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Interpreted for a friend


          I’m in a CITY – not a big one, a beautiful one like a resort city. Some buildings remind me of ancient Italy, old hotels & such, the streets are lovely – a feeling of grandeur & a touch of luxury.


          *(RESORT CITY: A local city where many hung out or partied. Luxury is because they spent money for fun & pleasure, not necessities.)*

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          Then it starts BURNING here & there – nothing horrible or terrible, but one never knows where a fire will go. I’m near an outdoor faucet & I just doused some flames with a wet towel. I then decide to see if I can help & I have several dry towels here, like the ones in my rag-bag in the kitchen, old pale pink & white. I put them under the faucet (its low, attached to the corner of a building) & see about going into this alley & if there’s any flames there, I’ll put the towels on them.


          *(BURNING HERE & THERE: Many businesses have closed down, fire is destruction, their businesses are destroyed. It’s not all businesses – all what they call ‘non essential, bars, restaurants, hair, nails, etc.)


I gave some help & am thinking of giving more – don’t know what that means. Probably being a patron & giving some places business—but this says it won’t make any difference.)*


         But as I look into the alley, I see thick white columns, square, like 4-5’ thick, they seem to be covered in white plaster, & there are parts of this same material over the top—{it’s impressive & bright here, not a dark alley, a bright one} & I think,

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          “No I must not go in there, as one doesn’t know how the fires are acting, it might make this structure collapse, fall on me – I’d be trapped, could get killed.”


          *(Me: MomGod I haven’t a clue. White can be purity, marriage, plaster could be getting drunk, large columns– they actually look like a STUPA, which is a Buddhist structure to honor the religion:


          The stupa (“stupa” is Sanskrit for heap) is an important form of Buddhist architecture, though it predates Buddhism. It is generally considered to be a sepulchral monument—a place of burial or a receptacle for religious objects.


          She: A sepulcher as this explains is a place of burial. At the end of this dream you see his housemate leaving – the end of their relationship. You felt sorry for them & it occurred to you to even help them because of the child. But that won’t do – not a good idea this says as it might ‘collapse’ or in other words, backfire on you – as many of your good deeds have. This is saying ‘leave it alone,’ – don’t help them, let this take its course, it’s working toward your benefit. )*

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          So I avoid going there thinking also that my small help won’t do anything to the major flareups. But I do go to my apt that I’ve seen in dreams many times. It has a ‘secret entrance’ & half the time I don’t have the key. But this time as I try the front door I see it isn’t locked – possibly because of the emergency situation going on someone left it unlocked for easy access, you don’t want people fumbling for keys during an emergency. Strangely, the door is plain, no handle or knob or anything, a sort of grey with off-pink shade in a ‘swish’ paint pattern, but vague & dull.


          *(MY SECRET APT, DON’T ALWAYS HAVE THE KEY: This is a place of consciousness. Could mean a place where secrets are revealed, so this dream is a revelation. ‘Don’t always have the key’ means I can’t get all the secrets, but this time I do.)*


          As I go up the stairs I hear ‘woosh, woosh.’ Then looking to my right behind some short rail posts I see a woman on her porch {just for one second, I hardly see her but get how she looks—notice this porch is facing the front or the light as light comes from here} & she’s using a broom with short bristles, 2-3” long, like 10” across, brushing her porch, which I think she hosed because of the fires – but now wants to brush the excess off. This must be some sort of business because she says brusquely to me,

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          “WE’RE CLOSED.”


          I say to her,

          “I don’t want anything.”


          I sensed maybe this was a restaurant, I am not a patron. I was going to check my apt. The woman is ugly, middle aged, with short hair just like her brush, her voice is ugly, emotionless, and brusque – as she brushes the water it goes against those posts, making them dirty –this scene is unattractive.


          *(WE’RE CLOSED, I sensed this was a restaurant, ugly woman, ugly scene, etc:

         This is the

RESTAURANT where my boyfriend’s housemate worked—It’s been closed & could remain so longer than anticipated. Everything about this place being unattractive is a hint that nothing will work out here for those involved.)*


          Then I’m outside on a hill looking down on the city. There is this large building, like a hotel, & its ballroom is completely open on the side, as if it had doors that opened the entire side of the building & I’m looking inside.

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          The ballroom is huge – maybe 100’ across & 50’ wide, the floor is lacquered hardwood—on the side of the room way back is luxurious furniture I vaguely see, places to sit– & someone has taken a hose & is watering the floor to protect against these fires– it’s not like huge blazes – they are small fires, but you don’t know where they’ll end up. But these small fires are causing havoc & people are stressed & querulous where they’re going.


          *(FIRES, TRYING TO PROTECT THE FLOOR, THE LUXURY PLACE: This beautiful place is one I favor, they’re trying to preserve ‘the bottom line,’ (floor is bottom) keeping it going so they don’t go bankrupt—doing ‘takeout’ items.)*


          On this hill as I look down I have a large vista & what I see next is women leaving. They all seem Hispanic, all beautifully dressed & wearing makeup – I have no idea why, it’s like they’re dressed for parties.


          *(HISPANIC, they all seem: These are ordinary people or the poor who work in jobs that have been shut down as they are called ‘non essential.’


          Me: MomGod, why are they all dressed in party dresses & wearing makeup? It doesn’t go with the meaning.


          She: It might mean all the pretty bartenders & waitresses out of jobs—seeking new situations, jobs or moving in with relatives or friends that can help.)*

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          I see women two & two saying goodbyes & leaving, one woman with another. One in particular is wearing a black party dress, with a layer of black lace sticking out on the bottom {about a foot wide}, it’s a mini-skirt, she’s pretty & young. I ask her & others,


          “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?”


          She & the others ignore me – I don’t think they see me or notice me or else think I’m irrelevant.


          I get the feeling those leaving have family out in the country; they will join them to get out of the precarious situation here.

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          *(GIRL IN BLACK, LACK LACE, PARTY DRESS: This is the housemate of my bf Craig. She has no employment, therefore, cannot pay rent & bills & is leaving to go live with others–where I am not given to see. But the black, especially LACE, spells the end of her relationship with Craig. Black lace is the opposite of white lace. White lace is marriage; black lace is end of marriage.


TWO BY TWO: This might be saying she’s moving in with another female.)*

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