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Dream:  11-30-20-Visit Lover on Street – He’s Unsure

I’m with my small daughter, she’s like 7 yrs old, & the idea is I don’t relish ‘baby sitting’ but I have to do it as there’s no one else, & I have to admit she’s a good child.
*(DAUGHTER: My flesh. My flesh is a good child – obedient to to God Self. Seven years old is an innocent soul.)*

We’re in Bklyn on Grand St – the street is active, alive, filled with people. We’ve not been out for a long time, we relish the thought of being out among folks. 

*(THE STREET:  Implies INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN, ‘what is the word on the street?)*

*(B’KLYN, GRAND ST: This might announce a CHANGE or SHIFT – as B’klyn was the place of monumental changes; Seeing God Face to Face & then, Divine Stigmata.

tumblr_3f605b9821f71c6f64d5113d5315f28a_d4d49f6a_1280 tumblr_4b6b4d025e06c6ae005657bb0f8e6c22_3962bbc0_1280 tumblr_4de55115673bca6d5e66b9ead72304b6_843295aa_1280 tumblr_4e91f0ecb84678d895ec26638a6f3ad1_903b4e93_1280
Being ‘with people’ might hint at ‘this will be a revelation ABOUT PEOPLE. And Grand St, does that say it’s about their PRIDE? Or is it just a coincidence, as this was the street in existence there at the time {name has been changed to Borinquen.})*

We go to the very end of the street, & there, unexpectedly, on the opposite side is my lover Bob. I was NOT planning to approach him, speak to him, or in any way take the active part in getting us together – not even planning to ask him anything, but I override my decision on that & begin to speak to him.
He says,


*(BEEN DOING RESEARCH: This means ON ME. He’s been trying to find me to no avail as the next sentence explains.)*
I say,


*(I’VE BEEN SICK: In the context of this dream, this could be saying, ‘I have been sick at heart from our separation.)*


tumblr_4fa73bd7f549c54d5413f9d21344dfaa_49193738_540 tumblr_5efd34548a5c6730a357322b47c586a8_16d8d960_1280 tumblr_7e79fb372bdb88969a63b2c57fa41c8e_cb7fe500_1280 tumblr_08b1dc2227973ac2fd527325057cefd3_ba77ce2f_1280 tumblr_8a8ef4b18701d6bee5ccb34a3cd61b01_07fe73c7_1280 tumblr_8c53c13e4d9f13fa011e95a704e80ed7_52303347_1280 tumblr_8d600d9b62be1ac39a9041a962f5a9f4_63bc74d6_540

He seems to be CRIPPLED as he sits on the sidewalk, cannot walk at all, & I tell him,
*(HE’S CRIPPLED: In the context of this dream he has been DISABLED re our relationship or how to keep it going. Sitting, not walking on the sidewalk curb, is like ‘bench warming’ – he could not find me downtown for the last over a year.)*


*(LIMP VS CRIPPLED: I am not crippled as far as our relationship, but I have a slight ‘impediment’ or handicap. I can still function within our union – possibly this vision / revelation shows how I can function, I can discover things through spiritual vision.)*
Then I say,


He sits in front of me rather puzzled & says,

*(I DON’T KNOW: He is CONFUSED as to his true feelings. He doesn’t know what he feels deep in his heart.)*

After a while – I say,


tumblr_8f4a1a7ea59d77924b29093809c6e475_7935d07d_1280 tumblr_10c1aa9cc024199dbc7f15135dd2a614_b9ea1caa_1280 tumblr_19b1012b621469dd1311879466af4941_fd73680f_1280 tumblr_26e67a611d77cf8be25750c2772ae769_9dc4b0b4_1280 tumblr_45cd875a09efe06eb0e543c13f342b7a_09a89ed4_1280 tumblr_48d7b80c45cb520292478325cdee847f_53e6f504_1280 tumblr_58c7e61f4bb7e4372d79b196ff7895bd_24f79906_1280

At this point he’s standing before me, tall, looking about 16 yrs old, with a white knitted shirt with pointed collar. And I add,


meaning kill myself – I just said this to see his reaction.

*(WHAT WOULD HE DO IF I DIED – MAYBE I SHOULD DO THAT? is not really about physical suicide, it’s saying what would you do if I disappeared from your life completely? Maybe I should end it. His appearance as a 16 yr old boy in white, standing above me is his DEPENDENCE, NEED OF A MOTHER – HE WANTS MARRIAGE WITH ME AS I AM THAT TRUE MOTHER. Standing above me might be saying,
“I need you, I am in need of you as my maternal source, & so, I cannot allow you to lead me as you might leave me if you have control. That’s why I must DOMINATE {stand above} you.)*

Then a small girl appears to his left, in a type of ‘corner’ on the street above us. Her face is made up to look pretty, she is pretty, & she greets him & they kiss. She’s wearing a light blue chemise to her ankles, like a silky night dress, then she goes away. I take issue with this interruption, I feel he should not have acknowledged her, & I think they kissed on the lips, which bothered me even more. But she does go away & we continue talking.

tumblr_59ebf3daecf17ad142179a95f9f8d58f_147dd217_1280 tumblr_61c6e242796c46ee02501f2a99db3603_fea964f9_1280 tumblr_91c362ccfe74364bd00df91ec6e6f94b_985036ba_1280 tumblr_227eb03dc4e6819bd41ba8894a84d3e7_b5af600a_540 tumblr_573da36810d3d2a6ae281d5ecc3416e3_6cca1d58_1280 tumblr_581a41e1d83abf8892a2c21ffc85eb1c_11bba39e_1280 tumblr_6054f3679426ebe18d1f1da041ddf23b_efaa4c1a_1280 tumblr_7050d444e3f6c58699e4f0e7006f24c9_86916f1b_1280

*(GIRL IN BLUE KISSES HIM: His present gf kisses him good bye. How do I know? It seems because she’s in a CORNER on the street, above {like a vision in the air} appears, then disappears – corner is a predicament, like painting yourself into a corner or being ‘cornered’ & she’s also on the street surrounded by cement, which is tomb-like. Her blue chemise might also say ‘parting in such sweet sorrow.  And the fact that it looks like a night dress says ‘no more sleeping together.’
This dream then predicts the end of her, but he will take up with a number of girls – which is not necessarily the end of us, just how it might be prior to our reunion.)*

Then we are sort of standing in the middle of the street among the crowd & a few young girls, a clique perhaps, engages his attention. He takes one of them by both hands, then turns her around dancing, where she’s in his arms, he behind her – a smooth move.

*(HOLDS GIRL IN A SMOOTH MOVE: It looks like he ‘takes up with’ or in a ‘smooth move’ snags or traps a girl into a relationship.)*

tumblr_8947c35eaac82dcbb9f9ee81d7035991_1bfa260a_1280 tumblr_8985d54ad0258d4aba0d4f009745596f_63dc0471_1280 tumblr_17798b1abc16405765460c7fe645b65d_6bd89c80_1280 tumblr_5433585a5f60e6973a3037ff369def80_587fb288_1280 tumblr_5641870daf358ee0d09308852dd626be_b6e58d64_1280 tumblr_703246921233a1f19eb04145fef91ac8_04d13046_1280 tumblr_a6641d67ca9354cb5ff68b52210ddbc4_5d42af2f_1280 tumblr_ac8c8659d7545a94da49c84d24cc096d_ff8f71ef_2048

This for me ‘takes the cake’ – I am offended & decide, with my daughter, to walk away, & do so. We head back to our apt, where I drop off my little daughter & decide to go back to the street.
*(TAKES THE CAKE – I AM FED UP WITH HIM: It bothers me that instead of contacting me – chasing me as it were – he takes up with yet another girl. This is either happening now or will happen, as it isn’t the old gf, Ruth, in his arms, it’s a new one.)*

As we were returning I asked her opinion,

Daughter is now tall, looks down on me the way he did after I asked him what he would do if I died, her face is serious, eyes intent, but she GIVES NO ANSWER but I think she means yes, but doesn’t want to say it.

*(I ASK DAUGHTER, SHE BECOMES TALL LIKE HE WAS: My flesh might be saying, ‘Indeed, he should be chasing you/me but he isn’t & so that means, at this moment, unfortunately, he doesn’t care enough……….Maybe I have to be the aggressive one instead of waiting as we have agreed, waiting this long while, maybe I should do something, which goes against the God Self.”
But my flesh says nothing, which again means my flesh will NOT go against the God Self, it only had a momentary doubt.)*

I leave my daughter back at the apt by herself & go back into the street,
*(LEAVE DAUGHTER & RETURN TO ST. SOLO: This is a parting of ways, my God Self & flesh, the God Self is of course predominant & is the leader. At the moment my lower self rebelled ever so slightly, I left her behind but went on to the vision of what is. This reality is what Bob is doing with his life, & it isn’t good…… Nevertheless, it is NOT in the dream, but I will add here, that I will STAND BY the promises of God, who has said for eons that our union will occur & it will be permanent, & furthermore, we will be dating by March, 2021 again, & we will be living together by Sept 2022.)*

tumblr_adc0de8aae8fff804586d430a4719c64_700fdcbf_1280 tumblr_b1f50113f771295f4bf098942fb22e9a_e808c788_1280 tumblr_b82fbf1ef2868c068991425729291c15_c0a1a4a6_1280 tumblr_b329dbc54de5d232c951825a8f2d09bb_efa2abe8_1280 tumblr_bbd294ba891c5b38e4fff2a21f3c0a4d_9c0f8f3a_1280 tumblr_c02a7df50de024e596b52d643ace1c35_10029e1d_1280 tumblr_c2f02ce940593729b67f610b226b360c_348ec1fa_1280

which has mostly emptied but there’s pockets of people here & there. I go to the end, where I see a tall young male wearing a white shirt.

*(WHITE SHIRT: in the context of this dream probably means seeing union or marriage in a relationship – that’s what this dream is about, so although white could mean other things, like purity of heart or innocence, always figure ‘context of dream’ as your guide.)*

He’s on the OPPOSITE side of the street where Joe & I were. I study his mannerisms because I can’t see his face clearly as he’s a half black away. His motions resemble Bob, moving around a lot a certain way, but his hair is dark black, with thick curls, his face more like Italian, not as handsome as Bob, a crude look. But he’s playing court with a bevy of people, some female, like being the ‘star’ in their circle. Where they are is next to a tall CHAIN LINK FENCE, but there’s a hole in it I think he moves through for one stunt – this is vague. He just moves around a lot.


tumblr_ow69fvRynd1rpbpcio1_1280 tumblr_p66mnmmxCt1ummtoro1_1280 tumblr_pcibd3fbkA1ummtoro1_1280 tumblr_pi4d3dI3bi1ummtoro1_1280 tumblr_pi6as3ZDIS1ummtoro1_1280 tumblr_pzg6bncIyO1ummtoro1_640 tumblr_static_bvys1n91x4owo0g4ss80w48wc

This IS Bob – he’s CHANGED from the grieving lover to a lower level {crude} his soul NOT BEAUTIFUL AS IT WAS – No longer listening to his HEART or Higher Self – wanting me. He has gone THE OPPOSITE WAY {in attitude} to where he forgets me, pursues others. He was ‘hemmed in’ before {the chain link fence} as a ‘prisoner of love’ but he FOUND A HOLE {LOOPHOLE} where he can ESCAPE FROM HIS PAIN & that is by holding court, having fun with his friends, male & female, or carrying on as a ‘free man’.

Obviously this change will disappoint me. I know he has to go through suffering & make the right choice – God & me, but he has found a loophole against this & is giving in to the lower self, the flesh, which cannot bring him permanent happiness. It’s like ‘the prodigal son’ who left home with his inheritance as he thought it would make him happy, but it did not, this is giving into the lower self which will always crash.)*

As I gaze at him, an ancient man, like 80 years old, face & nose wrinkled, comes up to me & starts chatting. He notices the guy I’ve been watching & says something about him. I ask him the guy’s name – he says something like ‘Ions Bong’. I say,


*(NOT THE MAN: I don’t like his attitude.)*

Old man says,

tumblr_o8k7t8Jslq1qa53wno1_1280 tumblr_o8k7t8Jslq1qa53wno2_1280 tumblr_o8k7t8Jslq1qa53wno3_1280 tumblr_o8k7t8Jslq1qa53wno4_1280 tumblr_o8k7t8Jslq1qa53wno5_1280 tumblr_o8k7t8Jslq1qa53wno6_1280 tumblr_o8k7t8Jslq1qa53wno7_1280 tumblr_oj844dfXb71ugnbb4o1_1280

*(BEEN GONE: Apparently absent mentally from his ‘friends’ but now returned to ‘the scene of the slime.’ Most of his friends are lowlife drug addicts, losers & petty criminals.)*
But the old guy bugs me. I YELL,


The point is, the old man is attracted to me, wants me for himself, is jealous, & he’s INTERFERING with my life & privacy. So I MUST just get rid of him.


I suspect this is my good ole’ friend Bugsy. Have been taking him out on my errands & having dinner with him the last two months. I was once mad at him for saying Bob didn’t love me. His appearance in this dream is twofold: Somehow he’s part of the vision of Bob’s new, diminished attitude. This is because he agrees with it – that Bob doesn’t love me – Bugsy is in love with me, wants me for himself & this says he’s stalking me, interfering with my life & privacy.  He might be a thorn in my side, why he’s used here, because he’s against my relationship with Bob, & so, in a sense, he’s against ME.

Yesterday he refused to go out with me – not for any bad reason, just being tired possibly – but this says for me to remove him from my life. I will not invite him any more to go places with me. The dream shows my inner feeling toward him, that he doesn’t ENHANCE my life, he’s an IRRITANT.)*


photo1jpg photo5jpg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pod-chocolate-factory

Malaysian_Sun_Bear-790x517 Maria-Letizia-Bonaparte maxresdefault (1) maxresdefault (2) maxresdefault (3)

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Sits on my porch



          Have never had a dream like this! I’m at my porch at the house when here comes up from the lane a big gorilla. He walks like a man & has a small waist, other than that, he looks just like the ‘silverbacks’ – huge head, shoulders, arms & legs – I don’t see his back but they call mature males ‘silverbacks’ because the hair on their backs turns silver.


          *(GORILLA: Is the lover Jim. This is his ‘lower self’ or instinctive, primitive part. This is his acting on BASIC INSTINCTS, & having FEAR like a wild animal. This might be saying that his behavior has been that of an animal trying to survive, you have to be careful with him because when his fear is aroused he reacts violently. You are trying to acclimate him slowly, get him used to being near you, not to provoke his fear.)*

19554838_216441645594727_8885547079751505382_n 19554887_216363055602586_8260177855196170490_n 20031562_1886657304990175_217492058151687079_n 22780706_367520010340408_4281352370639857951_n 

          The gorilla strides in purposefully – He reminds me of Shabani, a famous one in Japan who is loved by the ladies because he looks & acts so human.


          He walks right up to my porch & parks himself on a railing, which is solid, painted white, it has this decoration that is just like what I have around my doors inside my house, which I had my carpenter fix – they look like Grecian columns on the top, under the cornice. The top of this ‘railing’ or fence is quite wide, plenty of room for a seat – might be two feet wide.


          *(PLACE WHERE HE SITS: There are several signs here which say ‘marriage,’ & ‘permanence.’

23795453_1955405704782001_4957675517184432843_n 24058862_1955410068114898_2003580643908548832_n 24296366_417446552004016_585629719908169963_n 24862654_137197123656024_4552815878271286957_n 25445966_205886079983617_4321731556915255734_n 25498327_199903480566962_3994363005999999447_n 

          The fact that he arrives – comes to me & ‘purposefully’ says he wants to be with me. The porch, especially the fence where he sits, is white, which says marriage.


          The decoration under the top {where he sits} is like that underneath a Grecian column – this would put him as a fixture on top of a column. A column is a SUPPORTING PILLAR so this could be saying he’s a strong fixture here – with me. It seems like it’s only a porch, but there is a reference to this design being INSIDE my house by two of my doors. And so this hearkens to ‘I want to be inside with you, in your house, in a relationship.’)*


          What I have to master here is my FEAR. I’ll call him Shabani. I have to be totally RELAXED & not AFRAID. My immediate human reaction is fear, just as I once felt with the bears, but when I habituated the bears, they got over their fear of me & I got over mine.


          *(FEAR: What is my fear? It’s of HIM HURTING ME. This says tread slowly, carefully not to FRIGHTEN HIM as he reacts from a primitive instinct of violence. {This is not acted out literally – he does not, in real life, hit anyone or do anything physically violent, but he acts out to me in a REVENGEFUL manner when I did things to make him jealous.} This explains the motive of his brutal actions toward me, the cold heartedness—apparently it is fear based.)*

 25552014_1397068980420340_2180045875316157724_n 25552394_1397058007088104_7708433232917576017_n 25591703_1397082207085684_7202147588771466683_n 25592137_1398712480255990_825532909328651281_n

          I put great effort into totally relaxing & not being afraid, as that is the KEY to what? To having him here & him NOT HURTING ME while I host his presence. I did try to touch him a couple times – I have to be careful how I do that, one step at a time, slowly, because he might react in a bad way if he’s frightened. When I touched him I felt his nails/claws, don’t want those claws mauling me.


          So as we sit here my associates, as they come up, will misunderstand the situation & be eager to kill him because they think he’s dangerous. I particularly see my sister coming up & she’s holding like a basket & in it is a young female, like her child, but a fully-formed human but she’s small enough to be carried like an infant, & I also think she has a gun, which she might instantly point at Shabani & kill him – as she thinks I’m in danger.


          I gently but quickly caution her not to shoot him, I am alright with him, he won’t hurt me, I’m acclimating him to be near me. And we are near, close enough, arm’s length – to touch each other. He doesn’t do anything, just sits there like he belongs here.

25593894_1397073417086563_202458039008462101_n 25594003_1397060913754480_4548714990211567881_n 25594189_1398743856919519_251928273530219751_n 25594255_1398715186922386_1955318723100894984_n 25594401_1398709346922970_7649925152770426884_n 

          *(SISTER: My pragmatic self. She looks at Lover Jim & his behavior & wants to INSTANTLY END THE RELATIONSHIP – so do my other associates or personalities. They do not want him to hurt or kill me – as a gorilla could do. His appearance as a gorilla also explains his POWER OVER ME IN THE PAST – he had the ability to kill me because I loved him so much & he was cruel, cold & uncaring when he wanted to be. This is a recipe for great harm—people die of broken hearts. And so, all the logical, pragmatic parts of me are thinking of removing him from my life.


          But my God Self, the dreamer, has another solution. She has discerned what his behavior is based on – instinctive fear like a wild animal. What does he fear? The same thing I fear – being hurt. He fears my leaving him, not loving him, not caring. When I did stunts to make him jealous this exacerbated his fear & he LASHED OUT from the primitive self, he did not reason it out & do things he should have done, he was like the guy who injures his female when he suspects her of wrong doing. Of course he did this psychologically, not physically.


          This dream solves a problem, explains his cruelty. No matter what his behavior, I must not be afraid of him hurting me. I can handle this truth now, as I am no longer in ‘crazy love’ or ‘obsessive’ about him, I am relaxed & becoming more so. Two people cannot both be uptight, anxious & afraid in the relationship – one must be in control, & that one must be me. He is the wild animal, I am the God.

25659281_1397075143753057_4276060462176511940_n 25659317_1398734340253804_6331560899444033356_n 25659363_1398732470253991_8191385611851863893_n 25659660_1398729053587666_8001801131199109849_n 25659885_1398718836922021_6540521346169978132_n 

The dream does portray that he loves me, wants to be with me permanently. Being a ‘silverback’ also bodes the ‘forever’ silver wedding anniversary.)*

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A man I loved has some heavy baggage.  8-7-20



Interpreted for a friend


        There is some sort of date / meeting with my ex-best friend, lawyer Jim. He seems to be well off, in a good social place as we meet – a good catch for marriage.


        His Mom is a part of this. I’m talking to her confidentially off to the side, as she sits on a fence of sorts. She feels shaky about the meeting, but I assure her,


        “We have to meet to settle this – even if we break up we must meet.”–{Words approx.}

 15621931_1624778324484812_5189060794850466247_n 15622206_606773069511797_5452719891643019965_n 15665927_606773026178468_1353904149135061753_n

        She’s thin, dressed in a yellowy with charcoal grey dress like from the old days style, seems WORN OUT– Like people you see in the depression, young parents thin & wrinkled from overwork & poverty. Her hair is medium long, mousy brown/grey.


        *(MOTHER: This is his God-self or higher self, his conscience. All his resources have been drained due to his own actions. He’s in a state of neediness & indecision like ‘what do I do next? {re Jane—do I see her or ignore her?}’)*


        It’s as if even his God-self is querulous whether we should meet – in real life She would want more than anything for us to get together because it’s the only way he can heal – but this shows his UNREADINESS, UNCERTAINTY, – being ‘on the fence.’)*


        Jim is wearing the tweed jacket like the one I had him wear – a sign of affluence.

15672749_1625155271113784_8068753462938589866_n 15697404_182316002242016_3401552859670325973_n 15697664_1338920019504397_8048854057846296311_n 15698135_1625914884371156_3635058003182872709_n 

        *(LOOKING AFFLUENT, A GOOD CATCH FOR MARRIAGE: This is only his FRONT, we shall see that inside, where people cannot detect, is another story. He is not affluent with joy, he is poor in spirit, an exhausted, drained person who drags a load of baggage behind him, in a pitiful, humiliating condition since or breakup.


TWEED JACKET: Symbol of how I dressed him up when I was promoting him, he looked like real class, a GQ gentleman.)*


        But now I see him AFTER HOURS in his real condition – the face he showed in the day was a front. In other words, when I was pursuing him, loving him, he appeared as a GREAT SUCCESS—now he’s this.


He is dragging a cart like the one I have {that I have DISCARDED} but 2.5 times as big, made of criss cross metal, beige, full of unknown things. It’s HEAVY & he must drag it – I thought he had a HIGH PAYING JOB but his real work is dragging this cart each night laboriously, & it pays little. This job of his is HUMILIATING, not a lawyer but a cart-dragging grunt job. There are ropes around him to drag it. He is PITIFUL.

15727401_1625914774371167_7541182565439570491_n 15822706_612002478988856_288187534511272981_n 15822744_612002428988861_6037147393707974488_n 15823190_753210874837450_1085589299442765110_n 

        *(CART, HEAVY, DRAGGING, PITIFUL, HUMILIATING:   This is Big Lover’s condition WITHOUT YOU.


        The things in his cart don’t look heavy – they’re similar to the see-through boxes you were putting into your hair – they are physically light but this is saying the BURDEN is PSYCHOLOGICAL & IT’S DREARY.


        He is burdened by the fact HE HAS LOST YOU. This is shown in the criss cross pattern of the cart – crossing out your liaison, this he is DRAGGING the way Marley {in Scrooge} dragged his CHAINS in the next life – the burdens HE HIMSELF CREATED IN LIFE by his sins.

15940480_615444291978008_5736215326254897690_n 15965471_615444358644668_7911241134353260099_n 15965806_755080804650457_8290157105646308928_n 16002910_1421211781223679_1667270521750787112_n 16194916_763239513834586_3910121522202006347_n 

        Apparently Lover knows he did wrong in the way he treated you – you brought him all good – he chose the way of the devil; evil, sin & drugs & this is WEIGHING ON HIS CONSCIENCE, HE’S FEELING GUILT & REMORSE. That is his BAGGAGE, the heavy load one carries not physically but psychological, spiritual heaviness. One cannot enter heaven, or one cannot FLY with their soul into Heaven by the weight of their sins. {In the Egyptian Book of the Dead the soul is on a scale, on the other side of which is a feather. If it weighs more than the feather it cannot enter Heaven.}


YOU DISCARDED YOUR CART similar to this. This says you gave up the attachment, obsession re your relationship with Lover – his cart or baggage is 2.5 times as big, so much for his saying you were the bad guy chasing him all over town while he was trying to stay away from you.

16266342_624130514442719_3952820505415344427_n 16473477_374032662978119_7432011224873473320_n 16473947_627051834150587_7485915281020884023_n 16508082_772469762911561_405530576668731780_n 16508314_627051854150585_1069799246834529761_n 

COLOR, BEIGE, SORT OF GOLDENY: The cart tells many details, one being in its color. This gives up that he still loves you, is in love, that’s why it’s so heavy, humiliating, & pays little. He’s getting little profit of love from you—‘being paid little for a lot of humiliating work.’


Before, he was a LAWYER, a CLASS ACT when you were together, when you held him in high esteem, he received a lot of PROFIT from you loving him – you held him up before all his friends, the world, with your projects concerning him. Part of the respect was WHO YOU ARE – A celebrity among nobodies. He felt like a big deal – his friends also thought he was. Now no one gives him any accolades, except the drug users & losers on Face Book, losers like himself, all holding each other up, praising one another for doing their insignificant music – music which will never go anywhere, but they’re all in the same boat, all trying but getting nowhere, never will get anywhere, all deluded, all giving one another ‘likes’ & saying how HOT the work is, all HUMORING ONE ANOTHER.

16641045_1793148607675723_5732965597142617185_n 16681799_107560409764289_6808193763386589439_n 16711660_631237463732024_2025969451146705209_n 16832299_417462585261293_5831040377553699055_n 16864718_637442896444814_7782360698072040344_n 

Not so when you worked for him, praised him, actually had him on the way to stardom—he negated all you did for him, accused you of ‘exploiting’ him—thwarted your plans, your love, your hopes & dreams. Opted for a DRUG ENABLER, thought he’d take revenge on you refusing him sex – not speaking to you for a long while, thinking he didn’t need you, he’d be a star through his music—{no such possibility, never will be.}


Now years have gone by. He’s done nothing but drug himself & churn out the same music with his homo ‘producer’. He’s been doing this same deal for eleven years & not got anywhere; you’d think he’d learn? He’s still expecting the big time – magical thinking – that by some miracle Sony will see his songs, contact him, a lucrative contract, fame & fortune. He doesn’t have the slightest idea how show biz works or how to make it, the years are ticking by, since he rejected me has been 5 years – he’s gotten not one inch further, never will, he’s had his revenge, has it been sweet? This is the BAGGAGE he’s dragging, with the ROPES on him; he’s ATTACHED to this burden, this pain, this LOST OPPORTUNITY.)*    

16865203_10210523924727921_7865354880345011395_n 16998956_637442759778161_1410821594646601957_n 17022124_637442876444816_3794451314045486702_n 17155245_639166442939126_1284977567407833653_n 17191331_641685702687200_6591455763021277787_n 

        As for me I am preparing my hair. It’s too flat on top, I am adding some sort of like see-through boxes filled with hair clips, like what I have where I keep this stuff, three such boxes, but my friends say this is wrong. Then I try some sort of pale yellow puffy material with white puffs, to add to the top of my hair to build it up – that isn’t right either.


        *(PUFFING UP MY HAIR ARTIFICIALLY: These are things similar to the baggage Lover is dragging. I’m asking if I did wrong by stopping our meetings – should I feel guilty? The answer is no, you did the right thing, don’t add this to your mind.)*   


        Earlier in the week had dreams of frustration, not being able to find where I put my white Caddy & not being able to get on the right road. I wanted to reach the city, there was a specific thing I had to do there, but when I set off I ended up on a road way into the country.

17308917_2224904494402041_5998213466272769893_n 17342578_647339012121869_6205627344043787646_n 17352124_2224904101068747_4255510036958688952_n 17362516_647338988788538_5989427563019634508_n 17425006_647338952121875_2308410192321975132_n 

        *(FRUSTRATION DREAMS: These are the lack of getting together with Big Lover, whatever way he’s portrayed, to start our relationship / marriage.)*


        Earlier there was also a dream about Lover as Pablo, a lowlife Cretan—he wanted us to get together & enter this POND which looks beautiful at first, like a paradise, but then turns into a black whirlpool.


        *(PARADISE INTO BLACK WHIRLPOOL: This is when Lover uses me like a whore—he wants to do this again. The sex seems like paradise, but his ignoring me until the next time is Hell. He treats his drug enabler like the real wife, me like I’m nothing.)*

17523309_805542242937646_6530649952823490825_n 17553570_1135991353196542_2969979490779237495_n 17757107_656146707907766_6215564660406034183_n 17795757_1244463515652703_4072923588760847539_n 



        So you see I am spying on you. I can read your mind, I know how you feel. You can’t hide from me, you are vulnerable.

        One question looms—have you had enough revenge? You wanted to hurt me for everything – every little thing I did to make you jealous instead of changing your ways & being right, you decided to hurt me twice as bad. You succeeded – then – it doesn’t hurt any more.

        It doesn’t hurt because I grew spiritually, I overcame my desperation for you, I lifted myself out of it by the grace of God. But you didn’t. You are still hurting, & hurting badly. You are feeling remorse, regret, grief at what you lost. You thought you wouldn’t lose anything when you pushed me out, but you lost the entire good God sent to you.

 17884068_656146731241097_7953072745442561051_n 17991858_778055272376230_1629552065159379026_n 17992183_10203279610508821_6083804632669128435_n 18011159_209594619541492_8977339977703657316_n 18056726_10203279610188813_2220308949543510283_n

        What did you hope to gain? Applause from a bunch of homies – all losers, many druggies, none of them is a success or a high roller, they are small potatoes in a small town – where I found you & hoped to elevate you to the top note.


        You had delusions that with this homo producer you’d become a star. Are you one inch closer? Who’s listening? And I might add, I’m listening. Your songs have deteriorated. They no longer have meaning & emotion. When you were with me you hit the high notes, now your songs have sunk into what? Not sure how to explain. A dreary nothingness. The life has gone out of you & so your songs.


        Have you had enough revenge? I ask again. It isn’t hurting me any more. You praised your drug enabler, made her your wife. You put her out there as your one & only, me as a nothing – no praise, no thanks, nothing for me.

 18056995_10155296100134939_1093121771155234522_n 18057864_454530438219271_470004119264509764_n (2) 18058119_452475408424774_8229486556404564053_n 18157089_453996928272622_3249724136408622055_n 18157386_10203297806203702_5381046521131489232_n

        Your revenge is on you. What you did to hurt me hurts you. I am over it, I have moved on. Getting back my energy, my stardom, my self respect – so many things you drained me of, you & your demons.


        Do I hate you? Not at all. I pity you & you are forgiven as if you did nothing wrong. I will still help you but you have to come to me, ask for help. You have to get off the drugs, but you cannot do it with the enabler, she’s as bad as you – your parents are in the same boat.


        Do I need you in my life, like I did before? No, but you need me. Where will you get without me? Who will help you? There is no one near you or around you who can help in any way – they all need help, it’s the blind with the blind. You’re lost, they’re if not lost, just regular ordinary folk with nothing on their resume. They will not be in history books, they will be forgotten—the same fate calls you if you stay where you are.



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Lover leaves  but comes back,  relationship is attacked by numerous

people— beat them back & escape, fly off with him away from them all, on a

golden road of love—this is predicted.


Interpreted for a friend


          This is so sad in the beginning. My aunt & uncle have a get-together way in the hills in the country – it’s beautiful, rolling soft bushes & trees, lots of recreation, many people are here.


          *(AUNT & UNCLE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PUNISHERS IN YOUR SYMBOLS {the thought is ‘cry Uncle’ when you can’t take it any more}, but this time you will see a change. The beauty, recreation, is a sign of your peace & happiness.)*


          I am having a great time, not thinking of anything negative, when after a while notice the guy I love is off to the side with another female—I know he’ll be making love to her. I see a lot of young people off to the side in the blackness where you can’t see them & they are doing sex. I don’t see my lover clearly with the female, just vaguely, in my imagination.

 DCPcO3dXcAAFzfu dazm80k-00c2504e-ad90-4261-bafa-1c996ac97612 0196_Teniers 002 dance_of_dreams_grande

          *(LOVER WITH ANOTHER: This being remembered is causing a mar to happiness. ‘In the blackness’ means you can’t see the people but know what they’re doing.)*


          After that I mope around, so sad. My uncle is near me. I see his face clearly, he has olive skin & 5 o’clock shadow on his face,—he’s young & handsome {no more than 40} & seems sympathetic to me.


          *(UNCLE SYMPATHETIC: Things have changed drastically. You’re not going to be punished or suffer any more, this change is saying.


The face of the uncle reminds me of an actor on TV who plays do-gooder roles.)*

 cbf906555fe053959a465f0ded37374a cb351723685a499dc354c784dd978574 carolina-kushidonti-isis-the-new-old-card-v2 CapitalBronzeDove-max-1mb cape-buffalo-at-addo-park-south-africa-4-1338304

          He has me sit at a table that has soft, small dinner rolls on it. I take one, with my face sort of down in sadness; he gives me a different roll, one more square. I think what do I do now, put butter on it? But I don’t put any butter, I’ve become passive. There’s a guy sitting to my right – I don’t know who he is.


          *(SOFT DINNER ROLLS: What is on the table or brought there, represents in a relationship.


          BUTTER ON BREAD: Major clue –Butter on bread is MONEY, & possibly more than ‘just bread’ or basics, butter on bread could mean an abundance or extras. Uncle provides you with


BREAD ON THE TABLE –Represents MONEY – what one brings to the table in a relationship—You prayed about this yesterday, asking God what do we each bring to the table? The


BUTTER: represents ‘which side my bread is buttered on’ which means, which part of these people supports me, pays my bills or provides money? Uncle hands me a


SQUARE: dinner roll instead of the round one I took which could mean ‘a SQUARE MEAL’ & so this represents a ‘square meal’ or ‘enough to eat,’ a decent amount of money, not just survival, the rolls are money that is brought to the table, being

 daa2cddd8d78dc9422f5c69c78b44af5 d454339298858b173a40c1e3f60c6db1 d784f2d1e45813c56916882b9863bf7d d529fffa22181c984655bc4661c34330 d110a0db17525d80b57c08eac653a34c d30f0931552e2c8d730235f648f3f65b d10v2km-c01aac81-31df-4420-abb9-0a858fd187c8

SOFT: soft is easy, tender, not hard which would be hard to obtain or earn – You can easily provide support for Wayfarer & the butter is the ABUNDANT MONEY you provide. You are


PASSIVE: as you’re not doing anything, not chasing Lover any more, but there’s a man sitting to your right who you wonder about – you never look at him & this might be


MAN TO MY RIGHT: Lover is sitting to my right, it’s planned, prepared, like the places at a table, when they have placards by each spot a person sits at an event, a wedding & such – Uncle is pointing this out to me. The fact that this is a planned dinner might be pointing to WEDDING DINNER. In fact this entire weekend bash might be pointing to the celebration of our wedding. This dream, through the symbol of my Uncle, who usually punishes me, predicts the marriage.


This dream explains, through my uncle, a theme that has been raised many times before – that Lover coming to you will have to do with what you bring to the table – & he will know which side his bread is buttered on. He’s always been in ‘survival mode,’ living with people who paid the bills – not always full but part time, like several days a week. The most recent female gave him the ‘golden parachute’ & allowed him to live with her full time without taking any of his money & even for a long time, gave him drugs.

d7c3fd771dcb8672b398bb4c51a2ac44 D7BaZbTXoAAcL65 d6o47f8-33a9c12b-9b5f-453e-8a8d-980b6e100edc d5f61f5ebf12b0706cba763764e84627 

Her ability to support him has diminished due to our Pandemic—in fact, she might be totally bankrupt for an extended time. The deal they had will no longer work.


Where will he go next? Who can provide? It will be you, the dreams have said for years. He will hit ‘rock bottom’ – will have nowhere else to go & will humble himself to you, the only one who will take him in & support him. That’s why this dream says ‘bread on the table’—man is to my right, & ‘butter on the bread.’)*


          I tell my uncle about seeing Lover with another girl. I say to him,


          “Could you invite him for tomorrow? Then I’ll see him again.”

          {This was a weekend bash.}


          I am profoundly sad through this dream.

 c952563a9105704511d3e0cbcf340fa6 C51494F0B2E101367234543D7EF8F2C1 c7604f76a7c8121938060436e74183ab c86d9b0bfd873c88be8786ba12f2f778

          NEXT SCENE everything changes. I am at a movie theater, the audience lit up, lover & I are sitting close to each other in the aisle—on the left—there’s seats here for us. No one is close to us.


          *(MOVIE THEATER: Theater of life. You are living it.


          AISLE: Big hint—going up the aisle means getting married. You are here together as a couple in love.)*


          He has me in the MOST WONDERFUL EMBRACE, his arm around me, kissing me, again & again & again. No one bothers us FOR A WHILE & then – the shit begins.


          First, his own brother comes up to him. He looks like he has about 25% black blood, he has a black mustache & short beard. He does not speak to me, but he addresses Lover, whom I shall call ‘Wayfarer’—telling him to leave off what he’s doing with me, & go with him.

 c59b816348beb61593828f606a3df453 c52cea0e0ef102ba2ecc647d44937320 c32 c31c6daf2a3f982b1c50567a1b9a9004--earth-mama-mother-earth

          *(BROTHER WHO TRIES TO GET LOVER AWAY FROM ME: This represents any creepy ‘friend’ or multiple friends who wanted him to be with them, not you. Some of these ‘brothers’ are in & out of jail for drugs, stealing & violence, some are homos or bisexuals. They want him to stay in their group.)*


          This INFURIATES me. I get up & punch the guy & I guess he goes off.


          *(I PUNCH THE GUY: You did interfere with one homo who quit bothering him for a while.)*


          Next, someone else interfered but I can’t recall who. I fought like three type sets of people.


          The third instance, Wayfarer & I have moved to the back of the theater, against the wall. Now a middle-aged couple interferes, a woman with super thick {twice as thick as regular hair} to the shoulders white hair is in his lap & her husband is nearby – they are also interfering.

D4_rKQKUYAEoCvF d3bc514b65b18e0e9b432fa539b568a7 d2hcrk2-2638e1fb-17d6-4a3a-8d4b-9cf946feb55e d0f2a2c8768ff39f8bc249a5429fcbb4 CuB7FkdXEAAE0ww 

          I go up to her, grab her by the hair & pull her off his lap, & thinking,


          “That’s what they wanted – that I attack someone not of the family – so they can call the cops & have me arrested. They have conspired to interfere with my relationship with Wayfarer, wanting to at the same time get me into trouble for fighting back.”


          When I grabbed this woman it was violent, extreme physical force.


          *(WHITE HAIRED WOMAN: This is a rival you tangled with forcefully. Her hair is WHITE FROM WORRY about what was going on.

It was multiple onslaughts of people you had to fend off – homos –druggie friends & sex-crazed females.)*


          Then I know I must ESCAPE WITH HIM far away from all these people, where none of them can reach us or do us harm.


         *(ESCAPE WITH HIM IN MY ARMS: This is a prediction, it’s not happened yet. On the spiritual plane, yes, but not yet physical.)*


          I grab him into my arms, hold him, & light up into the air, & fly off, trying to go as far as possible. If we are far enough away from these people, we can be at peace to share our relationship. It’s a slight strain for me to fly high into the air, but I manage, & then I see the road ahead. It’s a beautiful wide avenue in the country – with trees on both sides – I see trees of the country side & hills on both sides, with houses here & there – the road looks like some kind of beige/gold clay. It is promising.


          *(ESCAPE, FLY IN AIR, COUNTRY, GOLD AVENUE: This says that you will get him away from all the negative people, male & female – take him to a higher level {FLY} & enter on the ROAD OF LOVE forever more.


          The physical surroundings resemble where you live, near Sacred

beltane_god_goddess_800x beibehang-papel-de-parede-A-large-mural-wallpaper-seamless-3D-fairy-angel-fantasy-backdrop-painting-paintings.jpg_640x640q70 bee49ab4a8909644fa53b4b7c45af0b5 bebbe62b00a0cbd441902ac58320c49b

Mountains—this says it will be Valhalla where you can finally share a private world with no interference or rivals.


It’s interesting that a person that has always been a punisher in my dreams now appears as a consoler, giving me a vision & prediction of future love & happiness.)*


og_og_148570952626485494 original (1) original (1) original (2) original (3) original (4) original (5) original (6) 

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#####!!!!!@@@@@ ##################11111 

          Was busy doing something with a guy – some kind of work, nothing romantic & we got done.


          *(WORK WITH GUY: You don’t have any boyfriends but you hire men for work, this is a new worker.)*


          Then see my ‘goodhubby’ Robert driving me into my newly refurbished driveway – just big enough for one car, & he has a quiet, curious look on his face like ‘what’s going on’ or ‘went on.’


          *(ROBERT: When Robert appears means your lover’s attitude is positive & tender toward you – Robert was a previous ‘goodhubby.’)*

 #####111 #####11111##### #####11122 #####12111

          The spot used to be ‘open’ but now not only are there tall bushes on both sides of the spot as well as in front, but a sort of ‘makeshift,’ not solid fence, of small ‘weathered’ trees, criss crosses, a decoration mainly as any animal can get through it like a dog, cat, raccoon – anything but a cow or horse, but they could knock it over, doesn’t look strong. The small trees this was made of are about 4” diameter, & the bark is weathered, not smooth, like rough & has maybe lichen or something textured on it. It has the fence rail over the top, & the as I said, large criss crosses under.


          *(MY DRIVEWAY: Represents, basically your vagina or sexuality. Now it is ‘closed in’ – the bushes surrounding where a man would drive you & your car into the driveway now ‘enclosed’ or no longer


OPEN: this could be taken two ways, no longer open to Robert’s scrutiny – or no longer open to him for sex. The

#####22222 #####11212121212 #####DOMINIQUE #####DRUGS #####FAMILY 

FENCE: Is a symbol of the CROSS, especially when there are ‘criss crosses’ here – A cross can mean pain & suffering, a cross can also mean


NO: as in ‘crossed out.’ Since the fence is made of


YOUNG TREES, 4” IN DIAMETER: Could represent YOUNG MEN you’re no longer having sex with – including the lover/boy/hubby. The


WEATHERED, TEXTURED BARK: might be another symbol saying ‘not freshly cut down – been sitting in piles for a while, bark getting weather-beaten, collecting lichen, texture’ – translating to ‘not going out with any young men – they were there a while back but now left alone. This is an accurate symbol for you to understand, whether he understands it is not disclosed here.


BIG ENOUGH FOR JUST ONE CAR: This is hinting at the one man or multiple men situation. There are thoughts in his mind about am I the man, or is there another one? Symbols go both ways. Big enough for just one car translated is ‘big enough for just one penis.’)*


          Robert sees under the car – I’m looking under also – that the previous man who drove it took off his white stretchy undershorts {with a striped waistband, like maybe green/grey, 2 stripes} & pulled it over something underneath the driver side. We had nothing to do with sex but he might suspect we did.


          There’s also a simple small chair to the front left, & the worker put his hat, which is like a mask {you know those cold-weather hats that cover part of your face}, which is tan & black bands or frames around openings, at first, this sort of made me uncomfortable, but then I realized it was a virus cover, & there is another such knitted hat, of multi colors on this little chair. So the PRESENCE of this man is seen & it makes Robert uncomfortable & me the same way because I don’t want him to get the wrong idea.


          *(DRIVER MAN LEFT HIS SHORTS: Goodhubby suspects THERE IS ANOTHER MAN in your life, who is seen as ‘DRIVING’ ME—driving being a euphemism {symbol} for fukking you.


          SHORTS STRETCHED OVER BOTTOM OF CAR UNDER DRIVER SIDE: He thinks you’re with a man with his pants down.


          STRIPES ON WAISTBAND, GREEN & GREY: Green could represent money or ‘life.’ Grey is thinking.


          KNITTED VIRUS HAT/MASKS TWO OF THEM ON LITTLE CHAIR ALSO BY DRIVER SIDE: Then maybe you have multiple men? The beige with black borders could be Robert & you–you were secret lovers, so the hat/mask is HIDING SOMETHING – no one saw you together.


          And so, if youwere HIDDEN LOVERS, behind closed doors you could be having MULTIPLE LOVERS (multi-colored mask) in secret. The hat/masks are what is secret & hidden.)*         


          Then we’re upstairs on the 2nd floor. Ozy, a Guru is here with his back to the door of this room, I am here & there was a lady – not sure if this is still her to my left back or if that is a different person, & his 11 or 12 yr old son is here, looking next to the tall bureau where in my bedroom there is a huge window—he looks perplexed.


          *(GURU OZY: It took me a while to figure out who this is – it’s his God-Self– the Power which is the God or parent of his flesh – his flesh is his son, the boy standing here facing your bedroom window.


          FACING AREA WHERE MY BIG WINDOW IS: He used to summon you by way of this window, call out, whistle & shine a light to let you know he was there. This dream says he is perplexed why you’re never there.)*


          At first this lady & I found a bargain for underpants & we were both purchasing them gleefully, as the lady who owned this clothing biz was only charging $10 for ten pairs pants. I was showing them to Ozy, what a bargain, & he looks at this white card on top of this tall bureau where a stack of these are & says

 14980757_10209007765724830_1104933460089764786_n 15073422_10208915523659764_5306904935101243171_n 15073497_361158024217304_1062568092912661612_n 15109360_345066329191553_6415162926141033970_n 15181135_1696981803946853_5188557126603537731_n

          “The price has even gone down, they are now 15 pairs for $10.”


          They are beautiful underwears, that’s why I’m surprised they’re so cheap – they have lots of shiny material in red with black lace in front, not snug, loosely designed, almost like very loose pleats in front. I told Ozy I prefer to wear the big ones, as I don’t like my underpants tight. {I also had some smaller ones I wear, I show him the size 10’s.} I’m thinking to get more.


          *(RED PANTIES WITH BLACK LACE: Represent celibacy & not having sex for a long time. To call these


          CHEAP: Means there is no suffering for you, no sense of deprivation. The desire has been mastered. Ozy, his God self notices there’s been even a bigger jump in you being able to endure this lack of sex. In spiritual terms, when something they say ‘costs a lot’ means in terms of suffering, so cheap is easy.)*

149655_494218023929682_1530679783_n 198179_513663228651828_3494912_n 295669_556510307700453_2089400629_n 379176_548729198478564_692292478_n 

          Ozy is proud of his son & wants to know from my lady friend to the left – by her ESP – about his genius abilities.


          Her psychic senses comes & goes, right now she feels oppressed by too many overwhelming things going on & she says to him,


          *(PSYCHIC FEMALE: Is a part of you, right now seem to be overwhelmed with so many things on your mind.)


          “He has a neurological condition.”

 479713_801037410000851_2667627179029362100_n 548745_490609460957205_1164219922_n 577328_410264675682292_1058671390_n 1173706_645842345433915_335036636_n 1212111

          Ozy asked about the wound on his right cheek – it’s the size of a nickel, looks like light mint stripes over this ‘wound.’


          *(WOUND, SIZE OF A NICKEL, WITH MINT STRIPES: This is like his being ‘slapped in the face,’ which usually means, by a woman to a man, reprimanded &/or rejected. This is how he feels)*


          She says,


          “His neurological condition coincides with that wound, it parallels it.”


          *(NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION RELATING TO THAT WOUND, PARALLELS IT: He feels I have reprimanded & rejected him, & that has made him a ‘nervous wreck’ – translated from ‘neurological condition.’)*

1907630_514251432012785_6536048388562530780_n 1937161_778020458969213_3222010004555421761_n 1969155_518512211586707_3504009505710477804_n 10177901_512675865503675_5964448598072482978_n 

          Ozy expected something different, not that he has a problem, but that he’s superior in some way – perhaps he’s disappointed.


          *(OZY WANTED SOMETHING DIFFERENT: The God inside lover/boy/hubby might have thought his flesh was stronger than this – superior to the situation, but he isn’t. When he was pushing you around, he felt superior, in control, now he feels reprimanded, rejected & a nervous wreck.

          “You never miss your water ‘till the well runs dry.”


          He thought it was all you – he was above it. You were pursuing him, obsessed; he didn’t have to do anything but tell you when he wanted you. It was easy. Then suddenly, you were gone. He is perplexed, hurt, bewildered. If he was above it, why does he care? He never had to do anything to keep you, you were in love no matter how much he hurt you. The shoe is on the other foot. The well has gone dry. He needs the water.)*


original original original PastelDeadChicken-size_restricted Peter-Paul-RubensTheCat-of-the-Daughters-of-Leucippus-min PHO-63848-COMP PhotoGrid_1563036043297-1 playing-cats-henriette-ronner-knip Playing-Kittens-Henriette-Ronner-Knip-Oil-Painting-1 playtime-henriette-ronner-knip


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Ballet dancer wearing red dress over grey



5-9-20-Beautiful blonde man at end of road (Dream)


Interpreted for a friend


          I am having quite a time on this long road. It’s over a mountain – I’ve been here before, many times, but have not been here a long time.


          *(MOUNTAIN: “Lord, this time you gave me a mountain,” – song from Elvis. And Jesus said, “If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can move that mountain.” Mountains are PROBLEMS.

          This is going over a same ole’ – same ole’ problem.)*


aef4bfbf3316a03e418ce882980f6f2b ac07e304b49d953a4ef651faaac3aefc ac3bb4ba57ccca75ef114f6824a76b05 

          Now I go back to it & it has CHANGED. I have some sort of vehicle, a good one. I go by this road but here is an obstacle, something white like stiff, is it metal or fiberglass, like not flat, sort of has some curve & an ‘edge’ about a foot wide to, covering almost the entire road, & I squeeze by, amazingly get by.


          *(WHITE OBSTACLE: Clue that this is about marriage. The metallic or fiberglass is the material of a car. And so I am unconsciously wondering about the marriage to Josh – to be or not to be?)*


          Somewhere along the road a person has opened some sort of ‘warehouse,’ like a barn, it houses I don’t know what – it’s white & has some black décor like some sort of round black window. It’s one of those pre-fab buildings, which has a round frame & the ceiling & walls wrap around it. It seems the person who put this here was trying to store something for hard times coming.


          Then the road becomes a FORK. It had never

artistebw archangel-chamuel-angel-tarot-card-steve-roberts ar0gqwzftq921 apividhc1__80143.1504208036 aphrodite-goddess-of-love antique-portrait-of-dionysus-joaquin-abella


been a fork before, & both of the roads are covered in a wide duct tape material – shiny grey. I see the fork of the road from afar. I decide to take the LEFT because I’ve never been that way – always went the other. What will I find?


          *(FORK IN ROAD, NEW LEFT: Left-sided tantra represents things that are forbidden or not considered kosher, but it gets you there. This left turn is something bad that will turn to something good, most probably the economic crisis.


          DUCT TAPE: This is REPAIR or an attempt to fix a thing, & both roads are covered, means there was a problem in both paths or ways. The duct tape is smooth, shiny, easy to slide over. Something has happened to smooth the way, both ways.

a73739eb4a3c3ce831f4e92abd706c05 a56748cafdf5c8e544db3c48877670f6 a2610fbcdb158c991e2571d91eb2ff5e 

The duct tape might also represent the vision to see, understand, what’s going to happen.)*


          So I drive a long time, seeing new sights, can’t recall what. I finally come to the end & strangely, I am glad; tired of the journey. There is a pretty wall, like 8 or 10’ tall, made of wood & a window over all of it with panes, separated into squares, the side of the road is also some walls. None of this is formidable or threatening, it’s just somehow appropriate, I’m glad it’s the end, I’m tired of the road.


          *(END OF ROAD: The end of the quest, the journey, end of what I am seeking – will the marriage be or not? I am tired of waiting, tired of wondering, tired of trying.


This road might also represent a series of things that will happen, events, sights, that I can now see – that were not seen before & then the end of this quest will be revealed.

 289202f85c6d56fc0be290cb84163569 90561b23e9f1890a5ec22d9e31a8e48c 90227 86017_original

WINDOW AT END: Windows are opportunities, openings, things that allow something to happen, doors are the same. A door opening is an opportunity.)*


          Here appears a handsome young blonde man, cheerful, moving here & there, doing this & that. We greet each other, then he disappears – this happens again & again. In the end, he appears again, puts his arm around me friendly, & then it stays that way.


          *(BEAUTIFUL YOUNG BLONDE: Is Josh. The physical movements are his, & also, we were back & forth together & broken up several times. This reviews that.


          But in the end, he puts his arm around me & does not withdraw – this shows the end will be permanent, him & me.

 306280497_19c7867c 163495635-origpic-4e4a0f 133419212_5227673_Serafimsarovskii 061183300_1525837638-152583763885043iconic-smokey-eyes-sebastian-gunawan-couture-ss17 22750911._SY540_

BLONDE: Is golden hair, means love.

ARM AROUND ME: Accepts me. Holds me means keeps me in his life, keeps me with him. God is telling me that IN THE END, Josh & I will stay together.)*


a0b7f4af2747ca85d7f134d98160f499 a17d137f2ec5a55caec1d632b54c1336 a72b06349f77b3738f801845566f455a a2201975ba08439d1d2cf4047b9d9482 (1) adorable-hairless-sphynx-kittens-30-5cb8395935a56__700 afad92b3e9c5f1101f5e848625353591-700 ALBtNVw



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          Interpreted for a friend

 unnamed (5) unnamed (4) unnamed (4)

                     The beginning is there’s a lot of turmoil in a community group – there’s like a ‘big man leader’ off to the right, in the middle a group of ‘boys’ or ‘young men.’


          I am here in the middle, doing this & that, like on the media, speaking. There’s a TV or radio show. This man I didn’t think was promoting me, I see his show in retrospect, & he did promote me, so much later I thank him for it. There’s something pitiful about this man, he has a good heart but he’s struggling or something.  


          There’s this guy I love who is in front in a sort of restaurant area with small booths—he has the young guys all around him, he’s one of them.


          One day after a while he’s in a booth, & he & I have been through a lot, & I think it’s time for me to SIT DOWN & TALK TO HIM. I think he’s READY. So I go sit down in the little booth across from him ready for a good important CHAT.


          *(CHAT IN BOOTH: This is when Frank was running like a kid with all the guys – totally immature – while we were dating & I wanted to pin him down to a relationship.

         IN A BOOTH: This is like being ‘fenced in’, a limited space, closed in to some degree, a symbol for a RELATIONSHIP.)*


          He FLIES OFF like a wild animal, totally scared or spooked out, with all the boys around him flying with him. They’re all dependent on each other – like a HERD, & where one goes, they all go. They can’t be or think independently, all dependent on the herd.

unnamed (3) unnamed (2) unnamed (2) 

          *(FLIES OFF LIKE WILD ANIMAL with the other guys:  Herd mentality is powerful.)*


          Later I hide behind a staircase where he will re-emerge, I hope to ambush him to see what is he doing & have a discussion.


          *(BEHIND A STAIRCASE, AMBUSH: Long wait for him to come down from his ‘Ivory Tower’ {implied, he is high up, I could say Ivory Tower although it is not shown} but it doesn’t happen for years.



IVORY TOWER: a place or situation remote from worldly or practical affairs — an attitude of aloofness from or disdain or disregard for worldly or practical affairs.       


          AMBUSH, HIDE BEHIND STAIRS TO CHECK ON HIM: Me leaving him, hiding from him, but still interested. Still, the relationship doesn’t happen, it doesn’t work.)*


Somehow this should work but it doesn’t.

angvsdem an-incubus-leaving-two-sleeping-girls-henry-fuseli AnnaSteinbauer_Spark anna-steinbauer-regelwerk-f-posting-by-depingo-d8g5ijv 

          Years go by. During that time of turmoil, this guy was with a female who he said was chasing him that he wanted to avoid—he acted like he didn’t like or love her, like she wasn’t important to him.


          *(FEMALE NOT IMPORTANT TO HIM CHASING HIM: This is me – he wanted to give people the impression he wasn’t interested in me, that it was only I interested in him – but of course that was only the outside impression, he was equally interested in me, he just didn’t want a commitment—a marriage. He wanted to remain a child.


YEARS GO BY: Years have gone by & I don’t know how much more time remains before our relationship starts.)*

 Wain_cat_--_representative x01043092_001Witches.jpg.pagespeed.ic.mjJy_mkm5c После-концерта-After-the-Concert

          Now I see him unexpectedly & I see her face to the left back of me & his face to the right front of me by the corner of is it a brick building? It seems like five or more years after the fiasco.


          Their faces are like none I have ever seen before. Each one is encased in cement – their faces come out of the cement, made of cement, surrounded by a rectangle square horizontally, with decorations of sorts around their faces. It’s mostly grey but there are bits & pieces of color here & there.


          *(FACES ENCASED IN HORIZONTALLY RECTANGULAR CEMENT: It is ‘set in stone’ that we get back together.


          CORNER BRICK BUILDING: Solid brick – also represents the relationship, as we are there. We were ‘crucified’ {the corner} but it stands strong.

photo-1561742139-4b0210a1894d photo-1561742139-77a5a42cc97b photo-1561742245-ed13b3fd8f92 (1) photo-1562054438-8452d9fb1366 photo-1562260204-b952dca62511 photo-1562325989-8287bf25f565 

          ‘Sense-image material’ is yesterday I saw a homestead family in the middle of a beautiful dry wilderness. A teenage boy in the family wanted pizza & he & an older brother decide to create a PIZZA OVEN {outside} – which they do with rocks & CEMENT—the boy exclaims the cement looks like dough. They build the oven, the boy kneads the dough, covers it with tomato sauce & shredded cheese, they cook it & the whole family eats it. I was impressed by the ingenuity.


Here the cement that glued together the oven is seen as being mortar / glue to create a relationship – the boy who ran from me like a wild animal with his herd, to the boy who is now united to me in a rock solid relationship.


HORIZONTAL: This is to show me that this is of the earth, not merely spiritual, as we have the spiritual marriage already as of 2019. )*

 photo-1462524653740-777d166c975e photo-1462952895297-8fd4123c3113 photo-1463008420065-8274332e2be8 photo-1463143296037-46790ff95a7e photo-1463852247062-1bbca38f7805 photo-1464435641740-560f94abeca2 photo-1465244085115-0c89caa46915 photo-1465301055284-72f355cfd745

          To me it’s totally disappointing that he ended up with her – this cement like says ‘made in stone’ even though they did not get along, he was running from her, but here they are – the same two, so PREDICTABLE – them being together. I find their pairing up to be just so prosaic, so ordinary, all the problems & disclaimers to the contrary – they started out together having problems but ended up together as an ordinary couple, a predictable pairing.


          *(ORDINARY, PROSAIC, PREDICTABLE: Why these words to something I suffered so much for, prayed so hard for & desired totally? I ask of Mother God:

photo-1440332013745-3a1357afa90c photo-1440589473619-3cde28941638 photo-1441110317034-95e16e111f8f photo-1443242977742-25943754d269 photo-1445633743309-b60418bedbf2 photo-1446149710962-26e48a6bda51 photo-1446317109212-0d94545661d0 photo-1447957781261-96a39620d6d4 

         She: Because you are so over it, having been through all that. Your emotions have been spent, drained, your mind plateau-d out, you’ve been through so much you simply cannot take any more.


          It could be the emotionally desired now becomes the commonplace & ordinary, & could be ‘taken for granted’ – which would be a sigh of relief from all the previous pain.

 Rembrandt_Danae_cat-sm Rembrandt_Nightwatch-cat-w royal-cat-jessica-allain Rubens_Paris-cat-sm-400x300 Rubens_Persei-cat-TW-w Sad-Cat-in-Window Screen-Shot-2017-02-23-at-10.03.58-AM-750x500 sei_5812761









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52d2758a58382 53af5777999873df1f99b86f40233a75 61dbAm5O+7L 61yt19vmGxL._SX466_ 71eaf8cd730493434d554ae6530cc94c 76.2553.78_ph_web-1

          Two themes, begins one way, segues into another.


          First, I’m here in my house three or more floors up – like in a tower. I look below & see a few people. The idea is that people are showing up to see me in an honorable way – I am some type of respected leader.


          *(TOWER: Isolated height, like Jesus on the Cross. My past martyrdoms give me a spiritual height, which others can access by their respect & humility—such people are gathering below.)*


          I see one of the people below looks like a ‘small saint.’ A female is wearing a long black dress, but not dreary, it’s decorated with a medieval standout collar, white & gold, & has a 6” or so fringe on the bottom with similar colors—might have lace. She’s waiting for me.

 bb514abd6e43c6cc4201b44ba52aa7c9 (1) bc5b55148a0928f65c91bd5d542907c2-700 bc3387c7090fd07280578a04ad1e624e be66eb86d59f8f474fdac1c5bb41550e-700

          *(LITTLE FEMALE ‘SAINT’: This is a female, either living or dead. If dead, the black dress says ‘funeral,’ but it also has white on the


BIG COLLAR: & hem & gold. This could show being a ‘religious’ & that she loved God {gold is love}.


If she is alive, then she’s a relationship I had LONG AGO – the black dress would be ‘ending.’ But she is here ‘below me’ spiritually asking for help. I descend to her level – not in a negative sense, but in the sense that God lowered Herself to become Jesus or another Great Saint – descended into the flesh to help us, save us from our sins. I wonder if this person could be a next-of-kin female who has not spoken to me for 41 years {due to stupid family politics.}?)*


          As I look down I don’t have to go on any stairs, I can do my usual trick of jumping from great heights (I love doing this in dreams, sometimes just for fun, appear on super tall buildings & jump to enjoy floating down & showing everyone what I can do) & not getting hurt. So I jump gleefully, saying to the people & even stopping before I hit the ground, floating in the air,

 5MLeMr 6e478876ffaf9385bc059ec8e47a6d13 6ee54cf3a4a5ac785f3badf6cfe7cced 6f5572f0a3873daf63e1faf0b81a06d9 7cf3e006-ea5f-4b91-a257-b8af91df07c6_570 7f009acb99d75dc99c3bfc78205577b6 8dc05359c5546d78ae040cd78b8477eb

          “See – I don’t get hurt!”


          *(I DON’T GET HURT: Might be a clue this is about forgiveness, as when you forgive you say to the person ‘It’s as if you never hurt me—I remove it, I do not feel the pain.’ This is total forgiveness, & so this might be a clue it is the relative who rejected me for so long.)*


          Then I ask the lady if she’s a ‘little saint’ & don’t know what she says. Around me have gathered a few ‘disciples’ for want of a better word – they are cautious to show respect & don’t come too close or familiar.


          Then from the left comes a black man with a narrow face – he is pitiful looking – I have seen him before. He’s wearing white clothes printed with small designs, mostly blue. The material of the clothes looks puffy & slit up & down the arms – again looks medieval, as in ancient paintings. He comes toward me cautiously, afraid I’ll reject him, but I do not, however repulsive he is. Somehow I greet him & accept him but don’t give him the hug he’d like to get. I am sitting during these communications, in my driveway, like ‘holding court.’


          *(REPULSIVE MAN, CAUTIOUSLY APPROACHES, I DO NOT REJECT HIM BUT HE DOESN’T GET THE HUG HE’D LIKE: Again, don’t know if this is a Soul in Purgatory or a living person. If it’s a Soul then

ded3f7baabf1bd7c85a3e10e03231798--free-tarot-cards-angel-cards de40d5efc0a95d72d8a74c5fd28d0208 0196_Teniers 002 dance_of_dreams_grande d454339298858b173a40c1e3f60c6db1 d784f2d1e45813c56916882b9863bf7d 

          THE HUG: Could be my touching him, the Sacred Touch by which he ascends into Heaven. I have had this happen when I hugged my friend George’s late wife – when she withdrew she was wearing my sweater {my Light} by which she ASCENDED into Heaven.

And when angels brought James Brown {the singer} to me, I had to kiss him with the Sacred Kiss, then the angels withdrew him into Heaven. And so, my TOUCH or CONTACT WITH ME {like the touch of Jesus garment by the woman with the issue of blood, who was thereby healed} transmits God’s Grace into a person, by which they ASCEND. Apparently, this man is not yet ready for the Sacred Touch, he has more cleansing coming up.


          If this is a living person, then it might be John the lawyer – a best friend who turned on me for something I didn’t do – & has hardly spoken to me over ten years. This is saying he’d like to be forgiven. I do forgive him but according to this am not ready to give him the physical closeness he would like. He has become repulsive to me due to judging & punishing me so harshly. But then this might not be about him, might be someone else I have forgotten.)*

c952563a9105704511d3e0cbcf340fa6 c32 c31c6daf2a3f982b1c50567a1b9a9004--earth-mama-mother-earth c2c972e67947e77f03c3c92cbb8aa699 buffalo-869878_960_720 

PEOPLE WAITING, DISCIPLES, I AM HOLDING COURT: These are people who need my help in the spiritual sense. I don’t know if they’re living or dead but they are from the ‘long past.’


          MEDIEVAL CLOTHES: Long past, either living people I’ve known or Souls that have been in Purgatory a long time.


          {Because of this dream I started saying the Holy Mass again, which I neglected over a month. I thought these might be Souls in Purgatory asking for help.})*




          Then there’s a scene of a few women in a room. One female to the right is sitting in a corner, she’s pretty, her skin seems brown although she’s Caucasian. My late husband Richard is standing near her, she’s smiling, flirting with him. This annoys me. I tell him,

 Draper_Herbert_The_Pearls_of_Aphrodite DjfYUT5X0AAHdaE DIDp_gYXgAAqvVq dfe808757b636b004a04e25d06f1a7cf DeviantMoonBorderless_11Cups demonnight_hqu6knv6

          *(BROWN SKIN: Can mean different things. Here it means ‘in the flesh’— not spiritual.)*


          “She doesn’t love you – she’s making a fool out of you.”


          But he has a stupid look on his face & keeps talking to her, not even seeing me. There’s another woman to my left facing me, his right that seems to be part of this.


          *(RICHARD, LATE HUSBAND: This is always the present spiritual husband who I call Jack. Richard was good & loved me truly. When he appears it means my present husband has good feelings & thoughts about me, he is behaving like the good husband. {He has not appeared as evil or demonic for many months now, thank Heavens.}


         A woman he’s talking to is not sincere, but messing with him. She is ‘of human nature’. It might be his housemate or it could be someone else. If it’s his housemate this is showing me she has fallen OUT of love with him as one time, she was, I think in love, in her own way. I am warning him this female no longer loves him. Now that I meditate on this I believe the smile gives it away – the smile is fake & looks like that of his housemate – but he doesn’t realize she’s faking. {Like most men, you smile, you put on an act, they fall for it— why? Because they want to. Ditto the other way. The gigolo acts like he loves you, you pay him, you think he has feelings for you.} Why she’s putting on this act is now shown. The only hint might be the

e4e10b4093714fad60a9e2e8420ff257 e1fdd265521efdc19d22d925e48cd9de--tarot-card-art-tarot-cards e0f175b6ac0558df9dd8c51c8785a635 DudLpu9X4AITtg3 Druidcraft Tarot Nine of Cups Will Worthington dreams_of_magic_sample_6 dreams_of_gaia_tarot_sample_4 

          OTHER FEMALE IN ROOM: Friend might be advising her to put on an act that she still loves him to offset any repercussions—men do get violent when you reject them, even when they are the guilty party. {My first husband began to strangle me when I was leaving him on two different occasions. God saved me from it. I ran away the second time, left him, too our child & stayed at a motel.}


Hint as to why her love has gone: She lost her job, he didn’t. She was supporting them, now she needs him to put forth his money but he won’t—he needs it for substances. She’s not innocent here, she’s also an addict. You can see where love could turn to hate. {It’s that old situation where two love one another with conditions, conditions deteriorate, they end up hating one another, being bitter, even killing one another. But in true love it never dies, it’s unconditional. That’s what my lover & I have.})*

          My lover Jack has been around. Suddenly he’s in my arms – it’s a reunion of love / intimacy. I can’t recall how, it just happened. He looks like himself.


          *(LOVER JACK: Richard is now Jack. Perhaps my mystical warning about the housemate got through to him. He sees she no longer loves him,–understandably– he turns his mind & emotions toward me & intimacy.)*

-big-bang-creation-of-the-world-viorica-ana-farkas bee49ab4a8909644fa53b4b7c45af0b5 BDM-78-7_1024x1024@2x Badass-Fanart-Tohad-06 b81627f312ca6a18fa777c53b8a546cf b18a08a464ca08ec200395fab48188a5 b7e3aa23f8a3e42fcadb6a5b2c76f764 

          He’s in my arms & we’re French kissing & it gets so intimate & erotic, I feel ecstasy.


          *(ECSTASY, INTIMACY, FRENCH KISSING: This is what we both lived for & still do. There is nothing to replace this sort of emotion people feel toward another—such pleasure—it lifts you above the world & makes life meaningful. People do all sorts of illogical, criminal, extreme actions to keep feelings of ecstasy going. I know a woman who lives under a bridge with the man she loves—she’s young & pretty. She has a child every year with him which social services takes away–all for that feeling of ‘ecstasy.’


For me, I allowed him to treat me like shit in order to feel the ecstasies once in a while. He would engage me with sex – feel the pleasure – then walk away abruptly & not summon me for 5 weeks—that was his pattern. In the last two years he would praise his housemate on social media but of course I did not exist – People thought I was that forgotten, obsessed old lady. He never appeared in public with me any more because he feared losing the support of the housemate.


He talked ‘double talk’ with me, every time seeing me he’d say he was through with her, but then would add ‘don’t mess up what I have with her.’ He didn’t explain what ‘he had with her’ but I figured it out by seeing his lifelong pattern: Mooch off someone, keep my money for myself for the medications {which he desperately needs.}

edb7dca54d2434602609ebb08aae8664 ecffbc4c06a5db795a2241f0d01eb2f4 ec29631b3e0a1f7fe72a5fbc74463e39 e80fbf10bc991d0cade8d31a823c30e3 e66d506f1febb7908a12561f5833d2d1 e64d47a82ad089e7de54cbf6a3e14f06 

This ECSTASY is similar to the highest drug. It’s the feeling saints live for when they have ecstasy/union/intimacy with God. Saints will go through any torture to feel this Love of God – It not only is spiritual, it’s emotional & physical, it lifts one to the Heavens. Of course, the earthly ecstasies FALL SHORT of the ones with God – you cannot see God face to face with an increase of feel-good hormones, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin & endorphins. The spiritual ecstasy is beyond the earth & flesh; you leave the flesh in spiritual flights & appear in a Higher World – temporarily or forever. I cannot explain why or how the Spiritual Highs go beyond feel-good hormones, perhaps because logically hormones no longer exist past the flesh, but Spiritual Heights – Heaven, do exist.


This ECSTASY that we are both in is the Union that Jack & I have – it’s in our souls as well as our bodies. This dream indicates that Jack is now awake that his housemate/relationship is over – she no longer loves him as he never loved her – & now he’s mentally/emotionally free for the intimacy with me. {Remember, God is a ‘jealous God,’ – when you give yourself fully to something, someone, besides Her, She will not reveal herself or give you the ecstatic intimacy with Her – So in a sense, it is on the earthly plane. If Jack was divided – saw a reason to be praising Housemate all the time, & putting effort into their relationship, his mind, body, heart & soul were not free to be enjoying intimate union with me—HE’S NOW FREE.})*


          Then after that he carries me around with my legs around his waist – without any strain – like you would a child without effort. And he isn’t ashamed at all to show the world he’s in love with me – he walks openly here & there where people can see.


          *(CARRIES ME, MY LEGS AROUND HIS WAIST, EFFORTLESSLY LIKE A CHILD: ‘To carry’ someone is to support them, to help them get around, get somewhere. My legs around him are full support – nothing held back from him to me, he gives me his all, I don’t even have to make an effort.

 il_570xN.840341360_sflo ib779 Hestia,_goddess_of_the_hearth hands-of-creation-evelyn-patrick Guillemot,_Alexandre_Charles_-_Mars_and_Venus_Surprised_by_Vulcan_-_Google_Art_Project greek-woman-jakab-marastoni goddess-green-taras-face-sue-halstenberg God of Nature

          ISN’T ASHAMED TO SHOW THE WORLD: This reveals he’s gotten over the fear of criticism or disapproval – he said he was with his Housemate for ‘the party life style & popularity – I sold my soul to the devil for it’ he said on social media {he said this in a veiled way, in a poem, did not name names but I understood}.)*


          We talk about setting up a sports center at my house, for wrestling or sports fighting. I will set up a ‘ring’ I tell him,


          “But it has to have a roof in case of rain.”


          He continues to walk with me around him here & there in this place like a village, with small business places scattered about, like tiny restaurants. I tell him,


          “You can have anything you want,”


          (Meaning to eat, I will pay.)


          He walks into this small store – all it sells is candy. There was another customer here {female}, just leaving. The place could only hold at most 5 people in front of the counter.


          *(CANDY STORE: Place of drugs/medications. I surmise the female just leaving is his housemate. This hints they are no longer together—she gets her drugs solo, it’s not a joint project any more. She gets her drugs, leaves, he is holding or carrying me, means he is with me, loves me, & I help him.)*

 giphy ghost_hierophant George_Catlin_Bull_Buffalo garden-of-eden Gaia-RGBweb fullsizeoutput_82dd fullsizeoutput_81e4 fullsizeoutput_74a7

          On the counter left is a bowl filled with all colors candy the size of large vitamin capsules, & on the right a bowl of a strange blue sweet that looks like a smooth ocean wave, like taffy but not sticky, about ¾ inch thick, about 6” long in a wave, about 4.5” wide.  I imagine you break pieces off. I tell him,


          “You can have this but I don’t eat candy.”


          *(CANDY, TINY STORE, SOME LIKE VITAMINS, SOME LIKE BLUE TAFFY (but not sticky): I get the feeling this represents substances, but which ones I can’t tell. I don’t do substances I say, but I tell him he can have them. Substances are his self medication due to damage by parents, he suffers from PTSD & attachment disorder, possibly other problems I’m not aware of. He would be desperate & suicidal without them – I want to help him through prayer, therapy & all the mental, emotional, spiritual remedies, medications would be temporary.


MANY BRIGHT COLORS THE SIZE OF VITAMIN CAPSULES: These drugs mimic the feel-good hormones, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin & endorphins, or in other words, feel-good hormones. Bright colors indicate FEELINGS. Vitamins mean ‘good for you’ & these drugs mimic ‘feel good’ or ‘good for you’ feelings.)*

tumblr_pv60gxfSb51y8yb17_frame3 tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640 tumblr-4 tumblr-10 unnamed (1) unnamed (2) 'It's a Hard Life' - White Cat Asleep on Red Quilt with Two Puppies unnamed (4) 


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          I’m in my apt in B’klyn in my bedroom. There are people in other parts of the place; I seem to be isolated here, in my room.

 3a_028284 3c0d14f3b61ec37619cd434285ab8935 3d1aba68584a1e7662dad756d7b18ad8

          Then two things I become aware of at the same time. One, the fire escape is crowded with people – it extends across the two front windows, real life fire escape is only on one window, but there are two here. All of them are crowded with people trying to get some air, to be outside during this time of isolation, men & women are sitting sunning. I especially see a man in beige trunks, reclining halfway on his back. Everything is friendly, a good feeling of people being together.


          *(ISOLATION, QUARANTINE VS PEOPLE BEING TOGETHER: This is about that dichotomy, being isolated, or being together. It beckons to mind when they say


          “Alone in a crowded room”

  0c7b83e61babe9cddf92320df7ba8f81 0ddcf287256bf207f739a1c975eab7b8--christmas-images-christmas-art 0e139a8a882a73a3558a299c9b633a1c

          If you have nothing in common with people, although there are many around you, you still feel isolated & alone. But if you have something in common or intimacy, you feel CONNECTED & not alone any more.)*


          The second thing I see is on top of the table that holds a water tray is a small screen, like the screens people look at like a computer, but this is small. It’s only about 5” tall & 7” across. I never paid attention to this screen, like it had nothing I wanted on it, but now I see a TV show or movie is just beginning, & it’s well done.


          There’s a man that seems to be an opera star / announcer, speaking in a grand voice in English, clearly, impressive looking & sounding. He’s tall, a feeling of an opera star, wearing a snug brown outfit, he stands with feet apart, arms akimbo delivering his message.

 1905-Schaffner-men-formal-tuxedo-36-262x500 1906-queen-maud-of-norway-2 1958.43.19_crop 1960-party-crashers-1000x842

          *(TALL MAN, LIKE AN OPERA STAR, IMPOSING: I did not see this right away but after getting toward the end of the dream realized it’s the man I love—Bobby– & there’s a weighty message here. At first glance I thought I had summoned a saint but it’s different.


          BROWN OUTFIT, BLACK BOOTS: Brown seems to be a color coming up often these days both on him & myself. All colors mean multiple things, the definition I give to brown in the last two dreams is SERIOUS, a serious message.


         BLACK BOOTS: Like all colors black has many definitions, one of them is MYSTERY—what is black is a mystery to us, it’s the unknown. This dream will reveal a serious mystery about my Beloved.


HE IS IMPRESSIVE: This is a large part of the mystery. This is my LOVER’S GOD SELF, HIS SOUL that has migrated from a previous lifetime to the one here & now. He is TALL because the God Self is IMPORTANT, God is important, it’s the part of us that is Immaculate—without sin—it is priceless & perfect. It is the lower self, not the actual God-Self/Soul that houses sins, {which must be clarified in Purgatory before we can see God face to face.}

There’s then the ‘lower soul’ which would be our unconscious, our lower spiritual energy-entity, while the God-Self Soul is the Highest Level. That is the one that migrates from body to body in various lifetimes.)*

718c378851a31f9508ed92b17e6cb25b731bf2edc191b938213b073e719a7940 (1)762ea2ae20e3599126b76f6708a1298e--wiccan-quotes-gothic-fantasy-art

          I look at this & think I’ll stay & pay attention – it might be interesting.


          Then it all changes. Now I’m in this movie, it’s come to life. The man is standing there in a theater or club with the stage behind him. He’s called a party – he’s special – hundreds of people came, I see them piling in, many so close to each other they seem to be on top of one another, in colorful party clothes, females & males.


          *(PARTY EVERYONE WANTS TO COME: This is Bobby in this lifetime – attractive, popular, wants to have fun & everyone wants to be with him—male & female. He is a star.


          COLORFUL CLOTHES: Lots of emotions, especially the women, they are infatuated or fascinated with him.)*        


          The man I now see more clearly is dressed in a ‘cavalier’ fashion in all brown, snug fitting with plain/elegant black boots up to his knees. He is at least a foot taller than anyone there – the visitors are average between 5 to 6’ tall, he’s 7’ tall.


          *(HE’S A FOOT TALLER THAN ANYONE HERE: This height is his God-Self. It is this that makes him a star. In another lifetime/s, he achieved great spiritual stature. The people around him, his family & friends, have not. They are attracted to his Spiritual Charisma – which is the Presence of the Holy Spirit.)*


          He stands there like ‘The Jolly Green Giant’; he always has his legs apart — imposing. Everyone wanted to come to his party & I’m here also.


          *(HIS PARTY, I’M HERE ALSO: I’m a part of his life & I think a lot of him.)*

giandomenico-tiepolo-minuet-in-villa_u-l-ppbagc0 girl girl-in-plaid Girl-with-Kitten-and-Puppy-mile-Munier-Oil-Painting girl-with-oranges_emile-munier__85979__10000.1556797497 giuseppe-de-gobbis-interior-of-a-barn-with-peasants-and-animals 

          Now the giant man walks around his guests like in a hallway adjoining the room (with his attendants) & for some reason he just faintly puts his index finger on me – my shoulder I guess – to say he’s seen me.


*(FAINTLY PUTS HIS FINGER ON ME LIKE TO SAY HE SEES ME: This must be when he first singled me out—I was so impressed, & took me to make love. But I did not see him again for three years—didn’t know where to find him.)*


This made me feel special, because he’s the star, we’re like a bunch of ‘nobodies’ & for him to single me out is unusual.


*(HOW HE MADE ME FEEL: indeed this accurately says how he made me feel when we met. I saw him as a great star & was lucky to be chosen – I said so to him. I even asked him if he was real or was I hallucinating or imagining him? He seemed ‘too good to be true.’ He didn’t see himself as special—his family & friends had not lifted him up.)*


          Shortly after that he does more than just faintly touch me with the tip of his finger, this time he puts his hand on me definitely to let me know he’s chosen me.

 mort-3 Mort-Künstler-artwork-2 Mort-Künstler-artwork-7 mort-künstler-six-men-and-women-buried-alive-for-four-years,-stag-magazine-interior-illustration

          *(PUTS HIS HAND ON ME STRONGLY: This is when we started going steady three years later. He told me he wanted to marry me.)*


          I now see myself, what I’m wearing. Wow, am I covered! And as I walked through the premises I took one sweater off, & was planning to take more & more off as I got more ‘confident’ so people could see how I looked.


          First, my head. I have on a thick ribbed grey knitted cap which fits tightly over the head down my forehead. Underneath I have beautiful thick, curly blonde hair but I’m not showing it at all.


          On my body I have several layers of light grey & black, mostly loose. One of the light grey things is like an ‘athlete’ shirt which has medium-thin straps that show all the shoulders & arms, except there’s the black under that. I’m so covered no one could see any hint of how I am underneath, so he isn’t choosing me for that.


          *(MY LAYERS OF CLOTHES, BLACK & GREY, EVERYTHING COVERED & CONCEALED: This is a spiritual concealment, not physical. When we dated my body was obviously revealed; it was my SPIRIT that was hidden.

9072ac14-9dff-49bb-a82d-49790bace92b_570 9466e0443069589fa99cc62c076648cb 9712c5e790f2cf3450e10378f36cc06d 9767cd68ad1fc6406676f0aa911c73de 9866cd79f28f7e48be9ea51f812d52d6



          Because I’m saying, I was concealed, no one could see my body – my body is the Real Me, True Self, God Self, but this explains he saw or felt this Real Me.


          BLACK & GREY LAYERS CONCEALING ALL: This is me being a mystery – people don’t know who I am like the general population did not know who Jesus was until it was revealed. The Three Kings knew who He was, his Holy Mother & foster Father knew who He was, Holy Anna & St. Simon knew who He was, the Shepherds discovered he was Holy when the angels told them. His identity was revealed to the privileged but hidden to normal folks—Herod feared him not because he was a Spiritual Giant but he was predicted to be a King, & Herod thought he would be an earthly King—but of course Jesus said to Pilate in answer to the question if he was a King,

          “My Kingdom is not of this world.”


          Even his close friends & Apostles were not certain who He was when he asked who do people say I am? They said things like ‘Prophet’ but then Peter blurted out,

          “You are the Messiah!”

 6033528103_d25731f55f_b 6281898021_a3256f8c7b_b 8454841466_568c5d2ae5_b 8575704403_2d5db510fd_b 9312220023_78a9871704_b 14229442915_32d5431b4c_b

          And so, even though Jesus did many miracles & healings, his True Identity was still hidden, unrevealed, not obvious. It took the Holy Spirit to show Peter who Jesus was—Jesus said so.


          In this dream, it says I saw the identity of my Beloved Bobby – I saw his God Self from the start. And he also saw that I was his Anointed mate, & in the end of this dream it’s revealed we were mates in a previous lifetime


          THICK GREY RIBBED CAP ON MY HEAD COVERING HAIR, EVERYTHING, DOWN MY FOREHEAD: This is how thoroughly my God-Self was hidden to the public, yet my Soul Mate instinctively felt it. Covering the head would be covering the mind & thoughts, ‘Where my head is.”)*

huysum015 il_570xN.1144017096_n309 il_570xN.1460475332_orpp Illustration_facing_page_8_of_The_Perverse_Widow_and_The_Widow,_1909 illustration-depicting-a-widow-with-her-children-illustrated-by-mary-ellen-edwards-1838-1934-an-english-artist-and-prolific-illustrator-of-childrens-books-dated-19th-century-MR6KMK 

          OK, then I get close to the man, & as I do so, amazingly, he is shorter than me. I have my left hand over his shoulder, gently rubbing it like to show him I like him. He’s wearing a blue or green spandex type top, soft, it’s pleasant to have my hand on it as I caress him.


          *(AMAZINGLY HE IS SHORTER THAN ME: This is spiritual stature. All is relative as far as this; he’s a foot higher than most people spiritually, but not as tall as I am. It means I evolved closer to God in previous lifetimes than he had, but still, we are both Great Souls.

          MY HAND ON HIM, CARESSING: This could be saying first he put his hand on me to choose me, now I put my hand on him to accept.


          GREEN/BLUE SOFT SPANDEX OUTFIT: This is here on earth, blue like the sky, green like the earth. We meet on the earth, he singles me out, I accept him. We desire each other. Hand on


SHOULDER: is comforting—as shoulders are what we carry the cross on.)*

images (4) images (5) images (6) images (7) images (8) images (9) images (10) 

          To my surprise he starts speaking to me in RUSSIAN! He doesn’t know English at all! I try to explain to him, that my Grandma was Russian. We’re looking for something in common – he asked me like who I was or what I was about or something. I say to his attendants – how do you say Grandma in Russia? I say her name, her first name was Luba & her last married name I will not say, & it was Lithuanian anyway so it would be irrelevant. He has two female attendants who apparently know both languages; they’re dressed in red & are his height.


          *(HE SPEAKS RUSSIAN, DOESN’T KNOW ENGLISH: This is the key to the dream, this scene/symbol opens up the entire meaning. I then bring up my Grandma {while trying to find some common ground},


          RUSSIAN GRANDMA: Here I go back a couple generations to show WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON. This tells me that the reason this man singled me out is that we were in relationship some generations ago – in a different land, culture & language.

          He did not single me out merely for physical, in this lifetime, looks or anything. He saw through my COVERING or physical cover, the underlying IDENTITY or person he knew long ago – when we were together IN ANOTHER LIFETIME.

May I Have One Too -may-i-have-this-dance-motionage-designs med-4fd95be7528c6 melchior-de-hondecoeter-utrecht-1636-amsterdam-1695--landscape-with-poultry-and-birds-of-prey-melchior-d-hondecoeter-c-1636-1695 mode1910-5 Mort-Künstler-artwork-2 

          This explains why he’s CHOSEN ME. It’s like the Three Kings who sought out Jesus because he was their Guru in a previous lifetime. He was continuing his life in another body, but he was that SAME SOUL.


          This dream explains that it is the GOD SELF that is reborn again & again in other bodies, that is the identity that continues. The body dies, the outward form, connection with the physical is all gone, & there’s a new body, nationality, culture & language. But the SOUL / GOD SELF has not CHANGED, it’s deep inside.


          When people are drawn to each other in a mysterious/compulsive way, as if they knew each other before, it could what’s called TWIN FLAMES. Twin flames loved each other in a previous lifetime & have business to finish. Just as the Three Kings honored Jesus as their reincarnated Guru & gave him precious gifts, twin flames feel something that is underneath the physical, culture, language, cover & they feel a pull, a pull that will make them go through anything to be together.


          This is why this Great man puts his finger on me – first lightly, then strongly, to say,



 gkz79fxyvqa31 Golden_Tail_and_Azure_Crown_Hummingbird_by_Elizabeth_and_Mary_Kirby Gorosh green-pastures-a-family-group-detail_u-l-f9330a0 grenade grenadiervictoria guadalupe-visits-diego-rivera-james-roderick

          Out of all the people on earth, the twin flames recognize each other as being ONE, they cannot be happy with anyone else.)*


          Then it seems it’s just him & me talking, a bit off to the side, & I try to reach him in ‘sign language.’


          I want to tell him he’s a great man, & I make gestures to that effect of ‘something great.’ He isn’t aware I’m describing him & he asks who that is.


          I point to him & say,

          “It’s you.”


          *(SIGN LANGUAGE-GREAT MAN IS YOU: I am the only one he knows who recognizes his God-Self & that it is highly evolved. The people around him do not see this at all. Some have demoralized him, others diminish him, he has never had anyone ‘restore’ him or confirm his great God Identity. The reason we want to be together is called Divine Relationship—our God-Selves recognize each other.)*

300px-Herd_of_Cats11 302a633d10c7246d84a5ecbf3038e65f 322cdec44077cc684086b8fa52e3151b 492a6ad01b2256ef3e9d427da9102534 504E8B1A00000578-6177071-image-a-62_1537206379191 630d29b6f2c5cdfe82a47517ba4cdcf0 713a26qAAyL._AC_SL1500_ 865e01962a092ce8424e64ccbb5149e8 963a9b0c70db337a3a9bac6915ff6ef1 1233c55316676a0b3b7067211d263d6b


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jayne-mansfield-and-mickey-hargitay-at-michael-ochs-archives J-C-Leyendecker-American-illustrator-poster-art-book-covers (4)





Reviewed & analyzed for someone else

Jaynemansfield4 jayne-mansfield-1933-1967-american-film-actress-with-second-husband-miklos-hargitay-about-1962-MANJ78 jayne-mansfield-1933-1967-american-film-actress-with-second-husband-miklos-hargitay-about-1962-with-son-zoltan-at-left-MANJ74 

          Great prayers beget great dreams. I know this to be a result of my desperate prayers. I prayed to Mother God to assist me personally, I brought myself closer to her saying in every way how my happiness, my Heaven, can only happen when She is ONE with me. The problem is I criticize & judge myself too much, I cannot find peace of mind & happiness as I’m always finding fault with myself. My schedule, lifestyle, activities are not perfect by my standards, so I am always looking down at myself—I know this is wrong; it’s due to being abused, despised, criticized by my Mom & others.

This abuse lives in my head, in a sense, like Mom & Co are still there, their programs keep playing out. I realize this but am having trouble stopping, so I prayed strongly until I fell asleep.…………………….


          FRANK SINATRA appears. Frank was a great guy, I helped him out of Purgatory, & so when he appears in this dream I don’t know if it’s really Sinatra or my lover/husband Peter.

Johnson's_household_book_of_nature_(Plate_XII)_(7268635822) Johnson's_household_book_of_nature_(Plate_XXIX)_(7268657942) Johnson's_household_book_of_nature_(Plate_XXVIII)_(7268656580) ju_paleoart_p001_1705301541_id_1128568-749x1024 

          Frank is sitting against a wall & I come close to him. He wants to tell me something & it’s very loving & intimate.


          *(FRANK SINATRA: Is my lover/husband Peter. Why does he appear as Frank? Could it be because he wants to be a vocalist/rapper? Or an actor?


PURGATORY, I HELPED HIM OUT OF IT: This could apply to my lover as I helped him out of the earthly Purgatorial state he was in, doing multiple exorcisms, Masses & prayers for years, getting rid of many demons, freeing him up for God & peace of mind.)*


          He says to me in a way that penetrates my heart – it’s like we melt into each other, he says,

 Isaac_van_Ostade_Interior_with_children isaac-van-ostade-interieur-met-boerengezelschap---scène-dauberge IsaacVanOstade-TheInteriorofaBarnwithTwoPeasants JA15_Page_096_0003 Jan VAN HUYSUM Still Life with Flowers and Fruit 1715

          “Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will always take you with me.”


          I see over his heart three stripes, the rest of him is a sepia color, monochromatic, but the stripes remind me of the Lithuanian flag, yellow, green & red.


          So he’s saying he’ll always carry me in his heart. It’s hard to explain the feeling that goes with this, it’s deep.


          *(MY FLAG STRIPES OVER HIS HEART, HE’LL ALWAYS TAKE ME WHEREVER HE GOES: This is saying I will always be in his heart, a part of him, united, that he will always love me.)*

 Khaleesi-2-Galia-Lahav-The-empress-collection-530x792 kids-woodland-wall-mural-451x451 King-George-V Kitchen_Scene_With_A_Cook_And_Kitchen_Maid_by_Joachim_Beuckelaer_G11 Kitchen-Scene-Jose-Bermudo-Mateos-Oil-Painting kitchen-still-life-with-a-maid-and-young-boy-frans-snyders

          AFTER THAT starts another dream.

          I walk into a large room. To the right is a Great Lady, hovering over a man sitting at a ‘cafeteria style’ table. She seems to be comforting him, sort of consoling & flirting, he seems to be wearing an ‘army olive’ color top. But when I walk in she immediately stands up – in fact – in these dreams whenever I enter a room, she stands up to greet me—I’m impressed because this shows so much respect.


          *(GREAT LADY: My Mother God within me, the Presence of God, the Real Me, who I really am, “I am a Soul, I have a body, my purpose is Love.”


This God-Self RESPECTS MY LOWER SELF GREATLY, She stands up whenever I enter a room. This is the respect ‘God the Father’ would give his own Son, Jesus Christ, because it is in the body that God implemented our salvation. It is in the body God suffered, not in Heaven, not in the God Self, but in the lower self, & so, great respect is given to ‘God the Son’.


In the same way, God my Mother is giving the respect to my lower self or body – She did her work through God her Daughter.)*

Joachim_Bueckelaer_-_Kitchen_Piece,_with_Jesus_in_the_House_of_Martha_and_Mary_in_the_background Joachim-Beuckelaer-A-Maid-in-a-Kitchen-and-Christ-with-Martha-and-Mary-in-the-Background John_Frederick_Herring_HEJ009 John-Chaz-Rex-Dog-Fights-Turkey-Vulture...- john-frederick-herring-jr-cf9c9dce-ffbd-4e11-8dba-fa2af69943c-resize-750 john-frederick-herring-the-elder-cattle-and-chickens-in-a-barn 

          She also is saying to me, by her action, that yes, she was giving attention to this guy at the table, but I’m more important than him.


          *(MAN AT TABLE SHE IS CONSOLING: This is the lover/husband. Yes, She loves him, but gives more honor/respect to me.)*


          As she stands up I see how tall she is – about six feet – her arms & legs are long, she has long brown hair to the middle of her back & wearing a clinging red mini dress. She puts her arms around me & holds me a while.


          *(SIX FEET TALL LADY: This is my spiritual height, I was shown/told – the same as Joan of Arc in Heaven. By contrast, my dear Dad is a dwarf. I saw him in Heaven, I bent down to him to say hello, it was whimsical, because I always looked up to him & in his obituary the author said he looked at him as a saint. He’s a small saint.

Jeremy-hush-Drawings_momentomori Jeremy-Hush-In-the-Teeth-of-a-Crashing-Gale JGLLOM5CXQRPKJDPE43RFC5E7A jnk6-121 jnk7-112 

By contrast, my wicked Mom & brother are lower– I did not see them standing but sitting in a dim light in the balcony of Heaven–& in another vision Mom was in a small house—the size of an apt, like one-bedroom, plain, with a picture of my brother on the table waiting for him to join her {he’d not yet died}. There was a sign that she ‘just made it’ into Heaven – the sign was that outside I saw a stovepipe, smoke was coming out, & it had tar on it—tar means Hell.


In comparison I might add that the beautiful actor Errol Flynn inhabits an entire tropical island suspended in Heaven! Yes he had a long Purgatory, but he had underneath it all, a good heart, he gave a lot to those he loved & he did suffer—people don’t realize how much he suffered—read his book, ‘My Wicked, Wicked Ways.’)*


          She’s some kind of an executive, an important Lady in show business production.


          Then I hear an inner voice & I repeat it to her:

jnk8-322 jnk9-321 jnk10-362 jnk34-131 jnk36-171 

          “Make a video/movie {I hear a description or word that denotes like ‘behind the scenes production’ but can’t recall that word} of Frank & myself.”


          Frank is a vocalist. I’m thinking about that. Does he still have a voice? It’s odd that I would tell this great lady to do this movie–that she would listen & obey. Who am I to tell her what to do? But she respects me that much. I see her sitting at a desk to my left front, with her assistants around her, she has a staff. She has a thoughtful face, she’s also beautiful.


         I see us being busy making this movie but can’t recall details.


          *(THE MOVIE I SAY TO MOTHER GOD SHE SHOULD MAKE ABOUT US: I am stumped Mother God. I already tried to help him years ago & it backfired on me. Now what? Is this literally true or what is it a symbol of?


          She: This I believe refers to ‘Reality TV.’ You, the flesh, under inspiration, is saying to create a Reality Show about you & him, with him as a performer.

 ko-tub-and-ko-poda-island-xlarge krabi-thailand-phra-nang-longtail1 krinstinabanera_3 Snyders, Frans, 1579-1657; Dogs Stealing Food from a Basket l2ekdkK L3NPUQ

          Me: But would it work?

          She: Yes.

          Me: I can see it now. He & I have an emotional reunion. He confesses to his mistakes, he professes his love, I interrogate him & he repents it all.


          We have a spiritual wedding with all the trimmings.


          Then, I rent a place to preach, with a pulpit. I give a rousing sermon.  Sermon over, I take off my robe & under it a scanty outfit. I dance–splits, kicks, the whole megilla. He pops out & raps & dances. His beauty will be recognized as well as his talent. We could even do a Jayne Mansfield, Micky Hargitay routine; she called ‘adagio,’ where she climbed on him for poses. The fact that its an old lady with ‘America’s Most Beautiful Man’ will get views.


Mother God: You have the wherewithal to do this, do it & it will create a sensation. Send it to all the TV media & they will take you on, haha.)*

 71vLlxXkY5L._AC_SX425_ 76a7aaf7707261e12d0ad07f430a2d46 76e77075-1d85-4f82-b225-2ca6a899f5fa 77ab6eeaa20168956127c8687440d9a5 77anlsgP_011118012424lola

          Last thing I do recall is I am in an apt, mine & lovers, & someone has stolen & removed our bed—the apt is Hollywood long ago. We were both sleeping on the floor on a light blue rug—it was comfortable, lots of covers, warm. My side has more of the nice blue rug, his side has a bit of a black one, like the rubber mats I have, not as comfortable.


          *(HIS SIDE, BLACK RUBBER MAT, NOT AS COMFORTABLE: He’s more miserable without you than you are without him.


THE APT IN HOLLYWOOD: You shared with a demonic con artist. This is saying Satan broke you & Peter up – took away your bed or intimacy.)*


          When we wake up I look at our situation & talk about the bed, & basically say it’s not a terrible thing, we just have to buy another bed, maybe a Queen sized one.

lf (1) lf (2) lf (3) lf lfCA83FXWW 

          *(BUY ANOTHER BED, QUEEN SIZED: The past doesn’t matter, we can improve our relationship.)*


          I recall a scene where I was getting ready to ‘go out’ with Frank. I had on the most ordinary thick-material black dress, loose. Then I say,


          “This is Frank Sinatra – he deserves me being dressed up nicely. I then remove a form-fitting black leather jacket (nice one) off myself with maybe black leather gloves, & place it on a table near the door. He’s watching.


          I go to get clothes & find a medium light brown wool tight skirt with a flare (it’s gathered in the back under the hips, with a cloth band across it maybe, so much like the type of skirts I used to love as a kid) & put it on, in front of a mirror – it might be the kind of wool that has colorful flecks in it – I used to wear those as a teen. Frank is behind me. Can’t recall what else I put on or where we go.


          *(REMOVE LOOSE BLACK DRESS, REMOVE BLACK LEATHER JACKET, LOOK FOR NICE CLOTHES AS FRANK IS SPECIAL: End of our separation, which was like an ending or funeral, time to be together again. I feel like my old self, when I was young.

vestido-novia-manga-corta vicarticle_sidesaddleImage2_w250h400 victorian-christmas-card-robert-dudley victorian-engraving-of-a-little-girl-rescuing-a-cat-from-two-dogs-D19P4X victorian-engraving-of-a-young-girl-with-her-pet-cat-and-dog-1897-D17WRN 

          SKIRT LIKE BACK IN THE DAY: The wool is sheep or submit {sheep are submissive} again to have sex with him – the hint is this is a skirt which covers the lower part of the body—It’s light brown with flecks, which might denote ‘serious color’ rather than depressing black, & the flecks & flare might say ‘a fun skirt—have fun, enjoy life again.’)*


          One strange little scene. Frank is once again sitting against a wall on the floor. The Great Lady is nearby & she says,

          “He’s part black” or maybe she said “he’s black.”


          I look at his face. It’s a child’s face, like compressed so it’s too wide, {but his body is that of an adult}, with medium light brown skin & both his cheeks are as puffy as baseballs, with those stripes like he had on his heart on both his cheeks {my native country flag stripes}. I carefully bend over to him & kiss his little cheek lightly, just as you would that of a child, a sweet little peck.


          *(CHILD’S FACE MY FLAG STRIPES ON HIS CHEEKS, HIS CHEEKS LIKE BASEBALLS, COMPRESSED HEAD, BROWN SKIN: This is the child within, who was damaged. The compressed head could be injury, mental compression. Consider when a person is strangled, their neck is compressed until they can’t breathe. This squeezing down on the head could be mental trauma affecting one’s brain or mind, he can’t think straight.


          SITTING AGAINST A WALL: In a desperate place, nowhere to go, like being cornered.

tumblr_pnnbdtaWCS1qc77b7o1_250 Two-young-Cats-playing-with-a-Basket-of-Crawfish-Julius-Adam-II-private-collection U1252797INP UndergroundAngels2A_l 

          CHEEKS LIKE BASEBALLS—these are called ‘chipmunk cheeks’ because chipmunks fill themselves up with food & store it in their burrows. When people store a great deal, they are preparing against future need or ‘famine,’ – people who have fear of war or poverty hoard many necessities, including food. {In these ‘Pandemic’ times people are doing it—the media is encouraging hysteria. The revoking of civil rights is far worse than the virus.}


I saw a man who had lived through WWII in Germany, now living in America–his cellar was stocked with canned goods & grains like it was a bunker.


These fat cheeks represent INSECURITY, fear of being without, & both cheeks have your flags. This means the child within him needs you – a symbol of SECURITY & all that it represents—someone to love him like a Mother, take care of him, not reject or abandon him.


It means he’s FIXATED on the trauma of what was done to him. He was HURT, REJECTED, ABUSED & EMOTIONALLY ABANDONED BY BOTH PARENTS.        He needs you to give him safe space, harbor, a place of trust, where he WON’T BE AFRAID.

tumblr_ons6pbNUYv1s3se81o1_640 tumblr_oo09xoX5vm1w49lylo5_1280 tumblr_oqyzk0CHeT1s7e5k5o1_1280 tumblr_ot4oy41Xnp1tu88j9o1_400 tumblr_otpe7cbat21ru2l6mo1_1280 tumblr_owxtspo24o1qmr4eao1_1280 

HE’S BLACK: The black people have been severely abused in America & elsewhere, first as slaves with no human rights, second as ‘economic slaves’ with limited opportunities, sharecropping, menial & unskilled labor, lowest wages, prejudice & hate. The Great Lady/Mother God is telling you this has been his fate – he’s been treated this way, all here described—as a child.


THE SWEET PECK ON HIS CHEEK: You are treating him like a child, with the tenderness/gentleness a child needs—you’ve been careful to recognize the damage here & just because he has a man’s body, you have not assumed he has ‘grown up,’ – matured fully. You have known all along he was BADLY hurt & his behavior reflects that.      You forgave all his hurtful actions toward you on that basis.)*


          The feeling overall is that Frank is a great star, he loves me & wants to be with me & he makes me happy.


         *(FRANK IS A STAR: You see him & treat Peter like a star, to you he is.)*


Helst-Family-Portrait-cat-sm henriette-ronner-geb-knip-6148221 henriette-ronner-knip-hide-and-seek henriette-ronner-knip-kittens-and-mother-cat Herding-Cats-1024x768 Horatio_Henry_Couldery_-_The_Unexpected_Guest il_fullxfull.701461789_eisj


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