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By Rasa Von Werder, December 30th, 2020



Theater of the Mind – Dreams



Many dreams. In one, my ex-Lover is telling me he’s been having ‘a lot of sex.’ He seems to be physically worn out from it – but he’s been desperate for sex since losing me.

I also have an experience with the lady – who he’s having sex with. She comes to me like a friend, confesses to me about him. I see her as two people, one a child, the other grown up. She seems to be close & intimate with me, like she’s in love or infatuated with ME. I comfort her, & send her on her way to him, leave her there & tell her I’m leaving. She & her daughter both have soft, light cocoa skin, it even seems fuzzy, it’s so soft.

*(INFATUATED WITH ME: This is a telling symbol. It says that I am inside Lover Bob through the Mystical Marriage, so when she is intimate with him, she also is with me. She’s relating to me while relating to him. That puts a big stamp of reality to the mystical marriage.

I feel no jealousy. I know this will pass. He’s in desperate need of love, trying to get it, eventually it will fall apart. So I have no worries as to us. This female is NOT his earthly wife – who obviously he doesn’t love.)*

Later on there is something about a young man – we’re in public. He’s very young, I’m old, & for us to publicly be together might create a stir. But we do get together in this glass gallery, in the front row. He’s dressed in fabric, hat & outfit, with little multi-colored flowers all over it. We are talking sweet nothings to each other & I see a man beyond looking at us, maybe jealous.

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My lover appears to me like ‘the Michelin Man’, so puffed up. Puffed shoulders, cheeks puffed up, he’s huge, has a black Mohican haircut, lots hair on top, cut crewcut on sides.

*(PUFFED UP: This is nourishment. Recently I had dreams of his being gaunt, skinny, with bags under eyes, skin wrinkled & sallow. This showed his lack of love nourishment, being empty, starving for True Love. This is the opposite.

We met during the night spiritually & gave one another True Love. What is Love in this context? It is ENERGY, the highest, most refined, powerful, nourishing energy. It is not LUST.

I dreamed yesterday he was doing a lot of sex. This is just fukking. It is not power or nourishment. Hungry for love, he’s found a girl that will let him do it, he’s doing it to her regularly, thinking he will feel relief from his pain. But it isn’t working. You can jack off with your hand or with another person’s body again & again, but without True Love, there is nothing stimulating your Soul – it’s only physical, & it can actually hurt rather than help, in the end. This is what he’s been experiencing, this is why I’m not jealous, because I know it’s shallow.

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But now, his being ‘puffed up’ is being fattened up with True Love, happiness being fused into his soul, we met, we exchanged true love, we were nourished.)*

He comes up to me, we are embracing, I am like in his arms but sort of like have my legs around him. We’re in my bed in the B’klyn apt after I redecorated it, very beautiful, on my large bed.

When he says I love you I also say it, & he says ‘You make me happy’ & I say it too. Not sure who says each thing first, but this is more than a dream. We are really together, it is an experience, in real time, we are connecting, sharing love & speaking. I feel nourished by love.

Then I wake up & fall asleep again & see us again, & tis time, we have a baby. The baby looks just like him, all puffed up, the Michelin man style.

*(BABY: Fruit of our love. Something is born, is alive. Need to think more on this. Could mean an increase so great that he is replicated or reproduced, another one of him is born. Don’t know how to explain it in spiritual terms.)*

Please see my dream book on Lulu – “Theater of the Mind” – Has a dictionary with many symbols. Am working on a new book now.


GuruRasa answers, What is the purpose of dreams? Q 1 WHAT is a dream? A A communication system from the unconscious mind to the conscious Q 2 What are SYMBOLS? A The MEANS by which the unconscious SPEAKS to the conscious Q 3 What is the PURPOSE of dreams? A Dreams accomplish these things and more: 1 They SAVE LIVES and SOULS……………………………… 2 Warn us of danger; physical, emotional and spiritual to ourselves and others 3 Tell us the true feelings, intentions or interior state of others 4 Reveal our own interior state, sins, virtues and gifts, phobias and desires 5 Explain mysterious situations or incidents 6 Explain WHAT WOULD BE if we did a certain thing 7 Explain the reactions of others to us if we met them or communicated with them 8 Explain what TO DO or NOT TO DO

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