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Old Woman, Young Man – Why They Belong Together


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Old Woman, Young Man – Why They Belong Together 

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Thank you

To all the friends who have encouraged me in my endeavors, especially William Bond, Steve Andrews, Yasmeen Stewart, Mikraus, Nick Kushner, Rudy Strauss, Virginia, Mary Jane Murphy, Howard, Kathleen the channeler,  Judy Levy, Mercurius Trismegistus, Gilbert McCrary, Diva Taunia, Amber Meadows, Randy Roach, Mark Hopkins, Sergio Daneri, “Slave Bob,” Kestel, Marlis, & to those I have forgot, a triple hug to you!


To the students at BinghamtonUniversity who give me so much attention & love, a big warm embrace for you all.


Table of Contents


Opening Remarks………………………………………………………8


Chapter 1 – Discussion on Matriarchy With William Bond……….47



Chapter 2 – William Bond & Rasa Discuss the Work …………………52


Chapter 3 – Discussion on Matriarchy With Bard of Ely………….81


Chapter 4 – Not All Women are Goddesses……………………………….86


Chapter 5 – Sex Instructions for College Kids…………………………89


Chapter 6 – Domination & Equality…………………………………………….94


Chapter 7 – The Morton Downey Jr. Show…………………………………98


Chapter 8 – Rasa Begins to Explain Who She is……………………….101


Chapter 9 – Men Will Become Slaves Of Women!……………………………………………………………..126


Chapter 10 – Why Males are Bizarre…………………………………………129


Chapter 11 – Evils of Circumcision……………………………………………145


Chapter 12 – On the Origins of Evil

With Bard of Ely……………………………………………………150


Chapter 13 – The Underlying Factors &  Closing Remarks……………………………………………………159


 Old Woman, Young Man – Why They Belong Together


Opening Remarks


This book shows one of the facets of the coming Matriarchy – old women with young men will be a common sight. 


The word “vision” is explained by the great mystic, (Saint) Mary of Agreda, as having several dimensions, one of which is Intellectual Vision or Understanding.  To understand a complicated or difficult thing “at once” or by “revelation” is to have a VISION of it, which means, that one sees THE WHOLE PICTURE, that she sees it not in part, but the entire whole.


At 20 Kellie Everts exploded on the Hollywood modeling circuit. Here you see what men do, take a beautiful, perfect woman & degrade her with the term “cheap dates.”  This book denounces male domination with its lack of respect of women & all life.


The Lies of Patriarchy


In our world, to understand the vision of Matriarchy is not an easy thing, because the entire culture is mind control for Patriarchy, which is opposite to Matriarchy, and the brainwashing begins in infancy, and by the time a person grows up, unless something happens,  they are lost to Patriarchal thinking.

Importance of Ashley Montagu:  Touch!


Ashley Montagu was one of the great teachers of touch.  Consider babies in orphanages (or homes) simply DIED when they were not being touched (except for absolute necessities like bathing, feeding & diaper changes.)  One wonders if people are not also dying for the body / mind / heart need of touch – hugging, caressing, massaging, rubbing, & when appropriate, sensual kissing, licking, sucking & humping.  People are moving to SUBSTANCES, legal & illegal, to stifle their pain.  Can some of this pain be alleviated by the natural, God-given remedy of TOUCH?


For me, escape from Patriarchy started long ago – in part by seeing Ashley Montagu on the David Susskind “Open End” show.  Here was a man espousing female supremacy, an outrageous idea both then and even now, circa 2011. His book, “The Natural Superiority of Women,” was published in 1952, he promoted it years hence, and it must have been “59 or “60 when I saw him.


Ashley Montagu put a seed in my head that grew, and I knew that if women really were superior to men, (and he had the proof, based on their having two X chromosomes compared to male having one), then everything taught in our world was wrong, the basic premise of our culture was faulty, and nothing that was right was being promulgated.  And so, I studied everything around me, trying to figure out why it was all men’s way, but it took years to fall into place.

At age 20 in 1965 I knew little but suspected something was wrong with our society.  The second wave of the feminist movement had begun, with Betty Freidan’s “The Feminine Mystique,” (Feb. 1963) – which taught that men were portraying women as either happy housewives or neurotic career women.  I was on the career path & observed that too many doors were closed to women.  Later I learned the term “institutionalized discrimination,” & that devaluing, degrading women was a big part of this.


I Enter the Internet


Why does she look so happy?  Because she’s enjoying the beginning of sensual touch & mutual God-given pleasure.  Touching, loving, is a remedy for ills, made so by God & Nature.  Why does God make touch & sex so pleasurable?  So we would STAY ALIVE through HEALTH, giving us MOTIVE TO LIVE, & also, btw, procreate life. The PURPOSE OF SEX IS TO SHARE LOVE, the by-product of it is children.


When I entered the internet in 2004, it was not for Matriarchal but spiritual work. But soon, the Female Empowerment concept entered in, arising from natural instinct within my soul. I added this and “The Feminine Divine” to the curriculum  of “Woman, Thou Art God”, and soon after much research concerning these subjects arrived. It is ironic that most of the information/research to prove the downfall of men and the uprising of women – came from the opposite sex.



They said I couldn’t make it – haha.  Never listen to people around you when they are negative, resist their statements.  IT’S ALL IN THE MIND –HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF DETERMINES YOUR HAPPINESS.  In the end, happiness is all that matters.  Don’t pray for things, for some specific person to love you, pray for happiness, love yourself.


William Bond and Other Great Souls


 Sexuality must be REDEFINED in Matriarchal terms.  Patriarchy has REPRESSED sex & filled it with rules & regulations that stifle the natural instinct (meanwhile all sorts of atrocities are committed, secretly, mostly by the needy males, because people’s natural instinct is twisted, & flows against nature.)  The Culture of Death – necrophilia – Patriarchy – has lifted DEATH & destruction to a pedestal (WAR!) while making sex A DIRTY WORD!  How did things get so turntable?  It is because the natural instinct of male is TO KILL (in theory, to protect us, but it has run amuck!) & so they find JUSTIFICATION in all things murderous while defaming all things LIFE, such as sex & its pleasure.  Notice how sex is USED & ABUSED but never JUST ACCEPTED as totally natural, & more than benign, it’s bountiful, delightful & even SACRED!  In Matriarchy – biophilia – the Culture of Life (thanks Mary Daly for the terms!) sex is seen as POSITIVE!   

William Bond appeared– I call him “The Prophet of Matriarchy.”  He’d been on the internet for eight years before me, on “Women Should Rule the World”, – he’d published two books, “Gospel of the Goddess”, with Pamela Suffield and “Make Love, Not War”, he had big yahoo groups, later adding blogs, and was the first person to give Matriarchal lectures on Youtube.  William was an inspiration and example for me, – I thought, if he could do it, I could and soon caught up with him in production of material.  I learned from the writings of William, I use his quotes as some of the sharpest points for Matriarchy – a favorite being that women are corks which men held them down, but once they let go, women popped up.  He also pushed the idea of female nurturing power, vs. males lack thereof; that women care for others, men don’t, and so, women should rule the world.  On top of that he explained that when men are brutalized, they become brutal, but under the same conditions, women do not, because of their maternal instinct. And so, he says, males can be mind controlled, brain washed, to commit atrocities, as in war. He had worked his theses out before I appeared.  I had been in different arenas, on the world stage, instituting female competitive body building (causing machisma), (was awarded by the WBBG in 2007 as the Progenitor of modern competitive female body building), “Stripping for God,” (proving spirituality and sexuality do mix) and as a professional “dominant woman,” espoused that females are superior and should rule the family and world – my manifesto was repeated on national TV shows.  I was not yet preaching Matriarchy – William was the catalyst to get me into that frame of mind.

 Age 20, Hollywood work


We became friends, but jealous women (as usual) interfered so it was rocky, but all was made right.  These women, who temporarily succeeded in pulling William away from me twice, have had no success in the Female Empowerment arena, and returned to the oblivion they deserve.  William is again my partner, and this time for keeps, as he claims I am the leader of our movement.           

Kellie Everts

Hollywood, age 20


Building the Vision


What woman does not like to have her feet kissed, a symbol of veneration & worship?  When the old women mentor the man/boys they will teach this sort of thing, whereas thrown to girls their own age, guys don’t learn much, except “give me a blow job” & hump.  The girls complain bitterly how inept they are, & the remedy is THEY MUST BE TAUGHT.  Girls don’t have the AUTHORITY to take charge of males & teach them, it HAS TO BE the old women!  (by old I am referring to women over fifty!)


There were other important people.  Mark Hopkins had produced a site that was supreme, where he’d gathered research for four books called “The Fall of Mankind,” proving “the future belongs to women,” and there exists a “male decline and extinction.”  He rocked my world, I’m glad that I downloaded his site, because I can no longer find it on the internet.  Mark’s site is one of the most priceless on the web, a one-of-a-kind creation. I  shuddered at the thought some day it might not be there, and that day seems to have come. (Later on, I saw pictures of Mark Hopkins  - I never knew the physics genius I’d been sharing ideas with was a hottie on the scale of one to ten, a twelve!) 

My disciples Michael Krause and Nicolas Strachan have been very helpful.  Mark Hopkins has been great.  Dozens of people took part in “building the vision”, even women (usually competitive & unfriendly to me – this is changing) helped!  Pretty soon, I had all the information needed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why Patriarchy is evil to the core, why men cannot rule the world, why women have to take authority, and that, indeed, Patriarchy is declining and Matriarchy is coming.














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