The New Religion – XII – Woman Thou Art God

By Rasa Von Werder, September 15th, 2019



The New Religion – XII -  Woman Thou Art God





All People Should Worship the Female as Icon of God, NOT the Male

From William Bond:

In recent times there has come to light a desire by many men wanting to worship women as Goddesses. This is probably not a new phenomenon and may come from ancient times but has been repressed by patriarchy.



I first come across it as a young man in a book called “The Girl with the Swans Down Seat”, by Cyril Pearl. This was a book about a 19th century prostitute called Skittles who became a high-class courtesan. It seems her success came from making her wealthy clients worship her as a goddess.

She was called Skittles because she threatened to knock men down like skittles if they displeased her. Later, she also became a fashion leader in London and Paris, in spite of her working class upbringing, as young aristocratic women would copy her  style of dress and behavior. 


Men probably once worshiped women as goddesses in ancient Goddess temples but because of patriarchy destroyed this practice, men could only do this behind closed door with prostitutes or their wives. 


Male rulers have claimed to be gods since the dawn of recorded history where they set themselves up as gods. The trouble is these god-king rulers have shown themselves to be flawed human-beings and certainly not god-like in they way they  ruled.  


Many holy-men have done the same thing where their followers have worshiped them as gods and this still goes on today creating crazy cults. Extreme example would be Jim Jones and the Jonestown mass suicide.


I have seen this in action when I was involved in the New Age movement. One of these guru-gods was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and in the early 1970s his teachings were impressive. So much so, he counted royalty and movie stars among his converts.



Then when his followers began to worship him as a god, it all went wrong. His teachings deteriorated as he become involved in drugs, sex scandals and exploiting his followers. It finally ended badly, when he went to prison. 


This is not an uncommon story among many New Age gurus so what goes wrong when we worship men as Gods? If we go back to Rajneesh we find at first he was a great meditation teacher. It was probably through meditation he was able to tune into wisdom of  MotherGod and just passed on what he learned in meditation. 

Then when he became very successful his followers wanted to worship him as a God and he went along with this. 

Unfortunately, like many of these god-gurus he began to believe what his followers told him. So when he thought of himself as a God he no longer believed he needed to meditate to receive the wisdom of MotherGod, because as a God he thought he knew everything. 


So because he was no longer connected to MotherGod and Her wisdom to guide him it all went badly wrong. This then is the problem when men set themselves up as gods.


To be fair, this hasn’t happened to all God-men there are exceptions like the Dalai Lama who although is worshiped like a god by people throughout the world, has never lost his contact with MotherGod.  We can see this through his gentle and loving teachings. 


So if things generally go wrong if men are worshiped like gods, does the same thing happen when women are worshiped in the same way? It could do, if women lose their contact with MotherGod but they are far less likely to do this as both MotherGod and most women are feminine in nature. 


Men generally block off their connection to MotherGod when they hate others. Women can also hate but they will more likely to internalize their hatred and hate themselves. So this is how many women block off their connection to MotherGod. But men can learn to love others through the worship of women and women can learn to love themselves by being worshiped by men.


If a woman is not connecting to MotherGod because she has any hatred for herself, then having a man worship her, can help her have greater love for herself. So this will help unblock any self-hate feelings that were preventing her contacting MotherGod.


At the same time if a man is not connecting to MotherGod because he has some hate for others. Then having a strong love of a woman through worship will help unblock any hateful feelings that prevent him contacting MotherGod.


So the worship of women by men benefits both sexes and helps them both gain a closer connection to MotherGod.



From Rasa Von Werder:


There’s a major reason why men are not to be worshiped as ‘God’ or spiritual leaders, & that reason is Nature did not 

create them for that – they are helpmates & protectors, made to risk their  lives for their people  – but not to lead them.


It is women that are by Nature the leaders, & they have the brain apparatus to do so.

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There are numerous studies of FEMALE SUPERIORITY over men, starting with the X chromosome, women having 

two, males having one, their Y chromosome being a mutilated X.  (The knowledge that they are going extinct is not propagated in 


our Patriarchal world.  They became what they are by default as they did not have two proper X chromosomes to become a 

woman, Nature saying, ‘OK, I cannot make a perfect, reproductive human out of this creature, but I will make a default human, & 


he’ll be good as a helpmate.  Instead of reproductive capacity I will give him more size & muscle, a brain where he jumps into 

danger *as that will protect the women & children*, no capacity to love as he won’t need it, he isn’t made for that, etc.’  The 


qualities of males are self evident, do I need to list them all?)

The most recent studies that bear this out are the brain scans conducted by Dr. Daniel Amen – 62,000 scans of men & 


women, discovering ‘what we already knew’ many say – that the primitive back part of the brain of males is awake but the front 


‘civilized’ part of their brains is asleep.  It is the frontal lobes that determine leadership, intuition, legitimate concern, ability to handle 

impulses, compassion, etc.


Lack of these qualities renders males a lot less capable than females.

Furthermore, it’s been long known that the corpus collasum, which connects the different parts of the brain is highly 


developed in women but minuscule in men – women can think with their entire brains while men cannot.

Now you understand why males are made to JUMP INTO SITUATIONS WHICH ARE DANGEROUS & LIFE 


THREATENING while women ARE NOT.  In biological/survival of the species terms, one male can inseminate numerous women, 

but one woman can have no more than a child per year – (it’s advised no more than every five years for emotional development as 


well as immune system maturity–they need mother’s milk for that.  Early weaning causes ‘attachment disorder’ which is now 

pandemic around our globe.)


As we are saying, males are IMPULSIVE & do not think with ALL PARTS OF THEIR BRAIN AT ONE TIME which 

explains a whole world of behavior from them.

Then why are males able to start & run these cults where they are respected & even worshiped?  Because in a 

Patriarchal society we’re brainwashed to BELIEVE IN, RESPECT, & LOOK TO MALES FOR AUTHORITY.  Much of this male 


veneration started long before the scientific proof of their inferiority- thousands of years ago lies started making women second 

rate, disempowering them, empowering men financially, emotionally, socially, & we’re still living on the fringe of that mentality.


It explains why WOMEN have not formed any cults – certainly not dangerous ones that ended in murder & suicide - 

because people don’t take female leaders seriously, they can’t get a group started to save their lives – I certainly can’t.  But some guy 


will come along for a Matriarchal cult & they will follow him.  Women right now, in general, hate themselves & each other – they 

agree with men that most things ARE THEIR OWN FAULT even if it’s not true – they’re brainwashed.  Being raped, exploited, 


beaten up IS ALL OUR OWN FAULT, didn’t you know?  We are made to hate ourselves from the day we are born & it takes a 

LIVING WOMAN to swim upstream, (dead women flow down with the current) to resist & challenge these insane assumptions.



Now just a bit of a roundup of some of the cults men have led in recent times (there have been numerous ones through 


the ages this a a sample of the most famous ones on the news since the 1970′s.)


There was JIM JONES rounding up an interracial group of followers, taking them to Guyana, his platform was racial 

equality.  He started his ministry in 1955, on November 18, 1978, in ‘Jonestown’ he had over 900 people drink Flavor Aid with 


cyanide – they forced it on the CHILDREN FIRST.

Then along cam DAVID KORESH,  leader of the Branch Davidians – he was acquiring a lot of fire arms & was raided 


by the Feds – In a shootout six Davidians & four Feds were killed.   There followed a 51 day siege where Koresh, his followers, 

wives &multiple children by many wives would not come out.  The Feds tried to smoke them out, starting a fire, over seventy 


people were burned to death–1993.


‘Heaven’s Gate,’ Marshall Applewhite, was an unusual fellow.  He had a ‘sexless’ wife & later got four of his male 

followers castrated.  He rented a  mansion in a San Diego suburb where they waited for ‘Haley’s Comet’ to come by — there was a 


flying saucer behind it they would jump into after killing themselves.  This hoped-for transition happened on March 26 1997, thirty-

nine people died after taking poison.




Now we have a new guy to look forward to, his name is ALAN JOHN MILLER. But he isn’t Alan, he’s actually JESUS. 

His wife is Mary but she’s really MARY MAGDALENE.  He’s in Australia where his thirty or more followers have pulled together 


half a million to buy a huge piece of property, in the middle of nowhere, for a COMPOUND.

Cult investigator Rev. David Millikin researched this for almost a year, says the fact that they are removing their home 


base far from the world is OMINOUS as then the leader has complete control over the members – the way Jones & Koresh had.

In the You Tube videos about them I watched Alan does look like popular images of Jesus.  When did people start telling 


him he looks like Jesus I thought.  He then got the idea, ‘Hey, if I look like Him, I could impersonate Him, I’m a reincarnation I’ll tell 



The BIG TRICK he pulls is the HYPNOSIS.  He’s gotten both males & females thoroughly convinced that they were 

there with him – during the real Jesus lifetime, that they were characters like the Centurion  & Mary Magdalene.  People SHAKE & 


CRY way too easily, better than professional actors, he somehow digs into their  PAST  HISTORY OF CHILDHOOD ABUSE & 

PAIN to get the emotions & then convinces them they witnessed the life & death of Jesus, & they go into convulsions on the 


subject.  They seem to respond as if TRIGGERED BY MEMORIES but it’s actually HYPNOSIS – I have seen it demonstrated on 

stage & am a professional hypnotist myself.  I know the potentials.  This is MASS or CULT  HYPNOSIS where he gets a 


couple to believe, then because they believe, they hook others in, it gets exponential.  Then they all agree to agree THIS IS 

REALITY but it’s their reality, subjective, not objective reality, & the worst part of it is again, he gets CHILDREN INVOLVED & 


that’s  heartbreaking as they cannot defend themselves, make a decision, or get out.


Bottom line – here is a guy who wants THE THINGS OF THE WORLD & THE FLESH banking on the name & identity 

of Jesus Christ, who came to earth to teach poverty & Holy Suffering.  But he isn’t suffering – he’s gaining beautiful women, 


admiration from many, even little children falling at his feet.  He  does not carry the Cross, he will not be crucified, he lives in 

comfort, not poverty, he collects big money & is gaining fame – all the things Satan tempted Jesus with at the end of his time on the 


mountain.  Satan said,

“I will give you all the Kingdom’s of the world & their glory if you will bow down & worship me.”

Of course Jesus rebuked him, told him to get lost & said He would only worship God  alone & only God would he 



But Alan is obeying Satan.


Listen to NO MAN, not your husband, not to any cult leader, not to any Priest or Guru – none of them deserves to RULE 


YOUR MIND.  Your mind is yours & yours alone, keep it pristine.  If you want to follow something, follow saints through books, 

both male & female, they are SAFE.  


I mostly followed Saints that way, where they couldn’t hurt me. I had two exploiters early in my life – a Bogi Yogi who 

used me for support & sex & a money-hungry female faith healer who soaked me for money & put death curses on me when I 

refused to give it.


When you follow saints through books they can’t touch you & you learn a lot.  I never met anyone that perfect in real 

life, they are few & far between.

Just remember, Woman, that GOD IS WITHIN YOU – work to contact that God.  Be patient, it may take years to 


contact the still, small voice & inner senses,  but God is there, & this God is the REAL YOU.  You do not need any LIVING 

PEOPLE to tell you anything–ESPECIALLY MEN.  I have read countless stories of male abusive Gurus, Priests, Ministers, 


Mentors & other type ‘leaders,’ & women are not without fault.  Stay alone, praying & meditating.  Read BOOKS & follow the 

lives & teachings of REAL SAINTS, real heroines & heroes.




William Bond speaks of the worship of women, well & good.  But this must be true respect-worship.

The word worship, what does it mean?


“reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.

Formal or ceremonious rendering of such honor and homage.”


To me, reverent honor & homage means to give credit to women for the great things they have done in the past – I promote these women.  I also admire & promote great women of the present, I honor their accomplishments, I do not compete with them, I give them credit & talk about them on social media, I speak of them in my articles.  My lady friends, I buy them drinks, I treat them to dinners, I listen to them with respect.



 Those who have believed in me – disciples – have had God-experiences because of me.  This then is real ‘God worship’ or worship of the God inside me, not merely my flesh.  To worship the flesh alone, that is not true worship.  If a woman or man is HOLY as Jesus was Holy then to worship their flesh brings grace. 


To worship the flesh of a person that is NOT HOLY is not a sin, but it does not bring GRACE.  For example, you can see God in all life;  people, animals & nature.  But to see does not mean you will get any special graces.  But when I worshiped the WOUNDS OF JESUS,  I did get special graces.  For a year I followed the devotion of Teresa Helena Higginson to the Sacred Head of Jesus, revering his Wisdom, his Will, his Understanding, his Memory–all that came from his mind & brain – I was improved by this. 


Just remember, Woman Thou Art God.  All of God is WITHIN YOU, worship this God.

To be continued     Rasa Von Werder   9-14-19



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