By Rasa Von Werder, May 25th, 2021
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Continue Chapter 5   Hell Hath no Fury Like Arnold Scorned -

What Women Endure in the Adult Trade   5-24-21


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Some revenge tactics & pranks of Arnold. There were a couple brothers in the body building world that were popular, Mike Mentzner was always featured in Joe Weider magazines, & his brother Ray was up & coming. Mike was winning contests, featured in the magazines as a star. But he tangled with Arnold in Australia – Mike told him off in front of everyone including Joe Weider. Arnold didn’t say a lot but I noticed Mike & his brother disappeared from the magazines.


If you’re no longer featured in the mags, your body building career is over & so, Arnold ended the careers of these two guys. As I said before, Joe Weider did whatever Arnold told him.


So what did these guys do when they no longer had a spotlight – a place in Joe Weider’s kingdom? – they went from ‘big shots’ to ‘nobodies.’ They couldn’t handle it. They began to drink heavily – I am told by Randy Roach, {the world’s top chronicler of body building, author of the Encyclopedic, ‘Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors’} – and they drank themselves to death.


Arnold told Tom Minichiello he did not want me at the premiere of his first big movie, ‘Pumping Iron,’ even though I was called then the ‘Queen of Body Building’ & Arnold ‘the King.’ He’d never share his spotlight with anyone unless they favored him.


Today I believe he’s pals with Sylvester Stallone, but in the beginning, there was a picture of him & Sylvester they were going to put into Joe’s magazine. Arnold called to say don’t put the image. He’d give no glory or honor to Sylvester.

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But similarly, he told Tom Minichiello {a big shot in body building those days, he had his gym right to the bottom of the Roxy Theater, 42nd St, where I danced, I saw his sign advertising the Ms Americana contest, I walked in & asked if I could compete – he said yes, & that was my beginning} about an image where all the winners of 1972 Brooklyn Academy of Music show were posing – he was there, I was off to the side with my two trophies, second place Ms Americana & Ms Americana BEST BODY, posing with Franco Columbo. He told Tom he wanted no pictures out with him & me, but since the image was already done, his head was close to the upper frame – cut off his head. To my amusement, Tom did it that way, & sold me the image. Of course there were other copies of that picture elsewhere, so I have the one of him with & without his head.


And again, Arnold & I were in another show together – The Mr Universe, Ms Americana contests at the Felt Forum. My picture was featured in the Daily News promoting the show – Arnold complained that the important men were not getting as much publicity as the females.


At the Forum Arnold won his battle against Lou Ferrigno, I won mine. Once again & was second place Ms Americana & Ms Americana BEST BODY. At the end of the show all the winners – usually only men – posed on a platform, a couple feet off the floor, for the press. I wanted equal time for women, after all, I had got two important trophies. I jumped up on that stage, standing next to Arnold, & posed like the men did. Arnold went crazy. He muscled me off the stage – the way guys keep walking closer & closer as they pose & push the other guy off the select position in front of the judges – he did that to me radically, I was at the edge of the stage & had to JUMP OFF. He de facto pushed me off the stage. He knew everyone would see him do this but he didn’t care, he was so desperate NOT to have any pics out there, him & me. I’m sure someone took some pics with him & I standing there. Randy Roach checked with other people about my claim – they told him they saw it.


Once a guy asked Arnold how could he get more success & popularity while doing his poses onstage? Arnold told him to SCREAM after every pose. They guy did it & two men hauled him off the stage, believing he’d gone nuts.

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Another victim asked Arnold how could he get better nutrition & more muscle? Arnold told him get walnuts, & eat not only the nut but the SHELL. The guy did it & it tore up his insides. {How could anyone be so dumb to do that? There’s a limit to genius but none for stupidity.}


I was in the first Ms Olympia contest where Mike Katz was a judge. I heard him say to Harold Poole {the first black Mr. America, also a judge} ‘Check out #1 – She’s good.’ {That was me}


But Arnold was there – so was Joe Weider. Suddenly I went from ‘She’s good’ – to last place. And I have noticed that there are no pictures of me in that contest wherever I looked – like I was photo shopped out. How fanatic can you get, was I that important to ‘get even’ with? Arnold also saw reporters approach me, he quickly ushered them away to other females. If I was so inadequate as a body builder, why did he have to go out of his way to deprive me of attention? Wouldn’t I just fail on my own? He saw me as some kind of a threat, a person who had hurt him & so had to be forever punished.


The Adult Trade – What a Female has to Endure



          It was my destiny or God’s will that I be in the adult trade. I shall go into why later – right now I’m explaining why I needed strength & I got that strength from God plus harsh treatment toughened me up.


          People who are not in it don’t know what a woman goes through in the adult trade. It’s hard enough being a woman where you’re deprived of human rights, paid less than men, looked down upon in many ways – but add to that the greatest taboo in our society being nudity & sex – & you hit the jackpot for abuse.


          Of course it’s changing – right now men are being exposed, vilified & punished for their sex activities & crimes – but when I was growing up, it wasn’t that way – this target on men for sex has only started recently – I was middle aged by then.


          Not saying we women are now off the hook – there still exists prejudice against us.

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          It’s the way we are treated, it goes across all borders, touches all horizons. I will ask Mother God for help as I find it difficult to express myself on this, it triggers pain. Mother God, what did I have to endure being in the adult trade, that required great strength?


          MOTHER GOD:   You are vilified for things you’re not guilty of, there are assumptions, fantasies, projections put on women in the adult trade. You are guilty in the eyes of people for making men lust, that makes you a sinner. You are guilty of sinning with men where you haven’t sinned – maybe you did nothing, maybe sex isn’t a sin.


          In other words, you are condemned without trial, without evidence of wrongdoing.


          The adult trade is just a job. You don’t have to be a bad person to be in it. But society in many cases labels you a bad person. That isn’t fun to bear – when you are seen as ‘bad’ bad things are done to you. You aren’t treated with respect, you aren’t given the same consideration or love as ‘nice’ people get. The same thing is done to you as your family did – you become an outcast of sorts, you aren’t invited to the best places, the places where ‘respectable’ people gather.


          ME:   Mother God, explain how being perceived a ‘sex object’ is a form of abuse. People have great misunderstanding here.


          MOTHER GOD:   When a person is seen as a ‘sex object’ all the time, say, the way Anna Nicole Smith was, it diminishes her. No human is ‘just sex.’ We are not the body, we are an eternal soul that inhabits a body. The body is an instrument, a vehicle & servant of the God within.


          For people to stress only our body, again & again, as if we are nothing but that, is demoralizing, it is abuse. It is your soul or God Self that must be recognized, honored & validated.


          With someone like Anna Nicole or yourself, or any glamour doll, or any woman in the adult trade, people tend to emphasize the physical so much that it hurts. Yes, those in this trade had to get into it for money, in some cases, to validate something, like you being told you were weird & ‘not a nice sight to see’ by your family – they made you feel ugly, they didn’t love you, & so, you wanted to prove you weren’t ugly & validate you’re worthy of love.


          Being nude, dancing, posing nude, being Ms Nude Universe & all that did not mean you were a bad person.

Women in the adult trade are targeted with a lot of bad thoughts, feelings & actions by others. Much of it projection.

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When folks are brainwashed that sex is dirty, unclean, thoughts of sex are dirty, it’s all sin, sin, sin, & you have to be in a profession which magnifies nudity & sex, they project their own fears, frustrations, fantasies & sins onto you. They judge, condemn you as they have already judged & condemned themselves, deep inside the unconscious. Society told them these things are bad, so they feel bad about themselves but somehow they excuse themselves or hide their behaviors, but since you are on stage, you get the blame. It’s like guerilla warfare. They’re behind the bush shooting at you, you in the middle of the field get hit.


ME: Just to cap this convo for now, Mother God, what is the greatest sin of mankind?


MOTHER GOD:   The greatest sin is not caring about others, not loving others. We must love others as we do ourselves, they are just as important. We must have compassion & empathy for all, including animals, including all of God’s creation.


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