By Rasa Von Werder, December 3rd, 2020



12-2-20-He Visits Gloating-Time on My Side


The beginning of the dream is I’m here at the farm, but it is a transformed version of the old farmhouse, a great IMPROVEMENT.

*(IMPROVEMENT: This improvement refers to my mental, emotional state. Indeed, my faith has been buoyed up re. my lover & what he’s doing. Yes, there’s a long delay, yes, he’s dilly dallying with another woman/women, but he will eventually come to me.)*

I’m extremely PROUD of a room that was dreary. It was in an in-between area, dull, maybe ugly, but I have put a beautiful Persian-type rug covering the entire floor, vanilla colors with dark nice designs, a pretty bed, some furniture, as I walk in I feel proud & happy that I can SHARE THIS ROOM with someone & they will have pleasure out of it. The room might be the ‘no man’s land’ between my bro’s room & Marius room at the old farmhouse – it had no purpose but storage. This has a WINDOW overlooking THE STREET & the view from here will be FEATURED in the SECOND DREAM.


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*(THE ROOM: This is the ‘no man’s land’ I have been in without my Lover, neither here nor there, like a hallway, between my ‘bro’ who might be the Lover, & Marius’ room – which represents ABSENCE or DIVORCE. This gave me a dreary mental state in the past, but I have CHANGED due to an increase of faith God has given me.)*

Several other areas have been improved / transformed as well, both inside & out.

*(AREAS TRANSFORMED: In dreams, areas are often areas of your own inner self. To deteriorate is you become anxious, depressed, or your virtues fall down into negativity. But to improve is to improve in virtues, to rise in a positive frame.)*

Now comes this guy at the FRONT DOOR, standing, waiting to be let in. He’s big & tall, dressed like a HELL’S ANGEL sort of, black motorcycle jacket which covers a lot of his body, past the hips, has some CHAINS hanging on it. His look is not handsome, it’s CRUDE – I’m not interested in him at all.

He says something like,


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(I could care less, I don’t like this guy.)

*(THE HELL’S ANGEL I AM NOT INTERESTED IN: is the Lover Bob – who fails to impress me as a whore master / demon, who just wants to fukk me while showing off a ‘wife’ on social media – {his drug partner who he doesn’t love.}

The CHAINS hanging there are CHAINS TO HELL or the lower, negative world, giving in to his OWN LOWER SELF or the spirit of the demonic.

He’s so arrogant & proud of himself for going his own way that he is BRAGGING about being with other females, at my door – he WANTS ME TO KNOW except, haha, I DON’T CARE!

Me to Mother God: Mother God, is there any significance that he wants to announce, let me know of his doings, or is it just a coincidence to explain this is a revelation?

She: He has been dealing with other women out of his rebellious spirit against God. In his heart / unconscious, he loves you, but he’s too much of a coward still to own up to it & contact you. So he takes the path of least resistance. It’s easy to find girls to fukk – half the ones he knows will ‘suck dick for dope’ – he knows dozens who will comply & all he has to do is talk to them on social media. He’s handsome & sexy & you promoted him, so they look to him as a ‘big deal.’
His COMING TO YOUR DOOR is he CARES WHAT YOU THINK – he wants to smear it in your face, make you jealous, make you aware so you would CHASE HIM, except you won’t. In the hand of God you are safe, you will no longer deteriorate to his level.
The jacket being long, even covering his HIPS is to show his GENITAL ORGANS ARE COVERED BY THE DEMONIC – what he is doing is not of God.  The black in this dream also shows ‘absence’ as in ‘absence of love.’)*


tumblr_09a34d390df98e2e9872368753326d48_079d10d3_540 tumblr_9af9da1b36729da47f2faffe1ba02d66_e01be246_1280 tumblr_9b4c2830f0ca735646421e644f7294ca_4ca8e7a5_1280 tumblr_9e2dd1630e28058748256693e932528c_bcf28497_1280 tumblr_9f35bbdc529193b4da8c18eaf54d144c_78994787_500 tumblr_9fea9a62d971ce2fe6a04e7b25ba5bf6_4f04f915_540 tumblr_10c1aa9cc024199dbc7f15135dd2a614_b9ea1caa_1280 tumblr_10e49b3c0f7107ed54181cf7628a86ff_77fdda8f_1280

There are two FEMALES here besides me, one is Jeena, dressed in black, in real-life a mentally ill model I worked with. The other one is a sort of Anna / Carol A female, tall, big, a naive, sort of innocent but gullible sort.

*(JEENA & ATHENA OR CAROL A: These in ‘sense image’ or symbol are two females I knew, but in reality, they are PARTS OF MYSELF that were affected / injured in the past relationship with Lover.
One of these says I WAS MENTALLY ILL. Yes, I was suffering from PTSD. Every time I fell in love I fell down into PTSD that originally came from my Dad’s desertion–I loved him deeply & the bottom fell out of my life when he abandoned me.  Jeena dressed in black in the context of this dream could say ‘black as in the end, a funeral, something depressing, something ends.’

The other part of me was gullible, naive, innocent but foolish, also accurate. A female in love becomes a young girl, not thinking straight, illogical, foolish. I was not in control of myself or what I did, he took advantage of this, he controlled me to my detriment.
Because this dream exhibits these females, but on the other hand, portrays great transformations, says that these damaged, lower parts of myself HAVE BEEN TRANSFORMED.
But Bob is right now NOT TRANSFORMED. He’s going through a DEMONIC PHASE.)*

I was dealing with Jeena about a dress, getting it ready for her, like I’m a seamstress. Anna walks in & is standing at the closet in front of me.

*(DRESS, ROBE, I AM A SEAMSTRESS: The dreamer is the God Self, the dress or robe is the consciousness or ‘mantle’ as explained in the Old Testament, prophets had ‘mantles.’ These were MADE OF LIGHT or their GOD POWER. When a prophet was dead or dying, he would leave his mantle to the next one, which means LEAVE HIS ANOINTING or God Power.

tumblr_77c5c2e7edcd0f20caf0cb9c1b1f4ede_158e75ce_540 tumblr_84dc5b235deb061d616a0c45daf313ea_56d085dd_1280 tumblr_90b3f18e8e972952b89ad797299b006b_83a4c647_1280 tumblr_91c362ccfe74364bd00df91ec6e6f94b_985036ba_1280 tumblr_92e166e2f129729548be0baa8f219d4d_4d64d171_1280

Me the seamstress, means me the God Woman, giving a mantle of Light to some part of my lower self – that part ascending into the Light, being FREE as this garment suggests, covered in WINGS. But my naive self still isn’t ready or has not ‘paid’ for this privilege. This says I can give an Anointing to any one of my lower personalities but have apparently not chosen one. Which one will be liberated?)*

The dress in question is diaphanous, chiffon, soft, light yellow, completely covered with ‘wings’ or layers of floating panels, from the top to bottom. I say to Anna,

There isn’t any reaction from her.

*(DRESS: This is interesting as again I say, it shows the God Self within me is the Power of God acting in me – it isn’t a God far away in outer space, it is right here, right now, within me.)*

We were all inside the house on the second floor – the characters mentioned – when suddenly an UNINVITED guest walks in. His excuse? He’s come to WARN ME about a guy who came to his house & offered to do some work. He did some work, then got an advance for more work, but left & never came back. This man is wearing a FUZZY FLANNEL CHECKED SHIRT–big checks, he’s about 50 yrs old – I don’t know him but I guess he’s my neighbor. But then I see his wife who is standing between him & me, she’s nice, soft brown hair framing her face to the shoulders, looks familiar, I speak to her. But indeed I am taken aback by this man’s cheek of coming into my house without being asked in. I think he was just curious what we were doing.

tumblr_097ed52616529bf94b862b417ad00e01_5d30b2e8_540 tumblr_97e99ada894eb6935cc6c1cf94b410ce_6403edae_540 tumblr_216ae34808bbd33191f4cc939cd25782_9ac220c8_540 tumblr_227eb03dc4e6819bd41ba8894a84d3e7_b5af600a_540 tumblr_372cc8443d547bbc4a82591a4317d4db_78217ee0_1280 tumblr_517e5205447482912850108db7b881a6_aced2957_1280 tumblr_546b9c053eada0a6af387cca9f2cfd03_7f53a604_540

*(UNINVITED NEIGHBOR: There are two male characters in my house, one invited, one not. The invited is Bob as a demon bragging about his ‘conquests,’ the uninvited might also refer to Bob, but he here more STEALTHY, not PROUD OF HIMSELF, reluctantly admitting HE WOULD BE A THIEF if I let him. Has he been a thief? Did he steal my affection, always giving me the sense of coming back but never giving me a relationship? Is that not stealing?

  The fuzzy checked flannel shirt is similar to the second dream where he appears ghoulish–this is the lower self but why?  Depression of the spiritual, a color of the earth, like soft dirt?


The wife I recognize could be a part of myself – my flesh – I recognize her but not him, which means I never saw him as a thief. Her standing ‘between us’ is my flesh stood between me & having a relationship with him. My flesh was a fool by giving in to him, mentally ill. These selves are pictured in this dream.)*



tumblr_d6f5fba9eac276fa4f9cc81dbbce5385_e6618b9c_1280 tumblr_d82d31416f8fe3c1fd6e4450677ad190_76aeb900_1280 tumblr_d9128d4f72e3bb744091329af427be48_fa75667b_540 tumblr_da55a182c59aa6f3401d942f5b23f01c_5011b55d_1280 tumblr_dbae3a9460b7945b6747e8310eb0e6ba_25412f9d_1280 tumblr_de986e0b2aad8dba8af623f4278b7ba0_e5fec3e6_1280 tumblr_de5920cd3201ac64adabfffaca03eec9_3574151a_640 tumblr_e9ac437b4b965b33ea6f3ccafcb1f174_b441810a_1280

In the next dreams there’s a lot of ACTIVITY. I am going someplace with people who like me. We’re ‘on the street,’

*(ON THE STREET: This is a travel in vision, to see what’s going on with my Lover – street being busy is he’s busy with people.)*

we go into what looks like a restaurant, bar, convenience shop run by a family. My ‘friends’ go to a room way to the front, are sitting at tables with each other, maybe partying, females sitting in guy’s laps – they have SHUT THE DOOR.

*(SHUT THE DOOR: Lover & friends are behind closed doors but I know what they’re doing – ‘partying’ which means drugs, grass, alcohol, fooling around.)*

I believe I’m going to take my music, which I have in a tiny blue cell phone thingy – it’s some type of flamenco/classical – go there, & dance all over the room. I have on a sleek, form-fitting pants outfit with beautiful sleek boots, I’m thin & look good.

tumblr_ed7b3f72f845c300e7a009aacba473d5_a838001a_1280 tumblr_ed2162b13c63cf784b93bd59d98db728_8a99038d_1280 tumblr_ee7890a97b50c53ea539403a2c2ccae8_77e4880b_1280 tumblr_f87b0ca0b226b1e954c83891d23a9242_308b052c_1280 tumblr_f710def29edf207d6ccce0879dca0864_6ea53d26_1280 tumblr_f8917e2bbec15173f161e09007faac8f_e3a194ec_1280 tumblr_f5068546bfe1a204b3e79fcb54a8c098_6e33884b_1280

*(I WILL GO THERE, DANCE, physical description of my legs & boots, sleek, beautiful, my ability to dance: This is my SPIRITUAL POWER as legs represent mystical ability to go places, like the winged feet of mercury. This shows only my legs with the svelte medium green tights & sleek boots – my ability is strong. They cannot hide from me by shutting the door.

I stop at the counter of the foreign family that owns the store – I search for my music box & tell them I will play music THEY LIKE. {I think they’re Latin} We also talk about FOOD & for some reason they think I need food with salt. They put in front of me a large bag of LAY’S POTATO CHIPS, saying it will be good for me. I tell them no, this is not good, as it’s salty & SALT MAKES FAT – I have to say this twice because they don’t get it the first time, then they do.

*(MY MUSIC I THINK THEY’LL LIKE & ‘SALT IS FAT’: My music is my vibration, my consciousness. These people being FOREIGN I believe are from THE OTHER SIDE which is Heaven. They are either ANGELS OR SAINTS & they are bringing me to this vision. Notice it’s in their domain that my Lover & friends go to the far room & close the door. This restaurant / store is a place of nourishment, celestials are feeding me information.

tumblr_mwkckfO3KN1r7c28co1_1280 tumblr_nijzwzhG8v1qldolwo1_1280 tumblr_ns07z4CsEm1qldolwo1_1280

I plan to show them my consciousness {vibe} & they want to show me Lay’s Potato Chips – maybe I should get laid or have sex. But I protest that ‘salt makes one fat’ – which refers to the flesh getting heavy, morbid, attached, by sex acts. ‘Salty’ talk is gross talk, like cussing – I’m saying these gross physical acts aren’t good for my consciousness, & after a while they get it.)*

I am then in my house, the room mentioned or equivalent thereof, looking onto the St. from the second floor. People are running around, especially ONE GUY CHASING SOMEBODY–He is strangely dressed like in a Halloween costume, all fuzzy light brown from head to toe – even his head is covered, he looks GHOULISH - the feeling is he is a DEGENERATE – & I take out a pendulum, hold it to the window & swing it back & forth. Whoever is looking up does not notice it, so I find a BIGGER PENDULUM, A LARGE WATCH ON A THIN CHAIN about 3″ across, hold it up, let it swing back & forth. I believe it is then noticed. I was making a STATEMENT with this – point is made.

*(THE DEGENERATE CHASING SOMEONE ON THE STREET: Is my lover, Bob. The outfit he’s wearing is similar to the guy who entered my house uninvited, a soft, fuzzy light brown – he looks ghoulish. Instead of being ‘a man’ -  – he has lowered himself to being a ‘whore master’ in other words, just chasing pussy, one in particular it seems. There’s no love in it, he is playing the part of the ghoul, the demonic, just lust.
This similar outfit says,
‘He was a ghoul with you, just using you for sex, now he’s doing the same to someone else.’
I know what’s going on but am undaunted. I hold on the watch as a pendulum – saying ‘Time is on my side…..this will pass….he will be mine.’ I point this out to him, he sees it.

Lust does not go far, it passes. It brings no fruit, no permanent peace, joy or security. It’s like a meal you eat & pretty soon you’re hungry again. Only True Love satisfies.


Jean_Marc_Nattier_-_Madame_Henriette_de_France_as_a_Vestal_Virgin_-_43.417_-_Detroit_Institute_of_ArtsJean-Marc_Nattier,_La_Justice_châtiant_l'InjusticeKellie Everts - 1974 NABBA Bikini Universe (2)Kellie EvertsLargilliereLetizia Bonaparte dans son palais avec un domestique v_tu _ l'orientale de Sablet JacquesLetizia-Ramolino-Napoleons-mothermadame_m-41524madame-bergeret-de-frouville-as-diana-jean-marc-nattier (1)Malaysian_Sun_Bear-790x517851f139be5ca3a2ce1a6342d3fa48569 969d54c55df99289934fa5a631978cf5 1000x-1 1145px-Renoir_-_UN_JARDIN_À_SORRENTE,_1881

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