The New Religion XIII – Thirteen – Woman Thou Art God

By Rasa Von Werder, September 16th, 2019



The New Religion XIII – Lucky Thirteen – Woman

Thou Art God – 9-15-19


Last installment we were blessed with the participation of William Bond.  This time we are delighted to have the genius Freyja Derrickson here.  This was actually written in 2014!  At the end will be some of my recent remarks.




Added some black cats for GOOD LUCK.  I own one, she just appeared in my house & took care of the mouse/rat problem right away.  She was sleeping upstairs on a linen shelf for a week before I saw her.


 Chenghis, I couldn’t help noticing that you’re fond of parroting scripture as the primary basis of your argument. have you ever 

wondered where those words came from, or why so many of the world’s cultures have constructed a male concept of divinity? for 


the most part, they were composed, revised, and censored by generations of misogynistic church councils and caliphs – patriarchs 

with purely secular agendas. this is the milieu of your birth, chenghis, and you are clearly incapable of questioning it.


Imo, scripture quoting is just a contest – a chest bump over who has the oldest or most documents to support their (otherwise 

shaky) argument. it’s a lot easier than actually thinking for one’s self. some people use their “holy books” as more SCRIPT than 


scripture. and it’s an extremely one-sided contest. patriarchs have thousands of texts from which to quote, but pagans don’t. why is that?


For most of human civilization, female gods were the unquestioned norm. it was obvious. nature and intuition point to Woman as the 

Creator. but most of the ancient texts that supported goddess worship have been systematically destroyed over the past two 


millennia. these documents didn’t survive christian, jewish, and islamic censorship. “holy men” tossed these gems of ancient 

knowledge into countless fires across europe and asia (sometimes they even tossed people into these fires.) patriarchs selectively 


co-opted the parts they liked into jehovah cults. man lived in ignorance. so Eve showed him the tree of knowledge, which was good 

right? No, it was a mortal sin to be punished. males rewrote the Truth She gifted him, destroyed the original version, and enslaved 


Her for thousands of years.

Remember the burning of Alexandria? that great library was one of the wonders of the world, containing the best works of pagan 


science, goddess texts, literature, medicine, music and magik. all that ancient wisdom went up in smoke. once again, in 364 the 

christian emperor jovian ordered the entire library of Antioch to be burned because it had been stocked with inconvenient pagan 

documents. I mean, just read history. patriarchal religions either use violent inquisitions, fatwas, and censorship, or they gradually 

fade away. so excuse me for not trading scripture for scripture. you guys systematically burned them, and besides, I’d rather speak for myself.


We live at the beginning of a cultural renaissance, the rediscovery of ancient matriarchal truths and rites. they destroyed our words, 

but there are many hidden clues, such as the divergent symbol systems from the Parthenon, frescoes of Pompeii, and various 


temples of Isis, Artemis, etc. the hebrews chopped down the Ashtoreth goddess poles. however, they also translated many of the 

initiatic mysteries of Isis into Hebrew and preserved them. christians also have many goddess symbols and tenants that have lain 


dormant for centuries, seemingly hidden until a more enlightened time – our time.


Christianity and islam co-opted the egyptian & mesopotamian goddess symbols and customs and claimed them for their own. Isis, 

Astarte, and Ishtar were the originals; they are copies. this is a rapidly growing subfield of cultural anthropology and the 


scholarship is overwhelming. if copyright law applied to religion, the major faiths would have to file bankruptcy and repay billions 

to Dianic Wiccans. tell pope francis we’ll accept cash, paypal, or papal gold.

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Okay chenghis, now you can respond with patriarchal SCRIPTure………..2014…………………………………………………….


 Rasa says:


 Freyja speaks rightly. They destroyed & erased the ancient Mother God scriptures – they killed the Women of Mother 


God in the Inquisition – they erased out of history what the great women did. (see Dr. Mary Daly on that.)

And now, with lies in their mouth, repeating the twisted or co-opted ideas of the Patriarchs, these male dogs bark at us, as if their 


written words could mow us down. Like we don’t know the Truth unless we hear “manspeak?”

As Freyja says correctly, we are now rebuilding the concepts, scriptures, prerogatives, words, rituals, activities & lives of the 


ancient Goddesses & their religions. It isn’t easy, but we are doing it.

Look all that men have destroyed. They do genocide upon peoples. The “conquistadors” made extinct, or decimated with blood 


letting & diseases the AZTECS, INCAS, MAYANS, ditto men destroyed the ABORIGINES, AMERICAN INDIANS & 

HAWAIIANS. (There were millions of American Indians at one time, also Hawaiians, now only a few hundred thousand.) Of course 


they also destroyed their valuable scriptures, way of life, languages, cultures & religions, many of which were Matriarchal.

Men have also MADE SPECIES EXTINCT & have put the entire planet in danger of gross pollution. The oceans, water & air are 


polluted, now it seems they have released radiation upon us where everyone on the planet might be affected – all the work of men, 

their demons, their religions.


We have seen the result of “man’s wisdom” which is folly. We hear these Patriarchal clowns constantly harping, barking, shouting, 


even threatening us. It’s their same old story. A woman speaks up, she is shouted down. They are demonics.

Hearing this Genghis Khan whatever just makes me sick, thinking of all the evil men just like him. They are demons. I often 


wonder, what percent of them are normal, human, of Mother God? How tiny of a percent? Is it ten percent? I do know that when 

alpha men took over with murder, most men played along with them, & do continue following them now. I am just wondering what 


percent are demons. I am glad you have patience to explain things to these creatures, Freyja, I  don’t………………….2014



Woman, Thou Art God!  

You heard the wise teaching of Freyja, what males have done.  Now listen, all the wisdom of Mother God is WITHIN 


YOU.  Even if there is scant HER-Story, the Identity of Woman is written in your heart & mind, engraved by LOVE.


It is YOUR LOVE that gives life meaning.  Begin to disdain all that men have written, take it with a GRAIN OF SALT.  

Their traditions, agenda, in all their religions, scriptures, bible, Koran, crazed cults, are  to be DISREGARDED by you – except of 


course the words of Jesus (a reincarnated Buddhist Satguru) & the words from Buddha – or anyone who thinks like that (pure love 

equality, compassion.)  Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water – The Catholic Church has much to answer for, run by men, 


but Our Holy Mary has appeared many times to save the world, (documented on Woman Thou Art God website.)

Don’t let men, Priests, leaders, any kind of men, bamboozle you, confound you, intimidate you or brainwash you.  If you 


are at their mercy, say in a debate, & can’t think of an answer to their insanity, just tell them you will go to Mother God & pray to 

seek the answer.  They can’t stop you from that.


Rely on the God within you, after you have cultivated a good relationship with Her & can feel, hear, understand Her 

resonating within you.


To be continued……..Rasa Von Werder………..9-15-19

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