By Rasa Von Werder, June 5th, 2020

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          Interpreted for a friend

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          There was a person who died & left all their belongings to someone & the things were all sitting around waiting to be claimed. I don’t see anyone claiming anything, & no one knew what was here.


          I go look at things & one thing catches my eye: A white COAT. It looks like white material in a pile, like the softest of Cashmere, softer than soft.


          I go to that pile of material on the edge of the belongings & put it around me & it’s a COAT-CAPE, so voluminous & luxurious it would go around two people. It also has some kind of thick, wide soft collar made of a material that is unfamiliar – the closest thing would be the softest ostrich or feathers. It is PRECIOUS – I want it, & so I take it, although somehow the estate was not left to me, but I have to STEAL this coat. I am not a thief, but now I MUST HAVE THIS.

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          I take it & fold it inside out, where the white satiny lining has some decoration with soft like watercolor streaks in blue & green. As I carry the coat like this, no one will recognize it as that white coat, stop me or try to interfere with my having it.



          MEANING: This hearkens to only one thing, the symbol of the spiritual wedding between Lover Bob & myself. When we were united in the Sacrament of Love, God showed me one piece of white cloth, which I knew had been two pieces but was now only one with NO SEAM. It had a soft, small victory wreath of white laurel on it, to show we had been victorious; we were united in Matrimony against all odds.


          This seems to be saying that the female of Bob has left the relationship – which can be called ‘dying.’ I am not interested in anything of hers or theirs together, only one thing is mine, although it seems like I’m stealing it – my RELATIONSHIP WITH BOB.

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          In this dream I am claiming our relationship. And I might add – no one else is claiming nor can they claim this, as no one else has been joined by God to him but me.


          Holding the coat inside out where the blue/green streaks will disguise it, no one will interfere is what, Mother God?


          This union is Sacred & Secret, & you want no one to interfere. So it is hidden in the interior, the way God is. And so, this relationship is SAFE. People only see bodies, things, they do not see God or mystical relationships.


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