How to Make Love to a Woman <> Lesson One

By Rasa Von Werder, February 8th, 2014
You seek the Energy of the woman, She gives Life to you, you are the dependent

Message to Young Men:  How to Worship a Woman…………………………
How to Make Love to a Woman, Step One

First, you must recognize and accept her as the superior person, your leader.  This especially pertains to women older than 50, you automatically seek guidance and counsel from them; they are your designated mentors.
When you think of a woman, it is with respect and reverence, never the way the old men taught you, as items of use and exploitation.  Your approach to a female is not sexual dumping ground and exit, this is disrespectful and hate rather than love. Granted, your sex drive instinctively is to impregnate many women (nothing wrong with that) but this has to be done by consent, not chicanery.

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When you look upon the Woman, you see the Greater God, the Shakti to your Shiva.  You are a lesser God and your power and development depends on HER!  First, the woman created you in her womb – a man cannot do that, his sperm is not reproductive, he cannot build a body in a womb.  Second, the woman nurtures by her body and breast, her maternal power, until the baby can stand on its own.  Men are not equipped for that.  Therefore, you need her right from the moment of created life into adulthood.  And in adulthood you receive her maternal power through sex.  No man is a Mother, no man gives Maternal Power unless he is the level of Enlightenment (which is one in a million.)

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Third, She has the Spiritual Power to transmit to you, which is called Shakti, the Feminine Divine.
In the Shakti religion, the man worships, serves the woman in the sex act.  The more pleasure he gives her, the more prolonged, the better it is for him.  The reason for this is when time and effort are taken, he receives more of the life-giving Nutritional Healing Energy.  Her power comes from a deep wellspring of Love – it must be that way, for She takes care of the Human Race, humanity would have died out had not Woman taken care of children, the weak and the vulnerable.
It is not the MALE who is designated as life giver, nurturer and empath, he is, in fact, the opposite.  He has a destructive element stronger than that of the woman (which must be controlled by the female), his love is weak, while She is a natural giver.

This difference is shown in the image of Shiva / Shakti, thousands of years old, that bespeaks Shiva as dead matter until Shakti stands on top of him (dominates him) and transmits her energy.  She brings him to life, not the other way around.

Woman is Power, Man her Dependent

Woman is Power, Man her Dependent


Here is what you seek, then, young man, when you approach a woman:  you seek Life, not a dumping ground for sperm, but Life.  If you see her in a demeaning way, you will not be blessed but cursed.  If you use women, you use your Mother, and the wrath of the Universe will come upon you.  No man can strike his Mother, injure her and go unscathed, and every woman is your Mother.

Woman is Superior to male as the Image Mother God Isis to her subordinate son, Horus.  All women are Mothers to men, all men are sons to women.

Woman is Superior to male as the Image Mother God Isis to her subordinate son, Horus. All women are Mothers to men, all men are sons to women.

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That is your first lesson in sexuality, how you approach the woman with honor, how you worship her as Mother, Feminine Energy Divine – realizing that YOU NEED HER for life, health and Spiritual Realization.

Guru Rasa Von Werder   2  8  14

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