By Rasa Von Werder, March 2nd, 2021






2-28-21-Small White Creature-My Big Swim

I was in this large white building, huge, like a mausoleum or monument, but people live here.  The front had columns – I see the building vaguely, the most striking thing is it’s largeness, it’s whiteness, & that in front it has about 5 or so steps across most of the building like you would see in an institution-type building.

*(MAUSOLEUM:   This is the FEAR OF DEATH both myself & my lady friend have, as she got breast cancer.  I’m helping her through PRAYER – the LEAP OF FAITH which I am GOOD AT – which I can demonstrate, that my faith is greater than that of most people.

The BUILDING BEING WHITE shows that GOOD wilL come out of this, it is of God, not the devil.)*

Beyond this place, in front, are wonderful gardens, soft bushes, a long stretch of them, with paths.

*(WONDERFUL GARDENS, BUSHES:   Gardens represent POSITIVE THINGS; CULTURE, LIFE, PROJECTS, HAPPINESS.  This huge place we are in looks onward to these things, which we wish for.)*

I’m inside the building, it’s has I sense 4 floors, but feels higher, more like 6 to 8 floors, we are near the top.  I’m looking out the window & to the right of me is a female looking out, she’s about 30-40′ to my right.

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*(HEIGHT OF BUILDING, HUGENESS:   HEIGHT is often something SCARY.  Some people fear high bridges or going high in an elevator, they dream of this.  Being ‘high up’ is  far from solid earth, where we’re safe, we leave the familiar & that which grounds us.

My friend & I are both experiencing the fear her cancer might go badly, we’re praying against it together daily.)* 

She’s upset because her child is gone, he either fell off into the courtyard or wandered off into this garden.  I will find him.

*(HER CHILD IS GONE EITHER FELL OR WANDERED OFF – I WILL FIND HIM:   Her child is her vulnerable, small, dependent self, where she’s separated from her Powerful Self – the God Self – & I will help her get back to her God Self by prayer.)*

I want to demonstrate to her how I can leap & fly without getting the slightest bit hurt, I land softly, & I jump out in an arc hundreds of feet beyond the building, where I begin my search.  {A thought comes to me that I could draw a crowd, announce to people I will be jumping off great heights, they can watch, make a show of it.  I’m proud of my being able to jump from great heights & landing super soft.}

*(PROUD OF MY ABILITY TO LEAP FROM HIGH PLACES & LAND SOFTLY:  Proud of having strong faith, where calling on God, instead of evil happening, there’s a soft landing or good outcome.)*

As I figure out where the child might have wandered, I know by knowing small creature’s behavior, that they’re afraid of wandering too far from what is familiar, so I get closer & closer to the building.  I picture him walking off, then going back right to the building time & time again.

Kellie-Everts-photographed-by-Edmund-Leja-18 kkzwcbmds6ybokxv2g7b KnockpatrickGardens-800x600 Ko-phi-phi-1 KWOfbo l-15-255-2007_bosch lady_agnew Landscape-of-Guilin-Li-River-and-Karst-mountains-located-near-Xingping-Yangshuo-County-Guangxi-Province-China_324673250 landscape-salomon-van-ruysdael landscape-with-resting-cattle-philip-james-de-loutherbourg

*(CHILD WANDERED OFF:   This is the CHILD GOD within the lady friend, she wants to make sure this child does not perish, I am helping.  The child is the HUMBLE SELF, small, vulnerable, knows it is dependent on its parent which in this case, is God Almighty.)*

Along the way I see young white groups of chickens here & there, fully feathered but not mature.

*(YOUNG WHITE CHICKENS:  Could symbolize fear.  We are trying to grow up, be mature souls, not be afraid.  We are growing ‘in God’.)*

I think he didn’t go far, I must get closer to the building & I do, when right in front of the buildign I see him standing on the landing with his back against the wall, his little arms up so the elbows are straight up, you see the underarms.  He doesn’t seem human, but like some sort of a white animal with either feathers or fur, he stands only a foot & a half tall, tiny.

*(AGAINST THE WALL, LITTLE ARMS UP:   This is like the police saying, ‘hands up’ & the citizen pops them up fast, afraid of getting shot.  It is my lady friend fearing for her life, AGAINST THE WALL is also HELPLESS.  ‘Where do I go from here?’

Her CHILD or PET is not like ‘human’ but has feathers or fur, all white.  This is the human INSTINCT TO SURVIVAL, after all, we are animals.  We revert back to our ANIMAL NATURE when all the fronts are gone.  She’s been stripped of human fronts, now facing survival mode.  The ALL WHITE is a constant theme, that something GOOD will come out of this.)*

I then joyfully tell the lady friend that I found him right here.

I wake up & see more scenes after that.  I see two buns with hamburgers ready to be served the small creature & hear someone say,


*(HAMBURGER BUNS:   This is MEAT being served, which is mature food,  SUFFERING – as differentiating from candy & cake, given to baby Christians, this is the MEAT OF SUFFERING.  In the next place it says TROUBLE, & so, I conclude this has something to do with my friend’s TWO TUMORS in her breast.  It could be saying these tumors are trouble or a nuisance but it might also say there will be trouble with them.  I hope not.)*

I see some kind of brown see-trough blobs in the air with black spikes through them but can’t explain details.

*(These BROWN SEE-THROUGH BLOBS could also be the tumors, with BLACK SPIKES, the black spikes could be a good sign, killing the tumors.)*

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I’m standing in front of a huge lake & beyond it is an island.  There’s a group of people to my right watching me & thinking about getting to this island.

*(HUGE LAKE I DECIDE TO SWIM ACROSS, ALTHOUGH I CAN’T SWIM:   This is my LIFE, like the ‘ocean of life,’ ‘river of life,’  what I must cross, but this says I can’t swim which means I CANNOT DO IT ALONE, but some other Power takes over me & gets me to the ‘island’ which turns out to be WHERE I AM TODAY, a place of safety, security & success.  Faith in God, God’s Power, got me where I am.)*

I ponder about it.  I can’t swim.  But something makes me JUMP IN & head for it – where I got the confidence, I have no idea.

*(I CAN’T SWIM, BUT I DO:   This is getting somewhere BY FAITH.  Human power cannot do it – but by faith I try to get somewhere, & the Power of God takes over.)*

As I head toward it, even though I’m not doing much, some Power makes me move forward a if I’m swimming.  At one point my right arm goes limp & just hangs under me in the water, but moving my left arm I keep going forward.

larger Laurette's_God_Form lDb7CXP Leda and the Swan lefkara1 le-fleuve-scamandre-by-Francois-Boucher-051 Lilith_Wallpaper_19.189121756_std Lion-vs-crocodile

Amazingly, I reach the island, which is like at least quarter mile from the shore.  I stand up, & walk over it, & before I know it, I’m in MY OWN BACK YARD.  All is green, I’m at the bottom yard.  It’s more ‘ornate’ in landscaping than my own yard – prettier, more scenic like a park.  This was not an island, it’s the MAINLAND!  So I am safe & don’t have to swim back anywhere.

*(MAINLAND, NOT AN ISLAND, I GOT THERE SAFELY:   This is getting to a goal, like the RIGHT PLACE WITH GOD, HEAVEN, or a Heavenly place.  God got me there by faith.)*

The tone of the water is not blue or green, it’s BROWN.  It’s not muddy, dirty or anything, if you took a bucket of it it would be pure see-through, but like a large body of water looking blue when all of it is together, this looks brown.

*(BROWN WATER:   Brown is SUFFERING.  This CHALLENGE of moving across a large expanse of water but not with human ability, is a challenge.  By faith, I jumped in & God got me not to an island or isolated place, but to HOME which is GOD, the HEART, or the CENTER OF ONE’S BEING.

This could be a prediction of ALL GOING WELL for my lady friend, she will be healed of the cancer & live to her proper age.)*

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