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Edmund Blair Leighton Historical Genre English 1852-1922 5 stars [phistars.com] Abelard and his Pupil Heloise

Edmund Blair Leighton Historical Genre English 1852-1922 5 stars [phistars.com] Abelard and his Pupil Heloise






          Interpreted for a friend


          I am some place indoors when I decide to put my foot down & talk to my lover although he’s not reached out to me. I’m tired of waiting – I’m going to discuss his financial situation. I think he’s in the men’s room in this building. I speak to a male friend of mine & ask him to go into the place & if John is there, tell him I wish to speak to him.


          I understand completely & clearly that he’s with his present female because she supports him but this will soon end as she’s flat broke, will get an eviction notice—it’s the ONLY reason he’s stayed with her. I will let him know that he should make the switch from her to me pronto as I am willing & able to take care of him.


          My friend goes in there & pretty soon John comes out looking a bit sheepish—surprised that I reached out to him.


          He’s wearing a ‘pale’ color small-checked shirt. I have a feeling of strength, confidence, & tell him I want to move off to a private area & have a chat. He then annoys me by walking off somewhere. I see him go next to a door to a picture on the wall, which is hanging amidst some clutter on the walls; one of the images near the bird is a black blob. The picture vaguely seems to be of a bird, maybe red, it has a frame & a see-through glass-like covering on the front. I’m no longer annoyed when he returns with the picture to put it up by the spot we are chatting.

Edmund Blair Leighton Historical Genre English 1852-1922 5 stars [phistars.com] Abelard and his Pupil Heloise 

          *(PALE SHIRT, HE HAS ON WITH SMALL CHECKS: This means he feels fear. We ‘turn pale’ if we ‘see a ghost.’

          CHECKS: are crosses, crosses are problems. He’s scared due to his problems.


HE WALKS OFF TO THIS PICTURE OF A RED BIRD: Bird here means FREE, FREEDOM. His picture, or he, is


IN A FRAME: like being ‘framed’ means deceived & trapped.


WITH GLASS OVER IT: It’s obvious he’s been trapped—you can see his clearly.


IN A CORNER: Cornered, helpless. It was a series of decisions that were bad – mistakes – that got him into a place he had trouble getting out of.

household-needlework-woman-from-the-vogtland-doing-embroidery-after-DB1473 household-washing-laundresses-engraving-18th-century-18th-century-DB14JT household-washing-woman-washing-the-laundry-in-the-tub-wood-engraving-DB14JE hqdefault 

NEXT TO A DOOR: of opportunity. He got in, he can get out.


AMIDST CLUTTER ON THE WALLS: Clutter is too many things confusing the situation. One needs to ‘clear things out’ before they can ‘think straight.’


BIRD IS RED: Not happy, suffering. Second meaning is passion, could be passionate or strongly emotional about getting out of this (sanguine, face getting red is being emotional. Red is also a color for HATE – he hates being here.

 julius-adam-1859231 julius-adam-the-younger-katzenfamilie-(the-cat-family) jungle_sunrise__love_contest_by_wolfhowl10-d6wdj1m katzenmutter Khaleesi-2-Galia-Lahav-The-empress-collection-530x792

BLACK BLOB: Confusing the issue is a child he did not ask for. His roommate allowed her pregnancy on purpose, in hopes of trapping him. When the baby was born it looked like a ‘blob,’ with no features {it greatly improved & is now cute} but my ESP tells me what this stands for. This child confuses the issue of his responsibility, if he’s morally tied down here or not. The roommate’s hopes were that the child would force him to stay with her permanently. The ‘blob’ being black it’s like an unknown, a point of confusion, something dark & depressing, not knowing what to do about it.


HE RETURNS, PUTS THE PICTURE WHERE WE ARE CHATTING: This says he returns to his present address, removes himself, & brings himself to me. He declares his freedom,

“Free as a bird.”

Free to leave the one who trapped him, put him in a cage, he put himself in the cage, now removes himself.)*

krinstinabanera_3 Snyders, Frans, 1579-1657; Dogs Stealing Food from a Basket l2ekdkK L3NPUQ la_belle_dame Lady_Stuart_de_Rothesay_and_her_daughters_by_George_Hayter lady-of-the-lake-shanina-conway la-niña-mira-en-el-guardarropa-132487878 

          My personality here is no-nonsense, pragmatic, practical & matter of fact. He goes along with it. It’s like I understand everything & am going to talk to him straight, no beating around the bush.


          For the personality, check Maggie in “Hobson’s Choice” with Charles Laughton, how Laughton tells her she’s ‘past marrying age’ (30) & she then chooses a young cobbler who works in the cellar – a timid soul – tells everyone they’re going to marry {including him}, commandeers all events, even splitting him off from the fiancé he now has, etc. Perfect assertive woman.


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