Harems Of Men For Women

By Rasa Von Werder, January 26th, 2014


Harems of men for women! Women living for their own pleasure, not forever sacrificing themselves to others!

What I outline now is my future, & this future will be lived as an example to women everywhere. As I have always EMBODIED a thing which I did, that taught others by example, I will now embody a lifestyle that is considered taboo by the standards of Patriarchy. We will once again disturb the assumptions of culture & shake up a lot of people to the core.

I will live TO BE HAPPY. I mean to be happy FOR MYSELF, not constantly sacrificing, mortifying & giving away, but using my own God-given money MYSELF as a creature & a woman.


I am fairly wealthy now, & going to be wealthier, & with this money I will buy a mansion in California, & in this mansion I will continue taking pictures of beautiful males & having fun with them. That’s it in a nutshell, but there are details.

I will dress in beautiful clothes, feeling attractive & desirable & acting that way. I will do whatever it takes to present beauty in my appearance.

It looks like there will be several new sources of income for me in the future. I predict the movie of my life will finally be produced. This would center on the past, most notably, “Stripping for God.” But today I am building a website that reveals my present activities – a Reality TV show will be offered me to document this. So there are two additional sources of income, the movie & TV show. Not saying this will all happen THIS YEAR. It will be 2017-18 before all these factors gel.

Now if I were the typical woman my age, I would center around family affairs, gardening, knitting, charitable giving, all the things rich old women do. Nothing of the sort. I will break the mold & create a new identity, beyond Auntie Mame, like her but more extreme. (Not saying I will be a Scrooge, charity will not be forgotten. I might add that what I do here is not “hedonism,” or “selfishness” in the NEGATIVE sense. In the positive sense, I am doing what God wants for myself & others. I have lived a long life of suffering, poverty, renunciation & giving. This is my reward. Many deserve such a reward. It is given to Great Saints to “die” once, then the Resurrection. We do not stay on the Cross forever. At some point, we reach Heaven, & this can begin on Earth. God is not a mean God, She wants us, through our trials, to eventually gain total happiness.)

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As usual, women are supposed to be self-sacrificers – why are they not allowed to live, to be happy for themselves? All the relatives stand around with the needs she is supposed to supply – that’s all she’s good for – money! The assumption here is HER LIFE IS OVER, she is washed up, out to pasture, not good for anyone or anything, certainly NO MAN WANTS HER! She, most notably, is not supposed to have a SEX DRIVE. God forbid, how perverted, how sickening, a woman over sixty who wants to have sex, & sex not with Viagra propped old men, but young men who can’t keep it down! This is unheard of, this is wrong, this is an aberration, how dare woman you want this?!

But what about Hugh Hefner? Why do people smile at the idea of the rich, powerful, now old man of 85, who dates only the young? Have you seen the Playboy spreads that feature “mature” women, “WOMEN OVER 31?” And Hugh admits he has to take Viagra to “satisfy” his woman – women need no Viagra to have sex!

Let’s face it, since the onset of Patriarchy, it’s all about the women – get the women – control the women – sex the women. Without the women wealth & power, what do they mean? This is accurately explained by the renowned geneticist Dr. Bryan Sykes of Oxford University – the man who told the world that human males are going extinct.

Bryan Sykes explains how in the beginning of Patriarchy it was all about women – conquest for women – war for women. Males amassed harems of from 300 for the Pharaohs to 16,000 by the warlord Genghis Khan. (There is also a contingent that want men of course. Wherever there are homosexuals there are harems of boys, from the altar boys of the Catholic to boys choirs, to Boy Scouts, to male models, to military men – wherever there are boys, young men, they are amassed in “harems” for men who want them. These men naturally either have money or authority over the young males.)

The idea of a female having a harem is unheard of, because harems go along with wealth & power. But more than that, harems for women are denounced & forbidden by Patriarchal religion & culture. So as I said, even the women who in Patriarchy, have lots of money, this money is not spent for harems of young males!

IMG_20131126_0007 ZX FLAT

For what I am about to do publicly, is forbidden to women. No woman (in the mainstream culture) is allowed to have multiple males. If they do they are denounced as “immoral” – while males for the most part are forgiven (the double standard of morality, & this applies not only to sex but crime—women are given far harsher punishment for a crime than are men). Of course, this concept is breaking up with the advent of Matriarchy & the descent of Patriarchy, but my activities will hurry this along.

In about 3-4 years, at my age of 72 or thereabouts, you will see my mansion in Hollywood or Beverly Hills, elevated with spectacular pools, an indoor-outdoor house great for photography. You will see me in person cavorting with the young males I meet & hire – taking images of them & having fun. I will espouse my theories on life – all this will be documented on television.

I will be in demand once again on TV talk shows & documentaries, radio, & public appearances. This present lifestyle coupled with the movie “I Strip for God” will blow the demand for me sky high. I will go on TV shows with one or more models, they will pose, I will explain the philosophy. It’s Female Empowerment once again! It’s table turning, it’s role reversal, it’s freeing up of women to have fun, to live, & to live life abundantly, to be free including the freedom for old women to have fun with multiple young men!

To reiterate: Older women will be encouraged to follow in my footsteps, they will see the idiocy that women over fifty are finished, over the hill. It’s possible that young males want us, especially if we have resources. Courage, self confidence, & seeing the truth is what happens here. Some of them will take up cameras & become photographers like me, others will pursue different venues by which they can meet young males – all for good – to gain their own happiness & influence males toward a positive culture.. As I said, I lifted weights, then other women lifted weights. The idea of fitness for women became mainstream. I preached Female Supremacy through domination, the domination theme went mainstream. I preached “Woman, Thou Art God,” now women are accepting their divinity. This is another leg on the body of Female Empowerment, I light the way, they follow.

PS I welcome a forum on this. I would especially like my confrere William Bond to comment. Friends, please share this on your timelines & allow discussions. This is the big future project that will catapult Matriarchy further up the road.
As I said, I have always embodied what I preached. I brought forth Female Body Building, Stripping for God, & Female Domination into the mainstream, I have brought out, with William Bond, the principles of Matriarchy to a world audience. Now this. Discussion will ferment the cycle of liberating minds, forming ideas & concepts.

From Guru Rasa Von Werder, 12 28 13

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