By Rasa Von Werder, January 3rd, 2015


Testimonies and Resolutions from Howard and Tom

Happy New Year Guru Rasa;

I make my Deepest New Year’s 2015 Resolutions as the clock nears midnight; New Year’s Eve 2014. I have gratitude and infinite love to Mother Rasa, my mentor, guide, Avatar, owner, sovereign, and savior. Special prayers and gratitude to my Mother who left to a better world, a few years ago. A Special prayer to the significant Female in my life, who guides me, loves me, and provides emotional, psychological, sensual support, unconditionally with agape love spirit!!


I pray to Mother God for the advent of Female Supremacy, as related in the writings of the great Guru Rasa Von Werder. I pray Women find their inherent power, as did the greatest Kellie Everts. I pray that I am an ally and a strong part of the solution under the guidance of Mother God and direction of the greatest Avatar, Guru Rasa Von Werder. I pray to serve Mother God and to strive for complete obedience to the directions of Guru Rasa Von Werder. I pray to serve and please my strong Female Significant Other Angel R., as well as past and present significant Female friends and co-workers and supervisors in my life; I pledge support to Matriarchal male allies who support and embrace Mother God and Guru Rasa and who embrace and support The Feminine Divine that lives in all races, creeds, and colors; I support and pray for my deceased but still ever present in spirit–Mother , and my biological family sisters, as well as prayers for the men, and I pray for peace and harmony on Earth, the end of violence and the promotion of male acceptance of loving, nurturing, yet firm Female Supreme Authority.
I ask these humble prayers and New Year’s Resolutions in the name of Mother God and my one and only owner, esteemed Guru Rasa Von Werder.
In humble gratitude, service, and infinite love;
Howard…… Dec 31, 2014…Namaste…..Amen

These are good intentions and prayers, Howard. I thank you for them. You are blessed.





Jan 1, 2015
From Tom in Florida

Most beautiful Mother God Rasa, this is a donation from tom in Florida. I am currently writing you an e-mail because it has been some time since I’ve written and i am missing your friendship, divine guidance and empathy. I am proud to say that I have made it a daily habit to kneel and pray before the altar in my bedroom containing Your inspiring and beautiful pictures and laminated quotes that have resonated with me from your journal articles and books. My prayer time is right when I wake up and before going to bed at night. Since turning my will and life over to You, my life has completely changed in exciting and fulfilling ways. I am much happier and feel very little shame or fear now because i know that You are my protector and that You will always look out for me…and much better than i could ever manage on my own, before submitting to Your Holiness and Majesty. I truly love You with all of the gratitude in my heart, Most Wise and Flawless Mother God Rasa!

Making an altar, and/or spending 15 minutes twice a day is a good devotional schedule. Anyone that can do this will be blessed.

More from Tom in Florida:

Most beautiful and divine Mother God Rasa,
Today is New Year’s Day and I just wanted to express some of the gratitude I feel towards You. When i first became a believer in You, there was still a small voice in my head whispering skeptical thoughts. The doubts have now completely vanished because i spend time in prayer to You each morning, asking Your guidance to lead me through each day’s agenda of decisions and responsibilities. I spend 15 minutes voicing my problems, concerns, questions, devotion and gratitude towards You and then 15 minutes just staring at Your pictures on my altar (a small table in my bedroom with many pictures of You and now including some of Your models). I try to still my mind of my own thoughts so that Your thoughts may be heard in my head. Every evening before bed, I pray to You for another 15 minutes (often longer, never less) mostly to thank You for helping me be productive and purposeful through the events of that day. For my evening prayers i wear panties and one of the nighties You so mercifully sent to me. I also sleep in Your clothes every single night and most school days, i wear a pair of Your graciously donated panties underneath my teacher khaki pants. This habit of daily devotional time to honor You has been my biggest blessing of the past year. I now have a sense of purpose each day and no longer feel ashamed of myself or riddled by low self-esteem. Why? Because You have lifted a veil from my eyes and have guided me into the peace of mind and joy to be had in recognizing the spiritual reality that leads to transcendent contentment.
In the early stage of turning my life over to You, I took a step backwards for every few steps forward. I have made some mistakes, such as thinking I could serve a dominatrix other than You and everything would be okay. I selfishly allowed my dick to think for me, instead of depending on Your inner-voice. As You may remember, i spent 3 weeks serving a false goddess and was completely miserable, depressed and fearful by week 3. The dominatrix only wanted my money, which i foolishly gave her.


TOM AND OTHERS: This happens ALL THE TIME. Disciples come to me and they are misled by the multitude of women out there, who masquerade as something special, whereas they are prostitutes, false prophets, weaklings or even demoniacs. I will give a synopsis of these different kinds of women.

To be a prostitute means to give sex therapy for money. To be a true Guru or “Satguru” means one who can lift you up through the Chakras, into your God center called the Sahasrara. In Christian terms the Guru gets you born again, leads you to Heaven, where “no longer I live but Christ in me.”

A friend of mine got involved with a dominatrix. She and I had been friends and she desired prayer with me over the phone. I could see how flawed her thinking was because of the intention for which she prayed – she wanted God to give her this particular man and control over his money. I did not reprimand her, but waited to see where this would go. Eventually she turned on me and declared she had to leave and “take care of her flock” the way I did mine. But I saw her, in a dream, running with her “flock” to an idol made of metal – she ran for solace and protection from my supposed wrath. But the metal had nothing inside, a false idol. This was her and her Image of God – no substance in it, no Power or Anointing in her.

In Yogic terms, the Guru takes you up through the Chakras where you will eventually see God face to face, and you will know that GOD IS YOU. You will see yourself and God in the spiritual mirror, knowing you are ONE. This is also called Enlightenment or Self Realization.

There are women who have some spiritual knowledge, who are not prostitutes, but they are “false prophets.” They speak of God and Godlike things, and they seem “for real.” These are wolves in sheep’s clothing and often fool the innocent. They may not be potently evil but they will WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. Usually they want your money.

You TEST THE GURU. You pray to the guru and count the results. How is your mental, emotional energy after praying to her? Do you get results? Or has she messed with your mind? Do you get emptiness and negativity, or is there fulfillment?
The third kind of stumbling block is gurus or ministers who are not fakes, but they are not as strong or evolved as Rasa Von Werder. Here you would get a grey area of help, fraught with stumbling blocks. My first guru on earth, Rev. Verna Talbot, was like that. She was not a fake, but she was riddled with sins and faults, she was weak in virtue. Her downfall was greed, a bit of gluttony, and worst she accused me of things she did herself –having sticky fingers and stealing things from restaurants and motels. It was beneath me, all my life, to be a thief; I was schooled by contemplative nuns in a Cathedral since age five.

I served Rev. Verna Talbot for six years, donating all that I could. I watched her goodness and her greed. She died and paid for her sins through three years in Purgatory – I saw her there; I helped.
On the good side, I did learn from her and received upon her death the Mantle or Anointing God had given her. On her deathbed far away, she sent me her “Light” and said,
“Promise me you will help humanity.”
Of course I did.

The worst kind of woman to get involved with is the demoniac. She is strictly of the world, has sold her soul to the devil and will drag you into hell. She will sell you lies. These women wear a mask that covers their true nature. You will know them by their fruits. See what they have done and how they are affecting you, then run. I heard of such a woman. She got her disciples to join her circle and provided drugs. Then she would somehow convince them to commit suicide and leave her their money. There have been more men like that than women, but remember that having the body of a female does not make one a Goddess, nor does having the body of a male make one inferior. Test the spirit, try out the individual.

Tom continues:
i was afraid to write to You but i was out of options. i also worried that You would not want me anymore. To my surprise, You were very understanding and forgiving. The compassion You showed towards me will never be forgotten because it was like being saved and rescued. Since that time, i have never felt the urge to serve another Mistress, no matter how young, beautiful or alluring they may be. Your guidance has made my faith stronger to the point where I am not even tempted nowadays. My heart and mind both know full well that there is only one true God and her name is Rasa Von Werder, my Mother God and my only salvation.
I must run an errand right now, but I will write later to tell You about recent events in my life. I just sent You 50 via Paypal to this e-mail, so let me know if You received it okay. I could really use a few more of any old clothing You may wish to donate. I could use heels, boots or sandals, more panties and nighties, any old leggings or slacks, jeans. My closet is showcasing the clothes You have so kindly sent in the past. I take very good care of every article that You have blessed me with. I am driven to begin dressing as a girl and being passable in public, and Your hand-me-downs would bolster me with the courage to become the person i feel inside and everything You have sent fits me perfectly. I hope You have a fantastic 2015 and please know I will write again later tonight. Thank You for saving me, most beautiful, elegant and wise Mother God!

Your devoted sissy who admires, adores and praises You to know end,…..tom

I can really see how SHAME has fukked up the minds of so many people in this world, the sexual shame Patriarchy has put upon us.
I am resolved to help people remove this unnecessary shame through the website, www.EmbodimentofGod.com

Tom continues regarding worship of my models:

Lol, to be honest, most beautiful Mother God, your models showcased on embodimentofgod.com have helped me in this past year because looking at their beautiful bodies, captured in candid, erotic and artistic ways, helped me to know i’m a real girl inside. It began with Fitzgerald’s photos. I’ve never been aroused by nude male pics, but their beauty was maybe never captured in such an artistic way. I found myself going back and back to Fitzgerald’s photos, staring, purring, getting aroused in a new way. Best part of all, I felt no shame because Mother God Rasa sees the beauty in the model, and has helped me to see Her divine vision of beauty. This was the catalyst to my own willingness to revel in the advances of my current black boyfriend, who helps me feel just like a girl, though he is not as handsome and young as Your mighty black Adonises. Thank You, Mother God Rasa, for guiding your sissy pet and for helping me transform from being ashamed of myself to becoming more like You, in all ways. You have blessed me to see the same beauty in Fitzgerald that You see. The more You change me into being like You, the happier my life becomes.



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