By Rasa Von Werder, June 19th, 2021


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          Before I get to the ideal priest & friend, who did not share 99% of the world’s condemnation & judgment of those in the adult trade, I have one more priest to harp on.


          I shall call him ‘Fr Vivacious’ of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Greenpoint, B’klyn, close to where I lived.  I had been going to the Lithuanian Church called Annunciation,  only 3 blocks from me & enjoyed it much – the ambience of a Gothic, old-fashioned edifice is the best.

But I switched to Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, can’t recall why, which was 5 blocks away, in the Italian neighborhood – wanted to try it at first because Our Lady of Mt Carmel is the day I was born – July 16. 


{In fact, it comes to important attention that I was born on the terrible day the first atomic bomb was dropped in White Sands, New Mexico, 1945, but also the day of the Lady who is Peace.  This striking contradiction has a lot to do with my earthly mission – to help end this age of war & bring about peace – the way it is being done is known by God & God alone pulls the strings.  But I was part of it in giving the speech in front of the White House on June 16, 1978.  Our Lady of Fatima’s message was mine – She asked that we pray the rosary for the conversion of Russia, or ‘Nations will be annihilated.’  At the time we were in a terrible Cold War, both we & Russia were in an arm’s race that could blow up the whole world, the peace movement was desperate.  Our Lady stepped in; She had many times before, to prevent this – which would have been World War III.  She chose me to give her speech.  She said, ‘in the end, my Immaculate heart will Triumph.’ 

 6c33b8f0c00891996940ada4a70cb9c4 7.-Moroni_Portrait-of-a-Little-Girl-of-the-Redetti-Family_Bergamo-300x373 8DA7C8DD241C11D593F200902786BF4414jpg Mars, Venus and Cupid 9nwxggvv 12. Lambdin, George Cochran - The Consecration 24-painting 034N09161_782YQ

Amazing things happened, such as a Pope from behind the Iron Curtain being elected!  Reagan & Gorbachev were important factors.  The Pope being shot, surviving, & the minute he wakes up he ASKS FOR THE PAPERS ON FATIMA!  He has the bullet they removed from him inserted into the CROWN OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA!  And then HE CONSECRATES RUSSIA TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY!  I give the entire story on my website called Kellie Everts or I Strip for God – this account is also featured in a couple of my books.}


I became friends with Father Vivacious some time before 1978 because when I went to dance at the Playboy Club for 3 months, I recall writing him a letter to ask his advice.  He answered me & what struck me as odd is that he did not SIGN the letter, only TYPED his name!  {So if anyone criticized him for writing a letter to me he could deny it?}


          I recall I told him my time in Chicago would be dedicated to missionary work; I would use it as an opportunity.  Every Sunday we were off, & so, I got literature printed up on how to say the rosary & stood on the street {not too warm in Jan., sometimes, a biting cold wind on the streets of Chicago!} handing this out to people.  This went on maybe 3 weeks – I had 3 months so there was time – but one day, an inner voice said to me,


          “Stop handing out the literature.”


          I thought it must be the devil saying this, so I continued, but now, no one – not one single soul – would take my tracts.

 Arturo_Michelena_00 Asher-Brown-Durand-1796-1886 At-The-Circus Autumn-Wheat-Harvest-Rural-Country-Americana-Folk-Art-Landscape-Painting-72dpi_op_725x580 A-Victorian-Family-at-the-Seaside-xx-Charles-Wynne-Nicholls b3cc2ca3dfe1b93459932e40f0bf19df b6b99b7a7b48c441dfbdfc5499551194 b18

          I then decided maybe it was God, & right nearby was a modern Cathedral.  I went there, sat to the back left, remember clearly, and said to God,


          “Ok, if you don’t want me to hand out literature, what do you want me to do?”


          The answer was,

          “Go to the media, the newspapers, Television, & ask to be interviewed.  You’ll reach many more people that way.”

          “But who will be interested?”  I said, & the answer was,

          “You haven’t tried.”


          Ok, I had my marching orders.  Then began the biggest effort on my part I had ever conducted, to get the news to my side.  I first contacted the Chicago Press Bulletin, the biggest paper, & got the syndicated columnist, Bob Greene, to do a story.  It was sensational, & that was only the beginning.


          After that, I appeared in every publication in Chicago, even the black paper, the Chicago Defender.  I did every talk show being conducted in Chicago, & not only that, I went to the office of the managing editor of Playboy & convinced him to do another story.  He at first objected, but I kept asking & he finally gave in, & not only was one story done, but they put me in ‘sex in the news’ several times after that plus a pic of me after I preached in front of the White House. 


          The TV shows, I got copies, & they were played in the lounge of the Playboy club where the whole cast could see them.  Were some of them jealous!  They claimed I was only ‘working to publicize myself’ instead of the show’ but I was working for God.  I blitzed Chicago early in 1978.  I proved to myself what could be done if I tried.


          But that is not the story I intended to write here.  I wanted to explain how Father Vivacious betrayed me as everyone else had done, for being in the adult trade.


          When I got back to New York City, I was contacted by a new TV show they were going to syndicate, called ‘National Graffiti.’  I let them film me – this was seen by producer George Schlatter, who had a giant hit with ‘Laugh In’.  Because of my story he took over this show & turned it into ‘Real People’ – I was the first star.


          ‘Real People’ opened up my segment with me climbing the steps of the modern Church, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, where I used to chat with Father Vivacious in his office. 

 1538.Recollection (c) The National Gallery, London; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation 1877_523438094498635_7641069091512373007_n CIS:P.5-1938 2015-01-26-alexa_0596 5948_165943273762979_6051959978377829911_n 6779_436021819919855_2720920718255760061_n

          But when the show hit the air, the Italians who were the parishioners, were shocked that I, a woman in the adult trade, dare to enter their Church, & have myself filmed climbing their steps.  They felt invaded & violated by this scarlet woman.  How dare Father Vivacious be friends with me!


          I recall around the same time, I was playing basketball with boys in the grounds of a nearby religious building; a man came out & said I shouldn’t be there playing ball with young men because I had posed nude in Playboy!  {None of us listened to him & kept playing.}


          From then on, I was frozen out.  I’d call Fr V & he’d be out, or busy.  This happened time & time again, until I finally got the hint, he didn’t want me there or couldn’t.  Perhaps the new Pastor forbid it.


          I met the new man in a local bakery; he introduced himself to me sounding proud of his position,

          “I am the new Pastor at Our Lady of Mt Carmel.’


          And when I went to the Church he was there & stopped me, saying,

          “Fr Vivacious has to go have dinner now, it’s important to keep up his health – he must eat well.”


          They were both FAT.  I thought of St. Francis of Assisi & other saints – they did not eat well, it was not a rule of the Church.  I was also told this, I know its gossip but I’m not giving names.  A secretary that worked there told me she had seen the Pastor & Fr V kissing one another.  I objected, saying,


          “It was a brotherly kiss.” 

          But she said,

          “No, it was on the lips.”

 0-Claude-Duval-Victorian-social-scene-William-Powell-Frith 0-The-Witchs-Trial-Victorian-social-scene-William-Powell-Frith 001L12100_3P699 02da653f66fa03b25576b5b37bcc9173 2d-painting-landscape-29 3.Giffordjpg 3a2fc2e8890e810c002c050fd2dc96bb 3d55622f-881b-438d-8753-65b33fb38c3f

          I figured she was nuts, but after a year I was saddened to hear Fr V was gone, he’d been sent to a ‘rest’ or ‘rehab’ center’ by the Church {the Pastor said so from the pulpit, yes, I still went to Mass there} – don’t know where or what happened, still saddened that he froze me out of his life because of people’s criticism.  But the point here is that only Jesus Christ, & those like him, defend the ‘woman caught in adultery.’  The rest throw stones, why do I expect any better?  It’ll never end, it will always be the same, people are brainwashed by Patriarchy, until Matriarchy emerges, we will be slut shamed & ostracized, get used to it, Rasa.  No exceptions.  But remember Jesus said,

         “Whoever is without sin, cast the first stone,’ and also, to the Pharisees,

          “The prostitutes will go into Heaven before you.”



Fr. Depaul Genska – Jesus Comes to Life



          Which brings me to Fr Depaul Genska.  He was the most wonderful Christlike figure.  He came to visit me several times, & even came to where I worked in New York, & visited me in Chicago.


          This is the favorite quote I have of his.  I told him my Aunt Ara chided me for praying for my Mom as she was dying of cancer, she said,


          “How dare you pray, god will not hear you BECAUSE YOU SELL YOUR BODY!”


          I TOLD THIS TO Fr Depaul and he said,



 William_Blake_006 William_Blake_Richmond_-_Venus_and_Anchises_-_Google_Art_Project wisdom-TITIAN WM TURNER wooded-landscape-with-cattle-and-goats(1) xir192428 ZHAOMING WU

          Fr Depaul became involved with prostitutes when two of them hitch hiked a ride & got into his vehicle, introduced themselves to him.  They became friends.  He studied how to help the working women, wrote a great thesis, {he gave me his syllabus or course & said I could do with it what I will.  I plan to publish it some day} & began to teach this ministry at Catholic Theological Union.  There he not only spoke in a classroom setting, but took people ‘on the stroll’ to the habitats where these therapists worked.


          He was totally non judgmental & non condemnatory – & he concluded, as many of those educated have, WE ARE ALL PROSTITUTES.


          But Cardinal Cody {Chicago’s Cardinal who went down in scandal later on} ‘didn’t understand.’ & at one point took away his ‘faculties,’ which means prevented him from acting as a priest – which rendered him unemployed.  Luckily, he had a priest friend who gave him work on the sly at his church.


          In conclusion & in honor of Fr. Depaul I will give some info about him following – He died in 2010 I just found out:


  Depaul (nee: George) was born on May 5, 1931 in Syracuse NY.  He died Sept. 13, 2010 at the Holy Name Friary in Ringwood, N.J., age 79, {RIP dear friend.}

George entered the minor Franciscan seminary in Callicoon, NY, in third year high school (1947). He received his further education in the seminary system of Holy Name Franciscan Province.  In the novitiate he took the name “Depaul” after St. Vincent de Paul; and “Anthony” after St. Anthony of Padua.

Depaul was ordained on April 25, 1958. After several ministerial assignments on the east coast, he enrolled in September 1978 at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. CTU is a school of ministry in the Catholic tradition. His studies concentrated on how to minister with persons in the sex industry. Depaul became involved with persons in prostitution in June 1972 in New York City. He received a MTS degree (Masters in Theological Studies) in 1980. For his MTS thesis, he designed a course on “The Dynamics of Heterosexal* Prostitution”. He taught the initial course during the Spring Quarter of 1980.

While at CTU, providentially, Depaul met a lay missionary from England. She  had similar interests as Depaul in heterosexual prostitution. In October 1983, they founded Genesis House – a place of hospitality and nurturing for women in prostitution who earnestly desire to change their life-style.


Depaul prefers to call prostitution not just female prostitution but rather heterosexual prostitution. There are more men involved in “female” prostitution than there are women. For every woman (prostitute) there are conservatively ten men – customers, pimps. Without the demand on the men’s part, there would be no supply on the women’s part. Thanks to Dr. Jean-Guy Nadeau for this insight……Prostitution is older than Christianity!


 water20fantasy20mountains20ocean20beach20sand20birds20ships20rocks20bridges20fantasy20art20science20fiction20catwa_www_wallmay_com_34 watercolor_080408-1207720955 Weymouth Harbour.THOMAS GIRTIN Wilhelm_Oswald_Gustav_Achenbach,_Abendstimmung_in_der_Campagna William Blake-388298 William Blake-547939 William_Blake_-_Nebuchadnezzar_(Tate_Britain) William_Blake_002

PS                        The End of Professor Catholic & Me

                                          {written 6-18-21}


          To explain how the great professor at two Universities, was fazed out of my life.  I might add that I was praying with him every Sunday for 3 years – he was my best friend as I had no one else at the time {my choice – because why?  I only wanted to talk about God.}


          Prof Fish {meaning Christian} liked me a lot, at first just platonic friend, later, there was indication he was trying to win me as a female – {that of course was nipped in the bud for more than one reason.  One, I was celibate, two, not attracted to him & three, he was married.}  He did get the hint & behaved thereafter.  I know you’re curious.  OK, so I might as well explain.  One evening he called me & said he was stuck in the city, could he sleep in my place?  He was too tired to take the train home {somewhere upstate I think.}  A bit nervous, I said yes.  He came over, & when he saw I arranged a spot for him on the couch, he wasn’t ‘tired’ any more & left – ha-ha.


          The Prof. read my writings on the Divine Stigmata & said they deserved to be published – but time dragged on, he never did anything about it.  I knew of one company that published such books – ‘Cross Roads.’  So, tired of waiting for him, I sent my work to them & unfortunately, included an image of myself {fully clothed} as well as I was a friend of Prof. Fish.


          And so Prof Fish calls me soon after that, with trembling voice, tells me he walked into Cross Roads one day {he was on their board of directors} & they asked him how did he know THE STRIPPER KELLIE EVERTS?  Someone recognized me!  {Yes I was foolish to reveal myself to some degree, but you’re young & dumb before getting old & wise} & at that very moment, I knew it was over between us.


          I didn’t even bother to call him.  I figured if he called me & tried to remain friends, we’d do so.  But he didn’t seem eager to keep talking, so I saw the writing on the wall & knew another day, another ostracism.  Three years my best friend, gone in one day – the woman ‘caught in the adult trade’ stoned against the wall by the men, none of whom was without sin.

 velaZQUEZ 2 venus_and_adonis Venus-and-Adonis-c.-1635-large Venus-Frigida-1614-large vh John Eastman (American Painter, fl 1842-1880) Christmas Time

          I will channel Prof. Fish.  Although I couldn’t find his obituary, he’s probably dead as he’d be over 100 now.  OK, Prof. Fish, were you through with me when the publishers confronted you with my being a stripper?


          PROF. FISH:    It was a sad day for me, as I really liked you.  I felt on some level that you had deceived me, but I also knew you had to, as if you had told me the truth from the get go, our friendship could not have transpired, we could not have related as we did, I would have seen you as a sex object & I would have been afraid to be seen with you in public.  As sad as it was, I knew we had to part – my profession & yours didn’t mix.


          ME:   Did you not see, however, that you were going against the teachings of Jesus Christ by being afraid to be friends with someone in the adult trade?  And didn’t you feel that hurting me would be wrong?  You knew I was an authentic saintly person, you knew my experiences were real & my Divine Stigmata was real – you did believe in me.  {You asked me the foolish question, did the Stigmata hurt, but you didn’t ask me to explain it.}


          So here’s an authentic spiritual mystic you’re friends with, but she just happens to have to make a living dancing & showing her body – not because she wants to or gets a thrill out of it – because she has to to make a living – & you know this woman for three years, you know she is none of those wicked things society blames us for.  We had prayed together for 3 years.  And yet, in one moment, the entire relationship is over, you repudiate me, I am no good to be friends with.  Don’t you see how spiritually wrong that is, that you couldn’t put your morality where your titles were?  Your being a leader of spirituality was a sham.



          PROF FISH:   Yes, I was a sham.  I was book learned in spirituality, I could answer most questions, but I could not do what a saint would do.  I was one of those people who was pleased to be a high-standing member of society, people respected me – they did not respect you.  But who will have a higher place in Heaven?  Many women in the adult trade, bordellos, street walkers & the like, have better places in Heaven than the one who were respected.  Some of these women are saints, but no one believes it.  The world’s judgments are not God’s, I was of the world, respected & loved, you were & are by some, looked down upon.  You are in a safer spiritual place than the respectable.  Don’t be sad or depressed for how people treat you; represent God, that is all.  Don’t pay attention to people is the best advice anyone can get – people know nothing, God knows all.  Amen.  {End channeling}


          ME:   You speak the truth, Prof., thanks, & RIP.

 (c) Paintings Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation VOLKERT OLIJ Walking-In-The-Parc-Des-Buttes-Chaumont-large War-large Weymouth Harbour.THOMAS GIRTIN


PS             Fr. DePaul Needs My Prayers re a Woman



An interesting incident with Fr. DePaul.  One day he came to my place in Brooklyn & asked me for prayer.  He was in trouble.  A woman he’d befriended had been after him for marriage- a black lady.  I told him, why don’t you tell her you can’t as you’re a priest?  He said he couldn’t do that – but didn’t explain why.


That to me didn’t make sense as I thought all the women he ministered to knew he was a celibate priest.  So to try to frame it in my mind I figured he ministered to women, not always revealing being a priest for some reason.  In those days, the 70’s none of us devout Catholics ever thought of priests breaking their vows or doing anything unGodly like pedophilia.  We thought if it happens, it’s rare.  Most priests are faithful, some are saints.  That’s why a lot of mothers & other people would get mad when a boy or girl told them they’d been messed with by a priest – it was unbelievable, we were mentally unready to accept such a thing.


So I fervently prayed with & for Fr. Depaul about the lady.  The next time I saw him I asked, what happened with her?  He said HE NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN.  So the prayer worked.

 victorian_Lady_figure.327104319_std victorian_style_2 Sierra Exif JPEG View-Of-Saint-Cloud-large View-of-the-Bois-de-Boulogne-large violin_and_pitcher violin-and-jug-1910

          It was years later that I mused about the subject & thought is there some kind of possibility that Fr. had SEX with any of these women?  Not that I judged or condemned him, just wondered.  Could it be why Cardinal Cody took his faculties away, because he found out?  As prior to that, just teaching, ministering & taking people ‘on the stroll’ would not warrant defrocking him from priesthood.  I decided to channel Fr. DePaul.  I asked him, why did he want to minister to prostitutes?  He answered:


FR. DEPAUL:   It was fun, more fun than being with fuddy duddy priests all the time, the women’s lives were colorful, dramatic, & I was a part of them.


ME:   Did you have sex with any of them or serious affairs?


FR. DEPAUL:   I had relationships with them, mostly platonic.  They saw me as a ‘Father figure,’ one who would stand by them, help in emergencies, there was not much hanky panky going on, it was 95% ministry, maybe some fun once in a while, which was not the main part of my activities or focus.


ME:   Enough said.  I do believe sincerely that priests should be allowed marriage, or date & have sex if they wish {sex between consenting adults is not a sin} – they’re human.  And of course, they should ordain women.  The Catholic Church will not remain forever with their policies, Patriarchy is phasing out, matriarchy is coming in, & no matter how powerful this Church is now, it will fade out.  Thanks for your friendship, Father & RIP.  He thanks me & says he’s looking out for me, to continue doing my work as it’s blessed.      {End Chapter 9}


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