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    James Brown & Me

    Chapter 16 – The James Brown Story – 7-16-21  How James Brown looked when I met him in 1966             There are some stories that are so painful & […]

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    Conclusion Chapter 15  Female Sexual Liberty Will End Patriarchy             I’m asking St. Martin Luther King, Jr. about sexual liberty for women, & he says it will end Patriarchy, so now we […]

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    Chapter 15      Martin Luther King Jr  on Women’s Sexual Freedom Will End Patriarchy               Note re channeling:   Channeling is MIND READING. And I am not merely reading […]

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  • photoshopping-your-cat-into-classic-artwork-will-never-get-old__880

    Martin Luther King Jr. Part 2

    Part 2   Chapter 14 -   Channel Martin Luther King Jr. ME:   We have gotten quite comprehensive here & I agree with all that you say. Now the difference between women […]

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  • st-michael-vanquishing-the-devil-tyler-anderson

    Channel St. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Chapter 14 Channel St. Martin Luther King Jr   7-7-21               Channeling St. Martin Luther King, Jr. whom I call ‘St. Martini’ for short. I ask him,             […]

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  • 13419243_704484839691002_4776451881685975554_n

    What is an Avatar? Chap 13

    What is an Avatar? 7-5-21            Now we come to the last term I mentioned – Avatars. This is unfamiliar to Christians, it’s a Yoga term.    It means: Hindu Mythology. the […]

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  • kali-2

    Chap 13 Meaning of my Life

    Chapter 13   Meaning of my Life – How to Understand it  7-4-21                          It is the OPPOSITE of what many people assumed:  “You gotta’ have a gimmick” from the […]

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  • Marilyn_20Monroe_20-_20Red_original

    Channel Marilyn–Spirituality

    Chapter 12  Channeling Marilyn – Spiritual Revelations  6-30-21               What is channeling? Its mind reading, but it can go like this: Consider when two computers are connected, where one can […]

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  • Marilyn-Mon-Amour.

    Marilyn Monroe & Me

    Chapter 11   Marilyn Monroe, Andre de Dienes & Me               I’ve had this book in my possession for a while, never finished reading it. But a short time […]

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  • Pierrot's Embrace


    Chapter 10 – The Names I Gave Characters in My Life –  Early Life                          Here are the theatrical names I gave the significant people in my life […]

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  • 512-desktop-wallpapers-fantasy


    Continue Chapter 9 – Priests & Prostitutes   6-14-21               Before I get to the ideal priest & friend, who did not share 99% of the world’s condemnation & […]

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    Creepiest Club Owner & Ostracism

                         Creepiest Club Owner  -  Ostracism  -  Priests & Nuns    6-13-21             It was toward the end of my dancing career of 21 years – Six years as […]

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