By Rasa Von Werder, March 30th, 2021




3-29-21 Devil Takes Too Much Away via my White Caddy



The end of this dream was so troubling I could not function until I write it down & interpret.

In the end, my boy friend appears as ‘The Putz’ – a con artist from way back who is ALWAYS Satan.  He borrows my white Cadillac, in the dream it’s the old Eldorado sort of, that I don’t think I really need as I have a newer, better car.  The Eldorado was just sitting there for ‘years’ on the side of the road, facing down from the house, toward villages, not the town I go to.  So it was not functioning.

*(MAKING OFF WITH MY CAR – A BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART TO LET HIM ‘BORROW’ IT:   Wow, did this trouble me.  But after an hour of hanging around, thinking, I picked up the answer.  This is when I was with my ex lover doing SEX & I was so into it, it became he was me, I was he, we PHYSICALLY melted into one, became one.  But this was not SPIRITUAL.  His chubbiness as well as dark skin says THIS IS THE FLESH, this is not God as much later, you were wed mystically/spiritually – but this is BEFORE THAT when you LOST YOUR SOUL so to speak – you lost your identity with God, intimacy, closeness, the tender love of God – all was TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU BY SATAN.

This is the awful DREAD you feel as you see him driving UP the road WITH YOUR CAR.  Your car represents something extremely important.  It’s as if someone took from you your CELL PHONE {all the info}, or your KEYS {all the access}, or your COMPUTER {info & access}.  All these represent things of importance that you must have.  This car represents your PURE HEART – the RELATIONSHIP OF INTIMACY WITH GOD, which Satan, in a sense CONNED YOU OUT OF.

You didn’t see SEX with this man as allowing SATAN to take over.  But through sex, the evil one infiltrated your life & now was TAKING AWAY something of great importance, with DIRE CONSEQUENCES looming ahead.  Satan, after all is nothing good, no good intentions, no fruitfulness, a liar from the first & always, a con man, evil doer & has no redemption whatsoever.  And now he got hold of something CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that you have, & it’s IN HIS CONTROL.  How sneaky Satan is, working through ordinary activities like sex, or business, or friendship, anything to get close, & when you become ONE it’s all over, you are robbed.  In this dream you become aware what he did.

Me to Mother God:   If Robert had been a good man, close to God, & we became one, would this SATAN thingy have occurred?  Or is it because he was possessed by numerous demons?

MOTHER GOD:   It works both ways.  First, no man, including a man of God, should take you away from the God within.  It isn’t likely that a man of God would do that to you – see the Holy Virgin with St Joseph – he didn’t take her away from God; he helped her bring God’s Avatar into the world.  St. Joseph did not CONSUME the Holy Mary’s soul even though they were ‘one’ in the love of God.  So it is not likely that any man of God, least of all a saint, would take a person AWAY from God.  If they become ONE or bonded, they are one in the bond of holiness, not merely flesh, but they are one in the HIGHER REALM.

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Now take this man Robert you were dealing with.  He was possessed by so many demons it could make your head swim.  So you become ONE with him through sex & physical infatuation & voila, you are ATTACKED by his demons constantly, relentlessly, day in, day out, week & month in & out. They are EXHAUSTING you, diverting you, derailing you away from God. You can’t keep your mind on God when fighting a monumental struggle.

You don’t notice it at first, but one day, you become AWARE of what has happened – that you can no longer function as the intimate ONE WITH GOD – he’s taken away the capacity, you are ‘in love’ or addicted to him like an addict for drugs – he has CONTROL over you;  your mind & body.  The white car represents how he’s taken this away – you can call it CAPACITY or SOUL POWER, or MIND & HEART.  He controls your mind, feelings & consciousness, you are SUNK by the demonic, the evil forces called Satan, you are a GONER.  In this dream you re-experience how dreadful that was.

Since this man was, perhaps still is, possessed by so many demons, of course he’d take you where you don’t want to go – represented by wrecking or smacking up the car.  Does he have a license or permission?  No, not really, it’s a CON JOB – he did not appear declaring ‘Here I am, Satan disguised as a handsome, sexy man’.  Or ‘here I am, see my demons?’  Not, humans wear a mask, whatever it is; it could take time to see beneath it.  And so, he took you over without you knowing what you were getting into – a theft, a con job, a ruse, deception, all that is evil.  Getting FREE was a trip!)*

Therefore, when he asks to borrow it, I don’t think much of it, I say OK.  Now as I watch him, driving rather slowly & carefully, up the road toward town, I realize my BLUNDER.  What have I done?

First, I did not even check if he had a LICENSE.  Second, he is headed TO TOWN where I sense he’s up to NO GOOD – looking for other women – maybe drugs.  Third, my insurance is on this car, not sure if I designated another driver, {I should have told him I can’t let him borrow the car as my insurance doesn’t allow another driver but at the time, I couldn’t think of any excuse} & does he even know HOW TO DRIVE?  Long ago as soon as I let the Putz borrow my white Corvette, he SMACKED IT UP!  And so will Putz now smack up this car?  And my insurance could skyrocket. As I see him drive up the road a sense of terrible FOREBODING overtakes me & I go, ‘mistake, mistake, mistake.’

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Prior to that, the last scene I was with an unknown man.  He was somewhat pudgy, dark skinned, & I was sucking his dick, which was of a good size & I had my whole self into it, feeling strange, like this was MY BODY as well as his.  This went on for a long time, involved, & a powerful vision.

*(HAVE SEX WHERE WE BECOME ONE:   This is how he infiltrated/possessed you.)*

Prior to that the scenes were more innocent.  It started with a guy who had a tail like a dinosaur, hanging behind him maybe 8-10′.  The tail is black, gnarled, deflated, shiny like you would imagine the skin of a reptile, & he is DRAGGING IT AROUND & we’re all thinking he needs SURGERY to get this un-needed appendage removed.  It’s a feeling like something happened to cause this tail & it has to be fixed. 

*(LIKE A DINOSAUR WITH DEFLATED LONG TAIL, REPTILIAN:   This has TWO MEANINGS.  First, it’s Robert denied access to you with his big, long dick.  The BLACKNESS is the FUNERAL or NO MORE – also the LACK OF GRACE or God-participation in the affair at this time–God being more or less blocked off.  The deflation is NO MORE HARDON accepted by you, his EGO DEFLATED.

  Second, it’s the SATANIC or REPTILIAN now also denied, walking around without ability or power, an appendage of no use, needs a doctor to get it fixed as he is ‘extinct’ from your life, maybe even the life of Robert. 

{Indeed, if the demons are gone from Robert through your intercession then this is the big light at the end of the tunnel, hope & help is on the way, it bodes togetherness not far off.  It also begs the question that by what devise did Robert get un-possessed?  Is it by the God Power I had to re-generate, that is, having this terrible Cross put upon me, say 30 demons, then having to dis-possess MYSELF of them, which then automatically left Robert?  I believe this MAKES SENSE & it certainly makes me happy.})*

Then there’s scenes about this guy I was thinking about yesterday, who is the partner of my ex lover, in ‘monkey business.’  It was the ‘monkey’ part of the business I wondered about.  I was asking his Mom how he got his decent car – it’s a black sports car – & did she buy it for him & she says ‘No, he saved up & bought it.’

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The scenes surrounding my questions seem sort of innocent & I am assured it’s alright.  Then the bad scenes came up – as explained in front.

*(THE GUY I WAS THINKING ABOUT, MONKEY BUSINESS WITH ROBERT:   I need to ask Mother God, as this is murky.

MOTHER GOD:  You are speaking with HIS MOTHER which is the God within him.  You are asking this Holy Person if She gave Monkey the SPORTS CAR.  The CAR he has represents his BUSINESS WITH ROBERT.  And so you are saying ‘Is this of God – will it succeed?’

She answers, ‘No, it is NOT OF GOD – I did not give this enterprise to him, it’s his own effort.’  And so the answer is, if God has not initiated & sanctioned this, it’s not likely to succeed – which you knew already from long ago. 

The questions about this partner are there’s nothing big going on; instead you review the calamity of your own life being involved with Robert.)*




          This dream opens up some big questions of great pertinence – things not open before.  Now let me ask you, Mother God, since we are on the demonic.  You SENT ME out there, into the world, knowing what the results would be.  You got me ENTANGLED in the demonic aspects of it, you made me do it.  You know & I know I did not want to go out into the world, I did not want to end my celibacy but you insisted.


          So here is the question.  Did I sin?  I don’t mean by fornication because I know it’s not sin – I mean by the say, drinking & driving – which is inevitable when a person goes drinking every weekend to club & has to drive home.  One endangers one’s own safety & that of others. 

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          Second, the idiocy a person says, thinks & feels when out in bars & clubs, the dumb chit chat, the negative feelings at times, the angry, revengeful thoughts when people hurt me.  Were these sins?  You knew there would be nonsense, you knew I’d feel angry, revengeful when people would do awful things to me – it’s INEVITABLE.  That’s why saints stay at home, in hermitages, monasteries, to be away from these situations as they automatically make one think, speak, feel certain ways – & those ways, like hate, are sinful.  Did I sin, was I filthy, corrupt?


          MOTHER GOD:   When a person makes a deal with the police to help them on a case, they are sometimes given IMMUNITY, even though they are guilty to some degree.  You were guilty of the things you said you were, but you had immunity from God, because you obeyed God to go out into the world & do what She {I} told you to do.


          Yes, I knew you would fall into those actions, thoughts & feelings, they are automatic, instinctive, they are taken for granted.  But you did not plan to be out there, you obeyed, & it happened.  You also did not, on purpose, hurt anyone, nor did you want to, they were fleeting thoughts & feelings.


          So to answer, you were not counted as being sinful, nothing was held against you by God, you were immune or had immunity.


          The way you suffered was your consciousness, losing the sight of me, the intimacy.  The minute you regained that consciousness you’ve been as happy as a lark, & free as a bird, it’s a wonderful feeling.  If you were laden with sin, you wouldn’t feel so great, but sin is not on you.


          ME:   OK, so I lost my consciousness of you temporarily but not polluted by sin, so that is a great revelation.  Things are getting ore clear.


          My second question is we’re speaking of the demonic.  The demons, did they possess me, or did they push me to concentrate on the flesh, & the flesh blocked out my vision, as St. Thomas Aquinas said, lust causes blindness of spirit.  What was I possessed by, demons or lust?  What did they exactly do to me?  Did they or the situation disable, disempower or block my vision of God?

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          MOTHER GOD:  What happened was they REPLACED the vision of God with him – the man.  He became front & center to your mind.  It was an ultimate challenge then, it was a Cross of proportions that called on  superhuman efforts, & you succeeded.


          ME:   How many demons did he have, & have his demons been beaten, or if not, when will they be?


          MOTHER GOD:   He had so many you can call them legion.  He had a more than a dozen big ones, & numerous small ones, depending how you define the demonic.  His number one demon is drug addiction, which he hasn’t beaten yet, but he wants to – he said so in his latest poem to you.  He’s wanted to the longest, still does, so desire against it is a step.


          The way to healing from all the maladies he had & has takes a long time – this is why you can’t be together yet & could not be in the past.  The girl he’s with has the same demons, this could not be something for you to live with – he has to be rid of drugs first.


          When the time comes & you’re together you’ll understand why it all took so long & why you suffered, why you had to quit celibacy, lose your intimacy with God, then come back, regain it, then break up with him & get together again; it will all make sense.


          ME:  Thanks Mother God.  I need to stop now, I appreciate it.


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