPS UP I GET WARM, SHORT SHORTS: This black sweater & chilliness portends the END of something – a funeral – ‘blacked out,’ an ending. It’s the end of a certain part of your life. The short shorts might say ‘in a short time,’ better yet, my mystical power {legs} revealed.)*


via hoopskirtsociety tumblr view-of-cleve-mill-on-the-thames-henry-john-boddington VigeeLabrun_LadyHamiltonAsABacchante Vigée-Lebrun_-_Du_Barry Vigee-Lebrun-Julie-Lebrun-as-Flora-1799-773x1024 vouet 

          To the left it’s hilly. Dad is up there busily mowing on the riding mower, he might be finished before dark. There are thick weeds here—he’s making up for lost time as for a long time he hasn’t been here & hasn’t been able to work, he wants to get these old dry weeds all down.


          *(THE WORK, GET OLD DRY WEEDS DOWN, MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME, BEFORE DARK, HASN’T BEEN HERE FOR A WHILE: This all points to the man who wants to bring me to the new husband wants to HURRY—get this phase over with for the next one. This is the PAST & the present separation from Samuel. He wants to get this phase, on the hill of Golgotha or suffering, mowed down, finished, before dark or before the next phase {of happiness} begins. )*  


          I continue walking straight ahead & come to a remarkable area Dad has mowed already. Strangely, it is bright daylight here. It’s our lawn, but it’s a garden. The grass is super thick, in clusters. He mowed it but not like a crew cut, the grass is clumps that seem to burst out in a beautiful fashion although it is mowed.

William Powell Frith - John Knox Reproving Mary, Queen of Scots 1844 RISDM 54-195 William+Powell+Frith-Poverty+And+Wealth William-Powell-Frith-Madame-Jourdain-Finds-Her-Husband-Entertaining-Dorimene-and-Dorante william-ward-i-the-fisherman´s-hut-(after-george-morland) winter-farmyard-george-morland  

          He mowed AROUND clumps of wild flowers & pretty bushes – there are some small trees here & there, the place is now like a GARDEN, not a lawn, a wonderful feeling.


         I am amazed by one area where there are rows of wildflowers. Somehow he’s mowed IN BETWEEN, an area of less than a foot. How did he do it? Have no idea.

This garden is HEAVENLY in its beauty & feeling. The light is broad daylight but soft, & yet elsewhere it was dusk. The color of the vegetation is saturated, brilliant.

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*(HEAVENLY GARDEN DAD PREPARED: This is the FUTURE with Samuel, it’s HAPPINESS. The old, dried up weeds in the past – Dad is hurrying to mow it down, get rid of it. The future is ready. It is soft but bright daylight – the Light of God is in it.


The flowers are love. They are WILD which means they were PLANTED BY GOD, it is God’s love between us, heavenly love, not lust or of the world, flesh & devil, it is OF GOD.


When I was a child, 5-6-7 years old, I used to draw endless pictures of gardens like this, with ornamental bushes & small trees. This is those images coming to life, my heaven on earth.


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