By Rasa Von Werder, December 28th, 2020




12-28-20 Lotta Tits – Stripper Friend of Mine Ascends into Heaven – I don’t

know who this is.  Could be any busty stripper I knew.


s-l640 (15)


I did not even know she was dead. But she was a bit older than I, so that would put her maybe age 85 – so it’s possible she ‘d be dead. 

In this dream I am back dancing, & visiting ‘Lotta Tits.’ I was sitting there talking to her when I sort of fell asleep. She then yells at me,

“Get out of here.”

*(GET OUT OF HERE: This might be a HINT, not about her saying this to me, but to a man, as I see a man farther down who is beating her. This man might have been a miscreant, using her, maybe for drugs, & went into a rage when she told him to leave. {Never confront men like this, they are dangerous, not in control of their impulses, when you must part from them do it in a secretive way when possible & do not confront them alone, saying ‘get out’. They sometimes react like cornered animals.})*

Next thing I know the dressing room where she had all her gowns is empty. Mine is nearby, I am dressed in my beautiful purple dress with purple gloves, decorated in silver on the gloves & chest, I’m thin, with a long silvery wig, beautiful – reminds me of photos I have like that.

There’s a middle-aged man comes by & says to me,

***** “I’m just here to get the costumes of the strippers who are dead.” *****

I say to him,

“Lotta Tits took her costumes with her.”

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*(TOOK COSTUMES WITH HER: The costumes are a symbol of the ‘brides of Christ’ or us being dressed in Heavenly clothes to meet our Maker – these clothes are really LIGHT, not material items, so I tell this man SHE HAS ASCENDED, while he has informed me that SHE IS DEAD.)*

Then I show him my outfits & explain how they work. Like this purple one has a purple turkey feather boa, most outfits have a diaphanous see-three wide gown on top, then there’s a net you dance in sometimes, like peekaboo. I demonstrate all this to him.

*(HOW OUTFITS WORK: I’m explaining to this man how spiritual lights within us, around us, work.

Mine being PURPLE means LONG SUFFERING {the time of the Passion Catholic Priests wear purple} & my long silver wig, represents ‘for always’ – my BEAUTY is spiritual, for the most part.  The physical fades, it’s not as important.)*

I then recall when I was with Lotta Tits she saw a drop of something like white milk on my leg, & she was drawn to it, like touched it or something.

*(WHITE DROP OF MILK ON MY LEG: Could mean she saw my spiritual love. White milk is ‘milk of human kindness’ & leg is mystical travel. She knew I had some spiritual power by my kindness, this says, & was drawn to me, like bent the knee by me – Could be she was praying in Purgatory for my help.)*

I also saw her being beaten by a man, surrounded with white light everywhere, he hit her on the chin. Was wondering if this man beat her to death.

ANOTHER SOUL: After that, I saw another soul being helped but can’t recall any details, darn it. But I know that the Holy Masses I’m saying are working, so that’s the main thing.

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12-27-20-Soul Lifted-5 or 6 NUNS

I have been watching so many You Tube videos the last days, have wiped out my mind, can’t recall dreams, did not see the souls lifted into Heaven but one.


Saw a female with a baby earlier. Later I see her wheeling an old fashioned baby carriage & in it some kind of large light beige bundle, & on top of the bundle, the cutest baby pink sweater.

I know that sweater is a Soul lifted from Purgatory – the clue is ‘baby’ or ‘born again,’ & the pink is ‘feminine’ which could go either way, male or female, as we are all feminine or passive to God. Amen.

12-27-20 The NUNS

I’m on my kitchen front porch looking over the entire large yard in front & below, & spread out over it is a new crew, like they have taken over, like I’m gone, they’re here.

There are 5 or 6 nuns, all in white, completely covered like loose sheets over their heads, small round holes for the eyes, maybe a small hole for the nose. These nuns are spread out over my property, in front & below – don’t know what they are doing, just that they’re there. The material in their habits is not thin cotton, like a bedsheet, but a heavy material like a real contemplative nun would wear in black or beige, but these are white.

They look at no one but each other, they ignore me, they’re having a kind of pow wow near me, & I see a bear lower down to the left, coming for food. They are not turned toward me but speaking so I can hear them, saying they are being fined $375. each time a bear shows up. I tell them they are being RIPPED OFF big time by whoever is in charge here, as I only got fined $75. each time a bear came here.

*(NUNS: Have not yet figured out who these nuns are but my best guess is Souls in Purgatory being ‘fined’ or paying heavy penalties. Bears represent SUFFERING. I’m saying they are PAYING MUCH MORE THAN I WAS CHARGED, suffering more than I have, which might say that the suffering we endure in Purgatory for our sins, is much greater than paying for them ON EARTH.

This is a KNOWN FACT from the theologians, once you are dead, you pay the ULTIMATE PRICE, you sit there eeking out your penalty, while when still living, it’s much easier to PAY FOR ONES SINS.

Why are they CLOAKED in these heavy white robes with only small holes for eyes & aren’t looking at me?

philomena4-2 saint-rita-of-cascia simon_dewey_to_be_with_god2_thumb st-helen st-rita-of-cascia

They aren’t AWARE that I’m helping them, that I care, but they are HERE in my ‘domain’ or ‘kingdom – spiritual catchment area’ & I’m helping them, but they don’t know who’s helping them, who I am (?))*

Then there’s a short, small nun, like 4’8″, with her boyfriend, she is right by me facing me, the boyfriend to the left, she talking animatedly. She’s permitted to have a boyfriend & wear normal clothes, yet she’s a nun.




I’m sleeping in my bedroom at the old farmhouse. A man is in the Mario room sleeping in the small bed, on his back, facing the door.

*(ON HIS BACK: vulnerable or not in charge.)*

The man is making such a rumble that I don’t feel SAFE for myself & my daughter – how can we sleep? He is making such noises, hard to explain, like moaning, groaning, growling, COMPLAINING, etc. Just noises & it sounds MENACING.

Finally, to be able to give ourselves a better sense of security so we can sleep, I get up & put the hook/latch on the door. It’s high up & I tell daughter it isn’t 100% secure – if someone wanted to, they could KICK THE DOOR IN, but it’s better than nothing.

I thought about putting the same hook/latch on the room between us – my bro’s room – but felt it might not be a good idea as he might see me there hooking it & get upset – I’m not even sure if my bro’s door has such a latch so I don’t even go to look. I then tell my daughter maybe we can sleep now – MAYBE.

The man, his face is WORN OUT, GAUNT, like a LONG FACE, he’s very THIN, his face looks like he’s suffering & ANGRY, like dark circles & creases all over it.

venusadonis2 venus-and-adonis Venus-and-Adonis-Bartholomaeus-Spranger-oil-painting venus-and-adonis-jan-boeckhorst- venus-and-cupid-charles-joesph-natoire venus-and-cupid-french-painter-of-the-18th-century


*(MAN IN BREAKUP ROOM: In dreams, every residence connects with specific memories, every room also. The old farmhouse hearkens to my being young & times of suffering & separation. The ‘Mario’ room is a symbol of breakup, sometimes permanent & traumatic.

The only breakup I can think of, where a man would be this upset, is my ex-lover Bob. This holiday season might be pivotal for him – lots of things happened in the past, & it’s been a year & a half since we connected.

The dream shows his misery but ESPECIALLY HIS ANGER. Grief has several stages to it – beginning is DENIAL, like ‘it’s not true,’ then there’s sorrow, then there’s ANGER, so this shows anger – that’s why I don’t feel safe for my daughter.

Who is ‘I’ & my daughter? It is my God Self & my flesh, I am protecting my body. Understand that the God Self cannot be touched, harmed in any way, but only the flesh can be touched – that includes being hurt by demons or people. The flesh is vulnerable – the God self is invincible, no person or demon can enter it. But the flesh can be SEPARATED FROM GOD in various ways, all problems between God & ourselves happen in the human part – {the human self blocks the way to God through SIN – depending on the gravity of the sin, the obscurity present in the human self. Then there are ATTACHMENTS – which are like chains or ropes connected to the world & flesh, & these also prevent one from seeing God Face to Face.}

FACE GAUNT, LONG, DARK LINES, BAGS UNDER EYES: This shows hunger, misery, sleeplessness. He’s been DISTRAUGHT over our breakup.

This man is SO ANGRY that I feel my flesh to be UNSAFE, she cannot find PEACE or serenity with his vibes being picked up {heard as noises}. He’s really bent out of shape. I do something to protect my lower self, seen as locking the door, & unless he goes completely berserk {kicking the door open}, this gives my flesh some degree of peace.

Me to MomGod: What would it mean kicking the door open? How would that happen?
She: That would be if he goes insane, so to speak, like a killer, when they lose all ability to reason & give in to the primitive self.
Me: If he is this bad, why doesn’t he just call me? I don’t have his number, by his choice, nor any way of reaching him – don’t know where he lives, nothing. So it’s almost impossible for me to contact him. Why doesn’t he just call me?
She: He is so SPOILED by your previous behavior of reaching him against all odds, his pride will now allow him to contact you. He is holding onto his pride with every last ounce of strength. He is an IDIOT & he is hurting himself, not you. You got over it, now it’s his turn to suffer.)*

12-22-20 The large gasoline holder, the neighbor wife, the neighbor husband

is DEAD & his son & I BURY HIM on my property then see we must unbury

him & return him to his own property!

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This has to be one of the weirdest. Have no idea what it means.

I’m here at my house, & in my bottom yard I’m walking around & my neighbor has his/her land adjacent to me. I see a large red gasoline holder sort of in the creek’ on his property {next to mine, it’s really my creed, but strangely in the dream their property is attached/shared with mine} & suspect it’s the holder I had recently which I left down below there, thinking no one would bother it, but this seems to be it & so I think the neighbor man took it. I decide to go to his house & ask them about that, so I go there.

*(NEIGHBORS NEXT TO MY PROPERTY: This dream says that not only is ex-lover Bob attached to me, but because he is, his common-law wife is as well. Apparently, his being my spiritual husband carries her along in the attachment.

THE LARGE GASOLINE CAN OF MINE I SUSPECT HE’S TAKEN: Gasoline would be energy, fuel. But this is EMPTY. Might be saying ‘he took a lot out of me – a lot of ENERGY – he DRAINED me.)*

I go to the ‘front’ door. It has beautiful rocks forming a staircase, like rocks but many small rocks mixed into the large platform rocks. One strange thing is there’s a section where these rocks mixed with is it cement? – form a type of JAWLIKE formation as if TEETH {like sharp waves} come out of it, there’s space under this formation, you can’t climb here, it’s just like a decoration.

*(ROCK DECORATION LIKE TEETH: ‘Jaws’ or a predatory, dangerous animal, a shark. When in the literary business they compare con men to honest ones, they call the ‘sharks’ vs ‘doves.’ These people are con artists, users.

They have a FRONT – the front door. This is being fake, ‘fronting’ – pretending. It’s a beautiful, fake front. They look like they have a lovely home, but it isn’t.)*

I go around this to the side door. There again I see rocks, like cement filled with smaller rocks – beautiful, forming a staircase & platform. The door is light green, I knock on it.

The woman answers, Laurie, who was an evil con- woman who kept borrowing money from me, last loan was the biggest & she never paid me back.

*(LAURIE: This represents a con woman. They are both faking it, pretending, & this shows possibly they are short on money – Laurie always was.
The beautiful staircase, all the rocks mixed in with cement, are this is not SOLID like granite, bedrock, this relationship / family is made of elements that are bound together like glue, cement, that could be broken apart without much effort. In other words, a hammer could break all this apart, but a hammer could not break bedrock or granite apart – it’s SOLID. And the bushes around are all decorations, part of the fakery.)*

s-l300 (1) s-l300 View of the West front of Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire Snowshill_Manor_exterior Garden at Snowshill Manor, looking west Pond and garden at Snowshill Manor Snowshill_Manor_gardens_2

I am extremely polite. I describe the red gasoline holder, the situation in the most polite terms, that I think he saw it there, took it not knowing who it belonged to, but I think it was mine. I am so polite that she says not a word & when I’m finished, I walk away & she closes the door. The door is not solid, it has four glass panes on the top half, medium-light green, the house is picturesque, with soft bushes all around it.

*(THE DOOR-WINDOW PANES-GREEN: This relationship is based on OPPORTUNITY, or was, on MONEY. Somebody is getting something out of someone – he’s getting support out of her, but pretending it’s something else.

Me to MomGod: Why am I telling her how he took something from me? And she does not respond.

She: She is becoming aware that he’s a deadbeat, a user. She sees it somehow through how he used you – you informing her could be her just drawing conclusions. She knows what he did to you – that he was using you for sex. She sees how he’s using her or was, for money, because now she doesn’t have it, so they are falling apart. It’s what you predicted to her.)*

Then I know the SON of this couple & he tells me HIS DAD HAS DIED. For some strange reason we both believe that we must BURY HIS DAD & we must do so on my property. This doesn’t make sense, but that’s how dreams are.

*(DEAD, WE THINK WE MUST BURY HIM ON MY PROPERTY: ‘Dead’ is dead as in ‘relationship.’ This is one part of Bob telling me about another part of him, where the relationship is over. On your side it’s over, you have ended it.)*

We take the Dad’s body in some sort of conveyance, drag it to my lawn behind my house, dig a hole & begin to bury it, but not yet covered with dirt, I realyze we’ve made a mistake. I tell him,

“We can’t do this! The body has to be buried in a cemetery, & it has to be in a metal, leakproof case!

Meanwhile, his body is like fresh chicken breasts, many pounds of them, & somehow the taste of one of these pieces get into my mouth & I need to spit out into a stainless steel sink outside behind my kitchen.

Then I tell the son we must take the body, drag it back to his house where someone must then make arrangements to have him buried. This is the plan but I don’t see it carried out.

*(MUST BE BURIED PROPERLY: This refers to you ending it is not the end of the story. He must be buried on his side, properly, in a cemetery, in a leakproof container. This is saying his other relationship, on that side, must be terminated – the common-law wife fiasco. They must end it properly, be done with it. You ending it on your side does not end it for both of you.
This does not explain it all to me, I’m not getting it. MomGod, what does it say? Is it saying when he terminates with the wife, then we can be together? But it doesn’t show any place about us being together in the future.

She: You are working with him here, the ‘Son,’ telling him HE MUST END IT PROPERLY with her. It’s not over with you – end it with her. There is an assumption that when he does that, you two can get together.)*

the-fine-art-america-‘couple-embracing-she-with-flowers-in-her-hair’-by-55089580 the-fine-art-america-henri-regnault-salomé-1870-1715x2694-55109641 the-flight-into-egypt-abraham-bloemaert the-four-seasons-winter-by-francois-boucher-xzendor7 the-judgement-of-paris-abraham-bloemaert the-lovers-pal-szinyei-merse

12-23-20 Won’t Give Me His Address

There was some great Personage – a saint or an Angel – who was helping me in the case of my Beloved. Yesterday I stated that I had no way of reaching him, did not even know where he lived.

This Personage found out where he lives, & is sharing it with someone, but NOT WITH ME. She does not have the street address, but an approximate location, like within the block, a group of houses, & his is one of them. She/he was helping me, why doesn’t she want me to have this info?


*(God is saying that it is known the approximate location where he lives {he made me drop him off near the place one time} but God or her messenger don’t want me to know the exact location.

Me: MomGod, what does it mean?

tumblr_pretkmCHMD1s24w2jo1_1280 tumblr_pwmov9LEzC1xlej47o1_400 tumblr-painting-14 tunnel tunnel-1524278044a9l typical-breton-house-village-poul-fetan-france-stone-thatched-roof-traditional-folkloric-unique-open-air-museum-166132034 u-g-PRQ8D50 u-g-PXRNVZ0

She: It means better not to know, by the Will of God, what good would it do for you to have any of his details? It is the Will of God that HE CONTACT YOU, not you him. Your pursuing him is over, the onus is on him, let it be that way, leave it alone, don’t even wish to know anything.)*

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