How to Make Love Lesson II <> Putting God into Sex

By Rasa Von Werder, February 14th, 2014

How to Make Love Lesson Two
(Lessons geared toward men)


In order to MAKE LOVE you have to HAVE LOVE.
You have to have a heart.

Love comes from the heart.  If the Heart Chakra is not open or pierced, then the person cannot contain it.  The Heart Chakra also GROWS, it widens, deepens, goes higher,  even to a place of the Grand Canyon if a person receives the grace of Stigmata, or martyrdom for Love

Love comes from the heart. If the Heart Chakra is not open or pierced, then the person cannot contain it. The Heart Chakra also GROWS, it widens, deepens, goes higher, even to a place of the Grand Canyon if a person receives the grace of Stigmata, or martyrdom for Love

To have a heart means to function from the Heart Chakra and above it, which Ramakrishna said is the BEGINNING of REAL or advanced spirituality.

The Chakras (spiritual energy centers) go from the bottom up, the Muladhara to the Sahasrara.  When you reach the Heart, you are now an official “saint” or spiritual proficient.  When you reach the Sahasrara, you are Enlightened or Realized, you KNOW you are God – (some religions d not permit their adherents to make such a claim, but they can say they are very close to the Creator.)

The sexual capacity runs life through everyone’s veins, be they spiritual or not.  And so, all sex is not making love.  After all, rape is not love, child molestation is not.  Many men go through the motions like automatons, machines, they brag about what they do in the company of other men.  They demean women, brag how they “porked” or “fucked” her.  They project a hateful attitude to the women they did sex to.  This has nothing to do with God or love; it is of the world, the flesh and the devil.

Now, on the other hand, what is love?  How is it expressed?  Jesus said,


What you do to the smallest creature, you do to God - God is manifested in all of physical life, all Life is God

What you do to the smallest creature, you do to God – God is manifested in all of physical life, all Life is God

That meant, to the least creature, animal or human:  Those who have no rights, no power, vulnerable, small, who cannot defend themselves.  Whatever you do SINFUL to the least of creatures, you DO TO GOD.

By the opposite, whatever good you do to the least of these, you do to God.  And so, every action that is of Love, you love God by.  Do a good deed, you love God.  Give in charity, you love God.  Think positive thoughts, pray, you love God.  And “making love” to another person by way of thought, word and deed IS ALSO LOVING GOD.  THAT IS HOW YOU WORSHIP GOD THROUGH THE BODY.

And so, putting it straight out, when you engage in the act of caressing, touching, kissing, sucking or humping, if you do this IN LOVE then it is MAKING LOVE, and that is the PROPER WAY TO MAKE LOVE, & indeed IT IS WORSHIP OF GOD THROUGH THE BODY, THROUGH SEX.

What you do to the smallest creature, you do to God - God is manifested in all of physical life, all Life is God

Worship of God through the body – Shaktism

Each person must study their own conscience.  Is your purpose in this to use up another person and demean them?  Usually, this is the sin of the man, not the woman.  It is the woman who gets disrespected in our culture for having sex pleasure.  (This is wrong, we women should give up this shame, but that is how it still is.)  And so, a man and woman get into bed together, she gives him her body, he uses it, he gets off, and then, he discards her like shyt in the toilet.  Next day he does not return her calls, when he sees her he acts like he doesn’t know her!  This is not love!  He might also physically injure a woman with his penis (if she is a virgin or her body is not ready) and worst of all, give her an unplanned pregnancy.  The woman takes much greater risk by lying down with a man than the opposite way around.

And so, to top it off, when the man, after having her, treats her in an offhanded manner, he is sinning against God, as he has hurt another creature for no reason.

Now when one studies their conscience it is assumed they have one.  Perhaps the person is a “lowlife” which means they are at the bottom of the Chakras, have never developed, are not spiritual.

Then there is the endeavor and holy effort to BECOME SPIRITUAL – It is done BY THE WILL.  St. Scholastica asked her brother St. Benedict,
“How do I become a Saint?”  He said,
“Will it.”
Yes, will it.  If you DESIRE God – the entrance into YOUR SAHASRARA, THE KINGDOM OF GOD, that is the beginning, and God     CANNOT AND WILL NOT “enter” you are become “activated” in you unless you take that first step of willing and desiring it.

This is what, in Christianity, is called “The Sinner’s Prayer.”  It is the traditional way that a layman accepts Jesus Christ, Christ comes into his / her heart and then he is “born again.”

First, the person has to admit they are a sinner, that they need Christ, they repent, and they invite Jesus into their heart.

But this is not the only way to get “born again.”  Hindus get “initiation” and “shaktipat, Jews get transformed, ditto Wiccans and Pagans, it’s in all religions somehow or other named, and Gurus like myself have our share of disciples being born again, transformed, and lifted through the Chakras.

The “born again” experience is the beginning of love.  This begins unselfishness, getting out of the Freudian “ID” and the ego, immaturity; it’s when the person recognizes that others are as important as himself and he treats others as he wants to be treated.  (And so, of course, such a man would not sit around with the guys bragging how he fucked women, as he would not want a woman to brag about how she conned him out of money – and even if women did abuse him, a great man would not retaliate in kind.)

If you are not healthy, you're not sexy, and sex is healthy

If you are not healthy, you’re not sexy, and sex is healthy

And so, as I said, in order to make love, you have to have love.  Love is a Power, a HIGHER ENERGY, as spirituality is determined by the height, depth, degree and propensity of its Power.  It is not PHYSICAL DESIRE ALONE, (which is called “lust”).  Desire or “lust” by itself is normal and natural, it becomes sin when someone is “used”.  If your intention is to use someone, you have already sinned, as Jesus said, the man with lust in his heart has already committed adultery.  But if you, the man or woman, wants to share love, which is ALIVE inside you, it is love!  (I know this invites lowlifes to claim their sex acts are love, but saying it does not make it so.  God knows and you know inside, what is the difference.)

This brings up the subject of sex being a sin, but only for women.  We’re getting over the lack of logic here, men’s behavior is being outed, leaders and celebrities are now lambasted for “sins” only women were stoned for.

For thousands of years, women had to “stay in their lane”, while men enjoyed freedom; they had wives, mistresses, brothels, the money for multiple partners.  The women’s chances diminished for lack of opportunity (meeting outsiders) and money (to reach out into the world where more men were.)

Women were also controlled by OSTRACISM.  If they deviated from the man’s standards, they were tossed out as candidates for the rich husband, the highest paid job in town.  When men are in power, they enforce their rules, power reverses and so does the onus.  I have expressed this in “The Future of Men and Woman” in articles and books, since 2004.

As we are moving into role reversal, it is expedient that the males learn to please women, because they cannot control them by money any more.  It will be other way around, except women will not be brutal tyrants as men have been – they have a maternal instinct (William Bond said this first).

In Conclusion

For Lesson two, it is a lesson in how to put God into sex: It is through Love, but you cannot put into a thing what you do not have, therefore, you have to cultivate Love, develop it in your own system.

When you do a loving thing to a mouse, or an elephant, you are loving God through the body of that animal.  (The opposite is hating God.)

When you do a loving thing to the body of a woman, you are loving Mother God through her body.

God is Love and so are We

God is Love and so are We

When you massage her, to make her feel good, you are showing love to God.
When you kiss her to show affection,, it is love for God.
When you caress her to comfort her , it is loving God.
When you give her oral sex, to please her, it is loving God.
When you hump her, hoping to give her pleasure, it is loving God.


There is also another consideration.  Men need the Love or “Divine Energy” that is stronger in a woman than a man.  Usually a woman has more compassion; it is easier for her to take care of people, She is a Mother.  (But bear in mind you have to be humble toward her.)  A man needs both the natural maternal and “supernatural” Divine Energy of a woman.  If you, the man, take your time, in pleasing the female with your attentions, you will get more of that Divine Light.  It will comfort you, give you health and well being.

It will serve you well to worship Mother God through the body of a woman.

Guru Rasa Von Werder   2  14  14

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