By Rasa Von Werder, August 8th, 2020

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We are sleeping with the enemy.  It is warfare not against any country any more, it is the people – any people.


The policy in Sweden (which I had generally been rooting for all along) was to NOT do a lockdown at all, keep nearly everything open, and basically let the virus run its course (thus allowing herd immunity to develop) in the general population while also protecting the most vulnerable members of society.  There were some very modest restrictions to “flatten the curve” a bit, such as banning gatherings over 500 people (later cut down to 50), and (belatedly) banning visitors to nursing homes, but everything else was just voluntary recommendations. And not only did they not require masks anywhere, they actually advised against them since they regarded masks as a false sense of security (the latter claim I am not sure if I agree with).  


And while like many countries Sweden did make some regrettable mistakes along the way (particularly with their nursing homes in the earliest-hit areas), which they at least owned up to, their general light-touch policy ultimately paid off in the long run, being virtually virus-free now, with a cumulative per capita death toll still significantly lower than their lockdown counterparts of the UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, or the ten worst states of the USA.  And the Swedish second city of Malmo, who actually did a great job protecting their nursing homes, boasts a lower death rate than even Copenhagen, Denmark.  


We can all learn a lot from Sweden and their moderate mitigation strategy.  


Interestingly, Belarus also had an even laxer policy overall than Sweden, and one of the mildest outbreaks in the world in terms of death rates.     End from Ajax the Great




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They keep us under control by paying salaries to people – they get the salaries from our taxes – These are the people like military, police, bureaucrats, doctors, teachers, researchers, elected officials, etc.  These are then told what to do to us, what to think, how to act, how to make us do things.  


Do you wonder WHY Sweden had a policy different from any other country? Does it make you take note that they are NEUTRAL when it comes to WAR? They are outside the WAR ZONE & war machinery of the way the rest of the world is under the power of the WAR MONGERS?


          And so, not being under the due influence of the war machinery this says they are able to act outside this system, they are not under its intimidation, they make righteous, pro-human decisions, policies. But what of the rest of the world?


         The rest of the world is being ruled by the SHADOW GOVT, sometimes called ‘Illuminati,’ but they are much worse than the people imagine –more deadly, demonic & more ill-intentioned than any human can imagine.


          This is the throne of Satan – “Satan is the Prince of this World” Jesus said – so it was thousands of years ago, so it is today. My watchword is “Satan rules the world, & he works through men,”—this is Patriarchy, why we work for Matriarchy.


          This system, well, let’s say Satan, what Satan & his co-workers want for the human race: He wants UTTER DESTRUCTION. He has NO REDEEMING QUALITY. He is PURE EVIL & what he wants is to control humans, bring them into sin, have them lose their souls & enter Hell for all eternity.


          This is what Patriarchy does: removes the LOVE out of life, albeit slowly, sneakily, covertly, but that is his intention. It’s done by taking away human rights, undoing all the good that has been done – like undermining the Constitution & all just laws, replacing all that is good with subhuman, cruel laws & policies, stripping people away from all their dignity, self worth, self determination—removing from us all that is righteous, filled with love, kindness, forgiveness, & replacing it with all that is demonic – SLOWLY BUT SURELY YOU SEE THEM ATTEMPTING TO TAKE AWAY ALL HUMAN RIGHTS, ALL JUST LAWS & ALL LOVE FROM OUR WORLD.


          This Shadow Govt creates all the wars, the terrorism & all the new-fangled diseases on the planet. It’s not any longer Illuminati against Communists, Asians or Muslims, it is Illuminati, as it has always been, AGAINST ALL PEOPLE, AS SATAN IS, SO GOES ILLUMINATI.

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The patriarchs / demonics bit by bit remove the love out of everything in our world, thereby removing the ‘salt from the earth’ & making it unpalatable

          You wonder how this group of ‘persons’ infused by this spirit of the dark world can operate – by paying people off. By simply giving salaries to ignorant, benighted soldiers, sailors, police, govt officials, doctors & lawyers – researchers, any number of people in charge of others – simply PAYING THEM SALARIES, then IMPOSING THEIR POLICIES ON THEM, MAKING THEM OBEY FOR LARGE OR SMALL SUMS OF MONEY, & thereby they hold the rest of humanity IN THRALLDOM. Yes, this is how we are ENSLAVED BY SATAN, like poor factory farm animals, we are kenneled, controlled, bullied, intimidated & forced to do things we don’t want to do – top of which is PAY OBSCENE SUMS OF MONEY TO TAXES. 

 These  diseases are manufactured & spread by them – it is biowarfare against the people.  They created aids, ebola, sars & this – all the new esoteric diseases.  They  created & spread them, they have patents on them, they have the remedies patented & they do all this to create mayhem, destabilization, fear & insecurity to the people.  I met doctors who are paid to research how the diseases are doing – they do it all with our tax money, destroy us with our tax money.

          By Guru Rasa Von Werder     8-7-20 


We have a right to be mad 





   from AJAX THE GREAT again

Thank you very much, Rasa.  Very well-said overall.  You make a great point about how neutral countries like Sweden are not prone to the same tendencies as the war-mongers, hence their logically different approach to COVID-19 as well.  Iceland too. Though that other famously neutral European country that starts with “S”, Switzerland, did do a lockdown at first, they reopened quicker than most other countries and ahead of their own schedule too.  Speaking of which, I found a great site related to the latter country:




Indeed, these COVID lockdowns and related machinations in most countries and subnational entities (including the USA) do have all the fingerprints of the demonic patriarchy (and shadow government) all over them.  And that is certainly no coincidence! 




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