By Rasa Von Werder, July 12th, 2021


Conclusion Chapter 15

 Female Sexual Liberty Will End Patriarchy


          I’m asking St. Martin Luther King, Jr. about sexual liberty for women, & he says it will end Patriarchy, so now we are working out the kinks of why & how.  St. Martin, again, let’s get clarity on this issue – it’s a new idea for many to swallow, we need to prove it.  Why we sound interchangeable at times – because we are.  Our computer/minds are connected, I read his, he reads mine.  We feed off each others knowledge & experience.

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          STM:  {St. Martin Luther King, Jr.}:   I gave you the example of the herd animal or harem collector, where he fights for territory which contains resources.  He risks his life again & again to retain what the harem needs, as well as keep away the other males.  It’s his seed he wants to move on, it’s the other males DNA he wants to prevent –he cares not about the other males & their progeny, only his own.


          It all depends on the female adhering to his desire – that of their being faithful to him.  If they decide to spread out, the females leaving him & going off with males hither & tither, the party’s over – the dominant male has nothing to dominate, nothing to fight for.  This male fighting is a Patriarchal requisite, not a Matriarchal one.


          ME:   Alright, that makes sense.  What about the elephant clans?  They are Matriarchal, but there is one or more dominant males, who keep they young bucks inline.  How does that compare?


          STM:   They are Matriarchal & there are powerful males who do some protecting, & who keep the young ones in line.  At times, the males all go of into their own bachelor quarters –this happens with other animals.  They return to breed with the females.  And the old guys beat up the youngsters when they get out of line & try to breed with all ages elephants, even the ones who are too young.  The young ones hormones then are curbed, they calm down a bit & do as they are told.  Our own society could use this as a model.


          ME:   I’m eager to see how this applies to us & the wars.  I am considered an ‘enemy of the state’ as I am for peace & Matriarchy.  All ‘peaceniks’ are backlisted as ‘enemies of the state’ targeted for punishment.  For example, in the 70’s there was a big ‘hippie’ movement for peace – they protested against the Vietnam War.  That’s when the leaders began the ‘War against drugs’ – which meant they would proliferate drugs & then arrest all who were involved.  That ended the Hippie ‘Make love not war’ movement.  They were destroyed by drugs, through the plan of the government.

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          There are many other examples of the government cracking down on people who demonstrate for peace & form organizations & speak out.  They find ways of stopping them, sometimes by organizing opposite movements & hiring professional speakers for war.  Workings for peace is counter the society that is built on war.  But to end war is a necessity according to God’s plan.  We must have Matriarchy if there is to be peace.  As we both know, there is no ‘man on a white horse’ that will set things straight.  The human male, by his nature, is bred & evolved for violence, conflict & aggression, as opposed to the female who takes care of people.  And so to look for a political man to bring peace is like looking for what?  A man with breasts, a vagina & a caring brain – a woman & Mother.  There is no such man.


          This is explained in the myth of Durga.  There was a demon, Maharashtra, who  plagued the human race & was so powerful, the three males Gods could not put him down.  They called on the Goddess Durga, who appeared as a beautiful woman & ravished him.  After getting into his ‘graces’ she beheaded him,


There is a foretaste of this type Woman Power in the Old Testament, “Using her brains and looks, the widow Judith infiltrated Nebuchadrezzars’s army and slayed its commander, Holofernes.”  This freed her Hebrew people from the Babylonians.


but alas, from his blood, every drop sprang a NEW DEMON!  Then Durga turned herself into ‘blood thirsty Kali,’ lapped up all the blood of Maharashtra – no more demons!

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          This story is Patriarchy personified.  There is no ‘god’ or ‘Divine Man’ who can stop what has been set into motion by Patriarchy.  Buddha tried & failed –so did Jesus.  There is no religion, no matter how Sacred, that can stop Patriarchy – only the WOMAN can.  This woman is a GODDESS or the Divine entering earth through her.  It has layers of meaning.  For one thing, this is the EXTINCTION OF MEN instituted by the power of MOTHER NATURE; his DNA will continue to deteriorate until he is no more.  This is Kali lapping up his blood, as more & more demons are born as long as there are human males – she must end human men.  Second, it is WOMAN POWER – ‘Woman, Thou Art God’ – who takes over the world from males & rules it.  This story underscores from antiquity when it was told, no man can save humanity, only the Feminine Divine & females.


          What do you say about my theory, St. Martin?


          STM:   I agree with your theory.  Look what they did to me as a Ghandi/Buddha/Christlike character.  I came in peace, they crucified me on a bullet.  They will listen to no one, Holy or unholy, man or woman.  They will be defeated by God, & God is a Mother, not a man, who cares for the human race.  Men do not care for all people, they are out for themselves, like the beach master or dominant bull, their instinct is to kill off the competition & herd up the females.  They cannot straighten themselves out just as a corrupt police force, government, or Catholic Church will not.

          What happened after the Catholic pedophilia scandal?  Did they clean up their act?  Did they right their own wrongs?  Did they give priests permission to marry, ending some of the homosexuality & pedophilia?  Did they agree to ordain women?  No, they employed damage control, paying off billions in lawsuits & opening their doors to the third world like India, for new priests, removing the barriers to the Christian sects once marginalized or cut off, puffing up their ranks.  They righted no wrongs, they only fought back & fortified themselves.  Since they are possibly the world’s richest corporation, they could afford to spend the generous donations of millions of mostly women, to fend off punishment.  Few men went to jail for abusing children, only payoffs & not with their hard-earned money but the money of Catholics who love God.  They can pay off for the next hundred years before going bankrupt – sooner or later they will fold, but it will be later, as male extinction is.  Look to no man & no male institution, govt. or religion, for salvation.


          ME:   Now back to clarification.  We have the herd animals & the elephants.  What do we learn from chimps or Bonobos or Gorillas?

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          STM:   Only the chimpanzees stick out parallel to Patriarchs – the males are brutal, unfair, violent & cruel – very dangerous animals, possibly closest to human men.  The Bonobos are true Matriarchs, the Gorillas are benevolent & gentle with their families.  Indeed, look at the Chimpanzees.  If a female dares to leave the dominant male’s area, & just go off on her own to be let off from the male harassment, the males send out signals to the Alpha male.  He, with them, track her down & beat the living shit out of her, possibly even kill her baby.  How dare she leave the confines of his Patriarchy?


          This is a parallel to the male human ‘Kingdom.’  He has RULES & TABOOS for the women, like so:


          No GATHERING for women – sisterhood is powerful, so must be stopped!  That means NO WOMEN’S CLUBS, women’s groups or organizations for WOMEN ONLY.  Men must be included in all that women do, so they can interlope, interfere, sabotage &influence – destroy.  Ditto with the Rockefeller Institute taking over the feminist movement as run by Gloria Steinem.


          No shoulder-to-shoulder chats for women.  If women are caught or seen speaking to one another, the must be interfered with by a man or men –if they’re attractive or desirable.  If they are old, terribly ugly or perceived ‘over the hill’ or ‘outcasts’ they might be left alone, all others must be INTERRPTED so their train of thought runs to a man, not to themselves, as they could be EMPOWERING ONE ANOTHER.


          Women MUST NOT REMAIN SINGLE but must be hitched to a man, where presumably, he owns them, controls them to some degree or another.  If they remain single they are labeled, stigmatized, called names, such as ‘left behind’ {China}, spinster {too ugly to be desired}, lesbian, or man hater. Such women, generally, are like ‘all alone’ in world ruled by men, where women do not befriend sisters once they are married.  Single women are NOT ACCEPTED OR INVITED to get-togethers in society but men are.  Why?  Because single women will influence & empower the married women – who must remain ‘Stepford wives,’ – but single men ARE invited/accepted because it’s alright for men to empower men, but not alright for women to do so with women.


          There are numerous other applications, to the man must be dominant, in control, the woman must not speak out against men or their wrong doing – if they break any of these rules they will be punished.

Tom Tower, Christ Church, Oxford 1792 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 d179bead96b25c30edb01574bd2c5f34 Interior of Galilee Porch, Ely Cathedral 1794 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Llanthony Abbey from the South null by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Llanthony Abbey 1794 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Imaginary Landscape with Windsor Castle on a Cliff and a Distant Plain c.1798 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Scene in the Lake District, near Buttermere circa 1797 by Thomas Girtin 1775-1802 ?View of Windermere, with Belle Isle circa 1800 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 

          And punished they are.  This is why women have been scared to death to cry ‘rape’ –because they will be vilified, in a court of law, their character will come into question, in the earlier times, men could get six guys to swear she was a prostitute, & the she could not be raped.  So is it OK to rape a prostitute?  Is she not human?


          During the Nassar time – the man who abused dozens of Olympic champion girls – you saw a documentary where one Asian girl blocked her experiences out, & when she saw the others come forward she shook with fear, but finally forced herself to go & testify.  When females complain, they are vilified, punished, denounced as liars or exaggerators, etc.  They are not generally supported –like Nassar had a woman coach backing him up all the time, she even told the mothers that his fingering their daughters was a valid medical procedure – which proves she knew what he was doing & still supported him.  {This woman was never brought to justice.}  The University out of which he worked got many complaints but never did right by them, they covered it all up until the explosion, after which they HAD to oust him, but until there is PUBLIC DISCLOSURE & OUTCRY they didn’t have to so they didn’t.  A Patriarchy-run organization allows men to commit cries against women until they are publicly exposed.


          ME:   I can give an example of how I was intimidated by this sort of thing, as an old woman of 66.  I had a young boyfriend, age 26.  He robbed me of $2,400 from my ATM machine while visiting my house.  He jogged there & back.  The bank called me & we discovered he was pulling money out of my bank third day in a row.  I locked all the doors before he’d return from the ‘jog’ & called the police.  They came, arrested him, I found most of the bread in his suitcase in my house – he had $800. of it in his pocket the police confiscated, which was returned to me later.


          Now the DA – a lady – & her asst detective came to my house.  I wasn’t expecting the visit & was startled.  They barged in & after saying hello she said,


          “Do you have many visitors here?”


          It made my blood run cold.  She was accusing me of ‘many visitors’, meaning lots of guys, that I was having multiple sex & therefore had no character.  The DA is supposed to be on my side, I am the victim, not the villain, but she is implying this to me & it scared me, a grown woman.


          When it was nearing time to go to court I got so sick I was vomiting & had severe anxiety attacks, I couldn’t go through with it, probably because I know what they do to women in court.  The DA, the one on my side, already intimidated me, what would the defense do?


          The DA again came to my house.  I told her I could not go through with it as it was making me sick.  She didn’t believe me & said,

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          I could have said ‘You & the politicized Patriarchal judicial justice system’ but I was TOO SCARED TO SPEAK.  She made me write & sign a paper, in my own handwriting {like in my own blood} that ‘in the interest of justice’ I was dropping the case. 


          Another case came up where downtown at the bars, a young male punched me in the jaw & I dropped to the pavement unconscious for a few seconds.  This was in front of hundreds of people milling on the street & the resident cops – not one person came forward as a witness, not even the cop who saw it {he pretended he didn’t} & the next DA told me he would not take the case because after they begin it I AM THE TYPE OF WOMAN WHO DROPS CASES.


          Indeed, a woman faints at the thought of going to court because we know what they will do to us – we will come out worse than the male because they are excused even when they hurt us – we are the ones vilified.  It is getting better, but old ways do die hard.


          I do recall that in 1976 I did win a case against a guy in B’klyn who beat me up with karate kicks & trashed my apt with thousands of dollars in damage.  {He threw a gallon of oil paint all over my walls & furniture & private stuff}  The times were changing for women then in their favor, it was just beginning – the women’s movement was new, alive & fresh.  I got a judgment of $700 which the guy’s Mom paid, I sent it to my spiritual mentor, Rev. Judy Swaggart – It did not make up for my apt damage even if I spent it, I even felt guilty at being recompensed, like somehow it was my fault.  And Rev. Swaggart, that’s another story told elsewhere, in Part 3 at length.  The forces of Hell were turned against me.


          Now St. Martin, back to the Chimps & our discussion.  Explain more to me how women’s sexual liberty will end Patriarchy.


          STM:   We could use a third mind here for some input & fresh perspective.  I have told you when men can no longer control women sexuality, the gig is up.  They will lose all their motivation, their reason for fighting, struggling with other men for resources.  This will end war.  And they will begin doing what you predicted long ago in ‘The Future of Male-Female Relationships’ – they will prepare themselves for female domination.


          For example, they will get fit & trim, lose weight, go to the gym, get cosmetic surgery, fix their hair, wear better clothes, learn social skills like conversation. Learn to listen to women & support their interests, be charming, other graces, work toward being gentlemen; books will spring up on how to improve themselves.  They will now, instead of beating other men violently, beat them at the game of conquest, the way one woman outdoes another in looks, appearance, charm & wit – role reversal.  That will be their game; they will strive to be CHOSEN by women when women are in control.


          When a woman gives a man what he wants, she jumps through his hoops.  When she refuses & holds back, he jumps through hers. 

          ME:  OK let’s see if we get another contribution to this.  Thanks St. Martin.



Wow, I must say, you both pretty much have all bases covered as to the reasons why Women’s sexual freedom will be the kill switch for patriarchy.  Very true indeed.  It would basically be kryptonite and game over for patriarchy when Women can no longer be controlled sexually by men.  Thus I don’t have very much to add here, but I will also note another angle that the “artificial scarcity” of sex that is created by restricting and shaming Women’s sexuality only serves to prop up the patriarchy as well, for the same reason that the “artificial scarcity” of goods and services is what props up (rentier) capitalism, which really should be called “greed patriarchy”, while patriarchy itself would be “sexual capitalism”.  The one thing that neither system can survive is ABUNDANCE.  Liberating Women’s sexuality would of course end that artificial scarcity, while also very importantly replacing male-defined sexuality (which can be quite toxic) with Female-defined sexuality (which is the best antidote to such toxicity).  It would be a win-win for everyone but the patriarchy and oligarchy.  In other words, “make love, not war”.

QED               (You may also give credit to Yuri Alexandrovich for his article as well.)

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