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Our Religion presents a world of NONDUALITY or ADVAITA (pronounced A-DOI-TA).  This means THERE ARE NOT TWO THINGS, GOD, and OUR WORLD.  There is only ONE THING:  GOD.

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There are two manifestations of God – physical and metaphysical, but they are both equally God.
The metaphysical or spiritual is not to be put above the physical, both are God.  If you reverence God in Spirit, reverence God in the flesh!
What you do TO THE FLESH you do to God!  You cannot disparage the flesh saying you love God in the spiritual – God is equally here and there.  What you do to “the least of these, you do to ME” God said through Jesus.

One of the most dastardly teachings of Patriarchy has been to say that GOD IS FAR AWAY, in another world, distant from us.  But Jesus said “the Kingdom of God is within you.”  By portraying God as “over there, far away,” and us as SEPARATE, Patriarchy has taught a great lie, which has damaged our spirituality, our Union with God, our very happiness.

The ancient world – before Patriarchy – saw God in all things, everywhere, there was no separation.  When humans worshiped a Mother God they saw Her in all Life; Mother God, Mother Nature, Mother Earth.

The Patriarchs developed a counter-theology to the real God & created a false one, made in their own image & likeness, saying whatever the Patriarchs wanted to say.

On this website we preach the original precepts of Mother God.  We represent Her & She is Truth.






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