By Rasa Von Werder, January 9th, 2021


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The degree to which prayer is answered varies greatly. That is to say, the average person has not a snowball’s chance in Hell to change the world with prayer. Why? Because they are like a wilted blade of grass in the desert, they have no spiritual power or ability. And why not? Because they live in their ego, flesh, the world. They are not even ALIVE in terms of ‘born again,’ the SPIRIT OF GOD DOES NOT EVEN LIVE WITHIN THEM.

You must look at the PROPHETS OF OLD & the Anointing they had. Look at David – who was anointed to kill Goliath. NO ONE ELSE COULD DO IT.

Look at JESUS CHRIST. No one else could do the HEALINGS & EXORCISMS He did. Why? They were not ANOINTED.

Look at all the FAITH HEALERS in the United States, from John Dowie {Scottish} to Maria Woodworth Etter {American} to Smith Wigglesworth {UK}, to A.A. Allen & Kathryn Kuhlman {Americans}. They are called ‘God’s Generals’ by minister Roberts Liardon.

Then there were those who caused incredible REVIVALS as well as HEALINGS {sometimes the two are interchangeable, it is the WORKING of the HOLY SPIRIT – It revives, It heals, It causes Miracles.} There was:

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John G Lake {1908-13}, Jack Coe {1950′s}, Oral Roberts {1950′s}, T.L. Osborn, Billy Graham {recent}, R.W. Shambach {60′s} – {Many of these I record from MEMORY, I could be off on dates.} There are HUNDREDS MORE RENOWNED ONES who changed the world in history through healings & revivals, through teaching & preaching.

I am reminded of a relative of mine, who every time someone in the family gets sick – she calls on me to pray. Twice, I refused, because the people she asked me to pray for had abused & or ignored me much of my life – one of them has not spoken to me for 41 years – I told her I COULD NOT PRAY for them as my prayers would not reach them, they had BLOCKED MY LOVE. This lady was INDIGNANT & said she had asked everyone else to pray, they were praying so the need was fulfilled. I laughed to myself, knowing the results.

Most people’s prayers are MERE WORDS. God does not respond to empty words. She responds to ENERGY – FEELINGS – WILL POWER – LOVE. I know what kind of Power my prayers have, & I could not send this Power to those who refused me as a human being & therefore as an Agent of God – Jesus said,

‘If you do not receive me on Earth, I will not receive you in Heaven.’

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So I will simply add this: If a person is IN A STATE OF GRACE they will be heard, but if they are NOT ANOINTED for special manifestations such as HEALINGS & MIRACLES, these things WILL NOT HAPPEN. And so, those who pray to change the world, it is unlikely miracles will happen unless they are ANOINTED.

When I prayed the MESSAGE OF FATIMA in front of the WHITE HOUSE a miracle occurred: The Cold War ended, Communism ended, WWIII was prevented.

When I preached on the street 2.5 months (in winter, 2-3 hours a day), then prayed in a loud voice every day for a month, one hour a day for the VICTIMS OF ABUSE & AGAINST PREDATORS {I did not name specifics} a MIRACLE OCCURED: The pedophilia shakeup in the Catholic Church.

Other great things also happened because I AM ANOINTED. They will be listed elsewhere.

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And so when one person says ‘pray’ they mean someone mouthing words, like all are equal in the saying of them, but when I am asked to pray, I am being called upon to MANIFEST MY GOD POWER & remember, JESUS DID NOT MANIFEST HIS GOD POWER & HEAL EVERYONE, only those He was called to do. For example, did Jesus PRAY for King Herod, for the High Priest Ciaphas, & the Pharisees? Indeed not. Such people had already from the start, BLOCKED JESUS, BLOCKED GOD, BLOCKED THE LOVE OF THE ALMIGHTY & so it would have been a MOOT POINT to pray for them – they were all destined for Hell. {Not saying all whom I refuse to pray for are destined for Hell, just those individuals stated.}

Enough said, Guru Rasa Von Werder 1-9-21

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Now I know that with my Spiritual Husband Bob I am picking up his MOODS, up & down, pro & against me, not his absolute Heart Decision, which perhaps stays STEADFAST & all that God PREDICTED is NOT nullified. {He is unsteady as a youth, not sure on his feet, changes from day to day, time to time. He’s felt all the stages of grief at losing me; denial, anger, resignation, depression, & they come & go. Yesterday it was ANGER / REJECTION OF ME & GOD, today it’s longing / yearning, a resurgence of FAITH {in us}.}

My first scenes in this dream were so crude / repulsive that I semi woke up fearing for my spirituality, & began to pray Contrition. But then it changed. First it was an UGLY guy, showing me his hard penis, he was fat, he was disgusting. I push him away from me.

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Then I see myself with a book in hand, & there’s a man to my left, kneeling, staring at a book. I show him my NEW BOOK which he might peruse, but he won’t even look at it, he is so INTENT on staring at that other book.

I look at what is he looking at, & it’s a woman like a picture of me, sitting, looking beautiful, & next to me is a ten foot tall female with a small head, a totally silver pleated dress falling from her neck to the floor, it’s not loose or tight, just directly over the body & I say to him,

“I gave you that picture already, in your book.”

Something about two books & pictures that we share, it’s murky.

I get a feeling from him on his knees there, & it was only after seeing him thus I realized it was Bob, not some fat ugly guy invading my mind. It was Bob wishing for sex again, the main way or only way he knows how to express love.

He was desperate to BRING BACK THE PAST & there was a book – it could be a book of MEMORIES or it could be a real, physical book he got his hands on – which shows images I took of him, that remind him of our past, when we showed our love to each other, when he knew I loved him. He’s so intent on thinking about this, he can’t move ahead to the now – the book of today.

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*(MEANING: Yesterday he was angry, today he wants to believe again, hanging on to memories when he knew I loved him madly.

There are two images, one, me as a woman, & two, the ten foot tall maybe angel dressed in a silver pleated gown. The SILVER is PERMANENCE, a permanent relationship that he WISHES FOR, yearns for, but is too cowardly, I presume, to do anything about, as he has my phones but isn’t calling. And so, he will suffer until he gathers the courage.

What is his problem? I can only guess. He told my girl friend who said he should call me,
“No, I can’t……She contacts my mother.”

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In this statement he features me as a fanatic when we were together – I did write a note to his Mom on social media, but only to discuss with her how to help him get off drugs……..That was long ago, before I knew his Mom & Dad are both crack addicts. {She never answered me.} So he was saying that to call me, to let me know he loved me by this action, would endanger bringing back my obsessive behavior. OK, cowboy, stay safe. I am not bothering you. Let’s see how long before you crack.)*

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