By Rasa Von Werder, May 17th, 2021

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5-15-21 Amazing ARNOLD contact


Goddess-Sophia golden-festival Gold-Shekinah-Dove 

          ARNOLD always represents absolute success – because he has it. This dream was so vivid it was more ‘experience’ than dream.


          Arnold is here, & he loves me. It’s an overwhelming feeling of acceptance. He’s big, strong, he picks me up, carries me in his arms, holding me close, body to body.


          There are several instances of his holding me, carrying me down the street, hugging me & it’s gratifying. At one point I’m wearing a beautiful mink coat, expensive.


          *(ARNOLD HERE:    This is Doctor Dan, a young male who I’ve been friends with since he was 18 & going to college here {he’s around 30 now & a full-fledged Doctor} – he called me last night, invited me to Phoenix AZ, & told me he loved me. He had a tremendously invigorating, consoling effect on me. When Arnold appears it’s one of the biggest signs of a SUCCESS.


MY BEAUTIFUL MINK COAT:   This could be a ‘Mantle’ as in the Old Testament’s prophet ‘Mantles’ which means their ANOINTING or the Light surrounding them, their Giftedness, their Supernatural Power.

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This shows my Anointing as an EXPENSIVE MINK COAT, FULL LENGTH, because my Anointing has been EXPENSIVE or hard won. In spiritual terms, the COST of something is the great SUFFERING one had to go through to get what they got.)*



          He afterward puts on my mink coat, but on him it doesn’t look the same. His body is bigger than mine, so the coat is too tight & also somehow doesn’t have the luster it did on me. On me it was clean, sleek & shiny. On him there’s a grayish tint & it’s dull. At that point I’m behind him walking. We’re going up & down the street, back & forth.


*(HE PUTS ON MY MINK NOT AS SHINY & BRIGHT ON HIM, HIS BODY FILLS IT UP FULLY:   This is interesting. It reveals to me that my Mantle has been put upon him, that is my strength or God Power, but he cannot contain it with as much facility as do I. His flesh is not as SURRENDERED or CRUCIFIED as is mine, his BODY is BIGGER or he has more of his FLESH working or un-crucified. {The term for one crucified is ‘No longer I live, but Christ in me.})*


 IMG_1235 img_1808 IMG_4646-1024x767 IMGs7 in_purple_by_andry122_deviantart-com indian BEAUTY QUEEN

          I’m thinking it would be great if we met like this at night, downtown, on the street, & he acted like this, where everyone could see how much he loves me. It’s PURE LOVE.




5-12-21 Prophecy re Movie My Life n Visit to Purgatory


          There was some extra busy work going on around this building, many people. Then they took one large room & transformed it with a wall-to-wall green rug, the room was repurposed into a sort of ‘dance hall’ primarily, but vaguely, for women; like women were the main people who would be there although men were not excluded.


          *(LARGE ROOM, BIG GREEN RUG:   This has to do with my life story being produced, the movie. This ‘repurposed’ room is the symbol of the production; the rug is like ‘the red carpet,’ only the green here represents wall-to-wall money & LIFE. The word life could have two meaning, my LIFE story, & my book COMES TO LIFE, there’s a whole lot of activity or LIFE happening here.


          It being ‘for women’ is I have seen before in dreams that this will be most pleasant to women – my life – its female empowerment.)*

14639649_766435246829294_7834011496307590476_n 14657420_774498039356348_4228431048010988101_n 14666167_771936299612522_3204811299216861235_n 14729081_770899493049536_3904394944484976224_n 

          I see myself in a REST ROOM – dressing room. I am the only person designated for this room, but 5-6 women that were part of this large gathering are all at the door, needing to go to the bathroom. They seem to be ‘dressed up’, some wearing curly wigs, more colorful than average clothing, as that place with the green rug is a party-dance room.


         There isn’t any other bathroom for them, so I tell them to OK, come in, use it – you have no place else to go.


          The only thing wrong is the room needs to be CLEANED. Everything in it is white – mostly painted white. There are cabinet holders for things, all sorts of little amenities, but it’s all covered with sort of tiny black particles, like dust but not dust. How do I clean this? There is no cleaning equipment in the room. But I do find one washcloth; I take it, put water on it, & begin to clean. All that I wipe with this cloth gets totally clean. Then several other cloths appear, some light yellow with fringe, like as soon as I started cleaning it happened. This first one was WHITE & I didn’t want to SACRIFICE it by cleaning the entire room with it – it would turn dark & never be white again. I was even planning to clean the floor with it, but that wasn’t necessary as other cloths just appeared, & that saved the day. Everything became clean.


          *(THE BATHROOM WHERE I AM:   This is the STAR DRESSING ROOM. Needs cleaning could be the book needs a script, needs to be POLISHED, made perfect. But the non literal sense it’s a life that was basically PURE but the BLEMISHES or SPOTS had to be removed, cleansed, in the EARTHLY PURGATORY. Story of my early life is wall-to-wall suffering.


THE CLOTHS, WHITE WASHCLOTH, DON’T WANT TO SACRIFICE IT, And THEN OTHERS APPEAR, SOME YELLOW WITH FRINGE:   Cloths would be tools from the Grace of God, by which to cleanse one’s soul/life. The WATER is the HOLY SPIRIT. I got cleansed of all my faults & defects during my life. Other women want in on this, they want to be part of this or take my example.)*

93539004_1673523222787154_734429928623177728_n 118513263_1804289133043895_7762975638797826653_n 120273939_1828250130647795_8789953585148992306_n 141311064_1934225166716957_9169659243250516480_n 169242465_1991401987665941_3596735871968287151_n 175443089_2002317213241085_5119984261964563017_n 178538352_2008762315929908_3953783491037083248_n 

          The women coming to my door are probably the actresses who need to use this dressing room. In the metaphysical term, it’s women who need to ‘rest in me’ or find consolation by my example – the way a person would ‘rest in Jesus,’ in the wounds of Jesus, resting in the Lord is resting in his Presence, example, what He gave us, the way he suffered, in other words, for love, consoles us.)*


          There is a man here with a camera, like he’s making some kind of movie to do with this. He’s businesslike, going here & there, not paying attention to us, just working, slight build, light-rimmed glasses, short light hair. I think we were to be in the movie.


          Someone asks him what he got for making this movie & all were shocked when we heard FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. What?


          *(MAN WITH CAMERA, BEING PAID 15 MILLION DOLLARS:   This is probably saying the production budget of this movie will be great, 15 million is a major movie. And it’s all about this book I just wrote; it will be the bridge for the movie. The man is a producer or director.)*


Last scene in this dream: I am on stage & I need to sing ‘Higher & Higher’ – the Jackie Wilson song, ‘Your Love Lifts me Higher & Higher.’ But whoever is the band or accompaniment is not playing any music, & so, I go, like ‘this is how I do it’ so they would know the key or how to accompany me, although I don’t know anything about keys, so I just want them to hear me sing.

20265031_928627840610033_7273990746005239056_n 20292862_928405857298898_1716532194552994329_n 20294341_929547590518058_5479430825641854837_n 20525562_933453803460770_623163684506165931_n 20800142_941527025986781_3791342139202301083_n (1) 20915189_943933649079452_6187807009490576114_n 21034157_946184908854326_7978987150457177139_n 21034647_946246295514854_4174384001892845205_n 

*(HIGHER & HIGHER:   Is my autobiography. God’s love lifted me higher & higher above the abuse; I got STRONGER, not beaten down by it.)*


So I begin to sing without music, & keep going, I’m belting it out. Most of the audience is women, perhaps ALL of them; they SURROUND the stage. I don’t actually sing the exact LYRICS, I somehow single out each individual woman & I speak the words to them which are personal, meaningful & SHOW LOVE to them individually. I tell each one why I care about her, somehow, what she means to me, it’s VERY PERSONAL. I recall one female real close to the stage wearing a thick grey sweater, she is bulky, the sweater has black Xmas designs on it across the chest, & I touch her arm – she’s right next to the stage.


*(AUDIENCE OF WOMEN, I TOUCH THEM PERSONALLY, ONE IN A GREY SWEATER WITH BLACK DECORATIONS:   My life shows examples of the sufferings of women, look at all the anecdotes, abused by Mom, many men, the greedy female Rev, my Dad abandons me, bro is not a bro, the men who tried to kill me & wanted to rape me or did so, all kinds of abuses all women suffer. So this says it will touch women personally.


The one in the grey sweater is covered by depression; the Xmas designs over the chest are a GIFT of suffering, like Our Lord’s Divine Stigmata, a total MARTYRDOM. She is touched by my story because she herself went through it.)*


Finally, the accompanist plays the music & it is SUPER LOUD / STRONG Jackie Wilson, but somehow I manage, I can hear ‘wisps’ of my voice that come through, & the audience INCREASES as I go along

 21105877_947587668714050_495653612134109082_n 21231247_947730948699722_7121811034269021540_n 21231562_949123091893841_5690816602042681423_n 21232055_950198491786301_1377696020209918662_n 21271043_951048501701300_3042733252508165516_n 21370923_951045431701607_2581535551653541492_n 21686292_959536334185850_2242820033550965026_n 21766766_959920757480741_1539490137404210931_n

          *(ACCOMPANIST:   This is augmenting my song, life, story – at first I’m all alone telling it, but then there’s HELP & it’s when someone does something with it, probably producing the movie. It goes from ME all alone, personally singing, to a PROFESSIONAL RENDITION of it – like Jackie Wilson & his orchestra.)*

The show is a terrific SENSATION; I am a GIANT HIT because I show great personal love to the audience of women – one woman at a time.


          *(PREDICTION OF SUCCESS:   One more confirmation.)*  







5-12-21              UNDERGROUND


I’m in an underground facility, but it isn’t unpleasant. I’m looking for food, being hungry. I see a type of service place, not a restaurant where you pay, but a place where you are fed because someone here is feeding people, like a family, but it isn’t by any means my family, just saying it’s like that.


Everything is DIRT, the floor is dirt, maybe the walls, the rest is plain dark wood – not in any way ‘finished’ but like my basement, unfinished, but there are tables.


*(UNDERGROUND, LOTS OF DIRT:   Sounds like Purgatory, as it is always ‘closed in’ even when outside, you can see the limit to the sky.)*


One table the women have prepared delicious food & I can’t wait to eat it. I sit with a few other people, but they eat faster than me, & I don’t get enough, it’s all gone, & I’m still hungry.   I complain about that.


*(I WANT FOOD, BUT SIT AT TABLE WITH OTHERS, THEY EAT FASTER THAN ME, I’M STILL HUNGRY:   This whole dream baffled me until yesterday {4 days after this dream} I looked through a pile of mail & saw that someone had ordered Masses for me for all of June, participating, with others, in these Masses.


I am not getting all the Grace from these Masses, others are ‘CONSUMING’ this BODY & BLOOD OF CHRIST faster than I am, & I wish for more.)*


Then I move to another table, a smaller one, with just me & one guy. He reminds me of the Marine I met in real life who was the beginning of me getting the Divine Stigmata.


He asks me do I know who he is? I say, are you a colonel? He’s startled by that – he doesn’t want to be a colonel, & he says no. I surmise he’s an ordinary soldier or a sergeant, when I said colonel, I saw him looming big, but when I realized he was not an ‘officer,’ he seemed to shrink in size.


*(DO I KNOW WHO HE IS? This is a Soul in Purgatory I knew in real life – not the colonel I was friends with but maybe the Marine I loved & wrote about in the Stigmata book. The colonel might have died long ago, as when I met him I was about 40 – he about 60 – but the Marine was young, about 35. He might have died not long ago & being close to ending his stay in Purgatory – I would be helping him, he talking about intimacy in the next scene would be being united, our Souls, where he could get my grace to ascend into Heaven – maybe.)*

s-l640 kali-2 unwritten-tale-by-melissa-nucera 

          As the conversation goes on, he touches my left thigh & says he wants to fondle me, make love to me. He asks me to leave with him. I have no intention of having sex with him, but I know he wants the other guys to think I consented – it would be good for his reputation, & I take my jacket from the seat across the table to leave. It’s the plain twill jacket made of a kind of dark army green, tortoise shell design buttons; this jacket seems bigger, roomier than the one in real life. From him I sense this area has something to do with the army or military, maybe there’s a base nearby, most of the men here are military.


*(MOST OF THE MEN HERE ARE IN THE MILITARY:   Could be that the Souls being helped are mostly those who died in the military or served therein.)*

 battlefield article-2041302-0066A4C000000258-854_468x286 A1S7_1_201711111329922255 article-2187276-0A5D7EE3000005DC-286_308x185

I then explore. I walk & come up upon another ‘cellar,’ which seems my own, at my house, only bigger & it’s pleasant. It’s well equipped, they are selling things for the poor, I think they have food I don’t see, but I notice a row of shoes & boots. At the end of this row is a pair of white boots, fancy, I gave to good will 10 years ago, now it’s being sold here so the poor can benefit. I am thinking I could buy this, wear them.


The boots are shiny, they are ‘buttoned’ or have knobs in front that lace up, then they go up about 5-6” & flare out. Here they are quite clean, as if I only wore them a couple times, I see just a few of those black specks I saw in that rest room in the other dream. Only the laces are MESSY, they are unstrung & not laced up, just kind of loose.


*(BOOTS I GAVE TO GOOD WILL 10 YRS AGO: This is some kind of sacrifice or charity I made long ago, not sure which way it goes, obedience to God in going back to sex & ‘having fun’ {which wasn’t} or ending the ‘sex & fun’ two years ago as I couldn’t stand it any more.


The STRINGS being LOOSE could be saying ‘No more strings attached.’ This definitely then sounds like two years ago when I stopped seeing my Beloved – the man I call Bob – I just stopped having sex with him or anyone else, for more than one reason. Perhaps this soldier, then, is Bob, not the real soldier I identified before, could be Bob has gone through battles with himself.)*


There is a GOLD LIGHT in part of the cellar, which is a welcoming light, & as I said, this seems like my own cellar only clean, pleasant & useful.


*(GOLD LIGHT has to be TRUE LOVE. This has to do with true love, but what exactly it says is a mystery.)*


I am then out with that soldier & another female is with us, he disappears. I ask her what happened, & she tells me he left, he was on LSD.


*(HE LEFT, HE’S ON LSD:   LSD is hallucinogenic, so what would this mean? Does it mean he went into ECSTACY & ascended into Heaven, if it is a Soul in Purgatory, or, if it’s Bob, my ex lover, how would it apply to him? Could it be some kind of spiritual contact he had with me that put him into BLISS?)*

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