When Sex Was Holy – Why Is Patriarchy Anti-Sex?

By Rasa Von Werder, January 26th, 2014

Patriarchy is anti love & therefore anti sex. Patriarchy hates sex, because sex has God in it, sex has love in it.

Their concerted effort regarding sex has been to take love out of it, to confine it to the root chakra, the lowest energy center, the basest consciousness. They strive to do this not by physical force – as it isn’t possible to be with each human 24/7, but through MIND CONTROL, brainwashing.

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Step (1) Make people, especially women, AFRAID OF SEX. Give them GUILT & FEAR, SHAME, put it into their heads that SEX IS DIRTY, SHAMEFUL, solely for the sake of PROCREATION. Convince women they are BREEDERS, that is their purpose & the purpose of sex, sex has no purpose called FUN or PLEASURE, it is a robotical act that you go through in order to create babies so keep breeding even though we have SEVERE OVERPOPULATION, & keep killing the little girls born (India, China, Korea, multi millions female babies killed), to make room for boys, so we can use boys for war, to keep the machinery of Patriarchy going.

Step (2) Teach people (this especially works on males & the big weapon is porno) to disconnect or separate the link from the sex organs to the brain, the root chakra to the God chakra. Disconnecting this is done by how? Teaching people (mostly men) that sex is dirty, of a lower nature, it is something to do TO SLUTS, women who allow it ARE SLUTS, fuck women, do not MAKE LOVE TO THEM, since Sex is dirty anyway, do it because you need it, but hurt people with it, just dump a load, there is no purpose to it except like a garbage disposal for sperm, do not imagine any kind of romance, love, devotion or worship.

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Sex is DANGEROUS TO PATRIARCHY because when people have sensual gratification, all kinds of touching, they are HEALED, they are strengthened & restored from the hardships of life, they are given life through energy, their hormones change to “feel good” hormones, & without these hormones people become suicidal & homicidal.

Before a child reaches the age of having sex, they are restored by the sensual touch of the Mother, through her touch, smell, vibes, sound, milk, the intimacy. This translates into their sexuality later on; without intimacy in the first years, the power to share love is compromised, & the person becomes sexually truncated & disabled. They become sensually, romantically, crippled. (Patriarchy wants this, it works for them, crippled people are good for a war racketeering, a profit is God economy.) The likes of Dr. John Bowlby, Dr. Ashley Montagu & Dr. James W. Prescott all taught the importance of touch for well being, for health, for life, whereas the opposite grants misery. Babies DIE for lack of touch, adults become suicidal.

Furthermore, there is a connection between touch / sex & God in the center of the brain. When we have touch, especially the most sensual, powerful touch, the vibration of it reaches the Sahasrara, the God energy center, we relate to our GOD SELF through touch & SEX.

What Patriarchy has done is separate the Sahasrara from the root chakra, cut in half the flow of life / love / sex energy from the genital organs, glands, to the appropriate contact with Sahasrara energy. How did they do this? – With the aforementioned guilt, shame & fear, with the training of males not to love women. So sex is no longer connected to LOVE, the feelings of the freedom of it, the flow of the energy is TRUNCATED, it puts repression, a block, a closed door between your sexuality & God – WITHIN YOUR OWN MIND. It is mind control of the most devastating nature; it is done by the Satanic male Empire called Patriarchy, rule of the Father, rule of the demonic males.

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The OLDEST RELIGION on earth taught men & women to worship God – a FEMALE GOD (IMAGE) – through the body of a woman, the mind of the worshiper being on God, Her, Almighty God as the man had romance / sex with the woman. This religion is called Shaktism & the worshipers are Shaktis, Shakti being Kundalini Shakti, “Female” Energy by Yogic definition, male being Shiva, inert matter, female being Shakti or Holy Spirit. The other oldest religions are Wicca & Paganism, both Mother God religions, where most of the Gods are female.

It is interesting how the religion is primarily FOR MALES to reach Enlightenment, through worship of Mother God through the body of a woman, it is not targeted for females, but males, the assumption being that FEMALES DO NOT NEED TO BE TRAINED & TAUGHT, THEY ALREADY KNOW THEIR MOTHER GOD & THAT THEY ARE HER SYMBOLS OR EMBODIMENTS, IT IS THE MALE THAT HAS TO AVAIL HIMSELF, THROUGH HER, TO REACH HIS ENLIGHTENMENT.

Conversely, then, the CORRUPTION OF MALES is the project that is most sought, the twisting of males away from this Mother God worship & veneration of women, that is the starting point from Matriarchy & into de facto demon worship.

Once the males are corrupted, they are used for an army of evil, you cannot corrupt women into genocidal gangs, as they have mercy. Women have been controlled & brainwashed, but not to do aggressive evil, but rather to have a low minded opinion of themselves.

Males are taught & programmed what sex is by the old males, & it’s not about LOVE. All that people need to be happy is Love. Love takes on many dimensions, to all facets of our being from mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. The physical is important, the spiritual is important. When people have love during sex, which is the normal fallback or default position, they contact God, in the middle of the brain, the sexual glands & all their nerve endings make contact with the Sahasrara, or God Energy Center. Everything good happens to them when they unite with this spiritual center. This is what Patriarchs must avoid. They cannot have you in contact with God, free & easy happiness, they must drag you down in order to control you. Loveable sex is one of the greatest gateways to God & happiness; so of course, the Patriarchs have to make Sex sick & ugly.

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