By Rasa Von Werder, December 6th, 2020

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Saturday, December 5, 2020


Female Empowerment Is Still Our Only Hope

Just a reminder to everyone that despite current events, or rather a fortiori because of current events, we need Female Empowerment more than ever before. While a full-blown Matriarchy is still a while away and we seem to be heading into a new dark age of totalitarian technocracy (i.e. the so-called “Great Reset”), Women must never give up and let their hard-won progress thus far be eroded any further. After all, all oligarchies, plutocracies, kleptocracies, and technocracies (or all of the above) are patriarchal at their core. As a man I obviously don’t have nearly all of the answers, nor do I claim to truly know the details of how to do it, but what I do know in my heart of hearts is that only Women collectively can truly halt and reverse for good the utterly dark and dystopian future to which we are otherwise headed, Goddess willing.

Now is NOT the time to sit on one’s laurels, give up hope, or make the perfect the enemy of the good in any way. Nor is it the time to take advice from fools, charlatans, mouthpieces of the oligarchy/technocracy/ patriarchy, or an even worse category: the vile and demonic Phyllis Schlafly types who masquerade as feminists (or even as self-proclaimed Radical Feminists) but are really patriarchal to the core or otherwise throw other Women under the bus for their own worldly gains, often disguised as concern-trolling. A good litmus test for that latter category is how they react to the works of the author Mark Regnerus, as anyone who agrees with his poisonous words are not really feminists and do not support genuine Female Empowerment. Which by the way, is both individual AND collective empowerment, NOT an either/or.

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Bottom line, Women need to get into as many positions of power as possible, in as many places at as many levels as possible, as quickly as possible. Time is running out.

So go forth and make old Buckminster Fuller proud!

(See also a previous article here as well for a more detailed discussion on the ultimate kill switch to smash the patriarchy.)


RASA SAYS: “Can Female Power Save the Planet”? It is the ONLY HOPE.


When women ruled & Mother God was worshiped, there were no wars or weapons of war.  See the studies of Marija Gimbutas, anthropologist.

When men overpowered the planet starting 7K years ago, there began the Age of Kali, an era of evil which is mercifully short lived, so say the sages.

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There is NO SYSTEM that male has ever devised that is the proper answer for our society. Every system they create, as outlined previously by Ajax, is corrupt. Even the great religions, such as those started by Jesus or other Saints & Prophets, become corrupt once males get hold of them.  See the writings of the great William Bond.

What is wrong with Patriarchy? It is male nature at its core. Males want to FIGHT – they want power & authority, to build harems.  See the work of Dr. Bryan Sykes, “Adam’s Curse, a Future Without Men.”  They cannot think outside the box, this is the box they are in & will forever stay.

The nature of women is to take care of people, they have compassion & mercy. Their nature will never change, they will always be care givers.

And so, depending on who is ruling, we either have violent, greedy bastards or caring, compassionate women, choose your pick, it is one or the other, Patriarchy or Matriarchy. Patriarchs cannot, will not ever devise or run a legit system, that is impossible given their nature, & women can never do any thing but care for others, Matriarchy.

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What do we do now that Patriarchs are ready to strike harder than any government has ever done? We can pray. We can keep our faith, hope & trust in Mother God & we can work for her doctrine. One of the things no one is doing but me – promote the facts about male extinction. That will wake people up. Why listen to men that are going extinct? Why does Mother God want to remove them?

Rasa Von Werder 12-5-2020


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