By Rasa Von Werder, December 17th, 2020
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unnamed (41)

12-17-20-HE IS CHOSEN  (See below for soul ascends)

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I went through some frustration here. Hired by a club, I appear for about two minutes in front of the audience. I have a beautiful dress, form fitting, some kind of purplish or magenta or rose mixed in color. For a moment I show them my breasts, a net bra covered with jewels, many colors, you can see the breasts perfectly. I am HIGH UP on stage. I have a cloak which I took off to show myself. The audience does not respond, then I am gone, go backstage to get ready for the longer show.

*(HIGH UP ON STAGE, SHOW MY BREASTS WITH JEWELS, AUDIENCE DOES NOT RESPOND: This is my spiritual height, which NO ONE SEES as there is no response.

BREASTS, BRA WITH JEWELS: This represents my MEDALS from God – like awards given by the world to people for various accomplishments, only these are SPIRITUAL MEDALS. I revealed my God-given medals, but people did not see them, I was not rewarded by society.

The dress & cloak I have on being PURPLE & other shades of red are the blood of pain & the purple of LONG SUFFERING. This is lost on people.)*

But when I go back there am having mega-trouble with my wigs. Seems like I have five wigs on, some brown, reddish, blonde, different types, puffy, flat on top, one black one. I fidget, fuss, back & forth. I hear the owner calling to someone,
“What is she doing?”
The owner is Latin, I hear it in his accent & I get a sense he’s not a good person. I saw a TV show yesterday about a Latin murderer.
I don’t want to miss my opportunity & am terribly frustrated, that they might fire me if I don’t get ready soon.
I hear the owner introducing another female, not the star, instead of me, because someone has to be on stage, the audience needs a show.

*(TROUBLE GETTING READY, FIVE WIGS: This is my multiple roles, personalities, for all the things I’ve done. I’m having trouble presenting myself as to who I am.

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LATIN OWNER: I just sense that this is the executive producer of the Reality Show who turned me down, chose another female in my place – not a star. This says HE IS EVIL, his spirit demonic.)*

Afterward I am in a large room in this apt building. I had been shown apt after apt as I want a new one. I have two apt’s, I tell the owner, but am staying at neither one. He shows me a few, not suitable. One is too small – just a room, no bathroom – impossible. Second, dirty, dog shyt on the floor, third, occupied. We seem to leave off looking.

*(LOOKING FOR AN APT: This is not literal, it’s looking for a place to rest my head, or a position mentally, spiritually, emotionally. What am I to do with myself right now? Can’t seem to find a goal in life.)*

Then I’m in a large room with several people about & we are all cheering, applauding that our native son, so to speak, has been elected President of the United States.

We cheer again & again & again. First Trump was Pres, then another guy, then this young person. But I think logically & I tell my friends,

“Look, every President had some qualifications. Some were Senators, others Congressman. Our boy is neither, & he has never done anything, he is inexperienced, it doesn’t make sense. He was CHOSEN arbitrarily.

I then see a jacket, lying there, where you can see the inside back where the whitish label is. There’s a wheel on top of this jacket, like the wheel of fortune. It goes around & has a spike. Wherever the spike stops, that person is chosen. It stops on the label of this person’s jacket – Our native son. So he is chosen for no reason but fate.

I see this young guy tall, all grey, body, head, face, clothes, everything all grey.

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*(NATIVE SON CHOSEN FOR PRESIDENT, NO LOGIC, JUST FATE, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, SPOKE GOES INTO WHITE LABEL: The white label gives it away – union or matrimony. This young person is CHOSEN, is it to be my husband? He is to human sense, not QUALIFIED but yet God, fate, Wheel of Fortune, has made it so. It’s like the elections which I insist to all friends, these Presidents are NOT chosen by the people’s votes, they are chosen by the shadow govt.

THE SPOKE: Is brown metal, spokes are nails, like the nails in Our Lord’s hands & feet, indicating the will of God.

THE LABEL: A label gives the definition of what is there – the company who makes the garment, the size of the garment, possibly the fabric. It DEFINES the garment or NAMES it. What does this mean in the context of this dream? It names the person who is not voted on, by people, but CHOSEN BY FATE to be yours.

HE ALL GREY, HEAD, CLOTHING, EVERYTHING: All of him will be on you, like his mind, body, everything, focused on you.)*


12-16-20-Two Souls Purgatory

I am out somewhere partying, like at a bar, trying to have fun it seems. It’s not a big space. After a while I’m just sitting in a chair on the edge of things, it seems like people are around me, but there’s an empty dance floor. I’ve been looking for men to dance with but now there aren’t any.
To my surprise a lady comes up to me & asks me to dance. She’s small, old, & is wearing a sort of ‘Christmas’ sweater. It’s vanilla in color, thick, hand knitted maybe, large cords, long sleeves, a bit loose on her, & is covered with what look like Christmas decorations in red, green & other colors.
She looks in her eighties, her hair is grey with blonde, sort of puffy but sparse, to her shoulders. I thought she really wanted to dance & felt a bit strange at first dancing with a female but then said OK, go for it.
She leads me to a ‘dance floor’ area just a few feet beyond. It’s like a CAVE, a round cave with a low ceiling. The people around us are dancing. I begin to TRY to dance with her, I try to go around but she isn’t holding my hands right, then I try to make her go around but she doesn’t seem to be able to. Her motions are so limited, I think ‘she can’t dance at all, she can hardly do one step.’ Not sure what else happens with her.

*(LADY ASKS ME TO DANCE: a Soul in Purgatory.

CAVE: Her designated spot in Purgatory, a place of limitation. I saw my Dad in Purgatory in a cave. Anything with a low ceiling or limited sky, places that show limitation indicate Purgatory.
CHRISTMAS SWEATER: Might be a gift I have given her by saying the Holy Mass. This has cheered her up greatly, so she wants to dance, but still can’t do much. It means she cannot enjoy the Heavenly Graces of God much, only a tiny bit. She has improved.
HER HAIR: Sparse hair with grey or white is she isn’t happy yet – but could be an improvement – don’t know what she was before. Hair represents thoughts, rays coming from our head. Thick hair would be healthy thoughts, being bald would be INSANE. Grey would mean worry.
SHE IS OLD: She has not yet regained her spiritual youth, vigor & power. If you saw the movie, ‘The ghost & Mrs. Muir with Gene Tierney you would see where when she died, an old lady, her spirit rises out of her body a beautiful young woman. Then Rex Harrison escorts her into heaven. And so, as you progress in Purgatory, as the result of sins falls away, your souls becomes brighter & more beautiful, seen as young, vivacious. She isn’t there yet.
From the internet: “At the very end, Lucy—having lived a long and in many ways full life—settles down into the chair where the Captain first found her. He comes to get her, and she stands up and she’s radiant young Gene Tierney again.”)*

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Prior to that I was in a room closer to the door & maybe near some windows, in a row. The window closest to the male is light blue, some sort of a fitted shade on the bottom 7/8th of it. There’s a young man on what I would call a ‘slab.’ It’s like a bed, but a slab. Seems I was lying with him on this thing, dancing, not making love, dancing. Then we stop.
*(ROOM CLOSER TO THE DOOR: This is a place close to the ‘exit’ & with some opportunity for ascension {window}. This refers to exiting Purgatory, his ascension is imminent.
ON A SLAB: The slab in a mortuary. He’s dead.
ON THE SLAB/BED, DANCING WITH HIM: Apparently I have been intimate with this person’s being, transmitting Grace into him. Dancing is associated with the result of Grace – Grace brings us LIFE-ENERGY – results in our being stimulated or dancing for joy.
WINDOW/S, NEAREST HIM COVERED WITH 7/8 LIGHT BLUE SHADE: Light blue is the color most people ASCEND into Heaven in. There are other pastel colors, such as rose & violet, but blue is the most common. Notice part of this window allows white light in, also the window next to it is all white light. White is also a common aura people have.
Here we have two sources of Light/Grace near this dead male – One coming in through the windows, the other apparently transmitted to him by me, in intimate contact.)*

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I’m a few feet away from him now, looking at him. His skin is light cocoa & he is cute. All his clothes are thin blue dungaree material, he seems to be ‘skin & bone’ & he says to me that we could not ‘make love’ because I ‘would kill him.’ He’s referring to his being so small/thin, my being big & heavier. As I chat with him on the slab he seems to be glowing in blue light.

*(GLOWING IN LIGHT BLUE: This is the biggest hint that this soul will NOW ASCEND. It is the Light by which we ascend, our souls, when liberated from the darkness of attachment to the earth & sinfulness.
HE IS CUTE: refers to his soul being cleaned, we see the beauty of the God-Self Soul, without the stains of sin.

HIS LIGHTNESS, MY HEAVINESS WOULD KILL HIM: He is definitely referring to his new lightness spiritually, the weight of his sins has been removed. In Egypt they had an analogy in ‘Book of the Dead’ where God would weigh your soul on one side of the scale, against a feather in the other, & if your soul was heavier than the feather you could not ascend.
I have just finished transmitting Grace into him which has made him glow with blue Light. Why is he referring to my bigness, weight, much greater than his, that would ‘kill’ him if we made love? Is this saying my flesh is somehow attached to the earth?

Mother God says: “No, he is referring to not human weight, but your huge God Power, where when you merge with a human/mortal, it is DEATH to them–not the death to their spirit but the earthly ego, attachment. That is why demons trembled when Jesus came near, the demoniacs wailed & shouted why is he TORTURING them before their time? The Presence of a Holy Person filled with God’s Grace fills dark souls with TERROR, makes sinners UNCOMFORTABLE.

When a Soul dies & stands before the ‘Throne of God’ to see what their ‘immediate judgement’ is – they are measured according to how much Light is in their soul. If there is NO LIGHT they automatically appear in Hell. It means they were never ‘born again,’ did not repent their sins, never received the Love of God supernaturally. But if they are redeemed, there is Light in their soul, to different degrees, depending on how much there is they immediately appear in various states of Purgatory .

In the vision ‘Cry of a Lost Soul’ a female who never received God appears before Her & CANNOT STAND the awful Majesty, Grandeur, Power & Love of God. She wants to be sent AS FAR AWAY FROM GOD AS POSSIBLE because she knows she has lost God, by her own decision; she does not deserve God, & the Presence of God or awareness of what she has lost is SO PAINFUL she cannot bear it, so to Hell she goes. This is the torture of those in Hell, as well as the partial torture of those in Purgatory, what hurts the most is the loss of God.

What this Soul is referring to is the Light within you that would annihilate the human-ness of a person who is far from God, when they would have intimate contact with you – It would make them extremely uncomfortable, like you are killing them. That’s how sinners feel when near God.)*
I tell him that’s not how it is – How much do you weigh? I ask him twice but don’t understand his answer. He says 40.40 – the second part I’m not sure of, it might be 40.03. I say to him, is that in another measurement, not pounds, what are you in pounds?
I then get a bit bored here. I look at a box of white clothing sitting there, like it’s just been laundered, & see my white dungarees that I really like. I might change into them. I say to someone after looking around the bar,

*(WHITE DUNGAREES: White clothing, a whole box of them, refers to ‘white robes’ of ‘virgins’ ascending into Heaven – it’s a hint about going there.)*
“It’s dead here, let’s go find another bar.”

In my mind’s eye I see a street I’m familiar with – have been hanging around there a lot. Surely there must be some bars that have some people interesting to talk to, even if not many people are around.
*(IT’S DEAD HERE, LET’S FIND ANOTHER BAR, which you are familiar with: This refers to HEAVEN. You are saying to this ‘man on a slab’ who just got filled up with blue light & is glowing, let’s leave here & go to a better place, which I am familiar with. This dream says you are familiar with places in Heaven, & you will escort this lucky Soul there!)*

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12-15-20 Vision

Heard a male say

“I’m going to marry you.”
I said who said that, & it was my Beloved. I asked him
“Why do you want to marry me?”
He said,
“So I can be with you & God here in Heaven on earth & in eternity.”
My inner voice said,

“He knows he can’t treat you any more the way he did. You are in control now. He knows he can’t be with you unless there’s a relationship, a decent one, public, with all the attention a man gives his wife.”
*(MEANING: It took a complete withdrawal from my Lover to make him appreciate me. Apparently he loves me in true love, as he hasn’t forgotten me, it’s been a long time, & he holds me in his heart still. Only God knows what I went through for him.)*


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