What is an Avatar? Chap 13

By Rasa Von Werder, July 7th, 2021


What is an Avatar?


          Now we come to the last term I mentioned – Avatars.

This is unfamiliar to Christians, it’s a Yoga term.    It means:

Hindu Mythology. the descent of a deity to the earth in an incarnate form or some manifest shape; the incarnation of a god.


My understanding of Avatar is someone, in Yoga terms, who gained Enlightenment & is in Heaven, & volunteers to return to earth although they don’t have to – {as they are fully evolved & ‘realized’ beings} – to help humanity. The title Avatar applies to Jesus.

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I was told by my God Self that hundreds such persons enter the earth every year, even every day, but most do not succeed in their mission. Why? Because it’s too hard to change an evil world with God’s truth. So they try & give up. The few who succeed, you hear about.


Avatars & Messiahs are the same thing, but we reserve the title Messiah for Jesus, no one else.


The nature of the mission of an Avatar as differing from Prophet or Saint – is that it includes one facet that is especially strong, & that is WARFARE. Indeed, as St. Paul explains, we fight enemies not carnal, but evil spirits which can be in high places {places of leadership.} And of course, we need weapons that are not carnal but spiritual, which are from the Holy Spirit – Righteousness, Truth, Peace, Faith, Discernment of spirits, all the virtues such as Faith, Hope, Trust & Confidence in God, Love, Forgiveness, wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. There are also the Gifts of Power – Healing & Miracles.


All the Saints & Prophets do warfare against the Kingdom of Satan – there are numerous stories of their battles with demons, some metaphysical, others incarnated in humans – St. Padre Pio fought many – they all do. And all the Saints & Prophets were persecuted, even killed. They came, as do Avatars, into an evil world to change it. Saints & Prophets are preachers, teachers, admonishers, exemplars, symbols & voices of God on earth. They are all serving the Monarchy of God in different ways. But Avatar usually denotes a special mission, besides holiness, soul saving & demon smiting, Avatars have to face great human conflicts.


The similarity between Jesus ministry & my own is that we entered into the world to face enemies – Enemies embedded, incarnated in the flesh within Patriarchy. We did battle with humans as well as the evil spirits within them: We came to:

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Correct wrongs

Fix what is false or fake

Chastise the wicked by pointing out their ways

Bring out truth, denounce lies

Confront those who mislead & misinform others

Liberate the captives, set free the oppressed

Teach not to bully, oppress or abuse others, be righteous & fair

We exemplified many other items that bring forth the Monarchy of God & put down the Kingdom of Satan.


I shall explain some of these items point by point, to prove to you my similarity with Jesus & Buddha in the type of work I do – what I am, what I am not, what the meaning of my life has been – Why you cannot discover my meaning by looking into the businesses I have been in – the adult trade, dancing, films, glamour, all that. That is not who I am. That is where I was sent, to dispel many evils in those fields.


The examples below are but one sample or incident of hundreds that occurred.


Let’s take it one by one. Correct wrongs: The wrongs done to women, women in the adult trade in particular. The wrongs done to women in the field of body building. It wasn’t about – people ask me – how much did I bench press? It’s about how did I correct the wrong that men were treated with respect but women like bimbos, in that field. The men hated what I did & only gave in to it when it couldn’t be stopped & they profited by it.


Fix what is false or fake: It was taught by men that women were inferior, that they had to obey men in all things, including religion. Men were the head of the family. Women had to defer to them, laugh at their bad jokes & let the men dominate them. I taught Female Supremacy – which is a known biological fact – not just later in life as a Guru, teacher, writer, publisher, but when still young, became a Dominatrix & alone with that pushed my agenda, appearing on many national & local TV shows & radio preaching Supremacy. In this way I was confronting the male domination Patriarchy, & of course they fought back. It was a war.


Chastise the wicked by pointing out their ways: I had to chastise men for their treatment of women but also women who betrayed other women, who would not treat them like sisters but competitors. I held up sisters wherever I could, built up their self esteem, encouraged them to help other women.


Bring out truth – denounce lies: Lies were & are all around us in this evil Patriarchal world. One lie was that we are either Madonnas or whores. I dispelled that by being a Saintly figure, preaching & teaching, while in the adult trade, as the Stripper for God. No woman had ever done this in history, it was difficult. I was specially gifted to withstand the heat, the calumny, the death threats, the ridicule, in short – the abuse. I was not paid to do this work; it was out of love of God. I did all my own promotion & publicity, hardly anyone helped me – in 21 years, the venues helped me twice.


Confront those who mislead & misinform others: One of those items was fighting for the dignity & respect for prostitutes, whom I call adult therapists. I went on a big press junket, worked out by myself, on about a dozen radio shows & one syndicated TV show, to speak up for them. They could not find a real prostitute who could do it, I had to impersonate one, knowing everyone would recognize me, but I did it for them & all women. I stressed how the system pimps the women, taking their money, by arresting, fining, even jailing them. It should be not legalized but de-criminalized. No one was on my side. They just didn’t get it, they dump on these workers, project all the sins onto them; make it seem they don’t deserve rights, respect or love. I countered that with ‘Prostitutes are people – invite one to dinner.’ I told them street prostitutes get raped once a week, that’s why many take drugs. They are subject to violence, robbery & murder. It’s as dangerous of a job as being on the front lines of war. But people are taught to spit on them & despise them, look upon them as subhuman. They deserve love as much as anyone does; they do what they do out of need or desperation, give them a break. They are therapists just as professionals in offices are, except their job is harder & gains great prejudice.

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Liberate the captives, set free the oppressed:   I was part of the action to liberate women, to set them free from the oppression of men. And so, of course, I was the enemy of men as when I liberated women I took away their slaves, when I empowered women I disempowered men. They fought tooth & nail, including denouncing me in various ways, threatening me, causing great confusion to mix up the facts, denying all their evil, & even saying I should be dead. It was the gender war where they had for thousands of years been the winners, but their power was slipping away with the feminist movement.


I was fighting demons – feminism, female empowerment, & Matriarchy are ideologies against Satan. Satan is a liar from the first, he destroys, & demons fight back. Their first assault is denouncing, degrading the women, saying they are man haters & lesbians. Morton Downey called me ‘a man-hating bitch.’ Why? Because I said the adult trade would not exist unless men demanded it. They demand, we provide. Yet we are blamed for it, they aren’t. Then Downey said, ‘I will show you how I kick the living shit out of a broad,’ throwing a magazine with me on the cover, slamming against the wall. His audience cheered, as they were programmed puppets salivating for hate & violence. He ripped the mike off my chest – I was standing & he pushed me back into my chair. He said ‘She probably has diseases.’ ‘Oh, you saw the Bl. Virgin? You were on drugs.’


Not to bully, oppress or abuse others, be righteous & fair:   Again, since I was in the adult trade, I represented women there, but also women in general who were being abused. One of the main ways the Patriarchy holds women down is by slut shaming. I brought out in my interviews & writings the double standard is wrong. The woman caught in adultery – where was the man? In my Cougar promotion, also, I brought out that women have the right to have fun, just as do men. We don’t want to retire, watch babies, grow flowers & knit. We want to dance, have sex with young men, do all that men do. And for old women sex is easier to get than for old men. Old men have to pay for it, old women don’t. I brought out how young men are naturally attracted to women their mother’s age, but they are ridiculed for it & these type relationships are discouraged. If you left young men alone many of them would marry old women. We have overpopulation anyway; we are destroying the habitats of other animals. Our purpose in life is no longer breeding; we can cut back on that. I explained how young males marrying old women, the old ladies would influence them & there’d be less wars. But the Patriarchy wants war; their world is built on it. So the Patriarchs fought back, after a time refusing to give me promotion & publicity once they understood what I was doing – sweeping away their house of cards.


          I will ask my Mother God to make comment here on how God sent me as an Avatar to be in the places I was, do what I did, & how God managed, prepared & set the stage for me.


          MG:   You were an answer to women, as you said, specifically women oppressed in the adult trade. Who could liberate women in the adult trade? It had to be one of them, so God sent you. It could not be an academic, they weren’t about that. It couldn’t even be the feminists, they opposed you, they said the adult trade was degrading to women & should be abolished. You ran for one of their offices in NOW & had all your lady friends there to vote for you, so they called the election off. They hadn’t the slightest idea about the adult trade, & the way it should be addressed – they couldn’t see liberating women there, decriminalizing it; feminists were ignorant & prejudiced because they were not in the trade. They were regular women with all the delusions about it – all they could see was ‘they are degrading themselves.’ Well, being servants & maids was also degrading – were they going to abolish those jobs also?

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God equipped you especially for what you were to do with a superior body. You could not do the work with an ordinary one. So you won contests & modeled, & were admired & gained recognition for this. This was planned by God.


Then there was the abuse. God wanted you strong. Look at the other members of your family – weaklings. They ganged up on you & betrayed you – you were alone in the household resisting & taking the shit. This prepared you for what was to come, God hardened you, toughened you up. You were going to fight on the largest battlefield of life – the gender war. The first conspiracy was against women, by men, women were enslaved by the creatures they created, who were made to love & serve them. You were to fight these oppressors, & this doesn’t happen without them fighting back.


Look at the others in your family – proud & spoiled. Where did it get them? They had no great role in the theater of life; to set the captives free, to do God’s work, to help humanity. They led regular lives, they were not anointed. They were exercise boys & girls to make you tough & all that they did to you was done later on by various people, men & women. You were disrespected, called names, disparaged, looked down upon, threatened, your life many times at risk but saved by the Guardian Angels. No weak woman could have lived your life – God knew this, if you were to serve God & obey her, you had to be strong, that meant you had to be trained. Jesus was trained from the age of 12 to 29 for his ministry – even a great Guru reincarnated had to go through education & training.


God orchestrated many other things in your life so that you could serve her & do the best for humanity. You could not be ignorant or unlettered to do the work, you had to be educated. And so God made sure you had a Professor Dad who taught you that study was the key, & you studied constantly all your life, which then & now serves you. God gave you brains as well as body, they were equally important in the fight.

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God also infused you with Grace & Virtue – these are the weapons of God. She gave you fantastic Zeal & Obedience for her Monarchy.


In a word, you were sent by God, you did the work of God, you obeyed God, you were armed by God, & you will live with God forever in the most wonderful place in heaven.


What is the meaning of your life? That is it. You are a Woman of God, & on your tombstone all you want is ‘She obeyed God.’ Case closed. That’s who you are.


         Those who see you in part, oh, ‘She’s the dancer,’ ‘Oh, she’s the pornographer,’ ‘Oh, she’s the adult trade worker,’ ‘Oh, she’s an actress,’ Oh, etc., are all wrong. You are a great soul, who became human, to whom God gave a perfect body & brain, who came to earth to help empower women, establish Matriarchy, & bring back worship of Mother God & veneration of women. That’s who you are.


          ME:   Thanks Mother God & Amen.        {End Chapter 13}


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