Martin Luther King Jr. Part 2

By Rasa Von Werder, July 8th, 2021


Part 2   Chapter 14 -   Channel Martin Luther King Jr.

ME:   We have gotten quite comprehensive here & I agree with all that you say. Now the difference between women gathering & blacks gathering in order to free themselves, how does it work? Why is it harder for women?


STM:   I began to explain how Africans have appeared here only lately, their freedom has been stolen not so long ago, & so, they still had something to hold onto which was their true identity, or one they were proud of, whereas for women, their culture – that of Matriarchy – existed thousands of years ago. During these many generations, women’s culture has been erased, denigrated, repudiated, swept under the rug, studies non-funded, disrespected, & denied.


Women have been forced into Patriarchal beliefs, religions, ideas, agendas, behaviors, for an incredibly long time. Females were made dependent on males economically – enslaved – & pathways to freedom or opportunity were shut down. Women were intimidated, silenced & murdered just as the blacks were {even after the Civil war, lynching, Ku Klux Klan activities, economic slavery through share cropping & lack of jobs, Jim Crow laws, hate & prejudice, ostracism, marginalization} – women were deprived education until recently, just as blacks were. The top Universities only opened their ranks to women in 1976. {Knowledge is power}

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ME:   OK, then, again, explain why women don’t gather. What do they feel, think & expect when someone invites them to form groups & fight for their rights, fight for Female Supremacy, or fight for their own religion? Why can’t they do it?


STM:   It’s fear, the fear inside them overwhelms their desire for freedom. In the cage they know they’re fed, housed, clothed. That’s how men wanted it. ‘We will take care of you’ they are saying, while at the same time taking away autonomy, choice, everything a human or animal might want.


ME:   But I thought that was far behind us. Women are now earning money, some more than men. Younger women especially, when they are educated & join the work place in big corporate & govt subsidized businesses, such as where my husband worked, get 90k per year while he & other guys who had been there 30 years were still paid 60k for the same work. There are huge advancements; I have said that Matriarchy is here in a vestigial form.


STM:   Vestigial is correct. Yes it is here but like an embryo. The embryo might have to develop for 200 years or more. Indeed, women are way freer than they were, but their brain-waves have not caught up with their opportunities. In their heads they are like the elephant, who, when he was a baby was chained to a stake he could not pull out. The elephant grew & can now pull the stake out, but he believes he can’t, so he doesn’t try.


          When you suggest to a woman to join a group where we will speak about forming the new religion, the first things they think of are what will their boyfriend or husband or family think? If they ask their family – the family is patriarchal – they will ask her what will her boyfriend or husband think? They are if not so much economically, – mentally & emotionally still dependent on men. They fear what men will think of them & do to them – chastise them, scold them, deny them something, forbid them, get angry & even strike them, etc. They know men will not like women setting off & starting something of their own. They want to be liked & loved by men. Only lesbians would be less afraid or not afraid. But even they have some fear. Why? They might not be emotionally dependent on a man but the ones in mainstream or professional work might be dependent on a society which gives jobs in which people network, & if they are ostracized from this society for eccentric behavior, such as helping form a new religion for women only, they might not get the job or lose the job they have. Reputation is important. Look how society ostracizes you for being in the adult trade.

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ME:   But we can do this in secret, can we not? Men conduct many of their behaviors in secret. They cheat on their wives in secret. They do pedophilia in secret. What they do at their men’s clubs is private. They have all kinds of men’s clubs they’ve been habituating for ages. Why don’t women have such clubs?


STM:   For the very same reasons we have been talking about – they are enslaved by men in various ways & it’s going to take a mighty long time for them to get free, way longer than you hope. They don’t have the courage you do. As far as secrecy, it can be done but not easily.


ME:   OK, it has to do with them depriving us of our culture, identity for thousands of years, brainwashing us, intimidating us. We have no place to go, our identity has been stripped, our culture erased so that we don’t even know what a Matriarchal Culture was like – we can only study the archaeological evidence & imagine – other than seeing what a few societies such as Mosuos do. They have stripped us of ourselves.


          But when you guys joined up during the bus strike, you went to your black Churches for strength. They were not African gatherings like with witch doctors; they were mostly Baptist Churches – religions of the white man imposed on you. I know God gave you great strength as you prayed, sang, & gave glory to her. It didn’t matter what religion, it wasn’t the old culture, it was the new culture you were born into, yet with it you succeeded. How was this different than what I’m doing or what I want to do?

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STM:   Not different, in a sense, this is exactly what you want to do. You want to take the women, separate them from the men, & call upon the God within them, then write their own scriptures. You’re doing the same thing we did in a different way – You’re calling on God. This separate religion is a great idea ahead of its time. You write down all that you can & in time, it will catch on. There are many ways women will find freedom; it will just take longer than you wish. It is inevitable. For women, it is ‘manifest destiny,’ like the getting to the end of the continent was for Lewis & Clark. {In 1845, newspaper editor John O’Sullivan coined the term “Manifest Destiny” to describe the ideology of continental expansionism. Though the term was new, the ideas underlying it were much older, dating back to the first colonial contact between Europeans and Native Americans.} The other side of America with its Pacific Ocean was there, we were meant as a nation to traverse the continent & establish our footing.


          In the same way it is inevitable that women will take over the world because human men are gong extinct. It will be a woman-only world – And so, all that you hope & wish for is coming. It just isn’t going to happen in your lifetime. But the work you’ve done is important for the preparation, as this won’t happen over night, it works out, it’s evolution. {End channeling}


ME:   Thank you St. Martin Luther King Jr., it’s been a pleasure.   {End Chapter 14}

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