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  • Taking Back Our Boys From Men 2XFLATCR


    From Guru Rasa We must save men from men!  What men from what men? The INNOCENT YOUNG men from the OLD PATRIARCHAL, SET IN THEIR WAYS men. We must save […]

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  • SalimTwice_ZZ_FLAT

    Harems Of Men For Women

    NEW TEACHING I WILL LIVE OUT AS AN EXAMPLE TO MATURE WOMEN & THE FUTURE! Harems of men for women! Women living for their own pleasure, not forever sacrificing themselves […]

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  • IMG_20131210_0053_ZX_FLAT-1

    Sexual Freedom Is Part Of Female Empowerment

      Through my “trials & tribulations” of trying to “have fun” & have relationships with many males, I have been assaulted, accused on groups with all kinds of statements such […]

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