XXIII – How do we find the God Within?

By Rasa Von Werder, October 16th, 2019



XXIII – How do we find the God Within? & where did

we lose Her?   The New Religion – Woman Thou Art

God - the Religion of Women where men are not

allowed on our premises





Woman, thou art God & yet – most women don’t know It, can’t find It & NEVER WILL.

    That means they will never access the POWER of this Great God – Her Wisdom & Understanding, Her ability to save souls & our planet.

    This situation is deplorable & must stop for our good & everyone’s.



    Who do we blame for us not finding ourselves – God – Which is within us?  It is THIS WORLD – Patriarchy – rule by the ‘father’ or man – & how does he do it?  These ways:



•    DISTRACTION (our minds, attention, drawn to this world)

•    EXHAUSTION (Keeping us busy through a serial pregnancy breeding program – these children are taken away from us not always physically but MENTALLY with brainwashing – Which includes in it ALL THE LIES OF MALE HIS-STORY – His educational agenda which excludes THE EVIL HE HAS DONE & includes HIS VERSION    of what is important & EXCLUDES HER VERSION.



{HER VERSION OF EDUCATION would be strong in biology, nature, herbs, health & metaphysics.

Metaphysics would include psychology (the source of happiness & mental health)

& SPIRITUALITY– the science of understanding a Higher Power & that we are connected to It – (It’s NOT FAR AWAY but WITHIN US – How to access this Power through the revelations of those who achieved Oneness, the ways of such as prayer, meditation, inner senses ESP, channeling, dreams & visions, etc.)



Since public education must be secular, the spiritual part would be an addendum for those who choose it.  In other words, we would exercise our freedom of religion which is lawfully attached to the school system.

(This spiritual education is the most important facet of our growth because it’s about True Identity & Eternal Life, all education regarding other things is temporal – the physical world which ENDS.)

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Another neglected subject is the study of nature – biology, in the proper way, with REVERENCE as God’s creation.

Maria Gimbutas explains how even in her childhood she saw the Lithuanian farmers kiss the  ground on which crops were planted & it was kissed again during harvest.  Mother Nature was worshipped as God & thanked for Her bounty.


Patriarchy teaches biology & nature as if it was an inanimate, unfeeling thing to be used by us – even animals.  They taught children, in my day, through the 4H cub, to raise an animal to its maturity & then value it by its worth of money BY THE POUND.      Happily I do not see 4H around anymore.


Patriarchy told Rachel Carson, author of the great ‘Silent Spring’,

“We don’t need nature but we need business.”

Men have gone INSANE.


All our LIFE & well being – food & water, shelter, come from nature.  Without it we’ll all be homeless & starve to death.

Our use of & dependence on animals in a horrific Patriarchal way is depicted in ‘Earthlings’ – I have not seen it for fear of nightmares – Those who saw it said it affected them greatly.



The third way we’re prevented from reaching God Within is:

•    LIES (brainwashing, indoctrination & propaganda which perpetuates Patriarchy & its AGENDA through all the media – Media of entertainment, the spoken & written word, movies, television, male-agenda internet work.  This media tells us WHAT IS IMPORTANT, WHAT IS NOT.



They say what is important is what men are doing in politics (Tweedle de de & Tweedle de dum), (women are there at last but not in the forefront just yet.

They are saying important are the struggles of men vs. men, which includes lots of violence, men’s perpetual preoccupation with competition & physical prowess.


Technology of all types is meaningful to them because men cannot reproduce – they can only kill or intimidate, injure & threaten.  This is done with machines, tools & weapons, from the beginning of swords to today’s nuclear monstrosities & bio-chemical warfare.



The entire outer space research came out of war – their need to control everything, even that, & wish to spy on other countries from above. (Indeed, good has come out of it as well as evil, such as the Hubble telescope seeing there are a BILLION galaxies past the Milky Way – This tells us our physical Universe is Infinite as well as is Spirit.  How we see the Power of our Mighty God from that!)


Technology, physical might are the obsessions of men for conquest & imperialism – rule over others.  In this project women are only objects to be STOLEN – like everything else they take in war – & ENSLAVED.


And so the creation of this technology which they ALWAYS SAY WILL BENEFIT MANKIND is important TO THEIR AGENDA, not to women – WE ARE NOT WARMONGERS.  We are FORCED to finance this agenda if we want to or not through the tax dollars–The meaty portion for military, the crumbs for human welfare & happiness.


In their media they’re still fighting to keep women ‘in their place,’ which is domestics, diamond rings, cosmetics, interior decoration, cooking, fashion, gardening, child care, shopping for the house & home, taking care of hubby, etc., although this has been soundly denounced by Betty Friedan in her book ‘The Feminine Mystique’ – (which set off the second wave of the women’s movement) & all the feminists.


They strain to keep us out of government, politics, leadership, the financial world, big-time sports, anything where there’s money & power – they try to exclude us, but we are slipping through their fingers, we are the cork they cannot hold down any more (words of William Bond) & we’re beating them at their game whenever we can get in it.

Yes, they wanted to keep the chickens in the hen house but we have escaped & are tearing the place apart – we make the eggs, we make the people, they can’t create, their game isn’t working any more for many reasons & they have lost their grip.


A lot has happened for women that’s good but not for men.  Yes they still have their feet in the mud, still stealing, killing & destroying, but they themselves are being killed from within, from pollution which affects their manhood & most of all, by the crumbling of the Y chromosome.  No more Y, no more men.  And no woman did it – it was the Higher Power that said this (words from Dr. Bryan Sykes, world’s leading geneticist, I change the words around sarcastically )




    “OK, we tried.  We built men.  But they didn’t work out.  What do we do now?


It seemed like a good idea in the beginning.  It was work raising children, gathering food with Mothras & Godzilla’s chasing us.  We built a pea-brained person out of our wombs for a helpmate & toy boy.  He’s a muscle-head for work, takes terrible risks so he’ll jump between us & the bear-horse, he thinks with his little head so we can have fun. There’s no way he could ever dominate us as he isn’t smart enough.




Oh no, they’re attacking us!  They’re having sex with the children!  Mother God, help, they’re out of control!  They’re physically stronger than us & now they have swords!  What do we do?”





And Mother God put the hex on them & they will be no more – in




    I have stated DISTRACTION, EXHAUSTION & LIES as the three main things by which we are taken away from OUR POWER.



  That is why I suggest to women again & again that if you can, DON’T GET MARRIED, DON’T HAVE CHILDREN unless they’re yours & yours alone & you can educate them yourself.  In creating these Patriarchal families you increase Patriarchy – the kids are mostly taken away from you by indoctrination.  We need your energy to work in the field of female empowerment – not to increase the planetary burden of seven

billion with more pollution & torture for animals.





        Women ALONE have done a great deal of good.  Before Jesus & into the medieval days women had no place to go outside of marriage except ‘to a nunnery.’


  I found most of my life’s guidelines from the women of religious seclusion – why their writings have survived could be because they were careful not to offend Patriarchs (priests) so not all their material was burned.  Also, these women had TIME to attend to THE GOD WITHIN    & opportunity to write things down—they were not being used up by family – they prayed, meditated & read – their intellectual life flourished.  Of course they did not write as I do, they did not make revolutionary statements against Patriarchy – to do so would have meant, for many, being tortured to death or burned at the stake.



They had to be careful, humble to the dust, often claiming they were NOTHINGS, uneducated (very well educated) – ignorant (not at all) & incapable of any original thought or important action (to the contrary) or their writings would not have got past censors.




What did get through was their her-story of the God Within, whom they called Father God, Jesus Christ, or many other names that are celestial but approved by the Catholic or whatever they were in Church.



I followed along with them & did all that saints do & found Enlightenment – but later, after studying Yoga realized it was the God within, not in outer space, I was at One with.  God kept trying to tell me that, but I didn’t understand, I was brainwashed.


You find Yourself-God when you are ALONE, this is not accomplished when distracted, exhausted, diverted & used up by others.



You have to UNDERSTAND that YOU ARE SACRED, your body is sacred, your soul is sacred, your time/energy are precious to be used for Self Realization, not to be twittered away, sucked out & drained by others.



The great women saints had an instinct for this.  Many of them went into convents because it was the only place to get away from Patriarchy (of course there is always the problem of priests.  There are convents where Mother Superiors give over the nuns for sexual abuse to priests, convents where girls are used as slaves, convents where boys are given to priests for pedophilia.  Not all convents are safe space.)  If they were in a warm climate indeed they could hide in the forests (I heard of female yogi saints in India living in the wilderness), or the hills, or become hermits, but there’s always the problem of food & clothing.  Depending on where you are, cold places could kill you – somewhere there has to be a roof & food & convents were the most logical places.



This is a BIG SUBJECT I will broach later on in more detail – where to go, how to escape Patriarchy, how to work on one’s private spiritual life where you have to be ALONE, UNFETTERED, UNTROUBLED.  I made it, but it wasn’t easy.  Anything can be done, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’  Keep in mind that you do not have to attain God by being alone for untold years.  You can do it in spurts – a few years here, a few years there.  That’s how I did it.



How Saint Catherine of Sienna succeeded.

St. Catherine of Sienna was slated for marriage, in order to avoid this repulsive prospect & pursue her spiritual attainment she swam into hot springs to get burns all over her body (on purpose.)  This made her, for the time being, ineligible to a man.



She then shut herself in her room in the family villa to find God (for two years, I did the same), & found Her.  Later she dictated a marvelous book (all done within three days; she was illiterate, monks wrote it down – they must have been fast writers), which I have read.  I read her life & this material so long ago (40 years) I remember few things, but know she was given many rings. (I received three rings from Jesus during one of my sadhanas.  I actually saw them made of Light – they were the infused virtues of Faith, Hope & Charity, the last on the second finger for engagement or marriage.  We became One.)



Many women (& men such as Padre Pio, St. Francis of Assisi, St. John of the Cross, others) saints, as I said, were my mentors.  I was close to St. Gertrude the Great, the Herald of Divine Love, and Ven. Mary of Agreda, possibly the greatest mystic of all time, who wrote the ‘Mystical City of God,’—I’m in awe of her, & when I found her volumes read on You Tube I shook with excitement. 



I read the life & revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich, from the 1800’s – she has a big volume of work – her words written down by Clemens Brentano.  Mel Gibson directed the movie based on her accounts, ‘The Passion’ – Sadly, she was not given credit.


My education has been favored by hundreds of books on theology, spirituality, lives of saints & their writings.



The point I am making here is these women avoided the secular life including family–& this isolation bore much fruit.  (St. Teresa of Avila said that even talking to family & friends ‘through the grille’ was disfavorable to the spiritual life.)



I am suggesting that those of you who can, spend as much time as possible alone WITH GOD.  Whether you have family or not, remember, that you have God within you & God s more important than anyone or anything.  If you do not honor this God, spend time with Her, give Her your love, it is your fault & no one elses.  Make this time possible.  I know you can do this, START NOW.



To be continued  Rasa Von Werder  10-11-19


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