By Rasa Von Werder, March 30th, 2020


Will The Crash Of 2020 Accelerate The Transition To Matriarchy?

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Four years ago, I posted an article on the True Spirit of America Party blog titled, “Is the Crash of 2016 Upon Us?“, as well as an article on this blog titled, “Will the Coming Crash of 2016 Accelerate the Transition to Matriarchy?“.  In the first, I outlined the various reasons why I predict that author Thom Hartmann was probably right in that there will be another financial crisis and stock market crash in 2016, perhaps even one that that will make 2008 and even 1929 look like a walk in the park.  Looks like that didn’t materialize in 2016, as that year is now in the rearview mirror, but seems to be happening right now in fact.  Yes I know, I could in fact be wrong.  But recent events are making it look increasingly likely every day.

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The bubble–scratch that, BOIL–looks like it has been lanced.  And the novel coronavirus (now called COVID-19) would have been almost a non-event in terms of its effect the stock market had the market not been so grossly overvalued and precarious in the first place.  Not just stocks, but bonds and derivatives as well.  This can get real ugly real fast!

So what does that have to do with Matriarchy and the inevitable transition in that direction?  Turns out, a lot in fact.  Basically, in order for Women to finally reclaim their rightful position as the new leaders of the free world, men need to surrender to them.  And most men will not surrender until they truly hit rock bottom.  It’s just our nature that way.   Of course, even with the most cursory look at the statistics (and an open mind), we can all see the writing on the wall.  Women are rising, while men are falling.  In fact, Women have already crossed the Rubicon in terms of education and are well on their way to becoming the richer gender, meanwhile us fellas are falling away and falling apart.  We are being gradually replaced by both Women (for higher-skilled jobs) as well as robots/machines/AI (for less-skilled jobs), our wages have been falling, our once-great  labor unions have been busted by the powerful men at the top who threw the bottom 80-90% of us under the bus, and we are thus are becoming increasingly redundant.  And the past two recessions, especially 2008-2009, have basically been dubbed “mancessions“, in which men got hit significantly harder than women in terms of un(der)employment (excluding of course the “austerity” government budget cuts that happened in 2010-2013, that hurt Women more than men).  We must note, and it bears repeating, that this is NOT the fault of Women, but rather the result of our very own karma.

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Thus, if the next or current crash is like 2008 or worse, I predict that men will likely be collectively hit so hard that they will never fully recover.   We still haven’t fully recovered from the last one, so this time would likely be the ultimate death blow for us.  Sooner or later, it is only a matter of time before men will literally be begging women for a bailout.  And when that happens, Women would then be in the power position.  Not right away, of course, but we can see how this could accelerate the transition in the medium to long run.

Donald Trump was unfortunately elected  POTUS as of January 20, 2017, as he “won” the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton despite losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. 

RASA SAYS:  Indeed Hillary was elected our President but the Demonic Shadow Govt gave it to Trump.  He is NOT our President, he is Satan’s.


That seemed to set the Women’s movement back quite a bit, at least in theory.  But this is America’s “dark night of the soul”, thus also a time of transformation.  Look no further than the #MeToo movement to see how galvanized Women have become.  And now in 2020, soon Trump will be out of office (hopefully replaced by Bernie Sanders) and we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel, God willing.

(This is true not only for the Trump era, but for the entire 40 years of neoliberalism since Reagan and Thatcher as well.)

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So fellas, it is time to do some serious soul-searching.  If you have not yet renounced the demonic patriarchy in all of its forms, now is the time to do it.  God willing, we will soon need Women to rescue us.  Because let’s face it, we have dug our own graves and will be in over our heads in no time.  It will happen sooner than you think.  And when Women finally do take over, they will remember exactly how they were treated, so it really behooves us fellas to clean up our act yesterday.

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