By Rasa Von Werder, May 24th, 2020


Haha it’s Twiggy.  We still remember her from the 60′s



LOST 8 LBS IN 9 DAYS—Below 160 for the first time in two

years 159.6 today – At last I have found the solution & it isn’t FAT. I ate fat

yesterday & lost 8 ounces.


5-23-20-159.6 TODAY!


          Important: This is NOT A STARVATION DIET. But since you will not crave all the chemicals in the processed foods, your appetite/hunger will go down, you will eat less & that will help also.


          I am not urging starvation, IT ISN’T NECESSARY. Simply cutting out chemicals will lose weight.

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Myself age 28, weight 127 after a year on a ‘fruitarian’ diet  {This is strictly the fruits of plants, sweet fruits, nuts, avocados, etc, does NOT include salad greens, leaves, & everything has to be RAW.  Without meaning to, planning it or understanding the concept, I had cut out all chemicals, but on top of that this is a STARVATION DIET.  Put those two items together & you are GUARANTEED THIN-NESS.  This diet is so hard you will suffer – starvation always is.  That is why I do not agree with starvation diets, they are too hard to endure, you can’t stand the hunger & will break down,  you will be frustrated, guilt-ridden & give up & join the club that says, ‘I accept myself as I am, fat & all, it’s meant to be’& the point is the chemicals hold weight more than does food – you will lose weight with the no-chemical diet even if you eat normal calories.  If you cut down calories it will be quicker.  But even if you don’t, you will lose weight.}-

-This was the first week in my life ‘on the road’ stripping – Kansas City, Kansas –

My body is as fine as was that of Jayne Mansfield & Pam Grier in her prime as you can agree.


          But two striking results of my diet are: my blood pressure has become normal for two days – I monitor it twice a day – I did not have to take any blood pressure meds yesterday or today so far, the top number has been between 119 & 138—it is the first time IN FOUR YEARS I did not have to take my blood pressure meds for two days  (toward the end of the 2nd day the blood pressure was still normal but my heart rate was 100 which is high, so I took a med because the bp med affects the heart rate as well). I have no idea why this would be except that salt & other chemicals made it high. Further study is needed. Don’t get rash & do anything like stop taking your meds – ask your doc or Big Nurse & be sure to get a blood pressure monitor if it’s high. 

Update, 5-25-20 – in the last week I only took my blood pressure med twice, usually it was once a day, sometimes twice a day.  I cannot prove the reason but believe it is ‘no chemicals – no salt especially.’


 Second, I AM NOT HUNGRY. I explained last chapter that stopping chemicals stops my hunger – & reasoned it’s because I crave the TASTE of the food – the body doesn’t need that much food.


          My diet yesterday was rice & shrimp. About 2 cups of rice cooked in high-fat chicken broth {my own, I boil chicken for cats & myself} with a package of tiny shrimps on top – not sure what the high-fat rice had, I might say 450 calories, the shrimp 250 calories. Once in a while I count the calories just for the heck of it – but it’s not about calories. So half was breakfast, half dinner – no other meals.


          This is what processed food is turning us into

But add to that a good helping of cherries {did not taste right, too sweet other than that, not tasty, I gave the rest away to the wild animals} which might have been 300 calories, two servings of yogurt, about 220 calories, & other tidbits, say 200 calories more, total of entire day estimate around 1,500 calories. This is LESS than I’ve been eating but I had no hunger whatsoever.


          On this diet I eat yogurt any time I want {no artificial sweeteners, no lowfat yogurt}- fruits, salads any time as long as they do not have any commercial toppings – no salad dressings, no mayo, no nothing, just Potassium, maybe pepper & olive oil & vinegar {vinegar is extremely healthy.}


          In fact, we are allowed anything we are hungry for as long as it’s not out of a can, jar, package, box, processed, filled with salt, sugar {dextrose, high fructose corn sugar} preservatives, MSG, no GMO’s, no nothing we can’t understand the names of.


        The late great Jayne Mansfield ‘The Girl Can’t Help It”

Just PLAIN FOOD: Plain meat; can be boiled, plain veggies, raw, steamed or boiled (not frozen as this has chemicals!) plain fruits, plain roots, plain greens. No commercial, packaged sauces, gravies, nothing prepared for you. You must make your own food, if you require gravies, sauces & dressings LEARN TO MAKE YOUR OWN {I am not expert, planning to try} using natural ingredients, Potassium, pepper, natural spices & natural foods.


          Regarding weight loss & to encourage it I take three 100 mg Potassium tablets daily. In future I will see if I can take more without getting cramps from dehydration. One must keep a balance between the salt & Potassium in the body – I get enough salt when I eat a sandwich as it’s in the bread {I wish it weren’t} & in yogurt as well {I know how to make yogurt from raw milk, it doesn’t have to have salt—we had a cow, I have bought raw milk & made yogurt & cottage cheese – they had made it illegal for us to buy raw milk.} So as I said, we need small amounts of salt – nothing like what we consume which turns us into balloons, but Potassium pushes out salt. Take Potassium, but don’t overdo it.


          I lost 7 lbs in the first 7 days, now it slightly diminished, 2 ounces yesterday, 8 ounces today. What’s wrong with that? For the first time in two years, I went below 160–159.6 today! Nine days ago I was 167.6 lbs!

          Good luck my friends. Do you want to be beautiful, shapely, sexy, desirable? Do you want the men to whistle at you, stare at you & ask you for dates? I do. That is a big part of my incentive. I want to feel good about myself, & being thin, shapely & beautiful helps. Everyone likes you when you’re like that – even women talk to you. When you get fat you are ‘passed over,’ no one whistles or goes out of their way to talk to you – it’s depressing! So don’t be depressed, get thin & beautiful & it’s easy without starvation, just STOP THE CHEMICALS!


         Jayne Mansfield with the troops – Do you want to be loved by men?  Then stay thin & shapely.

Oh, BTW, this is irrelevant to the diet, but I lift weights. I was too tired the last couple weeks, but any day now will resume. That helps keep the body beautiful. Looking fit, not sagging, muscles strong is appealing. I am the foundress of female body building, awarded the title ‘Progenitor of Female Body Building.’


          Rasa Von Werder     5-23-20

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