“The Edge” Movie Review

By Rasa Von Werder, January 6th, 2021


Movie Review of “The Edge” 1-6-21

starring Sir Anthony Hopkins & Alec Baldwin with Elle MacPherson

“Following a plane crash in Alaska’s wilderness, a wealthy intellectual and the fashion

photographer who covets his wife must rely on each other for survival.”

from Rasa Von Werder



One of the most amazing SuperHero movies, the fantasy of a male writer imagining himself as one. In the beginning you have this average looking BILLIONAIRE who has the most beautiful wife on earth – all he wants to do is READ & gather info – he apparently has a photographic memory as he ‘knows everything’. The hotel owner tries to trick him with a question, but he foils him; knows the secret answer. He’s quiet, shy, not imposing, not aggressive, not anything. I was wondering ‘where is this guys claim to fame, he’s the star.’ It is shown to us that naturally EVERYONE WANTS HIM FOR HIS MONEY, including the hotel owner who presents a ‘proposition’ – he doesn’t get mad, just walks away, he’s virtuous. Remember that word, ‘virtuous’ – it will factor in greatly……

Now Alec Baldwin is a photographer featuring his wife – wow is she stunning – who decides they must find this INDIAN CHIEF who is somewhere 80 miles away, they must go get him as the model with the wife. The plot thickens. They (he & a young black guy with dreds) invite Anthony to go with them on this adventure – for some reason, I guess he likes adventure, he accepts. Now in a dramatic scene, the plane crashes & into the water. Alec escapes quickly but Anthony has to cut the black man out of his harness & they both emerge. Then off they go, hoping to find their way home but the two young guys are skittish, negative & confused. Anthony remains POSITIVE, wise & reassuring the entire time. He gives his knife to the dred-man, to make a spear, who quickly gives himself a bad wound on the thigh. Anthony binds him up, then to his alarm, sees his bloody socks hanging on a branch, Anthony screams that he told them to bury these – as the BLOOD could attract a bear – but IT’S TOO LATE. A huge Kodiak comes upon them, after the dred-man, Anthony & Alec try to ward him off with torches, but it’s impossible, you see the bear tearing the poor boy limb to limb, all the others can do is run for their lives……..



Days pass, they try fires, all kinds of adventures, they are starving, cold rain hits, a helicopter comes overhead but misses them……The bear is stalking them & in an improbable situation devised by Anthony they trap him with spears, the bear gets impaled on one, Anthony has the COURAGE OF ST. GEORGE WITH THE DRAGON – now they have food for weeks if needed & fur to wrap themselves in…..By chance they come upon a cabin on stilts, it’s quite wonderful. Inside Alec finds a rifle, lots of bullets. Anthony knows Alec wants to kill him for the wife – he’s been saying it all along. Anthony finds some proof where his wife ordered a watch for Alec engraved with ‘thanks for all the nights.’ OK, Alec makes Anthony go outside, where he’ll shoot him in the back, but instead of turning around, Anthony take some steps toward him. As Alec backs up, he falls into a BEAR HOLE with huge spikes on the bottom – he’s impaled. Now comes the biggest hero part. Anthony turns out to be ANOTHER JESUS CHRIST. Instead of leaving his traitor, would-be assassin in the hole, he FORGIVES HIM, gets in there, gets him off the spike & binds him up, then drags him into the open where a helicopter finally finds them. While Anthony is drawing the attention of the copter, he looks back at Alec, who is dead…..

They get back to the hotel where a hundred people await. The wife is still pretending, Anthony gives her Alec’s watch with the engraving about the ‘nights.’ No recrimination, no revenge, no nothing. This is a superhero of spiritual proportions – saving someone at his own peril, killing a Grizzly bear, forgiving his killer, forgiving his wife, enduring all hardships with aplomb – yes, another Superman for all of us to admire. No man is like that, the one who wrote it imagines himself to be this person, but don’t sweat, you meet a man like this only in your dreams. It’s a good story………………..


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About the Grizzly encounters – I wrote these comments as well as the review on the You tube presentation:

My You tube account is under my show biz name

Kellie Everts 48-28-38 conducts Night Train

I’m on 58:00 & this is well done. The plane crash was dramatic, then the bear. The got away but made a mistake. The three of them, one was hurt & the guys did not listen to Anthony & bury his bloody socks – the smell of blood brought back the huge Kodiak bear. He got the wounded guy – the other guys tried with a fire stick to stop him but could not. So far, well done, not what I expected. Yes Anthony is a good actor……………………..

Kellie Everts 48-28-38 conducts Night Train

OK their battle with the bear is dramatic but truthfully unrealistic. They kill him with spears. They have OUTRUN him several times which is impossible because you cannot outrun a bear, even a black bear can run 40 miles an hour. So to kill a Grizzly, two guys with two sharpened sticks, OK it’s just a movie. The bear with one swipe would have knocked their entire bodies over, spear & all, knocked them unconscious. According to this the spear got lodged between rocks & the bear impaled itself on it. OK, nice fantasy for them, not the poor bear. The bear was ‘stalking’ them this ALMOST NEVER happens in real life. I have seen dozens of documentaries of humans going through the wilderness with the biggest Kodiak bears around, not one was stalked. It happens like once in many years. In Alaska I think 3 humans were killed in the last 100 years by Grizzlies. And it doesn’t make sense that the bear had just killed & presumably eaten the other guy – that would have taken him days to consume the entire body, but here he is after a day stalking them, like he has a grudge. Not realistic but OK, it’s a movie……………………..

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