By Rasa Von Werder, January 8th, 2021




 William Bond says: RASA ANSWERS

unnamed (61) unnamed (62) unnamed (63) unnamed unnamed unusual-forest-home-1-554x368-300x250 Frith, William Powell, 1819-1909; Monsieur Jourdain's Dancing Lesson

The whole idea of the oligarchs or elites overplaying their hand is nothing new. If the elites could get away with reducing the common people to slavery, they would. History has proven this, time and time again. The only reason why we are not all slaves is because there are brave people who are willing to fight back, but this is a ever present threat. The point is always is how bad does it have to be before the people rise up and challenge the power of the elites? And even if they do, will it change things for the better?

This will always happen under patriarchal rule but even when the people fight back the new rulers are not always better than the last ones. We can see this in Britain in the 17th century when Charles 1 tried to undermine parliament and started a civil war. The end result was that Charles 1 was beheaded but then Britain was then ruled by the dictator Oliver Cromwell who was worse than Charles 1. The same thing happened in the French revolution when again a King was executed but then France ended up ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte who again was worse than the King he replaced.

Though I do support the brave people who are trying to fight for the people within the patriarchal system I don’t see this as a long term solution. It think we are more likely to get a solution through a matriarchal religion.

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In my meditations I become aware of the limitless power of the Great Mother but talking about this to others seem to be a waste of time as I cannot communicate what I experience in my meditations. So the only way forward is to practice what I preach. It is no good telling people of the limitless power of the Great Mother if I cannot manifest it into my real life. So first and foremost I have to work on myself first, it is no good talking about the power of the Great Mother if I cannot demonstrate it to others.

So this is why I’m spending more time in meditation and contemplation because I don’t think I can achieve anything without the help and guidance from the Great  Mother……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………



INDEED, IF POWER IS HANDED OVER FROM MAN TO MAN IT WILL BE THE SAME GAME AGAIN & AGAIN. What we are fighting is the NATURE of men, taken over by the DEMONIC, where these men demonstrate & manifest EVERY SIN THERE IS: greed, manipulation, exploitation, unfairness, cruelty, violence of all types, & war.

As long as there are MEN running the family, world, society, there will be GREAT EVIL, vices & sins on a wholesale level. Unfortunately, the question of switching the rulership from men to women is not even on the table, it’s a question never aired, nor discussed in our world.

But as long as this rule of men goes on, there will NEVER be peace, justice or happiness on earth – it is IMPOSSIBLE given the NATURE OF MEN.

Most people cannot see the BIG PICTURE, they see only in part & through their little ego, the world as it affects them personally. They can’t stretch their minds to see what, overall, men are doing, why they are doing it.

The small-minded are waiting for the man on the white horse, the savior, superman, the good guy who rises up against the wicked & brings justice – a good King. But all Kings of this world rise through terror & violence, or selling out to them who use terror & violence – such as the Presidents of our country who are merely puppets of the Demonics ruling the world. And the demonics have no mercy, love, justice, fairness, nothing good, they are pure evil with no redeeming qualities.

The only hope for mankind is women taking over, but this is taking a long time. Male extinction is inevitable, in 100K years. They would be diminishing during these years, but when will they recede to the point they can no longer intimidate & murder women? Who knows. Will it be 1K 10K, 20K, 30K years or more? Will the world have to put up with this Patriarchy 30K more years?

For what we can do – there are many things. But before they can do anything, the mentally paralyzed, herd-running sheeple must be aware of what is being done to them, galvanize their faith in Mother God, get serious & stick together in our quest to Empower Women. But they aren’t doing that. When I speak to people about this subject they look at me like ‘What is she talking about, is she weird?’ And they simply live day to day, hoping they survive, not understanding the forest for the trees – they GET NOTHING, they are ASLEEP, UNAWARE & are not even TRYING to find truth through alternative media.

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And so, sadly, Mother God’s work, the extinction of men, will do its job. Men are receding, deteriorating, falling back, while bit by bit women are expanding, getting stronger, going forward, but this is SO SLOW that it happens in spurts, then men get extra violent {as they are now with biowarfare} to recapture their points, the women’s movement slows down, plateaus out, we move ahead slowly.

Bottom line is. There is no point of fighting within the system, such as one President against another. Today’s joke re Trump denouncing Biden & causing the insurrection in Washington is neither here nor there. They are both puppets. Now they are going to impeach Trump, his own cabinet, the few days he has left? Waste of time & taxpayer money, let them all go where they want to go, leave the citizens alone.

What they are doing with all these scandals, activities, accusations, threats of impeachment toward Presidents, the Nixon impeachment mess, the Reagan contra bullcrap, the Clinton blow job nonsense, the Trump whatever – is get the people’s minds OFF THE REAL ISSUES, get the media talking EVERY DAY about irrelevant, nonsensical matters, stop them from actually discussing WHAT REALLY MATTERS. And what does?

Our govt as well as most government of the world are cheating, exploiting, injuring & killing the citizens. The citizens need to sit down in counsels, groups, & discuss what can be done.

Why are our children going autistic from mandatory vaccines? Why are these new diseases springing up with deadly consequences? Why are the taxes so unfair & people can no longer survive properly, with rest & recreation, but have to rip their hair out wondering if they’ll make it day to day? Aren’t there enough resources on this planet to feed everyone, give everyone a good home? Of course there are, we are being managed this way to make people miserable, to exploit us, to make us slaves.

The answer to all questions & problems is for women to take over the world – but when you say it people look at you like you’re mad. And so, we throw up our hands. Let the time clock of Mother God run its course, let men deteriorate every generation until most of the violence is knocked out of them, then we can relax & let women begin to be free, unhampered, & take over. 


Some of my good friends believe that when women are elected to office, they will automatically implement Mother-Natured policies, but right now, most of the females in office have to play along with Patriarchy. Some are dedicated ‘dicks in skirts,’ others are powerless to make significant moves that show CARE. When will this change? Only when women constitute the MAJORITY of the government bodies, like 52% of the senate, 52% of Congress, a female President, mostly female cabinet, most high offices held by women, most local seats held by men – & ditto for other governing bodies. Then it still WON’T BE EASY because the men will try oppose them to pass the usual DEMONIC policies, but at least Woman-Nature will have A FIGHTING CHANCE.

I ask men who are political experts like William Bond & Ajax the Great, by current patterns & statistics, when do you think females will hit the 52% quorum? I think it’s moving ahead at a snail’s pace & will take hundreds of years.

We must add into this equation as what happens to the Real Government, the Shadow Govt, the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, the TRILLIONAIRES who are in control of world leaders, world banks, control the world? How do we get around them even when women get 52% offices?

If women succeed into offices the trillionaires will PAY THEM OFF or try to – the way they do the men. Or else, they will THREATEN TO MURDER THEIR CHILDREN & FAMILIES {not joking, they are killers, they killed 77 holistic doctors in the last 2 years to prevent opposition to vaccines} if they don’t do as they are told. Under these two axes, most women would fold over & vote for Patriarchal Policies.

And so, before women can change policies, be actually free to run the world, the TRILLIONAIRES, THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, THE SHADOW GOVT. has to be dismantled / disempowered. And how is that done? Of course it can be done, eventually, as men move toward extinction. But how long will it take?

We must bear in mind these people on top probably member about 20K last I heard. If we galvanize there is a chance of disempowering them, but how? To begin with would be understanding, agreement & prayer.

How many souls praying together can unhinge & dismantle the Shadow Govt.? Not many. My prayers alone, one woman, did the following two things: One, my Love & the Speech in front of the White House, on Our Lady of Fatima, ENDED THE COLD WAR, THE THREAT OF NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION OF WWIII………………

Second, the phenomenon of the CATHOLIC CHURCH PEDOPHILIA SCANDAL exposed was the result of my prayers for three months, one hour a day. But of course, I have SUPERNATURAL POWER GIVEN ME BY GOD.

How many would it take, exactly like me, through out the world, praying, to make this happen? It would take only TWENTY PEOPLE – this is what God tells me. How do I reach these 20 people & get them to pray? I don’t know how except to pray & ask GOD to reach out to them & facilitate it. That’s all I have to say right now.

Guru Rasa Von Werder 1-8-21

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1-7-21-Anger & Hate From Lover

The beginning I am in the driveway of my Aunt/Uncle’s house {which means suffering} & am trying to get somewhere through the wilderness. I never enter the house, they are away for a long time, a great wilderness is all around them & I must get somewhere.

Later I see myself holding a pint of cooked rice, so I know this is about MARRIAGE. I’m trying to work out the relationship with my Spiritual Husband Bob.

I go through the wilderness for a long time – there are hills, it’s foggy/dusk, & hard to see. Soon NIGHT will come, it will be impossible to continue, I have no protection, I must find refuge against the cold, rain, & even BEARS.

I wind up back at the driveway of Aunt & hope the garage is not locked. I try it, it’s open. I go in. There’s two vehicles there, a blue sort of sports car, & a square sort of utility vehicle, brown. I hope the sports car is not locked, I can sleep in it, be comfortable & safe. It’s open, I’m planning to rest there.

Before I rest, however, I see through the front window a guy trying to revv up his bicycle, which has some sort of motor, trying hard & having a hard time. He gets it going but ends up stopping again by the side of my garage, I see him through the side window. I take pity on him, although I don’t know him, I’ll take a chance & invite him into the garage where he can find comfort. I call out,


shiloh45 sg120312_azalea SewingLesson_GSmith seaport-by-moonlight-by-claude-joseph-vernet-xzendor7 BAL34355 screen-shot-2017-12-19-at-12-07-13-1513685260 Sarah_Sophia_Child_Villiers,_Countess_of_Jersey_(née_Fane)_(1785-1867),_by_Alfred_Edward_Chalon Sapho_se_précipitant_à_la_mer-Jean-Joseph_Taillasson_mg_8216 (1)


loudly one, two, three times. His head jerks up, finally he sees me & calls my name. He knows me? I guess I help him, save him from the night.

*(GUY I HELP: I am suffering, but I reach out to help someone who needs it. It’s my mate Bob. What was he trying to do? Probably the same thing as I, find a relationship, it could be with me but maybe not. He was having trouble GETTING SOMEWHERE & I am ready, willing & able to give him REFUGE but in the dream, I don’t see it happening. That could mean he does not cooperate – which in true life he did not.

This could be a hint that Bob is not cooperating with God AGAIN. He did it before, it’s his pattern.

When one has multiple dreams they sometimes bear the same theme, this could be the theme of his rejecting his opportunity for love, remaining a lowlife, & losing it all.

You cannot force a person to Love. He doesn’t love anyone, not his physical wife, he has rejected his spiritual wife, he sure doesn’t love the women he fukks – he’s a lowlife.)*


HIS HOUSE: Now I’m at the house of Bob & his live-in, inside with her, talking to her about FOOD. She was having a problem, somehow & called on me to help her. I am not full of hate or jealousy toward her, I was glad to help.

One item I was working on was some sort of pizza portions, made with mozzarella cheeze on top. It seems we must feed a few people, looking for food. Then there was cooked rice with salmon on top, it’s in chunks like hard, dry – although she cooked it, I am serving it to her, don’t know why. We seem to be happy & friendly.

*(FOOD, NUTRITION might not be literal, it could be emotional. There’s an emotional problem in her relationship with Bob, the rice says it’s marriage, it’s hard, not palatable or inviting. That she’s reaching out to me must be spiritual, she could be praying, & I appear. Bob is nasty, he’s using her, there’s no love, she’s enduring it.)*

I ask her if Bob is nice to her or nasty. She’s looking down at the work in her hands & says he’s nasty. But she tolerates it. I ask her is he ever nice, or only when he wants something? She says only when he wants something.

Neue Freunde (New Friends). 1881 NEPE-HI-2808 Nenry_John_Boddington_BOD040 nature-summer-landscape-countryside-view-rustic-gate-england-uk-46698638 native-american-village-granger Native-American-Girl-in-Traditional-Dress-a

*(ONLY WHEN HE WANTS SOMETHING: This proves Bob is using her the way he used me, he doesn’t show true love.)*

I hear someone coming & go to the door. It’s Bob & a male friend. I stand just at the door & happily say to him,

“I’m here at the invitation of Ruthie”.


But he scowls, full of hate, & walks away with the guy, did not want to be there while I was, did not like my being there.

*(HIS HATE, HE WALKS AWAY: Who or what does he hate? He hates God, he hates Love. I am not Rasa the flesh, I am the God Self, answering the prayer of his physical wife, Ruthie, come to help her. He doesn’t care about her, God or Love right, he is in a negative place, could be mortal sin.)*

Where the apt is is a floor up, there is a walkway with metal railing. He was walking on the left of the guy, the rail on his left.

ANOTHER SCENE is I am standing with Bob next to me & the feeling from him is UGLY & he looks ugly. His face is a mass of wrinkles, like he’s 100 years old, but nothing sags, the wrinkles are tight like CORDS, his whole face is riddled with cords, & the cords are all colors. Have you ever seen a RAG RUG? It has cords round & round, made of different color rags. His cords are very TIGHT. The feeling from him is NASTY.

*(FACE ALL WRINKLES, CORDS, ALL COLORS: Cords are like ROPES. Ropes are like chains, threads, they are attachments. This bespeaks right now he is wholly attached to the world – people & the things of the world rather than things of the Spirit or God. He has sunken into the lowest part of himself, & being separated from God, he’s ugly.)*

Some guy comes by, he is handsome. He’s wearing a uniform, it seems like father & son. I smile at him. They are at a window, I’m still standing with Bob next to me, but I ignore him & reach out to the beautiful young man, saying,

“Are you a scout? I love scouts, I used to be one.”

*(HANDSOME SCOUT with his FATHER: Not sure what this means. Could it be I’m reminded to what real beauty is, inside? This young man is with his Father, at a window. His Dad could be the God Self, the way Jesus would refer to his Heavenly Father. And being at a window is a person seeking opportunity, not shutting it out the way Bob has.)*

Ann_Mance_Indian_Camp_ncbf1s anthcvr_465_772_int Anthony-on-a-Swing AnticStore-Large-Ref-71974 Apache_Wickiup,_Edward_Curtis,_1903 Apache-Wickiup-Camp-1882 aphrodite-adonis-01 appalachian-fall-thanksgiving-wheat-field-harvest-farm-landscape-painting-rural-americana-autumn-walt-curlee

Don’t recall what else but there is also another attractive man near us, & I say to Bob, which is meant to hurt him,

“Why don’t you have sex with this guy instead of the one your doing it with now?”

He was shocked that I knew he was doing sex with a guy. Then I looked into the distance beyond us in the sky, right, like toward a mountain, & said to him,

“I will not die until I see you suffer as much as you have made me suffer.”

*(WILL SEE HIM SUFFER AS MUCH AS HE MADE ME SUFFER: This seems so final, like all bets are off, like it’s finished between us, all that’s left is the karma of his sins, a curse on him, I will see it, & that will make it right. Yet I have all the predictions of us being together, is this nullified?
If it’s final, then this is saying, that in spite of the Spiritual Marriage, where our souls are joined in Holy Wedlock, he has rejected God & me, he has turned his back on Heaven – like in the dream where I’m visiting his wife, he turns away.
And it predicts that I will see him suffer as he has made me suffer. That will be so bad I don’t know how he’ll endure it, being a coward & a weakling. But it’s all because of his cowardice he will suffer – all he had to do the last year & a half was call me, but he was too proud. Now he has rejected all that is good & is ANGRY at his loss.

How do I feel if it is over? All the promises of God nullified? I trust in God that whatever happens, is the right thing. My faith, hope, love, trust & confidence are in God & if he walks away forever, God will give me the strength to get over it & be happy. God is all. I’m mostly there now already, it took a long time to get over this.)*


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