By Rasa Von Werder, January 27th, 2014
Taking Back Our Boys From Men 2XFLATCR

From Guru Rasa

We must save men from men!  What men from what men?

We must save women from men.
We must save children from men.
We must save animals from men.
We must save the sky from men.
We must save the oceans from men.
We must save the Earth from men.
We must save Nature from men.
We must save the planet, and everything on it, from men.

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Innocence is all over him


I never saw it so clearly until this very day, Jan. 26, 2014, after prayer and exorcism.  It is a REVELATION, a VISION and it gives me a kind of GOOD FEELING when I think of the innocence, the naiveté, the vulnerability of the young males, for whom hangs in the balance either LIES or TRUTH, with the indoctrination of the OLD MEN or the OLD WOMEN.

Here the young ones come into the world, free from sin.  And they the demons attack them, the Patriarchy sets upon them.  They are surrounded by embodied thoughts and individuals, who shout and scream what a man should be, who intimidate, cajole, reinforce over and over the tendency to violence and domination, exploitation and greed, caring not for anyone, using life up, having no feelings – shutting them down.  Boys are turned into zombies, or criminals, unable to feel with their whole heart and soul, their systems compromised, their brains nullified, their connection to God terminated.

It is important now that we women take over the care of the young, the guidance, the mentorship, the tutoring.  In the absence of our take charge of boys, the demons prevail and we must stop them.

I must reframe my mission to see ever more clearly that boys are the VICTIMS of men.  They do not go WILLINGLY into Patriarchy, the world of the devil and Hell, they are FORCED.  No child, if given a rational choice between the two cultures would choose Patriarchy.  It is when they minds are unformed, they are incapable of understanding or making a rational choice, that Patriarchy is forced upon them.

When the Mother tries to teach Love to a boy, she is shouted down by all those around her.  The Mothers, the sisters, the Aunts, Grandmothers, elders, old and young women must TAKE CHARGE, AGGRESSIVELY, and formulate WHAT IT IS THAT WE MUST DO TO SAVE THE BOYS.

I believe it is necessary to write out absolute scriptures that counteract Patriarchy and defy its tenets, and I shall work on it and put it on the website, “Embodiment of God.:

Onward and upward, good women and men.  Gird our loins, go to the fight.

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