On the Attainment of the Divine Stigmata

By Rasa Von Werder, May 4th, 2014

The Enigma of a Grace Which Means Martyrdom…If there’s any grace understood the least, it’s the Divine Stigmata. Why would it be understood so little? Perhaps because there are so few recipients, & most of them are from the middle ages—In a word, I’ll tell you what it is: Martyrdom. If you can understand voluntary martyrdom, then you know what Divine Stigmata means, stands for, & why IT IS GIVEN. A recent symbol of martyrdom has been St Maximilian Kolbe, who volunteered death in place of another. It does irk me that “scholars” rivet on physical wounds, as if the qualities there hold the answers. How can study of the wounds of Christ explain his psychological, spiritual, mental & emotional dimensions; the Love therein, the willingness to DIE FOR LOVE. Therefore, the secret & the key to understanding DIVINE STIGMATA is the WILLINGNESS TO SUFFER, TO GIVE UP ALL, TO DIE FOR LOVE; FOR THE SAKE OF SAVING ANOTHER. If you can fathom this, you have the answer.

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