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          dream interpreted for a friend

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          I had a best friend, Steven, who I loved & he loved me, for ten years. Then he had a misunderstanding about me—suspected me of doing something I didn’t do & because of it, dropped being my friend.


          *(STEVEN: This is the man you love. He misunderstood something he thought you did years ago & turned against you, moved in with another woman, but now he’s back or will be momentarily.)*


          Now I see him again. I am outside in a yard & see his head beyond a tall fence – just his head on the other side while he talks to someone—the house he lives in vaguely is behind him.

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I’m not attracted to him any more, & think how if we got together I would be loathe to have sex with him. In fact, I guess he’s my HUSBAND & yes I did love him but now he’s sort of repulsive to me. I look at his head & somehow both his head & dick seem small.


*(SMALL HEAD & DICK, REPULSIVE: His head is the attitude, way of thinking, his stupidity, & the dick part is if you no longer like his ways, you don’t like his dick either. You recall all the cruel, revengeful & cold hearted things he did to you over the years.


TALL FENCE, HE’S ON OTHER SIDE: This is he’s with another woman, part of the reason you hate him, the


TALKING: means relating, he’s relating to another woman.)*

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Then things happen. It’s like we go to dinner somewhere & we’re being feted—I don’t know why. Things have CHANGED.


*(CHANGED: This is saying he is not with the other woman, he’s returned to you & someone, somehow, is BLESSING, NOURISHING, giving you HAPPINESS.)*


As we sit a waitress appears who is SPECIAL. We’ve been already given food, but her appearance is extra. I tell people about it later, how she appeared, what a boon it was.


She makes food for us during this time of GREAT NEED. She cooks & serves us, & it’s grand.


*(SPECIAL WAITRESS, COOKING FOR US GREAT FOOD, A BOON: This woman represents the Heavenly Mother or God. She has visited us, brought us together, has granted happiness to us. Her visit is her blessings, Power & Love.)*

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Then I see a dish she made which is HUGE—it is one of those small pools I have outside to feed the animals, about 3.5’ across, a foot deep. This plastic bowl is filled with a dish she made where the top of it is like pizza or lasagna, it’s a thick sauce, red, like tomato on top, but the tomato is dark & thick & has something in it-not sure what-that makes it ‘meaty.’ She already made it but it has to sit, some type chemicalization, & we ask about when it can be eaten & she says IN TWO DAYS. Wow, what have we deserved to get all this?


*(IN TWO DAYS: You asked when something would happen where he would contact you & the affair would resume. Could this be the answer? Does two days mean two days, two weeks, two months or even two years? There is no TIME in the afterlife & so it’s difficult to gage a prediction here.


What I do know is the

HUGE BOWL filled with a dish: big enough to be a pool for a few ducks or a couple geese. It means HUGE BENEFIT, BOON, BLESSING, GIFT or JOY.

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MEATY TOMATO SAUCE TOP (not real wet, medium dry, something substantial which has to become more substantial by sitting: This gift is not ready today but will be in the time called ‘two days.’ Perhaps you will get a SIGN in two days—like the messages he’s been leaving on social media—messages that can be taken more than one way but he knows you know it’s to you {his live-in is too dumb to understand.}


Me: Momgod I’m stumped. Need your help. This could say a lot, but what specifically? I know there are big clues.


She: I suspect that in a couple days the conditions are ‘stewing’, ‘brewing’ or ‘gestating’ to be ENJOYED by him & you, so what would please both of you more than anything is if his affair with Stefania ended & yours would begin.

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The huge dish might be a BIG FIGHT. There is reason to believe she covered all the bills—even food–& he gave nothing. Now she has no money & is desperate to keep the family under the roof with food on the table, including diapers & formula for their child, but he refuses to fork over his salary. One can see how this would drive her ape shit & she would turn on him.


The symbols point to both bad & good—sometimes what is bad for one person is good for another—the pool/bowl is


BLACK: nothingness {no color}, depression, ending, funeral—their liaison ends.


RED, MEATY TOMATO SAUCE ON TOP: Red is pain, suffering,

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MEATY: would be weighty, serious, and strong. {A spiritual child can only have milk {consolation}, but when you grow up you can consume the ‘strong meat’ God gives of suffering.} This symbol is common in Mystical Theology. The


HUGENESS: of this dish is the hugeness of the event, a relationship that went on for years, that you have prayed about so long – will suddenly cease. That is your GIFT from the SPECIAL WAITRESS who is Mother God, who has ORCHESTRATED or PREPARED this event for you two.


Me: Mother God, people will say this is cruel to Stefania, will wish me bad luck rather than good. How do you explain that their breakup is from God, which leaves her & their child in poverty?


She: She has to find the road out of poverty that is not the devil & Hell—there are means of survival for her—family, friends & social welfare agencies. He did not help financially anyway–& is still unable to do so.

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The relationship was wrong. He was in desperate need, God sent him a woman to love who could save him, but he chose the path of Satan – he even said he had ‘sold his soul to the devil’ for ‘party lifestyle & popularity’ – he listened to lowlife drug addicts, abusive family & ignorant ‘friends,’ –you have suffered terribly for this.


It was God’s will from the beginning that you two be together– neither one of you can be happy any other way. Being apart was being outside the Will of God.

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During these years of deprivation you never gave up & continually prayed for him. Your prayers saved his life from an overdose. She has nothing to give him but the flesh & more substances – she cannot heal him of his afflictions & the need for medication – your prayers have begun his healing.


If people cannot understand this then it’s too bad – it’s none of their business anyway. It’s your lives, not theirs, let them take care of their own lives & stay out of yours. You are doing God’s will & that’s all that matters, the popularity contest is over, the public opinion is irrelevant.)*

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