By Rasa Von Werder, March 6th, 2021



3-5-21–Lover Big Move–Me Anti Sex



I’m in a building, in a room. There’s a man over me as I’m sitting on the edge of a bed. He wants to have sex – I don’t. He’s wearing a stiff twill cloth covering, like a short cloak, charcoal grey. I look away from him at a couple to my right, who’s going to have sex.

*(HE WANTS SEX – I DON’T: This answers a question I posed to God yesterday, ‘If I don’t want to have sex, what’s the point of having the ex Lover eventually live with me?

The first image shows MY REJECTION OF HIM THE LAST 2 YEARS. His wearing a CHARCOAL GREY STIFF COVERING is a symbol of TERMINATION, ENDING or DEATH, the cloth being hard, stiff, is this is not a SOFT SITUATION but you might say TOUGH LOVE or a HARD PLACE.

Then I LOOK TO MY RIGHT projects the FUTURE of LOVER & MYSELF.)*

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They’re also on the edge of the bed oblivious to us. He’s younger, she’s older. I don’t see him clearly but she seems to be wearing blue denim & reminds me of my long ago female minister, short & overweight, with dark curly short hair. There seems to be this SILVER SQUARE PILLOW they are using somehow. I say something to the effect of ‘how disgusting’ like sex is disgusting.


When I was with this minister lady long ago, she was the DOMINANT PERSON. I obeyed her & paid her, looked up to her for years. Upon her death she passed me her Mantle or Anointing.

This scene answers the question how my REVERSE ON SEX puts me in the DOMINANT POSITION & will result in my being with this spiritual husband PERMANENTLY. {Silver between us. Silver is 25 years, I will not live that long.}

As long as I give in to the sex, he gets what he wants, I don’t get a relationship. But when I no longer desire sex, the shoe’s on the other foot – if he wants to continue with me he has to leave the female he’s with & be with me in a legitimate fashion.

The fact that I’m now the GURU-MINISTER from the old days is I LOOKED UP TO HER – He will LOOK UP TO ME. I PAID HER – he’ll pay me not in money, as he has none, but in love or a permanent relationship – what he can GIVE OF VALUE.)*

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Then I’m somewhere with two men – my good husband Richard & evil ex boyfriend KaHell. They are both helping me move. It’s a huge truck they must fill with everything in the house, & then, they must soon remove it all from this huge truck again.

*(GOOD HUSBAND RICHARD & EVIL GUY KAHELL: These are the TWO SIDES of my ex lover. He will be my GOOD HUSBAND but he still has the DARK SIDE or EVIL part of him.)*

I hear someone say,
“Hurry up, it must be filled by 10 PM, & then all of it emptied & brought back {to where, the house?} as soon as it’s filled.”

*(MOVE EVERYTHING BY 10 PM, THEN MUST ALL BE MOVED BACK AGAIN: This shows two moves, & the ex-lover must do it. But I can’t get what it means, need Mother God’s help.

Mother God: You see HIM moving but it is YOUR STUFF. He is WORKING FOR YOU or doing AS YOU SAY. Two moves could be he has to move out of his present house & he has to do the work to move you out of your apartment. The business of UTILITY STUFF might mean he can help you on this property. This is hard to figure & you might need time for the answers.)*

I’m not helping, just sitting. A big lady in dark clothes is near me & asks me why I’m not working. I tell her,

“I’d like to work, but I can’t. I have a dislocated hip & have had 5 heart attacks.” And significantly I add,



*(NOT WORKING BUT PAYING: This is another level of LEVERAGE you have. He wants sex with you – you refuse, so you hold power there. He will NEED SUPPORT in the future, you can PAY FOR THAT so that is the second leverage. You ‘DON’T HAVE TO WORK’ is saying the onus is on him to do the effort or the chasing, you don’t have to any more.)*

I see the two men carrying things. Inside the truck was everything you can imagine, including smallish black shiny tires on some sort of vehicle or cart? See things made of metal painted with red or orange lacquer. It looks like many things of utility or work are here rather than the usual house furniture. The thing I see most clearly is large open paper bags with dozens of rolls of toilet paper.

*(DOZENS OF ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER they carry: This is like the statement, ‘You need someone some day to WIPE YOUR ASS.’ Wiping the ass means helping you in time of need, such as if you’re ill, they take care of you. You need work done around the house, they do it. They’ll be there for you. This says he’ll be there when you need him.)*

KPICS 20131223_0029

While ‘they’ were working KaHell said to me, the images of me looked best When N__ K took them. I ponder about how I look. I tell him,

“When I put all my makeup on & fix myself up, I look beautiful.”
But right now I don’t want to bother, I’m plain, without any fixing up & it doesn’t seem to matter.

*(DOESN’T SEEM TO MATTER HOW I LOOK, DON’T WORRY ABOUT ALL THE MAKEUP & ARTIFICIAL FINERY: This is saying that when the woman is dominant & has the POWER her looks are not important. She gets what she wants no matter how she looks. The men in Patriarchy can be less attractive than the women they get, because they have what the women want. So it’ll be that way with you & him. The person who is submissive or needs something from the dominant has to excel in looks.)*


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