By Rasa Von Werder, March 22nd, 2020







Interpreted for a friend


Unusual dream. I somehow stumble upon a video which features Errol Flynn ‘behind the scenes’—what he does in preparing for roles.


*(ERROL FLYNN: This is your lover/husband Brandon who this dream says is preparing to be with you. It’s his next role.)


The first thing I see is him in a gym, lying on a table doing leg raises. He’s wearing some kind of shorts that really must be low cut as I can see his whole ass & the bottom of it—straight across & going downward–is covered with thick hair.


          *(HAIRY BOTTOM OF THE ASS: To have a hairy ass is like moss on a rock, ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss.’ This is saying he’s gathered moss a long time—been inactive or ‘sitting on his ass—not rolling, not moving, not getting anywhere’.

          But now he’s moving, doing leg raises, really getting into shape for the next role. The hairiness is exposed or revealed, to others as well as himself, like ‘WTF have you been doing? You have not accomplished anything in the last years.’

          His next role is being with you.)*

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He’s buff & muscular, tight body, nothing like a body builder, no bulging muscles, just tight & hard. I glanced at this & a few other scenes, then I wanted to find it to go back to see it again & show some people.


*(TIGHT & HARD, BUFF BODY: Dreams are usually symbols of the non-physical so this is not about his body but his psychological, spiritual state. He’s in shape to move on, go to the next step.)*


The other scene that stood out was him in a large room. He’s sitting at a higher up chair, the rest of his cast of ‘Robin Hood & his merry men’ are all at what looks like blonde school desks. These men are a ‘chorus’ rehearsing before they film, because their singing is heard in the background of the movie.

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          *(HIGHER CHAIR: This means two things; one higher up is higher level of suffering but also higher understanding. ‘God whispers to us in our pleasures & shouts to us in our pain – pain is the megaphone of God.’ Higher is sometimes the Cross of Jesus – He was lifted up on it, it was his greatest pain. But through these Crosses we’re also lifted up spiritually & gain wisdom.


          This indicates he’s now on a higher level than his peers, those he hangs with to ‘have fun,’ called ‘merry men.’ The men are all learning because they’re sitting at


          SCHOOL DESKS: learning.

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REHEARSING: Preparing for next stages in life.


SINGING: When all is lost {like on the Titanic the band played on while they sank} & the only account of Jesus IN SONG was at the Last Supper – when He was about to face his Crucifixion. Singing is like an expression of calling out to the Absolute, when one is about to face a major disaster or dilemma, or about to embark upon a great work, it might be compared to ‘psyching oneself up.’


This is a group effort or chorus, so it looks like all his friends are ‘in the same boat,’ which in this case like the Titanic—they’re all sinking—all crying out together. It sounds like he & friends are affected—probably financially—by this CoronaVirus ‘Pandemic.’)*

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ROBIN HOOD: Why is Errol here portrayed in this role with merry men? Robin Hood was an endearing thief, who ‘stole from the rich, gave to the poor;’ he & his men were part of the poor. This forthcoming role might be like that, your lover & all his friends need money, he must leave his present situation & be with you because of the desperate need of security.)*


Errol is the star so he doesn’t have to sing, but he’s doing his part & once in a while sings a few lines, blending in. I am amazed at the elaborate rehearsal behind the scenes—really thorough.


Errol is wearing a pale green short cape {to the waist, but he’s sitting, I don’t see the garment over the rest of him} over a medieval loose white shirt. His hair is to the shoulders; the way the ancient men wore, possibly a ‘page boy’ which curls under, the hairdo is honey blonde, soft & very neat. He has a beatific look on his face, like an angel. I have never seen more handsome.


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*(HANDSOME LIKE AN ANGEL, BEATIFIC: This says he has evolved & risen up spiritually, his attitude, thoughts & feelings are now righteous—he’s ready to appreciate you, humble himself, be with God & you.

HONEY BLONDE BEAUTIFUL HAIR: The thoughts of Errol are sweet & beautiful—the thoughts of my Brandon.


PALE GREEN SHORT CAPE OVER A WHITE SHIRT, MEDIEVAL: This is several things, one, medieval is ‘old fashioned’ or ‘back in the day’ which means traditional. Marriage is a tradition, which is about being ready for it. The pale green cape is green, which means ‘life,’ it might say ‘ready for the way, the truth & the life’ getting off the broad highway to Hell. The white shirt being his undergarment is marriage, this is next to his heart, & being ‘pure in heart shall see God. He has turned around from being a thug to receiving God & you.)*

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As I said I stumbled upon this by accident, there’s a gay man to the right behind me, & there’s other people in the room – it’s a gathering. Most of them are not near me, doing other things, I see a few people higher up from me to the left front, working on something. I passed by the scenes but now I want to retrieve them & describe the one where he does leg raises & half his rear end is covered with hair.


As I explain this a man to my left back{he’s round}—wearing a slightly yellow/vanilla robe which has elaborate markings, lots black & other dark colors, in twirling designs all over it—I didn’t know he was interested in men—jumps up away from his desk to see. Since he goes this way I say,


*(ROBE WITH TWIRLY BLACK DESIGNS: His funeral, end of their relationship.)*

the-fine-art-america-‘couple-embracing-she-with-flowers-in-her-hair’-by-55089580 the-fine-art-america-henri-regnault-salomé-1870-1715x2694-55109641 the-flight-into-egypt-abraham-bloemaert the-four-seasons-winter-by-francois-boucher-xzendor7 the-judgement-of-paris-abraham-bloemaert the-lovers-pal-szinyei-merse

‘I think his anus is also hairy, you can lick it.’ {I am referring through the screen.}


          *(LICK ASS, YOU CAN: This is being a wise guy saying, ‘You can kiss his ass good bye, through the screen. You’ll not get to see him again.’)*


(I’m referring to his imagination, not real life, as Errol is unattainable. It’s all fantasy.)

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*(GAY MEN, ONE TO MY RIGHT BACK, ONE TO MY LEFT BACK, THE SECOND I DID NOT KNOW WENT THAT WAY: These are men infatuated with Brandon. They are alerted – especially the second one – who is more relevant – that Brandon is getting ready to make a change, he’s going to leave their company. You have been intervening between him & these guys for a while, in fear of dire consequences & his disappointment when their promises go bust.

This symbol is you showing them ‘The relationships you had with Brandon will come to an end’—see, he’s ‘moving off his ass,’ preparing to be with me like I always said.)*


I then try to replay the video of what I saw. It was black & white. But these videos are two hours each, & finding the spot takes time.

N0802380-Rosa-Santana- natural Never+Have+I+Ever+With+a+Duke+AMAZON nicky_haslam_09 nymph-abducted-by-a-faun-alexandre-cabanel nymph-and-butterfly-robert-fowler 

          *(FINDING THE SPOT: Searching for the answers takes time, one has to go through mental files again & again, I was meditating on this for say two hours or more.)*


I take the entire video out & I see it’s covered with some sort of silver on one side, kind of torn up, but lots of it. I put it back in, scroll & play, scroll & play, various scenes in color come up & it is musicals. Men & women playing parts & singing, on & on, none of it interests me & I ask a lady standing there if she likes musicals & she says no.


*(MUSICAL, PEOPLE ACTING & SINGING: What I said about the Merry Men singing applies here. These are people in real life who are now crying out—the drama of life is getting strong—this does not say ‘happiness’ but the opposite because the lady standing near me, who I ask if she likes musicals – these activities – says no. She is likely the ex of Brandon, who he’s leaving—this would be disagreeable to her, even traumatic.

Mist on River Ystwyth sm mnm-couture-white-Long-Sleeve-Peplum-Gown m-oakes-files-as-seen-on-linenandlavender-net-1 Modern-And-Traditional-Fireplace-Design-Ideas-7-758x606 modprC moose-at-sunset-john-fery mosertone-hell-detail-dirk-ends-_-1450-palace-of-fine-arts-61997310 mothers-day-presents-bedding-sets-tricia-guild-2 (1) 

          This video is in color while when momentarily the tape is turned over & it is in black & white. This gave me clues to the meaning like so:


          VIDEO, ONE SIDE IN COLOR: This is the ‘here & now’, what is going on, the drama. It is showing on HER SIDE, the woman he lives with now;

anxiety (drama/anxiety usually go together).


          VIDEO, OTHER SIDE, THE ONE I MOSTLY WANT TO SEE, BLACK & WHITE: Black & white usually means ‘the writing on the wall,’ or ‘clear as the written word’—this would be prophecy, what is going to happen. You were meditating on the near future yesterday & this is showing you what’s happening with her, with him, & what will happen. For her there’s drama, unhappiness. For him he’s seen the Light, leaving her, coming to you, which he should have done long ago but it took time for him to get it.

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SILVER ON ONE SIDE, LOTS OF IT, TORN UP: This is my relationship with Brandon. It says it’s permanent but got ‘torn up,’ which means stop & go, we got torn up a few times & got back together.)*


I then turn the video to the other side (not logical but it’s a dream) & it’s black & white & I see other scenes of RH & his merry men—riding through the woods perhaps with Maid Marion on a horse wearing a long medieval dress with ornate dark twirly designs all over it.


          *(MAID MARION: Has the same funeral twirly design over her dress as the gay guy on his robe—the end of both of them, it’s his soon-to-be ex. Why on a horse?

Chinese-Foot-Binding-rugs-and-more-santa-barbara-design-center-design-santa-barbara-mark-of-beauty-12 christmas-cottage-284 citotel-vendome cjp-cotswold-private CkzI9KEUYAAolca 1152201_Heath_Overall0005 cool-stone-fireplace-design-living-room-ideas

          HORSE: Horse means work—‘work-horse.’ He was with her because she paid all the bills, he used his money for himself. It’s a ‘marriage of convenience’ –no convenience, no marriage.)*

I exclaim,

“Oh, this is it – I recognize it by the music. {I was familiar with the music of Robin Hood movies.} Now I’ll find the scenes.


And so I go on the search for the scenes mentioned, especially the one with the hairy ass, for friends to see.

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                     This dream explains in no uncertain terms what God has been telling you for months: Their breakup will be because of finances, they will go bankrupt, the thread that kept them together will break.

          You told her yourself she could not afford him, he was with her for resources; she chose not to believe it, now she’ll have to.

image image image-asset images (1) images (2) images (3) images (4) images (5)

          Besides the finances, this says he’s always loved you but could not step up to the plate, it took a lot of hardship to wake & shake him up. Before he was blind, but now he can see, Amazing Grace. He stated himself he ‘sold out’ to the devil for partying & popularity. No more partying, he can’t afford popularity, if he wants to survive & be happy, he has to chose the right path. You & God are the package deal, take it or leave it, he’s ready to take it.

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