By Rasa Von Werder, October 16th, 2019







 While they play video games & wank off to porn we take over the world.  Them being superman is comic book bullshit.  Faster than a locomotive?  Able to leap tall buildings my ass.


    Last installment we spoke about why this new religion was needed.  The answer was because women have been so demoralized by Patriarchy they need their confidence boosted.  This episode I’m going to discuss with my Holy Mother what has specifically wounded women. 



    Me:  Mother God, where are they hurting, where are they wounded, damaged, broken?  Where have they been shut down?



    Mother God:  “I told you last installment, in their Divine Nature, their True Self, they have been robbed of their Identity by the male domination.




Help them with this – give them confidence.”



    Me:  OK – to the women:

    Woman, don’t you know who you are?  You are a creation of God who LIVES inside you in the middle of the brain (as well as your entire body, but that is the epicenter), the energy chakra (wheel) known as the Sahasrara.  God wants to be recognized here as such.  God says:












    I never change.  I always was & always will be.  I am in union with you, that is, we are One, but you aren’t conscious of it (in most cases.)

    I am the One who loves you the most.  My love is unconditional,  unhampered, has no bounds, does not judge or condemn you, always sees your side with understanding – knows why you blunder & fail, forgives you in all ways–ever seeking you to find your way & do better, I am the good Mother to whom you are always a child,


I know you are small & weak while I am great & strong – my strength & wisdom are always available to you if you ask, I know all the pitfalls of life & how to avoid them–get around them or recover from them, I understand all the temptations of the world, the flesh & the devil, & most of all I KNOW YOUR FEARS.


    I, the one who loves you completely, more than anyone else can or ever will – will never let you down.  I love you more than family does, more than a earthly lover or spouse, more than do your children.  Humans are not capable of the kind of love I have for you unless they are great Saints who love God more than the flesh.


    I want you to have faith, hope & love for me, trust me, have confidence in me, believe that I love you always & will always be here, through thick or thin, rain or shine, when things go wrong, when things are right – when you’re in sin or not, when you have fallen as low as you can go – I am there waiting to pick you up.


    You might fail in every way.  You might have ‘sold your soul to the devil’ by giving into him – you might be down on your luck, drug addicted, homeless & helpless, ready for jail or the looney bin – I am here waiting for you to cry for help.  Only you can save yourself through this cry – no one can save you against your will, no one can oust your demons (in most cases but some can be removed even without your request as they were put there against your will – example – child abuse, other kinds of abuse) me, crying out for God’s help.  It is your WILL that is the key to salvation, you must want out of the dungeon, you must ask to get out, you must repent if there are any sins, renounce the devil & seek help.


    When you do ask I answer instantly.  The Almighty is in control of the entire Universe & you are connected to That & you are One with That.  When you call out in supplication that Universe fires up all the answers needed for you – the time & place & persons (if needed) for your salvation & in the right moments each thing appears, each item lifts you out of despair.


    You might not be homeless or imprisoned or down & out, but you might be stuck in a meaningless relationship or job, miserable, lost in mediocrity, no more joy, have lost hope.  You settled for security or survival, you got caught in a net of no return; you don’t know what to do to find happiness.  Where is your soul?  Do you still have one? You think.


    There you have LOST CONTACT WITH ME, known as ‘intimacy with God.’  In your pursuit of worldly survival or achievement, you forgot YOURSELF, the priceless treasure, the ‘pearl of great price’ while you sought the lower things – all the things BENEATH GOD are lower, & even though they are needed, their pursuit must never blot out THE ONE THING NECESSARY – which is your eternal life, your True Self, which is the only thing that can make you perfectly happy.

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In other words, you got LOST UPON THE WAY, ‘the Way, the Truth & the Life’ without which there is no going, no knowing, & you got stuck in the mud, plodding along, you can’t fly, your energy is a worm.  You keep expecting that happiness you thought would happen when you got this spouse or job, had kids, did all required – aren’t you fulfilling what this world teaches you have to do?  Haven’t you been good?



No, you’ve been good to the world, but not to YOURSELF – which is GOD – YOU & GOD ARE ONE.  Unless you are in relationship the GOD WITHIN you are lost.  You might even have ‘all the kingdoms of the world & their glory’ but you are lost to blissfulness.  There is no happiness in people, things, fame & fortune, there is only happiness in THE GOD WITHIN & ETERNAL LIFE – don’t forfeit this.



I, the God inside, am always waiting for your return whether it be from the abject point of failure, from mediocrity, or the state of earthly glory—if you aren’t with me YOU ARE LOST.


I know it probably isn’t all YOUR FAULT. I know it’s ignorance, lack of spiritual education, lack of guidance, lack of encouragement, bad influence from the world & its people including injuries, temptations from the devil, & fear of hardship, crosses & poverty that led to this.


But now the TRUTH is here.  Shake off that ignorance, be enlightened, illuminated by the Truth – that God & Her Power are within you.  Be guided by these words, take heed to them & make resolutions, listen to what is right because in your heart you know it is.


Shake off the world, the flesh & the devil.  The world is temporary, its ways are bad while we live in an unloving society.  This is the Culture of Death, Necrophilia, it’s teachings lies.  It says that you must be important, well off, respected & respectable – that the uneducated, the poor, the weak, the helpless are to be spit upon, used up, laughed at & disregarded.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.



“Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to Me” says God.

    Would you like to be stomped by an Alien that is one hundred feet tall, just putting it’s foot on you & smashing you because you’re small?


    Jesus Himself came into the world teaching POVERTY.  Born in a cave, he was sought for assassination (but was honored by the wise) –was rejected, almost thrown off a cliff, laughed & jeered at, went through a ministry of great persecution to be tortured & killed.  But his Power & Glory lived ever after; to this day we are healed by Him & all those who are like Him.




This God in Jesus is in you.  You have the same Power to Bless, Guide, Heal, perform Miracles & save souls.  This is not a hangup on the name ‘Jesus’.  You can give God any name you want.  You can call God by your own name – Betty God, Jane God or Mary God. 


Here is a beginning, a prayer to start:

“My God within me (give God a name if you wish, using your own or whatever sounds comfortable, or save that naming for later) I acknowledge YOU.



I know you are there, hearing my every thought, word & desire.  From now on I will think of you every day.  You are the most important thing in my life.  You are the Power that makes my life worth living, that fuels me with energy, inspiration, & Light that illuminates my brain.  You are the One that guides me, shows me what to do, where to go, how to act, what to say, who to be friends with, who to depart from.  You care about every facet of my life, the spiritual, eternal part & the here & now.  You want to protect me as your child, you want me to do well, stay well, live well & have a beautiful Eternity.



From now on, dear God, I will acknowledge your Presence & speak to you every day, asking you for what I need, confessing my fears, explaining my doubts, begging pardon for sins, thanking you for all you do.



  I will ask you for Miracles daily because your Power has no bounds, Miracles are your Nature, they are effortless to you.  I honor your Power this way.



  This is my resolution–dear God from this day forward, to know, love & serve you on earth, to be happy with you here & in Eternity.  I will never forget you – who you are – that you are Me & I am You. I might not yet understand & experience this, but I believe it, & trust you to eventually give me the sense of it.



  I believe in you, hope in you, trust in you & know you have heard me & will ratify my prayer—I thank you for it with all my heart.  Goddess Bless me.”


The males have done this & do it EVERY DAY & brainwashed women take part in it. Like the women in China bound up the feet of the little girls because men demanded it – the women in Africa & Muslim countries take part in genital mutilation of girls (removing their clitoris), women in Europe & America abase women when they PUT WOMEN DOWN & FAIL TO DEFEND, HONOR & RESPECT THEM.


If women everywhere honored & defended other women it would be DIFFICULT for men to injure them – but they don’t.  They are catty toward sisters, they fail to stand up for them – they follow the rules of Patriarchy by SLUT SHAMING, refusing women honor & credit where it is due (both in the present day & in history), they gang up on women instead of ganging up on men who hurt them, they criticize, always hoping to hold their heads higher than their competitors, – & why do they do all this, hurting themselves as well as their sisters?



This is called the SLAVE MENTALITY, pleasing ‘Massah’ so Massah will give them perks – let the other slave be flogged & ruined, but let me, Massah, live in the house comfortably to serve you.

But although the slave mentality is DEPLORABLE & worthy of shame, the slaves did not create slavery – Women did not create Patriarchy, men did.  Yes some women cooperate with it to an evil degree but they are going along, they are accessories to the crime, not usually the main criminals, the main criminals should be nailed the hardest.



There are NUMEROUS WAYS males through Patriarchy have wounded & sometimes ruined women, & this is what is being healed by Woman Thou Art God—the Religion.

Wherever a woman turns in this world, she has ‘nowhere to lay her head’ meaning to ‘rest her mind.’


Yes there have been great strides made in the workplace.  A big corporation where my husband worked, subsidized by the government, toward the end of his tenure was hiring more women than men, & they got larger salaries.  Whereas the ‘old men’ were still making 60k per year, the ladies took in 90k.  The government has cracked down on wage discrimination, it’s a big step.


Left to be abolished is discrimination in numerous areas of society – show business (mostly movies where female stars are no longer wanted after forty while males are considered hot into 60’s) – female-interest scripts are swept aside while male-interest scripts with violence get top preference.  Although show business can’t live without women & women stars, & they do make big money, the mentality of most movies produced is pro-men. 

The news also favors the interests of men, like sports, & sports itself is strongly anti-women & pro-men.


In the government women are making strides but those who get in are having trouble putting a Matriarchal agenda into a Patriarchal world. It isn’t easy to bring Love, Compassion & Peace into a war mongering, dog eat dog, devil may care, fuck nature-love business, exploit the poor, kill the weak & take their money & property mentality.  Yes, women are mothers & they care for others, but our mentality needs to be in a world run by women with men either a sideline or completely out.  Them being out is the best solution—that’s what we here are fighting for.


Now the worst place for women is in religion.  Religion holds up a loving God, but they hate us with a passion.  They go back to thousands of years ago when Patriarchy was more repressive & women had almost no rights.  Their only rights were to do as they were told by men, to have sex with them, breed & take care of children demanded by men. 



Yes, it was a super-repressive time & these religions still hold up the words of those days, by those men, as if they were sacred.  They twist even the life of Jesus saying he chose no women.  He chose plenty of women, the Holy Women, with Mary Magdalene & his Mother as the heads.  But these women were ousted by the men – not by Jesus.  So of course, the men wrote their history in the four gospels – their version of the truth & all the Acts of the Apostles, their side of events.

    What happened to the story


of women?  They finally found the Mary Magdalene Gospel & it tells a different account.  The Holy Women joined the Essenes, they must have been doing Holy work, but where is their literature?


    Most of it probably got burned as males have had a habit of destroying, hiding everything to do with women & their part in our development.  They were hysterical that we would  know the world was once run by women, & women have always had an important part in it.  They pretended we did nothing except work as background slaves to them – the heroes.  History is a pack of lies.  They were zeros, not heroes.


Now to everyday life, how they demoralize us.  Where do we begin?

Every conversation with a man & woman (unless maybe she looks like a wart hog) ends up on sex – by his choice.  It isn’t that they are great lovers, it’s just that their minds lack intellectual, spiritual capacity.  It’s been proven recently, no argument, absolute fact, the frontal lobes of their brains are asleep while the primitive back parts are active.  Dr. Daniel Amen recently did over 60k brain scans to demonstrate this.


Sadly as women growing up, we took this personally, & until I read this study I was somewhat perplexed.  Now I know for sure what I suspected, that they are BRAIN DEAD in the areas that count, the spots where women are active – the civilized, intellectual, spiritual, compassion oriented, responsibility, control of impulses spheres.  They also lack the connections to various parts of the brain that women have, they cannot think with all areas at the same time.  And this is the creature that runs the family& the world?  No wonder we’re in trouble.



This brain deficiency explains why all their conversations devolve to sex – only the primitive parts of their brains are awake.

Now this & treating us as ‘sex objects’ all the time – nothing counts but our looks & sex appeal – is WOUNDING when THEY ARE IN CHARGE.  If women  ran the family & world this would not matter.  We make the decisions, we tell them what to do, they work, they appear when it’s time for companionship, recreation & sex.  Then they can talk about sex, we can dismiss them if we’re bored or annoyed, but in a society where MEN RULE it becomes aggravating & intimidating.


When, in every facet of social interaction – work – getting things done – doing things that we have to – to some degree when we’re AT THEIR MERCY  & all they do is judge us by looks, sex appeal, & if we’re willing to do sex – then it’s troublesome.  It’s a bother if we’re young & beautiful because they harass us more than anyone, it’s a bother when we’re old & ugly because they dismiss us as having no value – & we can’t get the thing done that we want to do (like getting a job, getting a script produced, getting a project launched, even sometimes they won’t work for us unless we’re attractive!).


Being judged perpetually by LOOKS & SEX APPEAL & being spoken to about sex all the time tells us that WE ARE NOTHING BUT THAT.  It brings us down to THEIR LEVEL OF PRIMITIVE BRAIN THINKING & if they were under our charge instead of us at their mercy it wouldn’t matter.  But when they rule the world, they run religion, they decide what we should think & believe—, they are saying again & again ‘YOU ARE NOTHING BUT THAT’ this is serious brain assault & abuse.  The TRUTH IS THEY ARE NOTHING BUT THAT, they cannot think & feel in the advanced way AS WE CAN & they are speaking from their limited brain, not ours.


This being SUBJECT to a creature that is so limited, so primitive, who got to be above us through murder & unjust laws has wounded us, because not only has he turned us into slaves, but has brainwashed & tormented us since infancy, through his demonic educational system both secular & religious, to believe we have no other purpose than to SERVE HIM, be HIS HELPMATE, we are not autonomous Godly beings who created him for the purpose of HELPING US.


Perpetuating these lies he has torn women down into lack of belief in themselves, made them think less of themselves & each other, even made them dislike themselves & sisters, giving honor & precedence to men,  given them a distorted image of what it means to be female– all of this has been strategically & systematically worked out through Patriarchy — after attacking the female communities with murder & threats of further violence, keeping the women quiet & inactive by violence, over thousands of years indoctrinating & brainwashing them to believe AGAINST THEMSELVES SO THEY WOULD NOT FIGHT BACK.


    Now, woman, you can understand why Mother God has had to take the DRASTIC MEASURE of rendering human males EXTINCT – apparently there is no way to stop them except killing all of them, removing them from the planet they are destroying.


But there is still WORK TO BE DONE.  They will be around for 100k years give or take 25k, (happily diminishing in their bodies & decreasing in their numbers) we still have to take over & stop them from further planetary destruction & even human souls.

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Be aware that it is more than the physical that Patriarchy affects, it has destroyed souls.  We fight enemies besides flesh & blood; there are spirits of evil that have dragged souls into Hell.  Hell is a world AGAINST LOVE.  They have turned our society into a Hellish, hateful, perverted, murderous one, & many people they perverted lost their souls, & lost their place in the Eternal Bliss of God.  This also we fight to prevent, we are saving souls from demonic spirits.


It is said, it is known, that no male Power or God could save the planet from Patriarchy – the big Demon of this world.  It’s up to you, women, to save the planet, but you cannot save the slaves by being one.  You must rise up out of your slavery to the ideas of men & their demands.  You must know you are God, you have the Powers of God.  You must use those Powers for yourself & others.  You must teach your children these truths & not let them be swallowed up by Patriarchs.


Woman, thou art God.  Start believing that today & start acting upon it, live with that Realization & spread the word.  Your rewards are eternal.



To be continued  Rasa Von Werder  10-10-19







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