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XXI The New Religion Woman Thou Art God


Woman Thou Art God




The New Religion Which Teaches Women to Worship the God Within Themselves

XXI  Installment Twenty One     Why This Religion is Needed Right Now   10-9-19 


Woman thou art God!  But why am I preaching this to you right now, why do you need this religion now?  Don’t you know that you are God?  Aren’t you aware you have supernatural powers, that you are a Divine Being?  Unfortunately, most of you no longer know or remember these things, so I have to remind you!

What happened to make you forget?

Here is the sad truth:   The woman has been so long demoralized, abused, put down, degraded & lied to; intimidated, browbeaten, physically, mentally, emotionally torn down, that she must be reminded of her greatness, her God-hood, her Divine Nature, her Majesty & her Spirit.


I make these statements after having a chat with Mother God within me.  I asked her why do we need this religion.  She said:

“Because women need confidence.  This religion will restore it.  They need to believe in themselves again.”



This was a sort of new point of view for me, I had not seen it in exactly that way.  I had many questions to my Higher Self – (the two of us are often on different levels, you can understand, Mother God is in the Highest Realm while I, a mortal, am faced daily with my earthly existence–same as you & all of us).  Therefore, I must consult with her from time to time, shut down my conscious mind to some degree, open  up the unconscious, the deeper, higher, more intelligent Me & see what ‘we’ have to say.



She tells me that I, the conscious self, have been looking at women in a different way than She has.  So let me just ask, Mother how do you see them?  I see women as simply unaware, diverted, lacking in virtue to some degree, being timid & cowardly, absorbed in material things, mixed up, & distant from their True Nature.  How do you see it?

Mother God says:  “You’re partially right, but also, you are blaming women for what’s been done to them.  Please see them as having been victims for thousands of years.  You’ve been sent to empower them, don’t be so hard on them.


You’ve also been abused by women a lot, & they have hurt you instead of helping you–this brings resentment– & I now need you to show mercy as I explain it in a better way.”


Could it be LaBelle Otero?  She had five kings at her 30th birthday celebration in her apt, where she danced naked on the table – with them all staring up at her – She had a movie done of her life in Spain, she died age 97

Me:  You are saying it’s for me to empower them.  I have suffered, I have endured & at my own risk to safety I have fought for women all my life.  Why is it on me?  It seems I am being asked for a lot, too much maybe.

Mother God:  “You don’t fully understand who you are yourself.  You suspect in part but you don’t know for sure.  Believe me, were it not for the grace of God you could have done nothing.  God prepared you from before you were born to do what you’re doing.  You are an Avatar -  I told you that.  Everything that happened to you was for a reason.  Born on the day you were, to the parents that you had, in the place you were born, schooled as you were – every tiniest detail of your life was planned & anticipated by God to have you serve a Higher Purpose.  Your part in it was to cooperate & obey & that you did.  That is the part you will be crowned in Heaven for.”



Me:  I have so many questions now, obviously I am a dunder-brain about many things.  I think too much about myself, how people have hurt & hindered me & been ungrateful.   I must turn over a new leaf & see how fortunate I am & how God has gotten me out of every jam, pain, failure, danger–everything evil in my life was turned around by God & brought to good.  I must focus on that, not the ‘why me’ stuff.  Let me ask this.  Most of my endeavors have been to empower women, & usually, I had to play the role, do it myself or empower myself.  I keep thinking how hard it was, but I did it.  What is the main reason, you already told me but I ask again, that I am able to help women?




Mother God:  “The main reason you are able to help women is because you reached Enlightenment or Self Realization.  By doing this you ascended past the world & the flesh & the devil – you overcame the earth.  All the misery, the abuse happens on the earth/flesh plane, & so by ascending you went above it, you rose up to God – you saw God face to face.  This gave you enormous confidence, Supernatural confidence, no demon could thereafter fool you, browbeat you, twist your mind or intimidate you.



Unfortunately most women are not there yet, & they are susceptible to the abuse I have mentioned, & most of all they are AFRAID.  You must help them see the truth about men, help them get One with God, & help them not to be afraid.  This is a tall order & you have done well so far – trust in Mother God & all will be accomplished.”



Me:  Indeed I have been looking at it in my mind accusing them of pusillanimity, lack of love & zeal for God, lack of caring for their sisters, lack of virtue, lack of commitment to the cause of women & God–I have not felt much mercy for them, although I am working I have given up on trying to get any of them to join or help me.  But I see what you mean.  It isn’t that they don’t want to have courage, they have been so demoralized they can’t stand up in the face of it.  Unless the turn to God – not the way Patriarchs want them to do but the way God wants them to – they cannot find the courage to do what is right, even for themselves………..



But so few women can achieve Enlightenment, Self Realization.  This requires a super-human effort – it means Sainthood.  How many can do it?  Before my Enlightenment indeed I was doing God’s work for women through the body building as well as Stripping for God, not counting the prayers & sacrifices.  Why was I able to do this work before I was raised up?


Mother God:  “You were on your way to being a saint, a fledgling spiritual big shot lol.  Consider the Beloved Saint Padre Pio.  Even as a boy they called him ‘holy’ & there were healings.  As a young man before the Divine Stigmata – the whole area where he resided  venerated him.  When the chief priest was going to take him to another town they rioted en masse – the women marched to his residence & told the messenger they would not permit them to ‘take our saint away.’  Padre Pio had the earmarks of sainthood, he was on his way there from childhood – & so were you……….Of course people misunderstood you because you were in the adult trade, the way you had to do what was against religious convention threw people – but not everyone misunderstood – some accepted it & believed in you.”



Me:  OK, next question.  I should then curtail my anger, resentment at women when they betray the cause, when they betray myself & other sisters?  The way they judge & look down on adult trade workers, the way they shudder & quake when the word ‘witchcraft’ is spoken – as if what the priests are saying is true, like this is still the Inquisition.  They judge, condemn other women when they should be supporting them………..



Mother God:  “They are afraid.  This entire work toward Matriarchy must be done slowly, laboriously, one step at a time, on the political front, religious, secular, education, government, the arts – everything.  Women must get active in all areas of life, they must do what they can…..Not everyone is a Pankhurst or a Cady Stanton or a Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem or whatever.  They just can’t do it, they have not the Anointing.  They are waiting for someone to ‘kill Goliath.’  Little David came along with his sling.  He had killed a lion & a bear with it – he proved himself, he was Anointed.  His brothers were bigger, stronger, & they were noodles.  David had come to bring them food to the battlefield.  He asked them who was going to take Goliath.  They told him to be quiet & go home.  But he volunteered, he struck Goliath & he fell – then David cut his head off.




Everyone waits for the strong ones to come forward.  They ask you what you’re doing, but thy don’t even help you.  You know they’re waiting for you to succeed, then when you do, they’ll say they helped you – when all they did was annoy & insult you – tell you what to do, their advise ridiculous.” 



Me:  I’m beginning to understand.  Explain to me exactly what are they so afraid of, that they have been abused, demoralized, beat down – the are like whipped dogs.  What do they fear the most?

Mother God:  “What they fear the most is their survival, just having a roof over their heads, food on the table.  Unfortunately too many of them get pregnant with unplanned babies – they don’t have the guts to make men  use condoms……..



Second, they fear failure & poverty – being looked down on, having to work menial jobs, trading their bodies for money in some way or other, they fear being nobodies, where people will not respect them or admire them, they will be unpopular.  They all want to be loved, respected, admired – all the flim flam of this world & people – the fools gold.  But Jesus told us that you cannot be his disciple if you’re not willing to leave your family for him.  Family means caring about people – you can’t even care about family more than God – God being Truth…………………………



But they are forfeiting God-Truth for the things of this world when they are afraid to fight for women’s rights & Matriarchy.”

Me:  What is the worst thing the Patriarchs have done to them to tear them down?




Mother God:  “What the men have done is they have stripped women of belief in themselves, their own IDENTITY, their Godliness, their Divine Nature.  They have led women to believe they were created for men, for men’s pleasure, men’s convenience.  They have destroyed women’s morale by every kind of abuse.”



Me:  Alright Mother God I heard you, & women you heard her.  You must believe in yourselves, your Divine Nature, your Supernatural Life which is your True Identity.  You were not created for the convenience or pleasure of men, but for God.  Take another good long look at yourself in the mirror of God & make a new commitment to follow HER – which is following YOURSELF.






to be continued   Rasa Von Werder   10-10-19


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The New Religion <>XX<>Woman Thou Art God

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    The New Religion  XX  Woman Thou Art God                                                                                                                                           






    I have spoken in detail on Embodiment of God–how the Goddess Durga appeared to eliminate Patriarchy.  The three male Gods TRIED but could do nothing with Maharashtri – a violent monster – symbol of males dominating the world.



    This story is a MYTH & therefore the male Gods are a symbol, so is Durga & her persona as Kali.

    It came to me days ago that those three male Gods could very well be JESUS, BUDDHA & maybe KRISHNA – Krishna symbolizing love to Hindus (although he was also a warrior & taught Arjuna to KILL even his own relatives, the Pandavis!) The number three could also be arbitrary – it could be one, two or three male Gods, the message being ‘no male Gods can do it.’



    Please understand Jesus’ message as an ‘extension’ of Buddhism.  He was a reincarnated Yoga-Buddhist Guru—one so great that the ‘Three Kings’ from the East (India, Tibet) came to honor his birth (guided by a magical star) & bring Princely gifts.  

    When Jesus was twelve, they came for him to be educated, took him to Tibet, returned him to Israel age twenty nine or thirty.



    Jesus did not die on the Cross – he passed out.  Taken to the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, he & Nicodemus later brought huge bags of herbs (including aloe, a healing herb) to revive him—He was taken away the third day to a secret place where He recovered.  When He appeared to the disciples He was a real man, not a ghost.

    After spending some time with the disciples & his loved ones, Jesus departed, to live out the rest of his life, to age eighty one, in Kashmir, a part of Tibet, where He is buried under a Muslim saint.  This is all explained in a BBC documentary, ‘Jesus in Kashmir’ on You Tube.


    Jesus’ life was amazing.  He reached untold millions to teach & save their souls (including mine) – to many of us He’s the greatest thing that ever happened.  But Patriarchy is still here.  He did not save us from it.  It’s gotten worse.

    But Jesus gave a prediction.  They asked him when He was coming back.  He said,




    “When you don’t know the summers from the winters.”

    Global warming!  It’s upon us.  We hear of the arctic ice melting, the glaciers disappearing – the summers are getting cooler, the winters milder, soon it will be as He said.


    But what does it mean ‘He’ returns?  It is his message.  What message?–The message of Love.  Jesus was a Matriarch – not a Patriarch.  He professed & lived True Love, (the opposite of what the Pharisees were doing)—the same religion as Buddhism—Buddha preached against animal sacrifice, violence & the caste system which created ‘untouchables.’ 


    These two streams of thought – Buddhism & Christianity influenced the entire world but could not stop Patriarchy.  Now this philosophy / thought / culture of life is coming back IN A NEW FORM & that form is MATRIARCHY – the society where women rule the family & the world – the society of the gender which nurtures & loves, the religion of Mother God.  This is THE RETURN OF JESUS.

    Now the myth of Durga/Kali comes to fruition.  But there is one important element I’ve not yet broached:  male extinction.


    The myth gives Mother God the onus to remove males off the planet – & it is notable that this be God in the form of the female as it is the male who dies, the female lives on & will procreate a female-only world.

    And so, male can never save the planet, no male ‘God’ like Jesus can remove him, the female God presides because FEMALE POWER MUST RETURN & in order for it to do so the MALES MUST BE REMOVED – they have gone TOO FAR TO BE CHANGED.


    Durga is Mother Nature – biology if you will – & Kali is extinction of males.  Durga slew him but his blood fell on the ground & each drop became a new demon.  That is the proliferation of males – as long as males live, the demon of Patriarchy continues – all men must die.  And so Kali, symbolically with the foot-long tongue, laps up every drop of the demon blood – it is the only way to stop this.  The Y chromosome is crumbling; it cannot repair itself, in 100,000 years or so, male extinction. (Give or take 25,000 Dr. Sykes says)

    The world’s leading geneticist, Dr. Bryan Sykes said that human males are a genetic modification experiment that DID NOT WORK & as a result, nature is removing them.


    There we have it – Woman Thou Art God.  We need a new religion to go with the extinction of males – lol.  This is it, for whatever it’s worth – I’m writing it.  Why the humor?  This is serious?  Not to me.  Let’s have a party.  The end of Patriarchy is a celebration.  It’s not yet here, but it’s coming.  Pass the champagne & slurp the caviar – what we used to do every New Year’s Eve.  A New Age is coming:  Matriarchy.  Mother God has figured it out.


    I used to think WHERE IS GOD?  How could God allow all these wars, genocides & atrocities?  Why doesn’t God stop it, why doesn’t She help us?   Well She is, all along, we didn’t know it.  At some point She touched their Y chromosome to kill them off & this is our salvation.  Glory glory hallelujah!  There IS A GOD!


    It was about 2005 I heard the news re Dr. Bryan Sykes book – ‘Adam’s Curse – A Future without Men’ – published the previous year.  I jumped for joy, I felt peace, closure.  This would stop.  The demon Maharashtri will be no more.  Can’t describe my relief.



    Why did Jesus great religion not work?  And why will we not permit one single man to make one peep in our religion?


    Because as wonderful as Jesus life & words were, it was men who took it over.  It was not Mary Magdalene, as He wished, who became the leader 

    (see the Magdalene gospel) – Peter & the guys ousted her.  {We understand poor Mary, although she was the highest contemplative of the group, could not function in a repressive Patriarchy—No woman can.  The time has to be receptive to a female leader – those days were not.}


    Alright then, again I say, why did Jesus Love religion not save the world from the hate religion of Patriarchy?  Because it was TAKEN OVER BY MEN, PROMULGATED BY MEN – everything run by men sooner or later – no matter how innocent it starts – personifies THEIR AGENDA which is HATRED OF WOMEN, VIOLENCE & EXPLOITATION, & that is what they did with the religion of Poor Jesus.


    The evil within the Catholic Church, for instance, has not yet ALL been revealed – We know about the murderous Crusades & the Holocaust of Women—the Inquisition—millions of casualties. We are only beginning to hear about not only their RAMPANT PEDOPHILIA but now the systematic exploitation & torture of young nuns is coming out –


    The Magdalene Laundries is just the tip of the iceberg – in the years to come it will be revealed how ‘Mother Superiors’ have given over young, innocent nuns to priests for rape—right from the day of their consecration (saying the priest was Jesus, they would now be married to him!), made them STRIP DOWN NAKED in a row for the priests to look over, choose which one he would rape that night, forced to give their CONFESSIONS to the priests weekly, who demanded BLOW JOBS as their ‘penance,’ etc.


    Those nuns who refused to comply were starved, tortured in ways similar to prisoners of war, being in contemplative – enclosed cloisters, separated from parents & family – having signed away all their properties & future inheritance, taken to convents in foreign countries where if they escaped they didn’t know the language—locked into their cells each night—even if they escaped the high rock walls & front gate was locked & chained – some nuns kept in dungeons where they were further starved, deprived of all human decency , driven to a point of insanity until they died.


    What we see & hear of the Catholic Church IS A FRONT.  Jesus has turned in his grave, over there in Kashmir, a million times over.


    It’s important now, to end our allegiance to all Patriarchal Churches, stop funding them, stop volunteering, stop working for them (if we can.)


    We must galvanize our energies & resources for Matriarchy & Woman Thou Art God.  They cannot make it without us – let us make it hard for them by leaving.  Obviously, not every woman will hear this message or if she does, obey it.  But those who can, leave their premises, their lies & their service.


    These men – no matter what we do for them, do not value us.  A case in point, right here in my town.


    There’s a Methodist Church in my town who recently obtained the services of a female Pastor.  I knew one of the elders, & he said this to me,

    “We have to pay her over forty thousand a year & we are not getting our money’s worth, as with a male minister.”


    “Why not?”

    I asked.  He said,

    “When we hire a male minister, we also get the services of his wife for free.  But the female, we only get her.”


    Oh, I thought, women’s services are free.  Women have no value; they have to give for nothing.  But men have to be paid.

    Woman, do not allow them to take you for granted.  We must fight back.  And fighting is easier than we think.  Just withdraw.  They can do nothing without us. 


    But in order to do that, it’s expedient to have our own ‘female clubs,’ ‘female recreation,’ ‘female hotels,’ female everything where females can meet on many levels for camaraderie.  Because they will ostracize us – a woman alone is not welcome in Patriarchy – where every woman has to be OWNED by a man – even in America!


    They make us think & believe that past the age of thirty we must be married – or else there is something wrong with us.  They intimidate & browbeat us into this concept.


    When we go out just to socialize it’s a MEAT MARKET.  Go to bars, usually more men are there than women, on the prowl & looking at us based on face value.  They are dunder-brains & they want us to be so, but available for sex.  If they want us for sex they talk to us, if they don’t, they look the other way.


    We are hard pressed to find places to go for female-based conversations, intelligent ones, not the kind Ladies Home Journal of contented housewives’ wants, but convos about the meaning of life & how we want to change it – How we’re going to overthrow Patriarchy – that’s what I want to hear.


    The last word here is Woman, Thou Art God.  

    You contain all you need, within you for happiness, contentment, a full, meaningful life – You contain GOD.




    Believe in this God, access this God, listen to Her, share  Her with the right people.  Don’t waste Her or your flesh, don’t throw yourself away on Patriarchy or Patriarchs.  Save yourself from them – then you will save others.



    To be continued   Rasa Von Werder   10-6-19


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                        XIX THE NEW RELIGION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                    Woman Thou Art God   10-6-19




Whatever religion you are in, if you care for it, start practicing Woman Thou Art God along with it!

Woman, simply by REMOVING THE PATRIARCHAL AGENDA, you can continue its practice while at the same time being One with Woman, Thou Art God (The Religion).


Definition of AGENDA:  list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon


One:  Hate of women (& discrimination of them) 


Two:  Violence (Crusades, ‘holy wars’, terrorism, suicide bombings)

Three:  Child abuse, pedophilia, child neglect 

Four:  Circumcision of boys & clitoral removal from girls (partial castration, child abuse)


Five:  Animal abuse, species-ism (Inhumane treatment of animals, sacrifice of animals, depriving animals of habitats & food, depriving animals of freedom & happiness)


Six:  Planned poverty (Depriving people of decent wage, ‘untouchable’ caste class, exploitation of the poor, weak & vulnerable)

Seven:  Slavery of people & animals (including wage slaves)





One:  Woman is God, leader of the family & world.  Man is a ‘lesser God’ whom She created as a HELPMATE – He is to work UNDER HER AUTHORITY for whatever She wants or needs – be it to remain single, married, polygamous for her, having children or not.



He works – He tries to please her, keep her happy, whatever She desires.

He can LEAVE but all women in our society demand obedience from the man – The woman DOES NOT OBEY THE MAN.


(There should be a record kept of the relationships, when a man leaves a woman or a woman dismisses a man.  He explains why he left; she explains why she dismissed him.  These records can be accessed by any other woman who is interested.

In this way, males who are unsatisfactory will not get away with what they do – if they are dismissed for transgressions,– they cannot easily bounce around & affect other women.  Women will know ahead of time if there be any risks or detriments.)



The guidelines for men will be written down – counseling can be given through internet, phone, social networks & group classes.  One-on-one sessions of men learning from women will be discouraged for security reasons; we practice SAFE SPACE for women. Usually when men want to be alone it’s to try to get sex, & they can get dangerous.

However women can be alone with a man, of course, if they choose to do so, but no man can demand to be alone with a woman for any purpose.


 Above, the image:  Keep in mind that the women who are accused of abuse it is statutory rape, not sex with babies, infants, toddlers or little pre-puberty children.  They are having sex with sexually mature boys who have penises capable of performance.  But males use their penises to inflict outrage & PAIN on little children including newborn babies.  They insert their penises into the mouths of babies, they rape little children, even murdering them in the process – & they insert their penises into the anus of boys & girl which is dangerous & painful.  These statistics do not include the details.  And in a politically influenced justice system, women are punished much worse than men for breaking the law:  example:  a woman who permitted a 12 year old boy in Las Vegas for touching her breast was given a LIFE SENTENCE by a male judge.  Males who have MURDERED BABIES by raping them are not always executed or given life sentences.

Children:  Males are never to be left alone with a child or children under legal age. Even if they are not abusers, they have not the talent to take care of children; they are not biologically designed for nurturing / compassion / kindness / gentleness.  Nothing wrong with them loving children, let them show affection, recreate with them in public – with matriarchal women present. 


(In the ancient days of Mother God, kids had many mothers.  The grandmas, aunts, single women, all lived in the same premises – this is the proper way to raise children – This made it WAY EASIER for a woman to raise & protect her children.  The nuclear family was created by Patriarchs to give them control over the isolated woman & access to children for sex.)



The mothers & the religion classes will teach children their roles in life:  the female being the leader, the male the obedient one.  Males must help women, they are workers & protectors of women & children, not the abusers too many have become.

Children will be taught THERE IS A GOD & SHE IS OUR MOTHER. 



They will be shown that GOD IS WITHIN US, all of us, but we are not EQUAL in our roles in life.  Men are not EQUAL to women, as they do not have two X chromosomes – they cannot reproduce – & the frontal lobes of their brains are ASLEEP.

Being unequal does not mean we love the less-than- us.  My pets are not equal to me, they were not created as my leaders – I lead them.  But I shelter & feed them & give them love.  I love all animals, although they do not guide & teach me – I am at times their caretaker or benefactor – even so – I never deprive them of life, liberty or the pursuit to happiness (except when I eat meat or fish who I wish were killed in a humane way, but usually they are not, our religion people will work on this.)



Children will be taught all the traditional decent aspects of religion, as taught in the Christian Church & other Churches (they stole these religions from us originally anyway) for example:

***  Who made me?  God made me.

***  Why did God create me?  To know, love & serve Her, & be happy with Her in eternity. 



***  What is the purpose of life?   To live in Love, to Love myself & others & to live in the joy of Love forever in eternity.

***  What is sin?  Sin is the rejection of God, who is Love.  Sin is also offences against God by hurting others or God’s Creation.



 Sin does not look to God as our greatest End, our Goal, our happiness – sinners (those who love sin, not those who commit it & repent) look elsewhere for their satisfaction, & they miss out on that which is the Greatest.

***  Who goes to eternal Heaven, who goes to Hell?  Those who accept God & Her Love go to Heaven; those who reject God & Her Love end up in Hell. 



Hell is of one’s own making, a person implodes upon themselves, where within them, there is nothing to hold onto,  it’s barren, deserted, empty & painful to be without God on earth or in eternity.  When one has a body they might not FEEL HELL because their body camouflages it, but when the body dies, they see where the soul is.  God is our EVERYTHING, all joy, beauty, Truth, serenity, peace, security.  Without all this, we are lost.



This is a small sample of theology children would be taught – the Catechism will be enumerated later on.

Children must be taught about God from an early age – from the time they are born & can understand the simplest things.  They must be taught to meditate, pray, different types of prayer, & they must learn Faith, Hope & Charity, & all the virtues.  They must be encouraged in the virtues daily, bearing their sufferings & frustrations, patience, hope, faith, fortitude, etc.  They must learn to ask God for things & expect results every day – even healing when they or those they love are ill.


They must learn about the ‘Gifts of the Holy Spirit’, the Gifts of devotion, understanding, Power – How God manifests in us.

They should also be taught to love & venerate NATURE, celebrating the seasons the way the agricultural, ancient religions did – Wicca, Pagans, Druids & such.  All the holidays of the seasons can be brought into our religion.  Our religion is not closed-in or closeted, it is open, free, accepting of all loving doctrines from all religions – whichever you choose to worship, go for it.



The MAIN DIFFERENCE in our religion is it goes back to the days of Mother God – female Priestesses – & females leading the family & the world.  And of course, there is no Patriarchal agenda in it, as in the old days before Patriarchy, we had peace – there was no poverty.  Everyone lived close to equal with resources, the Queens included.



Woman, Thou Art God!  Begin thinking how you will practice & promulgate this New Religion & set it into practice – today!


To be continued   Rasa Von Werder   10-6-19

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The New Religion <>Eighteen<>XVIII


The New Religion <> Eighteen <>



Policies re Men & Their Religions 

Channeling Mother God



Me:  Do you want women to continue infiltrating the male-domination churches – those that permit women priests & ministers?

thumbnail (7)


She:  If it makes them happy.

Me:  Which religions are the right ones for women to practice?  Some of them like their religions, even Muslims.

She:  Tell them to remove all they don’t like & practice it in the clean form they do.

Me:  Should women continue trying to change male domination religions such as the Catholic Church?


She:  Let them suit themselves if it makes them happy.  But what is it they NEED & WANT from the Catholic Church?  Remove what they don’t agree with & let them join Woman Thou Art God & practice, as Priestesses here, what they approve of.  What do they need the male domination church for?–a salary?  That won’t do – don’t sell your soul to them for a salary.


18839207_899367630202721_362545066048436478_n (1)

By continuing to harass them for rights we give them IMPORTANCE to what they have made.  By LEAVING & joining Woman Thou Art God we give importance to the WOMEN’S AGENDA.

Women are the biggest supporters—attendees & therefore donors of the Catholic Church—bring this to our own purposes.



The women’s agenda is:  our autonomy, cosmology, moral compass, opinions, everything OUR OWN – not theirs, disregarding their interference, judgments—they have NOTHING to say about what we do, think, feel or how we behave.

Me:  If a woman is a Muslim & she takes out all the bad from it, what’s left for her to practice?


She:  Praying five times a day, fasting, keeping certain holidays– worship of God called Allah.  Those who study it would know what is of God, what is of evil men.  They can leave their own church, join ours, practice what they believe in & call Allah “Mother God Allah.”

Me:  I know about Catholicism & I’ve said elsewhere, I do practice it partly without going to the Church.  I say Mass at home, to Jesus & Mary, I still study the saints.  



Having entered ‘Nonduality’ in the Yoga tradition I no longer pray to anyone outside, (I used to do the rosary, litanies, many prayers but rarely now, not because I have lost my passion for God, but because my religion has changed)–I pray verbally when I feel like it, my mind is always on God except when distracted by the world.  My religion is what I’m writing, God & I are One, She is Me, I am She. 



I am a Yogi & big on what they call ‘meditation’ (which includes thinking) & ‘contemplation’ (which is suspension of thought, waiting on God) & I do constant channeling of Mother God, like here. 

I am not against the Sacraments—Communion, Confession are great things.  Being married in the Church–Sacraments are good things.  But I recognize the Sacraments of other religions as well, including Wicca.



What I’m against is the hypocrisy of a male homosexual priesthood where men join to be with other men & at the same time, condemn homosexuality from the pulpit, & of course, the sins of the men against children.



I am not against the old-time tradition we had in the Lithuanian Church where men ‘married’ women, against their vows – it’s the rule against marriage that is wrong.  So it’s a transgression of vows, but here I feel God forgives, understands, as men without a female are lost; they become sick mentally, emotionally & physically without a woman.  The old priests called their wife the ‘housekeeper’ & the children they begot were called ‘adopted from a cousin.’


I don’t recall our old priests ranting & raving about these subjects—it is the ranting & raving that offends me when men are doing the things they are ranting about.

(In Woman Thou Art God we do not consider homosexuality or heterosexual activity a sin – we do not condemn sex outside of marriage, masturbation or even sex with someone other than your spouse.  The latter would be judged by God case by case, as all individual sins are anyway – only God & we actually know what is a sin – some things we do are considered sins in the eyes of people but God doesn’t judge them that way. )


{Our purpose in WTAG is not about controlling women, condemning them – as it is in Patriarchy & its churches….This is why they are obsessed with sex behavior, even homosexuality, because they want to restrain women from any lifestyle except breeding, they want men to refrain men from a lifestyle that excludes breeding women & fettering them with children.



Understand the rules against birth control are twofold:  One, to keep women barefoot & pregnant, two, to propagate as many children as possible for the Patriarchal Church.  Anti-birth control & anti-abortion is slavery of women.



Our main purpose is to free women from male-domination, from slavery to men, & from male-domination religions, families & world.}







It was my work & prayers that caused what they call the ‘crisis’ in the Catholic Church – to be explained elsewhere in detail.  But the short explanation is I preached on the street with a megaphone for 2.5 months in winter in my city—when I couldn’t take it any more I switched for one month to one hour a day of prayer, in a loud voice, against the criminals & predators of all types against people.  (If you think an hour a day of this type prayer is not significant, try it, especially in a loud voice.  I had to go where no people heard me as they would have called the police, lol.  I prayed in my house, in the wilderness, even from my car when I was driving in the country, shouting supplications to God.)



Not long after, the Catholic ‘crisis’ began – & God told me it was due to my preaching & prayers.  I am astounded that such a small thing could have caused such a worldwide shakeup.  Even I had no idea of the amount of pedophilia in the CC—we were all amazed at the degree of it & that it had gone on so long undetected, unchecked.



Me:  Mother God, what about Wicca?  The priests are still acting as if it’s of the devil, they condemn it from the pulpits (I watch on the internet & used to on TV) like everyone agrees they are evil – the word is synonymous with ‘demonic’ since their brainwashing.



She:  They succeed in this sort of rhetoric because no one is opposing them–If there was an organization of ‘Anti-defamation of Wiccans’ this could be opposed.  You don’t hear anyone opposing their slander because most women are afraid to speak up, & there isn’t an organization to help.



Me:  It astounds me that it’s been hundreds of years since the Inquisition & its precepts still stand.  Few people speak of the evils of it—their defamation goes on.  The Catholics are a STRONGHOLD OF SATAN against women, are they not?



She:  There you have it – it’s true.  The demonic is without a doubt part of the Catholic Church, the Muslim & many other male-dominated Churches.




Me:  Mother God, another thing which ever-surprises me is how women betray their own self, our cause & other women.





I had a taste of that yesterday when I was speaking in a tiny restaurant run by a woman, who I considered my friend.

I began talking about activist issues & one of the men in the restaurant jumped in with ‘manspeak,’ more or less to show me how he knew more than me.  Of course he didn’t, he was out of his league, & I, without being mean, put him in his place.  



Then a young male spoke with me about issues, he really was interested –a thirteen-year-old relative of the female owner I spoke of.  I answered his questions; he got more & more curious.




The woman, Clara, then sent him off to the nearby store, where he returned in a few minutes while I spoke with her.

The boy once again plied me with questions, then ‘Aunt Clara’ then sent him off on another errand.


It was then that I realized, although Clara was acting like she agreed with all that I had to say –– she did not want her nephew to be INFLUENCED or TAUGHT by me.



I got wise to this & left, realizing Clara was a friend in name only, when it came time to the WOMEN’S AGENDA or MISSION or the true, emancipated women’s POV, she was NOT ON BOARD.  She feigned agreement, but she would not stick her neck out for it, she would not let me teach her young relative, even though it was Truth.



Why would this be?  She didn’t want to LOSE HER SAFETY.  Safety is when you work with Patriarchy to get the things you want/need out of life:  security, position, finances.  You don’t want to ROCK THE BOAT, you don’t want men to see you agreeing with a woman who is pro Matriarchy – anti male domination, as the men might get mad, refuse to be friends or help with security.  It’s all about SECURITY VS. GOD’S TRUTH – security is first, God’s truth can be risky.  This of course is against the teachings of Our Lord or any Lord of Almighty God.



If she allowed me to continue teaching the boy, also, it might go against FAMILY POLICY.  In a family they don’t want you to be greater, different, or against them, they want you to be JUST LIKE THEM & that means with their limitations, opinions, brainwashing, their views.  Yes, they might want you to be successful in the future so you could help them in time of need, but they want you to conform to them, being different might mean separation. 

12799011_1547186598945000_165513691856995552_n (1) 

And so, Auntie did not want me to brief the boy – Auntie is a sellout to Patriarchy—her safety net.




People also have FEAR about being EMANCIPATED – when freedom means bucking the system.   Example:



The first attempt on the life of Rev Martin Luther King Jr was done by a black woman, during a book signing she stabbed him through his chest. 

Her explanation: she didn’t want Rev. King to ROCK THE BOAT, it would make it worse for other blacks.



Women are also afraid.  They have their SECURITY as well as STATUS & POPULARITY coming from men.  They fear losing these men, losing money, their place in society, & so, not only do they refuse to fight for their rights, they will betray or turn their back on the woman who does so.



But, Woman Thou Art God.  You fight alone, but not for long.  Sooner or later, other women will be at your side.  Do what you can, fight for your rights, declare your religion, & TRUST IN MOTHER GOD.

29244571_1679690425443308_1888948293673717447_n (1)

If you trust Mother God She will provide.  She will give you security, consolation, love, all that you need if you work faithful to Her.  Remember, 


“Put first the Kingdom (Queen’s Realm) of Mother God, & all shall be added unto you.”


“Put no strange God’s before you (the world, the men) as God is a JEALOUS GOD.”


“If you cannot leave your family for me – you cannot be my disciple.”

“Go, sell all you have, give to the poor, & follow me.”  (This is too hard for most, few can do it.  St. Francis of Assisi set up his order that way, but the Pope would not allow its full execution.  He said it could not work as an organization.)








To be continued   Rasa Von Werder   10-5-19     


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