Old Woman , Young Man – Why They Belong Together

By Rasa Von Werder, May 4th, 2014

The visual & intellectual dimensions of this book present something unique in the annals of book publishing. Kellie Everts, the world’s top beauty queen & Stripper for God, has become Guru Rasa Von Werder, now revered as an Anointed Image of Mother God. After nearly 31 years of celibacy Rasa met 24 year old Marcel, a muscular black boxer & photographed him in the nude, by himself & with her, naked at 63. “Seeing is believing,” her 46-26-36 figure with amazing muscles, skin & face. She also packs a message – that it’s the old women that must now take over young guys into the “Culture of Life”, or Matriarchy, away from the “Culture of Death” or Patriarchy. She explains her message forcefully, occupying the minds & hearts of many, & entertaining them at the same time, the older women not only teach the boys what life is, but what love is, & how women want to be loved by men. The pictures alone are worth the price, they are RAVISHING. Women love the pics as do the men, they ordered advance copies!


by Thomas Richards……………………Apr 3, 2013

I was led to Rasa Von Werder’s informative “Woman Thou Art God” website and after reading some articles that were fascinating, I resolved to order a book. I selected her recent publication, Old Woman, Young Man: Why They Belong Together. I never would have dreamed it possible, but this book has changed my entire way of thinking and has also brought me peace of mind, serenity. Before reading this enlightening book, my only purpose in life was to find comfort and pleasure in the pursuit of fulfilling my appetites. I can honestly say that now I am a changed man. My life has vision, purpose and direction. I am living for something much bigger than just myself, and it brings me a constant level of happiness, joy actually, that I never dreamed was consistently possible. All males need to read this book and learn the wisdom and truth of Goddess Rasa Von Werder. The book begins with describing the Matriarchal Vision of the Mother Goddess. By beginning the book with the philosophy of its purpose for being written, I found myself completely engaged from the get-go, particularly when being new to this concept of a Matriarchal Society. It was very enlightening in many ways, like beams of light reflected from a diamond of Truth. One must first understand how and why patriarchy has failed all of us before an awareness of the need for a Matriarchal society can be fully realized. Matriarchal led society is superior in every way, but it the change must begin with the microcosm of Matriarchal dominated relationships between couples. I was hooked from the first to last page and have found a spiritual tool-kit that has already begun to rebuild my entire belief system. If one will read this book with an open mind, it contains everything to give life a richer purpose. I have acquired new habits from reading this book. Do not be afraid to go where few men have gone before. Buy Old Woman, Young Man: Why They Belong Together and give it an open-minded, honest read. I would say, “I dare you,” but that’s a simple patriarchal mentality, a brutish ultimatum. I would rather make an offer that is from the heart. Buy it, give it an open-minded read. You will not regret it.

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