Adonis Hard Thunder <> Shrine VII

By Rasa Von Werder, February 8th, 2014
Respect the God in one another, even the most depraved have God within. The Realized know that they are One with God, the fallen don't know Who they are.

 See the God in each other and in all Life

See the God in each other and in all Life

IMG_7967 ZX FLAT IMG_7942 Z+ FLAT IMG_7854 ZX FLAT IMG_7851 Zx FLAT IMG_7835 ZX FLAT IMG_7679 ZX FLAT IMG_7603 ZX FLAT IMG_7594 ZX IMG_7485 Z SMALLER IMG_7937 ZX2 FLAT IMG_7937 ZX FLAT IMG_7585 Z FLATWe should all be aware of the Divine within us.  But it is a serious thing that women should know they are the Isis, the Shakti, the main God, and the men should bow to them as such.  Women should also bow to one another in respect, not hate each other as competitors.  Give up the “slave mentality” of mutual hate and realize we are leaders and the only hope for this planet. Claim your GodHood, woman, and let men know that you know you are the Power.  Let them understand you are Authority.

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